tagGroup SexSeducing the Newbies

Seducing the Newbies


You almost always meet at least one couple like them at a lifestyle event. One of them talks excessively, but her chatter is just a nervous jumble of pleasant words that say nothing about their real intentions. The other says hardly a word, but his roving eye and transparent expression announce their fantasy to have sex with strangers.

You learn a lot about their intentions when they shed their cloths for the first time. If everyone else is relaxed, does he get a hard-on just seeing all the exposed genitals? Does she reproach him for embarrassing her or is she fascinated by who turns him on? Does she press her knees together or does she unconsciously spread when another couple stops by to chat.

You may not know this couple, but we all know someone like them. Most of us have been them at one time.

Those couples who come back for another event finish their first experience feeling closer to their spouse. A couple's sexual experiences with others can renew an appreciation of what attracted them to each other in the first place. The excitement of open sex can brush away the routine of all those years of quick couplings after the kids were in bed. A woman might worry that her husband's attraction to her has dimmed with age. She'll be reassured watching him enjoy bringing a middle aged woman to a screaming climax. A man can be afraid that his wife has lost interest in sex. He'll be reassured when he sees her holding a balding guy's limp cock with cum drooling from her lips. Nothing can ignite the fire quicker than graphic proof that the spark is still there.

Of course, it doesn't always end well -- and that may be why many experienced swingers avoid the newbies. Jealousy, unresolved conflicts, insecurity and all of the other corrosive emotions that tear couples apart can be exaggerated when clothing is removed by strangers and genitals are pressed together. Not everyone takes a laid back attitude when their spouse takes to getting laid. Drama can ruin a lifestyle gathering quicker than sunburn. Be careful!

But don't be so cautious that you miss an opportunity for a wonderful experience. This story is such an experience. My wife and I went to a lifestyle resort with our close friends. We met a newbie couple who needed just a little nudging to enjoy their fantasies. Everyone had a good time. No drama. The end!

Don't read this story if you're not interested by now. Send us a comment if you recognize someone you know -- especially if it's you and your spouse.


You could tell that they were newbies. It was not obvious, but you could tell. She looked a little apprehensive as she stood fidgeting with the latch on her handbag. He held her hand for reassurance as he looked around the room. Maybe he was having second thoughts about talking her into this.

We were scattered around the lobby in small groups waiting for the orientation to start. Most had just arrived from the airport. The few who had arrived earlier had already changed into clothing more appropriate to a swingers gathering. The man chatting with my wife wore mesh pants that flaunted his generous endowment. He and his petite wife were obviously looking to swap, maybe even before the party began.

Of course, not everyone was an experienced swinger, even if this was a Lifestyle Take-over. Inexperienced couples, who had never been nude among strangers, dreamed of making love together while others made love around them. Other couples would fulfill fantasies they had only imagined before being surrounded by a crowd of undulating bodies.

All this would happen in the next few days. We knew because my wife and I and our friends, Steve and Susan, were swingers. We had been here before and loved coming back. For the newbies, the week ahead was still a mystery filled with the anticipation of delicious fantasies but tinged with the fear of later regrets.

We had gotten to know the newbies, Paula and Bryan, on the ride from the airport. This particular vacation had been Bryan's idea. That's what Paula told us. Steve and I agreed that it was usually the husband who made the first suggestion, even though that wasn't true for my wife and me. We were both quick to reassure Paula that she was under no pressure to do anything if she wasn't comfortable-or at least willing.

We didn't tell her that for many who decided to come to a lifestyle event, comfort was part of the problem. Sex often becomes less exciting as it becomes more comfortable. By the way Paula was biting her lower lip and fidgeting with her handbag, she was obviously uncomfortable, but her flushed cheeks spoke volumes about her state of arousal. I imagined her jumping on her husband's cock as soon as they got to their room.

The orientation started shortly and was well done. The moderator discussed basic rules for civility that should be applied to all human interactions. A young couple gave a glowing testimony about the joys of swinging. The scantily clad young woman smiled lovingly at her well dressed man and gushed with pride about his staying power and his willingness to give a good ride to any woman who wanted a hard cock for her pleasure. As she finished her testimonial, many of the women cheered and others silently held onto their partners and smiled in anticipation of the pleasures to come. The man went on to say that he had not really appreciated his wife's talents until he had seen her satisfy a half-dozen naked men. As he finished his testimonial, some of the women who had cheered his wife now laughed nervously. The testimonial had been staged, but it worked because the couple was sincere.

The moderator and her husband then reviewed the various events for the week and invited everyone to the "Dare to Bare" dance that evening and wished us a fun week with "nude friends and great sex".

After the orientation, we all went back to our rooms to unpack. The newbies had a room between us and our friends. We had learned most of their life story by now. Paula had chatted nonstop from the airport to the resort. Bryan had barely spoken a word. Some people talk when they are nervous and others go quiet. Paula talked.

We learned that they had been married for just over 15 years. She had gone back to work several years ago when their twin daughters reached middle school. Both the kids were at summer camp for the next two weeks. They liked their jobs. She was a nurse. He owned a paint store franchise. They had a summer cabin that he had built with his own hands on a lake in northern Minnesota. I don't know how much they found out about us, but it must have been enough to satisfy their curiosity. Although the four of us were about 10 years older than them, they had begun to relax with us like we were just old friends on a fishing trip.

There was something about her that attracted me. She had natural blond hair and light complexion - even her freckles were lighter than my wife's skin. She carried a little extra weight since the wedding picture she showed us, but she carried it well. In the line at a supermarket, I might have noticed that she had a pleasant smile and gone back to loading my purchases on the counter. Although married with children in high school, she had the full round face and wide set eyes that just looked too innocent to have much sexual experience. She had the type of face that made you hesitant to tell a dirty joke around her.

It was hard to imagine her on her back with her legs jerking in the air. That only made her more attractive to me. I could imagine that cute round face grimacing with the delicious agony of sexual fulfillment as I pushed her legs apart and rammed my engorged shaft into her wet tunnel. That an otherwise ordinary woman could transform so completely from the calm efficiency of an experienced nurse to an unrestrained seeker of carnal pleasure always amazed me. I had seen it so many times in my wife after she introduced me to swinging on that first sailing trip.

I'm not sure Paula could see it in herself, yet I could see her asking explicitly for pleasures that she had long kept as secret fantasies. If only Steve and I could get Paula to follow her desire, Alicia and Susan would have no trouble getting Bryan to share his manhood with them.

In the lobby, Steve had asked Paula if they were into soft swing or full swap. Paula had just looked at us blankly until Steve explained the terms to her. She blushed. She stammered. She couldn't imagine anyone being attracted to an ordinary middle-aged woman with a few stretch marks. You couldn't have twins without stretch marks, she said. Then she looked at Steve and me. She blushed again as it dawned on her that a lot of ordinary middle-aged men, including the two of us, would want to do more than merely imagine having sex with her in the next week.

Bryan put his arm around his wife's waist. She poked him in the ribs as he humorously described how they had finally agreed to go naked in front of strangers. She poked him harder when he described how he had tried (unsuccessfully) to get her to share more explicit details about her fantasies with him. Then he looked directly at Steve and me as he carefully considered his next words. Paula looked astonished, but offered no objections, as Bryan asked us to help her overcome her shyness and maybe even fulfill a few of those fantasies. The first threshold had been crossed. She had agreed to nothing, but she looked at us differently after that.

Before going to our individual rooms to unpack, we all agreed to meet in about a half hour to explore the grounds. We picked up Steve and Susan and then all stood outside the room of Paula and Bryan as Steve knocked. There was no response at first. We all laughed under our breath when we heard a muffled cry of shared climax. Alicia suggested we leave the lovebirds alone, but Susan argued that this was exactly the time to introduce them to the place. I shrugged my shoulders while Alicia agreed with Susan. Steve knocked again. We heard a weak chorus of "coming". This time we could not contain our laughter at the unintended pun.

Bryan appeared first in a skimpy swimsuit. We all pretended like we hadn't heard their sexual display, although as swingers we had heard and seen it all and more. Paula appeared right after Bryan. She had put on a bikini top and a short wraparound with nothing underneath. Her chest and face were still mottled with the flush of a fading organism. Bryan recognized his wife's appearance for what it was, but Paula may not have been aware of how wanton she looked.

"We were just getting into the spirit of the place." Paula gave a conspiratorial wink at her husband.

"It looks like you didn't have time to clean up." Alicia took the towel that was draped over her shoulder.

Paula must have felt the stream of cum run down her leg at just that moment. We all watched a huge glob slid past her knee and fall on the tile walkway. Alicia knelt on one knee and held her towel between Paula's legs. Paula looked down at Alicia's upturned face and smiled weakly. Taking this as tacit permission, Alicia ran her towel up Paula's legs collecting the rivulets of cum as she went. Alicia stood up as she pulled the towel across Paula's sticky mound.

The towel was all Alicia had been wearing. Paula may never have been this close to a naked woman, but she didn't flinch. Susan had been right. This was exactly the right time to introduce the newbies to a lifestyle resort.

"Thank you!"

Paula's voice was soft and trembling, but her thanks were sincere. Paula didn't know how it was going to happen or when, but she must have known it from that moment. Before the week was finished, she would feel a woman's tongue everywhere the towel had just been.

We checked out the choice of restaurants and made our reservations for the evening before moving on to the beach. The beach was beautiful but crowded. We didn't object to all the nude sunbathers, but the limited shade had already been taken. Paul's light skin was susceptible to burning even with sunscreen applied. I remembered that one side of the pool was in the shade of the main pavilion, so we moved on.

We arrived at the pool just as a new round of naked twister was about to begin. Susan grabbed Bryan before Paula could get to him. Alicia pushed Paula out on the mat with me after making some excuse about her bad knee. We shed our clothing and tossed the items to Steve and Alicia. Neither Bryan nor Paula had time to think about their initiation into the fellowship of nudists. Another line had been crossed.

Paula was as attractive in the nude as I had imagined her to be. Her puffy nipples covered nearly a third of her full breasts. The deep red hues of her well suckled nipples contrasted sharply with the porcelain white of her skin. I have always liked to push my nose into a soft mat of pubic hair while licking, so I was pleased by Paula's neatly trimmed but otherwise full bush. I was starting to grow a woody just looking at her, but then the game began.

Paula was a surprisingly fierce competitor for a woman with such a pleasant smile. She quickly had her bare thigh thrust between my legs to get to her circle while trying to block me from reaching mine. When she draped her breasts over my back on the next call, I began to grow an obvious erection. I was not the only man to be affected by the game. I could see Bryan had a well shaped organ that curved slightly as it lengthened.

Paula tried to avoid touching my now fully erect penis, but it became increasingly difficult as the round continued. In a few more moves, I had a natural opportunity to press my shaft between her ass cheeks. She moved out of position and lost a round that she obviously wanted to win.

We joined Steve and Alicia as they cheered on Susan and Bryan. Bryan now had a raging hard-on and was more than a little flushed with the excitement. Susan had none of Paula's reluctance to rub against an engorged cock. Paula was mesmerized by what she was watching. It was obviously a new experience for her to watch her husband be aroused by another woman. She seemed more fascinated than threatened. That was a good sign.

Bryan had won the round with quick reflexes, good flexibility and excellent balance. His desire to stay on the mat with Susan as long as possible had been strong motivation. Susan put her arms around him after the match was over and whispered something in his ear. He laughed at their private joke and then they rejoined our group still holding hands.

Alicia suggested we go to the rooftop. There would be shade under the thatched roof over the bar. We left our clothes in the cubbyholes near the pool and climbed the stairs to the rooftop. Nudity was required on the rooftop and open displays of affection were allowed (encouraged?) during a Lifestyle event.

My wife again came to my assistance as she led Paula up the stairs first to give Stephen and me an excellent opportunity to examine Paula's tight buns, firm thighs and well shaped calves. I like to be squeezed by the legs of a woman who could carry a full back pack on a camping trip. I was sure that this woman would not disappoint. Paula knew that we were staring at her assets but she was learning to enjoy the attention as she became more accustomed to the sexual ambiance of the resort. Brian was oblivious of our interest in his wife as Susan wrapped her arm around his shoulder and worked her charms on him.

At the top of the stairs, Alicia took Steve's hand and asked if he wanted to play a little game of squirm and squirt.

Paula showed her competitive streak by grabbing my hand eagerly as she spoke to Alicia.

"I want to win this time. How do you play?"

Alicia and Steve looked at each other and laughed.

"Everyone's a winner in this game." Alicia continued, "The rules are simple. The woman lies on her back and squirms until the man squirts."

The color drained from Paula's face, but she was quick on her feet.

"Maybe later. I'd like to try out the Jacuzzi." She added, "I'm sure Bryan and Susan would like to join Morris and me."

She may have been fascinated watching her husband rub his woody over Susan's body in a game of naked twister, but she was not ready to see him stick it in her for a game of squirm and squirt.

Steve and Alicia took a bed as near the Jacuzzi as they could find and quickly became entwined with heavy petting and kissing. The four of us sat in the Jacuzzi and chatted amicably. The normally talkative Paula could neither speak nor take her eyes off of the couple on the bed.

Finally, I could not keep myself from asking.

"Is something wrong, Paula?"

"Apparently not. You and Susan don't seem to be bothered and they sure sound like they're having fun."

"Sound? Just look at their faces." I replied to her.

"I wish I could see, but I left my contacts out. All I can see is a quivering blob."

"Would you like to watch?"

"Sure, but it's going to be all over by the time I get my binoculars!"

Paula laughed harder at her own joke than we did.

"Honey." Susan spoke directly to Paula. "If you want to watch, we just need to get closer."

Susan always had the gift of decisiveness. She grabbed Bryan's hand and pulled him out of the Jacuzzi. Paula, now a self-confessed voyeur, took the hand I offered her and followed with a touch of apprehension about what she had set in motion.

Steve and Alicia had assumed the missionary position, although I doubt that missionaries would have approved of this particular union of the flesh. Alicia smiled broadly as she saw her friends approaching. Susan sat with Bryan on one side. On the small mattress, the only room for Paula and me was on the other side of the fornicating couple.

"Don't let us disturb you." Susan announced. "Paula wanted to watch."

Paula shrugged. It was still all so new to her, but she had to admit to herself that she was aroused by the scene in front of her.

Steve's cock had been hidden inside Alicia's vagina when we gathered around them. He now slowly and rhythmically withdrew and thrust into her body. It was a magnificent cock. Veins bulged and twisted around the huge shaft made shinny with Alicia's wetness. Paula stared at where the couple was joined by the cylinder of flesh. Paula had closely inspected five fully erect penises before she married Bryan, but this was the first-time that she had seen a penis enter a woman's vagina other than her own.

Paula unconsciously put her hand between her legs and touched herself. Alicia knew she was being watched and enjoyed the response of her onlookers. She held her pussy open to give us a better view of Steve's shaft as it penetrated her. I moved behind Paula until the tip of my penis rested on the soft cheek of her ass. She flinched but then pushed back into me. I reached my hand around her to touch her wet crease, but her hand blocked my access. She made no attempt to move her hand or push mine away. I kept my hand resting lightly on hers as I felt her tendons move under my fingertips.

Paula masturbated quietly as I held her naked body in my embrace. Bryan had more active assistance from his partner of the moment. Susan had one arm between his legs so she could cradle his sensitive scrotum in her hand. Her other hand reached around him to grip his shaft. She twisted her hand around his shaft as she pumped up and down. She pulled down sharply on the uncut skin of his penis to reveal the bright red knob at its tip.

Paula and Brian looked into each other's eyes. Then they each looked down at the others genitals. Paula saw Susan's hands moving her husband inexorably toward a climax. Bryan watched my hand cover his wife's as she thrust her fingers into her pussy. They had crossed another threshold together.

Paula shifted so that my cock fell into the crease of her ass cheeks. She was kneeling with her butt barely touching her ankles. I could slip my cock between her thighs, but I could not enter her cunt unless she leaned forward or stood up. She reached between her legs and grabbed my shaft. She held me firmly between her pussy lips and masturbated vigorously. I wanted more, but I did not complain.

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