tagLesbian SexSeducing the Babysitter Ch. 06

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 06


Taylor stretched her toes on the dash of Katherine's car as they made their way to Lisa's mountain retreat. The sun felt good as it glistened off her newly painted toenails. She couldn't believe how much her life had changed in the span of a week. Last Saturday she was your average college freshman with a steady boyfriend. Now, she was headed to a mountain house, filled with lesbians who would continue leading her down this erotic road she was traveling.

She wondered what her boyfriend Dennis was doing now. He and his fraternity brothers had taken off for the beach for a week of fun and frolic. He seemed disinterested when she told him she and Katherine were headed to the mountains with some other girls. She had neglected to indicate most of the women were in their early thirties and all active lesbians. Likely, he and his drunk buddies were hanging off a balcony somewhere whistling at the chicks that passed underneath.

She scooted further down in the seat of the car as the denim skirt she was wearing bunched up exposing her naked pussy. That was another not so subtle change. Katherine had encouraged her to stop wearing her bra and panties. It was more of a directive than a request along with the stipulation she be completely nude at all times in their dorm room. She felt awkward at first parading around in the buff but eventually she became much more relaxed. It was amusing the previous day when Jan, their suitemate, stuck her head thru the bathroom door that adjoined their two rooms and found Taylor nude sitting on the floor painting Katherine's toenails burgundy to match her own. Kat had just returned from class and was still dressed. So the sight of Taylor really took Jan's breath away.

Jan entered the room and rambled a little bit about going to dinner but you could see she was completely perplexed at the sight before her. Katherine though was extremely pleased that Taylor hadn't freaked out and continued with the task of doing her nails. It was further proof that Taylor was becoming much more secure in her role as Katherine's little lesbian slut. Taylor had been a pretty conservative dresser and rather modest when it came to exposing her body. Over the last week Katherine had directed her to be more and more revealing in her attire.

That evening Katherine ordered a pizza and told Taylor, who had been nude since she arrived back at the room, to slip on a t-shirt and meet the driver downstairs. The girls lived in an all-girls dorm and it was far from the first time a coed had paraded downstairs in a skimpy t-shirt. But Taylor drew a great many stairs from the girls who passed her, knowing Taylor's conservative past. The tile felt cool against her bare feet and she saw her own hard little nipples which pressed against the fabric of her skimpy t-shirt which barely hung down past her hips. She felt naughty, every bit, the slut Katherine planned for her to be.

Now, as she scooted down in the seat, exposing her shaven pussy, the sun warmed the folds of her cunt. Thinking about the last week had worked her up. Katherine glanced away from the winding road and saw Taylor sneak a finger into the wet folds of her hot little box.. "Your little pussy need some action baby?" Katherine inquired.

"Yea," came the little meek reply. "So, what's Lisa like? You haven't really talked much about her? Are you, are the two of you a couple? I mean is she your girlfriend?" Taylor asked. Katherine could see the slight frown on her face.

"It's not like that really. I don't have the feelings for her like I have for you if that's what you're asking." Katherine replied. "It's more like Lisa owns my body but you own my heart. Does that make sense?" Katherine could still see a slight look of disappointment etched across Taylor's face. "Lisa has a lot of girlfriends and we enjoy spending time with each other, but I know my place with her," Kat added.

"She's like my mistress. I'm there to please her...to be her sexual servant. She is the master of my body and I am her sexual slave...you understand that?" asked Katherine. "Yea...I think so," Taylor softly replied back. "And you're mine right?" Katherine looked over at her, peering into Taylor's eyes. "You're my little slave...my little lesbian slut aren't cha?" Katherine continued.

"I'm your mistress and you will do whatever I ask," Katherine said with authority. "If I tell you to pleasure another woman, you'll do it want cha'? No matter what I ask because I own that little pussy of yours. You belong to me now," Katherine said without waiting for a reply. Taylor could feel her pussy getting wet and she knew Katherine was right. She did belong to her. She knew she loved doing Katherine's bidding. She loved eating Katherine's pussy as much, if not more than having her's eaten in return. She loved it when Katherine fastened her strapon and fucked her little cunt and then a couple of days ago, taking her little cherry ass. Having Katherine tongue her ass and then fuck her behind was something she had never felt before.

Initially she felt full as the dick probed her ass. But she liked the feeling. In a way she liked it more than being fucked in her pussy. Maybe it was the naughty nature. Perhaps it was doing something new. All she knew was she loved having Katherine fucking her there and she couldn't wait for the next occasion. Katherine had asked her to bring along her little butt plug she had purchased at the Scarlet Lady. She actually longed to have it in now. She wanted to feel the plug stretching her hot little hole.

"So are you excited baby? You looking forward to having those women, women you've never met before licking your pussy? You licking their pussy?" Katherine purred.

"Yea, I guess. Sort of nervous but horny at the same time. You know what I mean?" Taylor answered. "I know exactly what you mean. But you'll do it. You'll do anything I ask...and anything Lisa asks," Kat added glancing back over at Taylor who now had several fingers buried in her hot little pussy.

"Yea, I'll do whatever you want...because, you're my mistress. I belong to you." Taylor added. "That's good baby..., and tell me...tell me what you are..." Katherine added. "I'm your slave. I'm your little lesbian slave. You own me. You own my little pussy ... my cunt... and I'll do whatever you ask." Taylor said almost in a trance, her eyes shut as she felt the heat in her pussy. The sun warming the wet lips that were exposed as they drove down the road.

"Give me your fingers...I want to taste your pussy juice," Katherine directed watching Taylor rubbing her little clit. Taylor lifted her hand to Katherine's waiting mouth who went down on the fingers while still driving around the bends of the road. She swirled her tongue around Taylor's small fingers, wet with her pussy juice. It tasted divine and she too felt her own pussy getting wet at the thought of the week ahead. "Oh, baby that's good. I love the taste of your pussy," Katherine purred. "It tastes so goooood."

Lisa had directed Katherine to recruit her straight roommate - to turn her, and having done so, to bring her to Lisa. Katherine knew she had completely turned the little coed. She marveled how easy it actually was. Katherine reflected how she too had been seduced by Lisa. She had a three way with Ann and Larry but by no means was a lesbian. But that all changed with Lisa. Lisa had taken control of her life. She changed her wardrobe, requiring her to wear revealing outfits and to do away altogether with her bra and panties. To be completely naked at all times when they were together at Lisa's apartment. All of which she had done with Taylor, who accepted it, going against her former straight laced image.

It was funny, before her conversion as a lesbian, Katherine had little knowledge of the network of lesbians at school. Occasionally she assumed a girl might lean that way, particularly some of the female athletes or the girls who closely associated with them. But after Lisa had her long blonde hair cut short and directed her to begin wearing the revealing outfits, she began to be much more aware. One night in the library, a girl she had noticed from one of her classes came over and sat beside her. They chatted casually for a few minutes, first about class, before the pretty girl asked very bluntly was she into girls. Katherine felt comfortable with her and very soon found other girls joining her at lunch and the student center. She really began to enjoy their company.

There was no overt come on's or attempts at picking her up. It was almost like a sisterhood. She even attended a few parties and watched as girls she formally thought were 100% straight, necking on the couch with other girls, or simply holding hands without the overt stares from other students. On a few occasions she had watched as a curious girl was brought to a party and experienced Sapphic love for the first time. Watching their first kiss from another woman or perhaps seeing them emerge from the bedroom, the expression on their face, helped embolden Katherine in her quest to turn Taylor.

Often they would meet up at an apartment off campus. Many of the straight, but curious girls felt more comfortable if they thought they might not be seen by other students. Sometimes it started with a few drinks and a casual game of spin the bottle or Truth or Dare. Before long, the soft gentle kisses would lead to touching and then before long the curious chick was licking her first pussy. Katherine thought it funny that given time the roles changed. A few of the girls who Katherine first met as the shy chicks, who went to great lengths to be discreet, now took the lead in turning other supposedly straight girls.

Some of the lesbians she had become friends with knew of her plans with Taylor. They made suggestions on how she might seduce her and knew she was successful as they watched Taylor on campus as she seemed transfixed in her own little world, dressing much more provocatably with her breast and nipples exposed under the sheer tops she was wearing. Taylor didn't have to admit anything -- the other girls simply knew. Taylor was one of them now.

Katherine knew Lisa intended Taylor to be a slave like herself to the other women -- to be used as they saw fit. There was a part of her who wanted to protect Taylor but she also knew she would submit to Lisa. Lisa did after all own her. She had made that clear when she cut her hair as a symbol of her submission. Lisa had even marked her property with a tattoo on the small of her back just above her tan line. Where some girls had tribal tats, Kat had a tiger with a silver studded black collar around its neck. It symbolized Katherine's complete submission. Lisa had also given Katherine an 18 ct gold necklace. The thick necklace was fairly long and hung down between Katherine's breasts. At then end was a little medallion -- two interlocking circles with crosses -- the symbol for the female sex. Lisa had made her a lesbian and there was no turning back. The tattoo was a permanent reminder to Kat and to anyone who saw her back she was submissive.

She looked over at Taylor who was still rubbing her little clit. Her eyes closed in total abandonment to her pleasure. Her little feet now pressed against the windshield as they made their way to Lisa's. Katherine wondered how far Lisa would go with Taylor. Would she have her soft brown hair cut short? Would she mark Taylor with a tattoo as well? Katherine knew the lengths both Lisa and Susan would go. Both had a kinky side -- very kinky in her mind. While neither had up until this point expressed an interest in the whips and beatings Katherine had heard about with other girls. Both ladies did get turned on pushing that envelope -- showing how far they could dominate their partner.

One Saturday evening Lisa and Susan had enjoyed Katherine taking turns licking their pussies while they sipped their wine. They walked out on Lisa's back deck and had Katherine kneel between them. At first she thought they were going to have her continue to lick their cunts as they stood above her. But then Lisa grabbed her head and pointed it up. "Now baby, we're gonna' give you a special treat. It's time you show me how much love me. How much you love my pussy." It hadn't occurred to her before, but then looking up at Lisa and Susan, she knew they intended to do the unthinkable. They were going to pee on her.

This was too much and she struggled to get up. "Lisa, I don't know, I..." Katherine blurted out as she struggled under the hands that held her down. "Look you little slut," Susan spoke, "You'll do as we say and like it. Matter of fact...you will like it. I bet before you know it, you'll be begging us to do it again."

Katherine realized she couldn't get away. She realized too that she had tasted remnants of Lisa's urine before. While Lisa always took measures to see that she was clean before they had sex, there were times she excused herself and had gone to the restroom, returning to have Katherine lick her cunt. She had tasted the slightly salty urine which had mixed with her love juices as she stuck her tongue deep into Lisa's canal. But this was something else entirely.

Katherine closed her eyes and resigned herself to this ultimate submission. "Open your eyes, bitch" Susan scolded. "Open them now..." Katherine opened her eyes to see Susan's blonde muff just inches away. As Katherine stared at the slightly swollen lips of Susan's vagina, she saw her lips part and a stream shoot out and began hitting Katherine across the chest. The warm liquid felt hot and actually not much different than standing under her own shower back at the dorm. The hot urine splashed across her tits and then ran down as Susan aimed the stream at Katherine's tight belly and then her little bald cunt.

Katherine's own little pussy tingled as the hot stream beat against her clit. She felt dirty...it was disgusting...and she was excited. "Look over here baby," Katherine heard Lisa command softly as she cut loose a stream of her own. The hot piss mixed with Susan's on her little box until it began to move upward to her chest, dancing on her nipples, and then her throat. "Open up baby...open your little mouth."

"Oh no, heavens' no" she thought, as the realization Lisa intended to pee in her mouth. Her thoughts were quickly confirmed as she felt the hot stream hit her face, wetting her hair, even with her mouth closed, she tasted the salty, acrid tasting urine in the corners of her mouth. "Open up baby...open that mouth." Lisa ordered. Katherine resigned and opened her mouth as the stream hit its mark. She almost strangled, as the hot fluid quickly filled her cavity. "It's okay to swallow it baby. Show me that you love me. Show me you belong to me," Lisa chided. Katherine closed her mouth and then did the unthinkable, she swallowed the warm liquid.

"That's a good slut," Susan smirked as the last of her piss dribbled out on Katherine's chest. Lisa continued to aim her stream at Katherine's mouth, and when the last of her urine trickled off, she moved her pussy lips closer to Katherine's mouth. "Lick me baby, lick me now," Lisa moaned as she moved her pussy closer to Katherine's mouth. Her brown muff was wet with her piss as Katherine pushed her tongue up her cunt and licked her clit. She ran her tongue deep into Lisa's pussy until Susan pulled her head over and ground her face into her own hot box. Katherine traded licks with the two women who stood above her. Kat glanced up to see Susan and Lisa kissing. Their tongue's fighting with each other. Susan sucking on Lisa's tongue. Both were fondling each other's breast, pinching nipples, and gently caressing the other's breast as soft sighs escaped.

Katherine felt Susan's legs quiver and shake with an impending orgasm as Susan pulled the coed's face harder against her hot box. Katherine reached around and held the cheeks of Susan's ass, as she pressed the cunt against her tongue, fucking her with her face. Susan collapsed against Lisa and then eased back into a chair on the deck as Katherine diverted her attention to taking care of her mistress -- Lisa.

"Lick me baby...oh, yea, damn you lick pussy good girl...oh shit," Lisa chanted as Katherine reveled in the moment. She loved making Lisa feel good. Here she was coated in the women's pee. She felt dirty, degraded, and at the same time, she wasn't sure she had ever felt any more excited. Lisa was standing above her pinching her own nipples before reaching down steadying herself, holding tightly to Katherine's head, soaked in her urine. "Damnnn, eat my cunt you fucking slut...." Lisa moaned. "Oh, what a hot little dyke you've become.....suck on my clit, stick your little fingers up my cunt."

Katherine pulled gently on Lisa's clit with her lips, nibbling gently with her teeth as she stuck two then three fingers up Lisa's hot box. She curled her fingers and probed Lisa's pussy with most of her hand. It was just small enough to glide into her box. Lisa had done the same to her many times. Gradually starting off with small dildos, Lisa had eventually replaced them with much larger one's as Katherine's little cunt had become more accustomed to their size. Using generous amounts of lube, Lisa had begun stretching Kat's little cunt until she could accommodate Lisa's whole hand. Lisa was thrilled that the little coed could now easily take her fist as she plunged it deep into Katherine. She loved inviting a girlfriend over to the apartment and fist fucking the little college coed in front of all her lesbian girlfriends.

Katherine should have been embarrassed. But it thrilled her...excited her to be taken like that. The evening usually led to Katherine taking care of all the other lesbians by eating their pussies. While Lisa would never allow any of the other dykes to fuck her ass, she on many occasions allowed them to fuck her little princess. Katherine had lost count of how many pussies she had licked or how many women had fucked her little pussy since she had met Lisa. She was a lesbian slut and she knew she liked being used that way.

Katherine felt Lisa begin to shake as she came hard against her mouth. Kat kept her mouth glued to Lisa's hot cunt as she felt the familiar taste of her love juices in her mouth. Lisa's orgasm eventually subsided and she bent down, placing her hand under Kat's chin and kissed the coed lovingly on the lips. Their kiss so much more loving and gentle than a few minutes ago. Katherine had been used by the two dominant lesbians, but she didn't feel humiliated. Her own pussy was on fire as she fingered her own little cunt. Lisa wasn't unaware of Katherine's state and reached out to take her hand and helped the coed to her feet.

They went back inside the apartment where Lisa strapped on her rubber penis and guided it to Kat's already wet pussy. Susan looked on as Lisa mounted Katherine, who wrapped her legs tightly around the small of Lisa's back. They kissed, as Katherine sucked on Lisa's tongue which plunged in and out of her mouth. Lisa moved her head down and took Katherine's titty in her mouth, licking and sucking on the hard little nub. Susan moved over and facing Lisa, lowered her pussy over Kat's anxious mouth.

No instruction was needed as Katherine tongued the dyke, tasting her salty juices which lingered on her lips and the blonde muff above her pussy. Katherine ran her tongue between Susan's lips, plunging her tongue in between the folds of her cunt, and hard into her pussy. Every so often she trailed her tongue back to Susan's ass as Susan moved up allowing her access to her little asshole.

Katherine realized she loved having a tongue in her backside and both these women loved it too. "Yea, eat my ass you little whore. Stick your fucking tongue up my ass," Susan groaned. Katherine actually got more excited when Susan talked that way to her. She was much more profane than Lisa and it actually excited her to be treated in such a manner. Katherine's fingers were interlocked with Lisa's as Lisa moved her hips up and down, grinding her dildo into Kat's hot box. Katherine felt her orgasm build as she squeezed her legs tightly around Lisa's waist as Lisa continued to devour her titty. She exploded in orgasm after orgasm as the waves wracked her body. Susan too felt another wave as she massaged her clit furiously as the coed's tongue plunged up her anal chute.

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