See and Be Seen


His glasses immediately steamed up. See, he thought, this doesn't work. But shortly thereafter he heard the door open. He couldn't see a thing, but felt a naked body slide onto the bench on his left, and another on his right. He also heard another sound, like the rattling of something hard inside something plastic. The figure on his right slid down to the floor, and he felt a hand on each knee, pushing his legs apart. And then, he felt hands guide his now erect cock into her mouth! He had no idea which mouth, but he really didn't care. It was wonderful! She moved her mouth up and down, about a dozen strokes, and then took her mouth off. He heard the sound of the hard substance and plastic again, and then felt her mouth again...and it was COLD! That's it...what he had heard was ice cubes in a cup! It was something he hadn't experienced before, and it was very intense compared to the heat of the steam room. She continued, replacing ice each time it melted, and by the fourth or fifth cube he was ready to explode. He finally came, unloading several jets deep into her mouth. She swallowed all of them and kept bobbing and sucking, slower and slower until he began to get soft.

At last the body to his left moved. She had been motionless the entire time. She snuggled up to his ear, and he heard Tammy's voice whisper, "She's been wanting to do that for a long time." He smiled, and said nothing. He was glad that it had been Julie giving him the blow job.

As quietly as they came in, the girls left. He sat for another minute or so in the steam room, replaying the events in his mind. Finally, he exited, showered, and left the locker room.

Both girls were waiting at the front door for him. They each gave him a sweet little kiss on the lips, and wished him good night. "Thank you, ladies. This has truly been a unique and wonderful experience." He walked off into the night, whistling.

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