tagMatureSeduction Ch. 08

Seduction Ch. 08


"Nurse Jones you can plug the video into the monitor so Megan can observe what is happening, then we will start with a few still shots," Dr Edwards said as he stood looking down between my spread thighs.

"Megan I am going to get nurse Andrews to start you lubricating to I can insert a speculum in your vagina it is much better for me to use your natural lubrication so I can see your sheath clearly when I look inside you."

"First a few shots of Megan from different angles as she is now when you are ready nurse Jones."

Nurse Jones took some still pictures of me starting with a side view of me from the left and right sides, what use they were to the doctor I wondered as all they really showed was my face and my breasts. Then she took a full frontal picture of me before getting on her knees and focusing on my exposed pussy.

Nurse Andrews smiled at me as she stood beside me and began to rub her fingers over my clit, I tensed up at this she told me to relax and just let my body respond to the feelings that I felt so I would lubricate quicker. Soon her finger was tracing the line of my slit as the video camera took pictures, I felt my lips part and felt her finger inside me as she looked at Dr Edwards's who was watching me being fingered and said, "She is getting pretty wet now doctor shall I open her up?"

"No nurse I think it would be easier if Megan reached down and spread her vulva open herself, that will give the camera a clearer view. Can you do that for me Megan?"

I reached down and spread my lips wide open revealing my pink interior to them as nurse Jones took some still shots and then resumed using the video camera. I was blushing at exposing myself in this way in front of them.

"No need to blush Megan it is just a natural part of our profession," Dr Edwards said.

Dr Edwards had now slipped on a pair of white rubber gloves, he picked up a speculum and stood between my spread legs and pushed a finger into my hole making me moan a little as I felt it deep inside me as he felt around inside my now wet pussy.

"Relax Megan I am going to put another finger inside you to help relax your ring so it will be easier to insert the speculum."

He then pushed another finger inside me and rotated them arousing me more as he began to move them back and forth. I realised he was actually finger fucking me but did not know if it was the normal way that things were done so I said nothing. All the time the video camera was taking pictures and a few times it was stopped so nurse Jones could take some still pictures.

Withdrawing his fingers Dr Edward's then pushed the speculum inside my hole, it slipped in easily now that he had relaxed my ring. Then I felt it opening me wide until the speculum locked in place.

He looked at me and smiled saying, "That's a good girl Megan, I will let nurse take some pictures before I proceed."

Nurse Jones was kneeling and taking some close up still shots of me with my hole wide open, she then got the video camera and took some footage starting with my face and moving down over my tits with my nipples now erect and hard and then of my gaping hole.

Dr Edward's picked up a penlight torch and kneeling down shone the light up inside me and made some comments to nurse Andrews who noted them down on a clip board.

I could see all the action that was taking place on the monitor screen and was surprised when I heard Dr Edward's say, "Tell me Megan are you sexually active?"

I knew if I lied he would probably know from having examined me.

"Yes," I said as I looked away from his face.

"No need to be shy about having sex a young girl needs to relieve her sexual needs and of course gain experience for when she marries."

"Now Megan I need to test the elasticity of your opening and also your sheath, this means I will have to insert a few different sized dildo's into you, you will have to let me know how it feels so nurse Andrews can take some notes for the file. It will only take a few minutes and I am sure it will not cause you any pain."

I began to wonder if this was at all necessary but being a naïve person when it came to doctor's especially a gynaecologist I had to accept his word.

Nurse Andrews opened a cupboard and brought over a tray with various dildos on it, I could see that each had its own place on the tray with a number above it. They were all black some with larger heads than the others.

"I think a number three will do to start with," he said smiling at me.

I watched on the monitor as the video camera recorded Dr Edward's hand pushing the head of the dildo against my ring, I saw my ring expanding as I felt the big black tip opening me up and slipping inside. I had to suppress a moan of pleasure because I was now highly aroused from all the touching and fingering my pussy had received.

"How did that one feel Megan, did it hurt at all," he asked me as he moved it back and forth slowly for a few moments before pushing it deeper inside me when I least expected making me moan at the suddenness of being opened deeper.

"That seems OK nurse," he said withdrawing it from my hole and putting it on the table.

"I think a number five now, no maybe a number six would be better nurse seeing as Megan coped well with the number three."

I watched as he picked up the number six dildo the head was much larger and the shaft was very fat. I felt my cunt gush at the thought of having this big plastic cock inside me. I waited with bated breath as Dr Edward's talked to the nurse, how long is he going to be I wondered as I felt my sheath and ring contracting back to normal.

Dr Edward's turned and looked at me saying, "Are you ready again Megan?"

"Yes doctor," I replied in a shaky voice wondering now if he had deliberately delayed using the new dildo.

He pushed the head of the number six dildo into my ring and I now moaned louder as it forcefully stretched my ring and then my sheath as it entered me, this time he did not pause but forcefully pushed it as deep as he could as I moaned at being opened up so suddenly.

Nurse Andrews came and stroked my head saying, "Relax Megan it is for your own good, I know how it must feel for you.

I felt Dr Edwards moving it back and forth as he had the other one and the stimulation of being fucked made my pussy lubricate more.

The doctor again made some comments to the nurse who jotted them down as he withdrew the dildo.

"Well Megan you certainly coped with that one alright. I must say you lubricate very well by the look of the wetness of your thighs and anus. Make a note nurse, lubricates easily."

I blushed once again at hearing him talk like that and especially about my anus.

I was now highly aroused as I heard him tell the nurse he was going to go directly to the number nine dildo. I watched as he picked it up, the head was enormous yet the shaft was no fatter than the number six.

Once more he delayed inserting it holding the tip to my opening as he spoke with the nurse again. The entire time nurse Jones continued taking still shots and then more video footage of the events.

My ring and sheath were now back to normal when he turned and smiled at me and said, "Right Megan I think this might be the last one we will have to use." How right his words turned out to be.

He now forcefully pushed the big plastic head into my ring forcing it to open as I moaned loudly, then as it popped inside me he pushed it as deep up me as he could in one quick movement making me moan loudly again but this time with pleasure as I enjoyed the feeling of my cunt filled to capacity as it was still being stretched to accommodate this invading plastic cock.

"Make a note nurse that she is able to accommodate quite a large dildo and it appears to have aroused her more than the others."

As he spoke to the nurse he began to fuck me with the dildo as though it was just part of a routine examination, then as I reached that crest of pleasure where I was hovering wanting just a little extra stimulation to bring me to orgasm I tried to hold back afraid of having an orgasm in front of them. I failed miserably for just at the crucial moment when I was trying to take my mind off my arousal the doctor spoke to the nurse.

"Make a note nurse that her clitoris is now fully engorged, have a look it is almost all the way out of its sheath."

As he said, have a look he moved his hand and I felt his finger rubbing over my swollen bud as though pointing it out to the nurse who was now bending over to get a close up view. I came crying out my pleasure as he continued to fuck me with the fake cock my cunt flooded and I shuddered in ecstasy and that wonderful feeling of sexual release after having been aroused for so long.

When my orgasm had passed Dr Edward's smiled at me as he withdrew the dido and said, "Sorry Megan I did not intend to make you have an orgasm."

"Nurse make a note that she is very responsive to sexual stimulation and that is a very good thing."

"Now tell me Megan, have you ever had anal sex?"

He had convinced me that causing me to have an orgasm was unintentional by the offhand way he seemed to treat the matter, so hearing him ask me if I had had anal sex just seemed a natural progression of the examination.

"Yes doctor I have indulged in anal sex a few times," I replied blushing once more at my admission.

If only they knew how much I had come to like taking a cock up my sweet little ass as daddy sometimes said. If they only knew how I had participated in what can only be described as a sex orgy, having three cocks fucking my three holes at the same time, and how much I loved swallowing cum and cleaning a man's cock even those that had fucked me up my ass.

"Thank you for being so honest with me Megan. I will have to examine your anus and check that all is well inside your back passage. Help Megan down I think I will need the other examination appliance, would you get it out of the cupboard nurse and prepare her for me."

Nurse Andrews opened the double doors of the cupboard and pulled out a strange metal frame, it was narrow and curved at the top with padding in places and had side frames to support it. I wondered what was going to happen now but felt I had to go through with it as daddy had arranged it for me and I knew he only had my best interests at heart.

Nurse Andrews then helped me down from the chair and led me over to the frame and had me bend over it. I was surprised when the nurse told me to put my breasts through the opening provided and when I did I found I was comfortable due to the padding and not having my breasts pressed against anything.

I was made to spread my legs wide and my ankles were then strapped to the frame, as were my hands. Nurse Jones placed the monitor on a stool so I would be able to see everything again once the examination started.

I hoped that the examination would soon be over so I could be with daddy again.

As we waited nurse Andrews got a bowl of warm water and began so wash my thighs and swab my cunt to freshen me up after my orgasm, I thought she had finished when I heard her say, "Whoops, nearly forgot your anus Megan, doctor would be mad at me if I did."

I felt her finger touch my tight little opening and wondered why she was not using a cloth as she had on my cunt, then just as quickly she took her finger away and then I felt her washing my anus with a cloth. I felt it was perhaps because she wanted to enjoy me anally, perhaps wanted to lick and probe me with her tongue. Don't be silly Meagan there is probably a logical explanation so don't star fantasising like that I thought to myself.

Dr Edward's now entered the room and walked around me looking to see if I was secured properly I suppose.

"Pass me those rubber gloves nurse Andrews so we can get started, I'm sure Megan is anxious for the examination to be over."

To be continued...

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