Seduction of the Ice Queen


Karan leaned in and pushed the head into her pussy, and then pulled it out. Shilpa pussy was so wet, his cock made a plopping sound as it came out. With a glint in his eyes and a smile on his face, he pushed his cock into her pussy again and this time keep sliding it in all the way till it was buried up to the hilt. Shilpa felt her pussy stretch as Karan invaded her, and let out a guttural moan as she felt him penetrate her womanhood.

Karan leaned over her and supported his weight on his arms and start moving his hips in long smooth strokes. He pulled his cock out almost the whole way and then slit it in all the way. Shilpa's pussy was gripping his cock like a vice and was milking it with every stroke. He kept his stroke long and started thrusting them harder, moving Shilpa's body. Her breasts were now jiggling with the impact on his cock and she had her eyes half closed and was making incomprehensible sounds.

Karan then pulled out and got off the bed. He pulled shipped to him till her ass was on the edge of the bed. He held her legs in his arms, spread her open and then slid his cock into her fucked pussy again. Karan loved to fuck standing up and it gave him the most ramming room, and he wanted to ram Shilpa's pussy till it was red and raw. He started thrusting his hips slowly then picked up his speed. He tightened his core muscles and started fucking Shilpa's with everything he had. His pubic bone grinding against her clit every time he pushed into her. He gripped her legs strongly and kept her form moving away with the force of his thrusts. Shilpa was making loud squealing noises in tune with his fucking. The bed springs were squeaking loudly as the headboard was banging on the wall.

Shilpa was in a world she had never experienced before. She had had sex plenty of times, and been with share of guys. But no one has ever treated her this way, or made her feel like this. Karan had taken each and every defense she had built up and torn them down one at a time until she was nothing but his slave. A slave, who was being fucked like she had never been fucked before. Karan was not only fucking her body, but had completely fucked her mind.

Karan looked at Shilpa with a lusty satisfaction. He looked down and say that he pussy lips were completely open and turning a bright shade of red. He could feel his cock getting close but he was not ready to cum yet. He pulled out his cock and picked up and rubber band from the bedside table, and fashioned a cock ring around the base. The trapped blood made his cock swell even more and when he plunged into Shilpa's pussy, the words "Oh God" slipped her mouth.

Without fear of cumming to soon, Karan started pumping his cock into Shilpa. Beads of sweat were now forming on his forehead and chest. Shilpa pussy was squirting her juices out and down her ass crack and within moments of his re-entry, Shilpa arched her back again, squeezed her breasts as she came again. Shilpa's body was sweating and her breathing was erratic. Karan didn't want her passing out so he slowed his thrusts letting her relax just a tad. He lifted her leg up and licked her calf slowly and kissed the top of her foot while letting his cock stay in her pussy.

When he felt Shilpa had recovered enough, Karan pulled his cock out and said, "Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck your pussy from behind."

Shilpa was in no position to say anything except obey. She turned over and pulled herself into position. With the cock ring on, Karan's cock was fully erect. When he move it swayed like a rigid pole, tense and excited. Karan kneeled on the bed behind Shilpa, who was on her hands and knees presenting herself to him. Her smooth, round buttocks were thrust high in the air, her legs are slightly spread. Her face was pressed against the sheets. All saw was the cheeks of her ass and her wonderfully wet pussy now open with her arousal.

"Come to me, Karan, please! It's you I want inside me" Shilpa whimpered.

Karan slid his hands over his buttocks as he took his position behind her. For a moment, the head of his cock brushed her thigh causing her to spread her legs wider. Then he pushed the tip of his cock against her flaring slit and her labia opened easily to engulf it. He grabbed her hips, pulling Shilpa onto him, and sliding his rigid shaft into her deeply. He lean forward a bit and buried himself as deep into her depths as possible

"Ohhhh!" Shilpa moaned as Karan's cock filled her.

Karan's balls pressed against her pussy lips, and slowly he began to move his hips and thrust his cock. Over and over again, he penetrated her, feeling her soft, wet pussy sliding smoothly over his rock hard cock. He held her hips tightly as he fucked her, guiding each stroke for maximum penetration and for the best feeling.

Karan leaned back and watched his cock now coated with all her juices. Shilpa's cum has formed a white frothy ring around the base of his cock and the sight of it made Karan's cock swell even more. Karan was now gasping with every stroke and Shilpa was making muffled moaning sounds. She was moving her hips back in the same rhythm as Karan, who was thoroughly enjoying making her squirm with pleasure. Karan picked up his thrusting speed and started fucking her pussy harder. His balls slapped her engorged clit. He leaned over her and his hands roamed all over her body. Karan reached under her and grabbed her breasts which with swaying with the motion of his thrusts. He pinched her nipples and tugged on them which made Shilpa moan louder. The louder Shilpa got, the hornier Karan got.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it like a reins. He started bucking his hips, sending ripples across Shilpa's tight round ass. Her pussy was working over time, oozing her juices out with every stroke of his cock. Shilpa could feel her juices drip down her thigh. Her mind was totally shut down on and the only emotion she could was that of pure lust. She had lifted her head as Karan pulled her hair and could even hear the squishing sounds emanating form her pussy as Karan's cock pumped her mercilessly. The room was filled with the sounds of the fucking and she could smell their sexual scents all around her.

Suddenly, Shilpa squealed with impending ecstasy and clenched the sheets tightly in her fists.

"Yeah, that's it," Karan gasped, "Cum Shilpa! Cum for me!" He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled tightly, pulled her head back more. He kept hearing her pussy slurping at his cock.

"Cum for me, Shilpa, let it all out!" Karan said loudly

"AAAHHHUNNNGGGH!!" Shilpa howled her response with raw animal pleasure as her body exploded. Karan felt her pussy contract tightly around his cock.

"Good girl" He hissed as her pussy squeezed and quivered around his shaft. "Cum all over my cock!"

Finally when she was done, Karan let go of your hair and let her head fall forward again. He lean back, held her hips tightly, and began to fuck her purposely. He want to cum in her and Shilpa knew it. Karan's balls were burning and he knew it was only a matter of seconds. Karan felt my balls quiver and tighten. Shilpa reach under her and gently pressed his balls with the fingers. That completely set him off, and ripping out the rubber band from his cock, he thrust into her deeply. Then he groaned his own pleasure as his cum started to fly from his cock filling her up. Again and again his cock pulses, shooting more and more cum into her.

Shilpa was shocked at the amount of cum that was being released. It felt thick and heavy in the pussy and even though Karan's cock was still deep in her pussy, his cum was seeping out and leaking down her thigh. As the waves of ecstasy slowly ebbed, she felt her arms die out and fell forward on her bed. At the same time, she fell for him and also fell in her own eyes. She had surrendered to him completely.

Karan slowly pulled out his cock and felt it soften. He slowly turns her over and looked at her. Shilpa looked at him through moist eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back as she pulled him in with open arms and kissed him. She was his, and this was her way to feeling complete. She had truly learnt the meaning of subjugation, what it meant to give up control or more accurately have it taken away from her. Her mind was no longer judging her. Only her body was accepting everything that it was being given and her emotions were for him.

Karan pulled her in to his arms and kissed her making her understand that letting go it a good thing and that she was more of a woman now than even before. He had fulfilled her promise to making her see the stars. He had shown her what it means to be a woman and what it means to have a man take charge. Tonight he had taken charge of her pleasure and he had delivered and taken her to a realm she had never experienced. Shilpa was a changed woman, and they both knew it.

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