tagErotic HorrorSeduction By... The Serial Ch. 07

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 07


Mystic Shadows heart beats hard in her chest cavity as he approached her looking into her eyes as her hands began to tremble, her head began to spin making her feel light headed and she collapsed in his arms crying. He lightly ran his hand over the back of her head so softly with one hand as his other held her trembling body in his arms.

"I love you Mystic Shadow" He whispered in her ear as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck..

"Oh baby you feel so good." she told him kissing his lips hungrily as the whole room stood frozen in time.

"So what are you going to do with your new man Mystic Shadow? I haven't any intentions of sharing my wife with anyone. You need to tell him because I will be coming home tonight." he told her kissing her with passion and love as he placed his hand under her shirt feeling her hardened nipples.

The both pulled themselves together before he brought the mortals out of their frozen state in time. Mystic Shadow knew she would have to tell Raging Storm as soon as she got back to the palace or she would lose her husband again. Mystic Shadow answered all their questions and then quickly left so she could get back to the palace. As she materialized back in her bedroom Raging Storm was sitting on her bed looking down at his shoes.

"So you saw him today, I am happy that you two are reuniting once again and the original 12 are back together once more." He said trying to hide his heart that was breaking into many pieces.

"I am sorry, if I had known they were sending him back to us I would not have let things go as far as they did between us." She said feeling so lousy seeing him cover his pain.

"Well it happened and I think our warriors and High Priest needs a welcome home party Mystic Shadow, sorry your highness." he said correcting himself.

"No, I am Mystic Shadow, and you are to refer to me as Mystic Shadow." she said forcing a smile on her face.

"I have a party to get together now." He hurriedly left the room so she could not see his tears stinging his eyes.

Guardian Caster and Mystical Lightening were busy helping with the party plans, Mystical Lightening was excited to see her grandfather and the other warriors that had perished in the last big battle against evil forty years ago. Mystical Shadow and Mystic Caster were busy opening their rooms that had been closed since they left earth that horrible day. Mystical Shadow closed her eyes to hide the tears of joy that she felt as she stood in Jada Casters room when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Raging Storm dressed in the New white suits that had long white jackets, baggy slacks with white shirts and boots. With a quick movement of his hand a beautiful red gown with all the accessories waited for Jada Caster's return. He vanished without saying a word.

"I hope he will be ok, he looks so sad now like before, He never smiled or laughed until he met you." Mystic Caster said as she opened the curtains

Mystic Shadow looked down at the ground holding back the tears. " I should have controlled my emotions, but I missed your father so much and the loneliness was killing me. I am so sorry he got hurt." she said with tears forming puddles in her eyes.

"I am sure he knows you meant no harm mother." Mystic Caster said hugging her mother as she cried on her shoulder.


Mystic Shadow wore a black sequined lace gown, with black spiked heels, her hair was swept loosely up on top of her head. Her make up was applied with care, she finished with applying her perfume behind her ears, running her finger down her cleavage and then her wrist. Her stomach was full of butterflies as she was so full of anticipation knowing tonight she would be reunited with her love. She walked slowly down the hall listening to the guest in the ball room, Witches, fairies, leprechauns, unicorns, and every magical being was there to welcome their High Priest the most powerful warriors home once more.

The fairies flew around Mystical Shadow sprinkling their magical dust of protection all around her. Mystical Shadow entered the ballroom and was escorted by a warrior to the royalty table where her children, grand children and grand mother waited for the return of their beloved family. Mystical Shadow watched the doors to the ballroom open and in walked Knight Shadow looking so handsome in the new white suits, Rain Caster smiled at Mystic Shadow who raised from her seat and stood so straight and silent as tears streaked her face seeing her beloved husband and warriors. Knight Shadow held his hand out causing Mystic Shadow to float to him and into his arms where they turned as if they were on a revolving pedestal kissing and crying as everyone looked on at them smiling with tears running down everyone's face that was in the room including Raging Storm whose heart crumbled. The party lasted into the early morning and Mystic Of Light had become friends with Raging Storm who was actually laughing again at this tender creature sent to him from the White Light Power.

Joni sat in fear behind the bush trying not to even breath so she would not be found by the strange creature that had attacked her and bit her shoulder while she was trying to change her tire out on this dark isolated road. Oh no what is going to happen to me? She thought to herself trying to restrain her emotions and wishing it would go away so she could get back to her car. Her blonde hair became stained from the blood on her shoulder that was almost bubbling from the wounds opening. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted into the air by the creature known as the skinwalker, known well to the Native Americans who do not even like to speak of them. The SkinWalker can change into different forms from human to animal and they are similar to the vampire. She felt the teeth sink into her neck as this hairy beast that looked like it was half human and half bear drank the very blood from her body.

"No! Oh please God save me!" she cried out hysterically as her soul escaped from her body that the creature had begun skinning the flesh so it would have another form to make to shape shift in to.

By the time the warriors had gotten there just a few seconds after her cry Just her body laid in the road with the flesh completely gone. Natannie knew it was the work of the dreaded skinwalker.

"No one is safe with the skinwalker on the loose." she said looking out into the wilderness knowing that somewhere close by the skinwalker was celebrating its hunt.

Her blonde hair blew into the night air as the fire she built burned brightly and her new skin was perfect to catch more male skins with. She smiled into the fire wrapped in the fur she had skinned from the bear three hours ago. Tomorrow she would strike for more feeding of the blood, but now she must move into the cave that holds her crate where she will sleep until dusk comes again.

Natannie looked at Mystic Shadow when she arrived back at the Palace. " We have problems. The skinwalker is walking on the earths ground." She told her looking at the ground.

"Skinwalker?" Mystic Shadow asked pouring some coffee.

"Yes they are Native American vampires They operate like normal vampires . As the Uktena and Wendigo purified the American continents, they encountered the Skinwalkers: very clever and resourceful Wyrm spirits that would move across the plains, from pueblo to pueblo and slowly, systematically consume all of the people." She said sipping her coffee, "Because of their unique abilities to assume the shapes of those they kill, the American tribes more often than not assumed that the Garou and the Skinwalkers were one in the same-and not without little cause for the Garou continually prevented tribes and pueblos from getting too large. Skinwalkers are believed to be completely destroyed: the truth is that the few which are left have clandestinely merged into the Camarilla and the Sabbat, assuming high positions within each group and totally hiding from others. There is so much more to tell."She said looking at Mystic Shadow.

"Call a meeting in the councils room in one hour." She told her daughter as she and Knight Shadow went to their bedroom.

To be continued . . .

* * * * *

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