tagLesbian SexSeduction Story Ch. 02

Seduction Story Ch. 02


Despite working in the same hospital, Lisa and I often didn't see much of each other during the day. Our medical and the nursing shift patterns varied, and I was now in a different unit. A few weeks into our relationship, we still kept it quiet; hospitals were a hot bed for gossip, and I didn't want something so special traded around over coffee.

We saw each other as often as possible in the evenings, and she began to stay over a lot with me. I couldn't believe how quickly our relationship had developed: from being unsure and uncomfortable, to being something that was constantly on my mind. I seemed to be almost obsessed with her, desperate for a glimpse of her during the day.

I was having coffee with colleagues in the dining room at lunchtime when she came in with a couple of other nurses from her ward. She didn't seem to notice me, and the trio sat down a few tables away. I had been chatting to Doug, my trainee. He was a bit of a lad, forever making comments that could maybe taken the wrong way if you didn't know him, but he was always forgiven, as he was so good looking. The nurses literally drooled over him on the ward rounds: I used to have to drag around the trolley of patient notes, fetch x-rays, and phone for reports myself: all Doug had to do was smile sweetly and others would fall over themselves to help.

He noticed the direction of my gaze, and made his usual howl of approval.

'Haven't seen her before-looks like a bit of a go-er!' he grinned.

I pushed down the flash of anger that threatened to spill over. I knew exactly what he meant; Lisa wasn't classically beautiful, but there was a vivaciousness about her, a liveliness that made you smile. She had a flirtatious giggle, even if she didn't intend it to be so, and a cheeky grin that promised you a lot of fun.

I tried not to look at her; I was sure even Doug would realise how I felt if I did, and I steered the conversation away from her-he was currently debating whether or not she would go down on him on a first date-and back to talking about the clinic where we were supposed to be going to be covering that afternoon.

Lisa was wriggling in her seat, squirming almost, and I smiled when I realised what she was doing. The night before, I had convinced her that shaving her pussy would feel good. Surprisingly, she had never tried it; her first girlfriend preferred her natural, and she had kept that way ever since. But Harry had shaved me, and OK, so it was itchy, but the sensation of touch against a bare pussy was heightened incredibly. I knew she'd like it and she had, and I knew today she had worn a tight silken thong. Wriggling in the way she was doing was making the silk rub across her naked skin. My girlfriend was trying to get herself off in the dining room, and I knew that her juices would be gathering.

As Doug droned on about the clinic, my mind began to wander back to the previous evening. Lisa and I had had dinner, and a couple of glasses of wine. We took the glasses into the bedroom with us, and I had slowly undressed her. I was in awe of her body, smooth dips and hollows, rounded soft flesh and the sweetest scents and tastes.

Eventually, she had lain naked in front of me, her hand cupping her pussy almost protectively, stroking at the fine hairs and soft curls there. She had watched me as I gathered together the things I needed as she played carelessly with her pussy, casually touching herself and I had to resist the urge to go over and make love to her-that would come soon enough.

'It's going to itch,' she said, but I smiled and told her we would just have to keep it bare from now on.

I leaned her back against a heap of pillows, and she spread her thighs for me, her pussy lips separating slightly allowing her clit to peek out. I floated my fingers lightly over it, teasing her, and then got down to business. I combed out the fine pussy hairs; smoothing them straight and trimmed them close with scissors. Then I put a cloth over her pussy, covering her labia completely. It was moist and hot, and I knew that the heat would be seeping through her, setting her clit tingling.

I settled between her legs and traced my hands up her long slim thighs, stroking and kissing as I went. Then I moved up to caress her stomach, licking at her navel and travelling up further to kiss and gently knead her breasts. My fingers pressed lightly into her warm, scented flesh and I pinched her nipples, making them erect ready to be sucked into my waiting mouth. I kissed her slowly up the side of her neck, knowing she was sensitive there, and nibbled lightly at her earlobe. She shuddered and I felt goose bumps rise on her skin. She tried to pull my face down to meet hers, to kiss her, but I decided she was ready, and got back to business.

I sprayed a mound of foam into my hands, and smoothed it over her outer pussy lips, massaging it into the skin, and over the fleshy mound at the base of her stomach. I couldn't resist the feel of her, my fingers wanting to explore every fold and crevice. I slipped my fingertips over and around, probing everywhere making sure all the fine dark hair was covered. Lisa's breathing was becoming ragged: the shaving foam was acting as lubricant and I knew that her clit was in need of attention.

When I was sure she was completely covered in the luxurious foam, I began carefully drawing the razor over her skin. I held her labia tautly, pulling back the skin and with long careful strokes of the blade her soft curls were being removed. Soon her mound was bare, and I moved down to her pussy lips. These were more difficult, but I swept the blade over and around them until they were smooth and hairless. I cleaned off the blade and wiped her down with a warm damp cloth. A few stray hairs were missed, and I removed these quickly.

Lisa's pussy was bald, and she wanted to see. She asked me to bring over the tall mirror, and I moved it to the end of the bed where she could see her own pussy. She was fascinated by it; she reached down with her fingers and gently stroked the skin. 'It's a little rough,' she laughed, and I squirted some moisturiser into my hands.

'This is cold,' I warned her, and she gasped with shock as I smoothed my hands back over her pussy. It soon warmed up as I soothed it over her naked flesh, smoothing it into her pussy lips, sliding it up and down her bikini line and gently rubbing it into the sensitive skin between her cunt and ass. This gentle fingering was turning both of us on: I could see the moisture gathering in her pussy, and I knew I was wet.

I dripped a little more moisturiser onto her: it was creamy white and looked like come dripping from her pussy. I told her to rub it into herself. She watched her fingers in the mirror; they were moving almost automatically.

'This is like watching someone else fingering me,' Lisa gasped, 'It doesn't feel like me at all.'

She started to probe deeper between her pussy lips and her fingers found her cunt. She watched in the mirror as her finger sank into the elastic warmth and felt her juices building in there. I quickly tidied the shaving equipment away and then come back to the bed to watch her finger fuck herself. By now she was rubbing at her clit with one hand and the other hand is losing itself in her wetness.

I knew she was aching to be filled, so I fetched her a dildo and gave it to her to use on herself. In the mirror Lisa could see it sinking into her, the view so clear now that the hair was gone. She could see her pussy lips stretch and spread under the pressure of the dildo filling her cunt. I lay down beside her on the bed, watching her push the dildo into her, and watching the image of her in the mirror. I began to finger myself in time to her movements, and soon we were both laying there, legs spread, watching each other masturbate.

She pulled the dildo from the depths of her velvet tunnel, and ran it lightly over my clit. She switched on the vibrations and my clit hummed under its touch. She moved quickly to kneel between my spread thighs and took hold of the vibrator, plunging it into my cunt, still covered in her juices. She wanted to lick my clit, and leaning forward, she eased back the little hood that hid it, nibbling and sucking at it, circling it with her tongue until it was throbbing.

I knew I was going to come soon, but I wanted first to taste her pussy, to feel the silkiness of her now smooth pussy lips against my face, and lick at them, running my tongue in long slow strokes up and down her slit. She was moving the vibrator in and out of my pussy, massaging the muscles of my cunt walls, rotating it inside me, but I made her stop and we changed positions.

I knelt between her legs once more; her pussy lips were glistening with her juices.

I sat there, almost hypnotised, and in frustration she began to rub her clit.

'Make me come,' she pleaded, 'I need to feel you inside me.'

The shape of her pussy lips fascinated me now they were exposed, and I couldn't keep my hands off her. My fingers began to probe, pulling at their fleshiness, exploring the exposed crevices and folds.

'Hold your legs back for me,' I whispered, and she pulled back her thighs, stretching her cunt open.

I could only stare at her, drinking in her beauty as my fingers relentlessly worked on her, pushing deep inside. Then I had to taste her, and leant forward licking and sucking her clit, licking the inside of her thighs, the now bare skin over her mound, pushing my face onto her, driving my tongue deep inside her pussy like a miniature cock. The sensation of her smooth skin against my cheeks was amazing, and I rubbed against her, coating myself in her scent.

Then I sat back again, and watched her clit straining erect, aching for my mouth again. I could see the dark puckered ring of her ass clearly, standing out from the pale skin around it. She knew what I was going to do, and pulled back her ass cheeks for me, letting me finger her there, and I pushed at the ring of muscle until I managed to plunge a finger inside her. I pushed the first finger of my left hand into her cunt, and began to massage the back wall of her pussy from both sides.

As I watched my fingers enter her, I could see everything, the glistening shell pink of her inner lips, the darker fleshier outer lips, and the way her skin stretched as I pushed in further. I could hear her whispering, her eyes were closed and she was moving her head from side to side. I could barely make out the words, but she was begging for more.

I stopped fingering her ass, and held back her pussy lips with my left hand, stretching the skin taut, pulling up her clit ripe for sucking. She was so wet I could easily slide in the 4 fingers of my right hand, bunched up tight until they were buried in her. I massaged her clit with my thumb, and felt her rock her pelvis, then I leant forward to suck lightly on her clit. I moved my fingers cautiously inside her, massaging and stroking the walls of her pussy, all the time licking at her clit steadily, and she came explosively, crying out, her whole body shaking.

As I sat in the staff dining room, reliving this, I knew I was getting wet. Doug had stood up, gathering the cups onto a tray, and looked oddly at me as I sat in a daze. He nudged my shoulder with the edge of the tray.

'Come on, get a move on, you dozy cow, we have work to do,' he laughed, and I came round with a start.

I watched as Lisa and her friends left the dining room, and decided I needed to do something about the way I felt.

'I'll just be a minute-I have something to do first,' I promised, and almost ran after her, leaving Doug shrugging his shoulders and muttering about 'unreliable bloody women...'

She'd gone straight back to her ward and as I entered through the double doors she looked up from the nurses station. I could see confusion in her face, but she could see lust in mine.

She smiled and stood up, conscious of the other nurses milling around.

'Hi Chris!' she said brightly, 'we haven't seen you on this ward for a while.'

'No, I need something from the stores-we want to borrow it,' I was improvising wildly, and she led me to the store cupboard, a small room lined with shelving.

Closing the door behind her, she pulled me to her in a tight embrace.

'What on earth are you doing?' I could feel her laugh against my cheek, 'we'll get caught!'

'I'll be quick,' I promised, 'I just wanted to see you...'

My hand slid down the front of her trousers. A few years ago, the nursing uniform had changed from a dress to trousers and a tunic. They were shapeless and unflattering, with loose legs and an elasticated waist, but provided easy access and I silently thanked the designer. My fingertips slid over the silk of her thong. It was damp, as I had suspected, and I could feel the slit between her pussy lips easily through it. She held onto me as I fingered her, her right hand holding tight to the doorknob. I managed to ease a finger inside her tight hole, brushing aside the flimsy silk.

'Chris, you have to stop,' she gasped, 'we'll get sacked!'

I didn't care; I wanted to taste her again. I knelt at her feet and pulled her trousers down to her knees, my face pushing in close, inhaling the scent of her. I licked her shaved skin through the silk and she began to tremble. She lifted one leg onto the lowest shelf, only a few inches off the ground, and threw out her left arm along a higher shelf to steady herself.

Still clinging to the door handle, she stood there, almost spread-eagled for me, and I slid down her thong, revealing her slit. As I held back her pussy lips with my hands, her little clit was forced forward, ripe for my tongue, and I began to lick in earnest, rolling it around my mouth, licking rapidly until she was quivering frantically.

I wanted her to come quickly, and there was no subtlety in the way I tongued her; I just wanted to feel her juices flow over my tongue. As I captured her clit between my lips, I pushed a finger deep inside her pussy and began to rotate it, feeling for her G spot, pushing there where I knew she would feel it most. She was bucking against me now, riding my face and as she came, I pulled her closer again and clamped my mouth over her pussy, my tongue still moving so that she groaned and begged me to stop.

Her legs were trembling fiercely, and she could barely stand by the time I let her go. It seemed as though we had been there an eternity, but it was only a few minutes. My face was covered; the smell of her excited pussy, ripe as musk, filled my head. She kissed me, our tongues playing, and then pushed me to the door.

'I'll see you tonight, ' she murmured, 'and get my own back, you wait and see!'

I stumbled out of the storeroom; my cheeks still moist with her sticky come, and headed off to the clinic.

Doug had just started, and I met him picking up the first set of patient notes from the pile. As I leant over towards him to grab the next set, I heard him inhale, and his nostrils flared. He could smell her on me; he knew what the scent of an aroused woman was, and he looked at me, an eyebrow raised. I smiled sweetly, and, turning on my heel, I called my patient in.

Clinic was, as usual, long and full of problems, but the thought of Lisa planning on getting her own back made time fly, and soon, a little after 6pm, I was free. Doug had finished first, and was loitering in the office, pretending to dictate his letters. I knew he had something on his mind; he was uncharacteristically hesitant.

'What are you up to tonight, Chrissie?' he asked. I hated that name-I'd told him time and time again I hated it, but he used it as his pet name for me.

'I have a hot date...and don't call me Chrissie!' I hit him with the set of Mrs Gustafson's notes, a rather portly old lady with high blood pressure and a very thick chart.

He winced, and clutched his arm.

'Big baby!' I smiled, 'Why? What are you planning?'

'I just thought you might want to kiss this better for me,' he pouted, rubbing his arm where the notes had landed, 'But if you've already got a boyfriend lined up...'

'Well, something like that,' I was a little taken aback; Doug and I got on well, but there had never been the slightest hint of flirting between us, at least not on my side. Then I realised; he must have taken Lisa's scent of arousal for mine. What did he think I was up to-did he think I'd masturbated in the ladies room at lunchtime? The look on his face told me he did indeed think that-he had his seduction expression on, a cocky smile, a raised eyebrow and a glance down at my breasts.

'No chance!' I knew him well enough to laugh, and he laughed too.

'It was worth a try!' he shrugged, 'See you tomorrow.' He wandered off, throwing a wave in my direction, looking for a new conquest.

I rushed home quickly after this; Lisa would be coming round about 7pm, and I wanted to bathe and change for her, washing the smell of the hospital from me.

She was early, and I was still in my dressing gown when she turned up, using her key to let herself in. She came into the bedroom, and looked at me, hair still slightly damp from the shower. I was seated at the dressing table and was about to tidy it, but she took the brush from my hands and began to brush it for me, gentle strokes, smoothing it with her hands. Her fingers moved to stroke down the side of my face and neck, and I leaned my head against them, holding her hand with mine. She leaned forward and kissed my earlobe, tickling with her tongue.

'You're a bad woman,' she smiled, 'seducing me in the storeroom like that.'

'As far as I recall, you didn't put up much resistance,' I smiled back at her. She was now nibbling on my neck, not hard enough to mark, but sharp little nips with her teeth that made me shiver.

'You don't look like you're about to put up much either,' she murmured, and I nodded as she pushed the dressing gown from my shoulders.

'Tell me what you want me to do to you,' she asked, as her mouth moved across my shoulders, leaving a row of tiny fairy kisses behind.

Where did I start? I wanted her to touch me. Just to stroke my skin, kiss my neck and back, caress my shoulders and arms to relax me. I wanted to feel her lips on me, kissing their way down my back, and her fingernails lightly scratching me, raising goose bumps. I wanted to feel her body pressed against mine, to lean back against her breasts as her arms moved around and her hands begin to cup my breasts, her fingers caressing my nipples. I knew they would be hard for her, hard and erect, and I wanted her to roll them softly between her fingers and then take them in her mouth and suck on them. I wanted to feel her tongue against my nipples, biting lightly at them until they were tingling.

I wanted her to reach down with her hand and start to play with my pussy, to slip a finger into my slit, pressing down to find the tight nub of my clit. My labia were plump and swollen, and I knew we would both smell the scent of my arousal. I wanted her to know how much I desired her, and how much I wanted her to explore my pussy with her hand, to feel into the moistness, to draw patterns in the wet ooze glistening on the folds of my inner lips. I wanted her to touch my clit, just lightly at first, to flick it gently with her fingertip until it began to swell and throb.

She did all of this for me, touching me gently until I was quivering. Then she pushed me over to the bed and made me lie back. She still demanded to know what I wanted her to do to me, and made me beg for it. I wanted her to watch me masturbate, to see how much she excited me, so I spread my legs and showed her my pussy, warm and juicy. I wanted her to see as my fingers disappeared inside my pussy, first one just to get the juices flowing then I gradually added another, slowly thrusting. I used my other hand to manipulate my clit. I wanted to masturbate slowly and luxuriously, knowing she was watching me as I writhed in pleasure, and rode my own hand. I wanted to feel her hot breath on my cunt as she bent down to see what I'm doing in close up. Then I wanted her to taste me.

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