tagMatureSeduction Ch. 02

Seduction Ch. 02


With my head raised by the pillow I looked down at daddy as he knelt between my spread thighs, his cock was big and I waited in fearful anticipation of how it might hurt me when her tried to enter my virgin cunt. Sure I had used two fingers and tried a candle a few times when I masturbated but daddy's cock was much bigger the head seemed so huge.

Then I felt daddy's big swollen tip pressing against the opening of my cunt, I felt my ring start to expand more and more as it stretched wider to accommodate the girth of daddy's cock head. I guess his tip was only three quarters of the way inside me when I felt stretched so tightly I moaned loudly, daddy paused then pulled back a little to ease the pressure.

"Relax you sweet little cunt, let daddy's cock dilate your ring slowly, there is plenty of time," he said. I tried to relax more for I admit I was tensing up it being my first time. I looked at him and said, "Try again daddy, push harder if it will help." Once more he pushed his big hard tip into my ring, it began to stretch more and more, then daddy eased back. He did this a few times and sure enough my ring dilated enough for him to at last get his cock head inside me.

It felt huge and then I felt it stretching my sheath as he now slowly began to push his cock deeper inside me. I began to moan louder at being stretched tightly on his cock and then I felt his tip pressing against my hymen, the moment I feared had at last arrived. I looked at daddy and said, "Please be gentle daddy." He smiled and said, "It will all be over very quickly and you will only feel a quick sharp pain my sweet little cunt." I loved hearing him say I was his sweet little cunt and while I was thinking how gentle he had been I was suddenly surprised to feel his cock move quickly back down.

I thought he was going to withdraw his cock when I felt it rearing up inside me, I screamed out at the pain, but it was not from the tearing of my hymen but his huge cock head forcibly stretching the upper reaches of my sheath and bumping into my cervix; tears welled up in my eyes.

I looked up at daddy suspended above me; he lowered his body onto mine and kissed my eyes licking away my tears as he held his big cock still inside me allowing my sheath to adjust to the length and girth of his cock. He rose up once more on his arms and smiled at me and said; "Now my sweet little cunt is a real woman. Are you ready for your first fuck?"

"Yes daddy I am fine, ride me daddy and shoot your hot cum inside me," I replied.

I felt his cock moving slowly back down my sheath, it felt nice. Then daddy thrust into me gently and slowly making me moan with the pleasure I now felt as his cock stroked away inside me. Soon I felt him begin to move quicker and thrust harder into my welcoming cunt, finding I accepted his harder thrusts he began to fuck me harder and faster his cock head now bumping against my cervix each time.

I looked up at him as he rode me and to enhance his pleasure I said, "Yes daddy fuck your sweet little cunt hard. OH FUCK! It feels so good. Talk to me daddy. He knew what I meant so as he fucked me he said, "At last you lovely slut I am up your hot fucking cunt, take daddy's cock and make it fill your cunt with its creamy gift."

His words and the hard fucking he was giving me took me to the heights of ecstasy. I suddenly cried out as I experienced my first cock-induced orgasm, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure like I had never known before flowed over me. I suddenly realised I was thrusting up my hips to meet daddy's inward thrusts as my orgasm faded away.

Then as it did I felt daddy's big tip swell more, he cried out and I felt his cock shooting his load of cum deep inside my eager cunt. When it was over for him he withdrew and lay down beside me putting his arms around me and kissing me, a soft tender sweet loving kiss.

Then he broke the kiss and said, "Well did you enjoy your first fuck?"

"Yes daddy it was fantastic, it was the most intense orgasm of my life," I said. "Was I a good fuck daddy, was it really nice for you," I asked him. "Yes my sweet little cunt it was beautiful for me as well," he said. Then I said to him, "I love it so much when you call me your sweet little cunt, and I liked it when you said, "You lovely slut," I want to be your sweet little cunt, your slut and any other names you want to call me. It turns me on so much daddy, and I want to bring you pleasure like you brought me such pleasure."

We showered and daddy told me that I was to shave my cunt then come to bed, and from now on I was to keep my cunt shaved. After shaving my cunt I joined him in bed, he inspected my cunt then he planted a kiss on it saying, "It looks beautiful now so smooth and your slit clearly visible. From now on my sweet little cunt will sleep with me." I felt so happy lying with daddy and fell asleep with daddy's arm around me cupping one of my breasts.

The next morning I awoke early and slipped out of bed and made some tea and took a cup up to daddy. "Morning sweet cunt, a nice cup of tea is what I need," he said. As we drank our tea daddy asked me how I was. "Hungry" I said. "Well lets make some breakfast," he replied. I smiled at him and said, "I am hungry for your cock again daddy, please fuck me. Feel my cunt it is so wet." He said, "Well you cock hungry little slut you better come and play with daddy's cock and make it nice and big and hard so I can get it up your tight wet cunt again."

I pulled the bedcovers back and daddy slipped of his pyjamas, I was hypnotised by the sight of his soft cock longing to suck it and hold it and feel it getting hard. I slipped of my dressing gown and saw daddy looking at my tits. He lay down again and told me to straddle him with my ass towards his face, the sixty-nine position he said.

I straddled him and when I looked at his cock it was already getting hard, I realised the effect of looking at my naked body and knowing he was going to fuck me again had aroused him, I was pleased that I had this power to turn him on.

"Hold my cock in your hand and jack it up and down, then when you are ready take it in your mouth and suck it, see how much of it you can take in your mouth," he ordered me. Then as I stroked his cock I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he pulled me down lower then I felt him plant a kiss on my cunt. "You have such a lovely cunt Megan, now let me taste your sweet cunt juice," he said.

Then as I took his hardening cock in my mouth I felt his fingers spreading my cunt open, his tongue entered and licked all around in my pink interior. I sucked hard on daddy's cock enjoying the feeling of it swelling and getting longer as I thought about it going all the way up my cunt again.

Then I felt daddy's tongue licking my swollen clit, he stopped licking and took it in his mouth and sucked on it, I felt myself becoming more aroused and plunged my head down on daddy's now hard cock. To my surprise I felt his big tip enter my throat and touch the back, no gag reflex at all.

I think daddy was as surprised as I was because he stopped playing with my clit and said, "You fucking amazing little bitch, how an earth did that happen?" I was lifting my head and released his cock and said, "I don't know daddy but I loved having all your big cock in my mouth, and that tip in my throat has made me so hot."

"Let me just enjoy your cunt for a few more minutes then you can have my cock all the way up your cunt," he said. He then returned to licking me, his tongue was licking in circles around my hole and suddenly he plunged his tongue up inside as far as he could and for the first time I experienced a man fucking my cunt with his tongue. I loved it and looked forward to lots more oral sex as well as being fucked.

Daddy told me to get off him but stay on my knees, as he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I did as bidden and soon his big tip was pressing into my tight ring again, I must have been more relaxed and aroused having now lost my cherry that his cock head opened me up and although my ring felt tightly stretched on the bulbous head he soon had it inside me.

"Now my sweet little cunt how does that feel in your hot wet fuck hole?" he asked. The surprise of him calling my cunt hole my fuck hole aroused me more so I said, "It feels so good daddy, ram it up my fuck hole and ride me hard." No sooner had my words died away than he rammed his big tool all the way up inside me. I moaned loudly for of course his big tool forcibly opened my tight sheath to accommodate his invading cock. But the initial pain soon faded and the pleasurable feeling of having my cunt stuffed full of daddy's cock again made up for any pain.

"Are you sure you want it hard like that slut?" He asked as he held his cock still as he waited for my reply. I wanted it badly; I wanted to be the best fucking slut there was at that moment, his hot wet cock hungry slut. "YES! Do me daddy, fuck me like the slut I am, your willing eager slut, FUCK ME!"

He pulled his cock back down and then began to forcibly fuck me hard and deep, I moaned and groaned at his hard treatment of my cunt, but I wanted him to be pleased with me so I kept calling to him to ignore my cries, to get his big fucking tool all the way up my fuck hole.

My choice of words helped a lot I felt sure as he began to pump me harder and harder taking me to the height of pleasure. I came suddenly crying out, "DADDY! OH DADDY!" no sooner had my orgasm faded than I felt another one arrive, it took me by surprise as I never knew it was possible for a woman to have multiple orgasms.

My second one triggered daddy's orgasm. He grabbed my waist ad pulled me back hard on his big thrusting tool as it erupted shooting his load of cum to mix with my juices. Then when he dismounted he introduced me to the final pleasure a man enjoyed from a woman after he had fucked her and filled her cunt with his cum.

He said, "Be a good sweet little cunt and clean daddy's cock in your mouth." I hesitated but wanted to please him, so the slut in me took over and I turned and took his big hard cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it clean while he stroked my hair and told me what a lovely fucking cock-sucking slut I was. The taste of the mixed juices of our union was not as bad as I thought it might be, and his words about me being a cock-sucking slut pleased me knowing that I had pleased daddy by complying with his request.

When I released his cock he took me in his arms and kissed me pushing his tongue in my mouth and sharing the final taste of his cum and my juices with me. I loved him for that, it made me want to be his slut all the more.

After breakfast I concentrated on my homework, taking a short break for lunch and soon had it finished. Daddy was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner so I went and sat down and was looking through a magazine when I came to the letters section. One letter I read got me thinking about other aspects of my fantasy about daddy. The letter in question was about anal sex. Then after I had read it I recalled the times I had fantasised about daddy fucking me up my cunt and pulling out and fucking me up my ass. I wondered if he had ever had anal sex, and also if he would have anal sex with me. So I once more planned to make that part of my fantasy come true if I could.

After dinner we sat watching telly for a while, but the newness of a man fucking me had me horny again. So daddy fucked me once more telling me what a cock hungry bitch I had become as he rammed his cock all the way up me. I loved hearing him say that and wondered how he would react when the time came and I asked him to shove his cock up my ass.

During the week he fucked me three times turning me on more as he talked dirty to me each time. Then the opportunity I needed happened on Saturday afternoon. It was a wet day so we were playing cards to pass the time away when I suddenly said to him, "Daddy have you ever had anal sex?" He looked at me and said, "What made you as me that Megan."

"I just wondered because I read a letter in last weeks magazine about how some women enjoy having a man fuck them in the ass," I replied.

Well to be truthful I have had anal sex a few times years ago now and my wife liked it as a variation to our normal sex life. It was then I decided to take a chance and said, "Daddy when I fantasised about you fucking me I also fantasised that sometimes you fucked me in the ass. Would you like to have anal sex with me?"

"He looked at me and said, "I have masturbated to your image many times imagining my cock is going up your lovely ass. Yes you lovely willing slut, daddy would love to fuck you in your ass."

"Oh daddy I do want to please you and be your slut, your bitch." I said.

"Fuck me in the ass now daddy, please I really want to know what it is like," I said.

"Well it may hurt a bit the first time, are you really sure about this my sweet little cunt?"

"Yes daddy, I do want to feel your cock buried in my ass," I told him.

"Then lets get undressed and take our time preparing you," he said. He left the room and returned to find me standing naked waiting for him to tell me what he wanted of me. He said, "You look so sexy Megan, turn around so I can see your lovely ass while I undress." I saw him put down two tubes which I realised must be some kind of lubricant. I turned and showed him my bottom as he had asked.

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