tagSci-Fi & FantasySelfish Mom Ch. 01

Selfish Mom Ch. 01


This story was written by myself on another site under the pen name of "Col. Jack Harrison".

Despite her beliefs, Debbie Kendall silently cussed to herself as she saw the roadblock. There were about 6 soldiers in dark green uniforms at the checkpoint, inspecting everyone's documents. Anyone suspecting of bringing an adolescent of any age to the border for the purpose of smuggling them into Ohio or other neighboring states would face the full wrath of the warlord's new penal code.

This legislation strictly forbade any teenager of either sex to leave the states that the Front controlled, with a maximum penalty of death by firing squad for the smuggling party (and the teen, if at least 17 years old). The minimum sentence was internal exile under house arrest for 15 years to life.

This law, while a slight exception to the mostly soft brand of authoritarianism exercised by Col. Simon Lomax of the ruling Republican Front, was undertaken for Social Darwinist reasons. Teenagers were excellent immediate prospects for good breeding of future soldiers and taxpayers, hence they were valuable citizens of the "new American Union", which would need considerable manpower for its Swiss-style national militia.

None of this really mattered to Mrs. Kendall, except that it interfered with her intention to "save" her daughter Shannon from the deliberately encouraged promiscuity of the "godless new regime" ruling from Morgantown. She was a "Bible-believing", "god-fearing", "born-again" Baptist, who would have been fine with the government if it didn't promote sexual freedom, evolution, and the Deistic ideals of the Enlightenment.

It was bad enough that her son, Matt, had joined the Militia and been promoted to a corporal under the humanistic warlord. If he chose to serve this "Satanic" regime, which was only slightly less "wicked" than the Communists who killed her husband in the immediate chaos of the Great Pulse, that was unfortunate for him. He was caught up in avenging his late father: a sinful, if understandable motive from her Christian viewpoint.

Her daughter, however, would not be "indoctrinated" with the "libertinism" of the RF. SHE would be taken to the pure, holy, theocratic Evangelical Commonwealth that was fighting for its survival in Cincinnati against the "unholy, secular" State Provisional Government headed by Governor Daryl Banes.

There, she would go to public schools where teachers led prayer, taught the Bible, and condemned the theory of evolution for its "flaws". She would not be allowed to date after curfew or without chaperones. "Demonic" influences like Ouija boards, tarot cards, and pornography were illegal, as was sodomy of any kind. She would eventually marry a "decent", Christian "gentleman", after a long formal courtship that involved abstinence from any physical contact. When she did, only the missionary position would be allowed, with no contraceptives, sex toys, or lubricants available.

Naturally, this was the sort of rubbish that the Republican Front sought to prevent. Disagreement with Col. Lomax's public policies was allowed to an extent, but it was no excuse for violating Article 9 of the Emergency Criminal Code. They were charged with enforcing border controls and, damnit, they would! The national defense and security of the Republic depended upon their strict observance of regulations and legislation designed to protect the Revolution. Only when the danger to the national sovereignty and independence was removed could political freedom be restored as the Commandant always intended.

Whatever their reasons, the guards would inspect everyone's papers thoroughly. Debbie just hoped that the fake identification she had bought would work. Somehow, she had to pass her 16 year old daughter off as 20. She just hoped that the soldiers wouldn't examine things too closely or compare her daughter's supposed age to her appearance. If they did, she would be in major trouble. She prayed quietly that the security detail would not catch her and arrest her.

"Show us your papers, citizens," the guard ordered Debbie sternly as she sat in her Toyota.

"Here, Corporal," she said nervously, as she handed him her driver's license and false ID card for Shannon. She wished that the warlord would stop these temporary, rotating checkpoints. They made it difficult to avoid detection by predicting the best roads to take for evading them.

"This ID looks suspicious, ma'am. Step out of the vehicle," he gruffly commanded her.

Debbie stopped the car and got out. She feared that she had been caught. Naturally, she prayed one last time to save her life.

"Excuse me, sir?" she asked him.

"Don't call me 'sir'. I work for a living. Anyway, I meant BOTH of you. Out of the damned car, NOW!" he shouted angrily at them.

Shannon timidly got out of the passenger side of the imported sedan. She was obviously underage and everyone present could see it for themselves now. Debbie realized that her prayers had not been answered. She was going to face either death, internal exile, or deportation to the District of Columbia, the RF's designated penal colony. She heard that life in the nation's former capital was Hell on Earth. She hoped that she wouldn't find out for sure.

"Ma'am, this young lady is clearly not 20 years old, as this phony card claims. You're under arrest for violating Article 9 of the Emergency Criminal Code. You are hereby charged with smuggling an adolescent citizen of the female sex outside of the territory controlled by the Republican Front. This crime carries a possible death sentence, depending upon the decision of the Revolutionary Tribunal. They will determine your fate now. Take this woman to a holding cell for now. Keep them separate, though. We don't want any more brainwashing of the poor girl," Corporal Arthur Delaney announced.

As the soldiers dragged Mrs. Kendall away, she began screaming and begging for her life. Anything would be better than facing a firing squad! She couldn't stand the idea of being executed by men with rifles. She wet herself from the absolute horror of the concept. Damn that Republican Front with their godless Revolution, she thought to herself. I am afraid to die! I don't want to be a martyr!

This display of irrational terror, while normal, always made Delaney laugh. He had faced danger many times and not flinched from it. Here this woman, who probably believed that death would mean going to Heaven, feared it far more than he did. So much for the theory that there are no atheists in foxholes, Arthur smirked. He knew better, as he was one himself.

As for Shannon, she was taken to separate facility for processing. After her records were checked and she was proven to be a minor adolescent, she was then transferred to one of the Front's new state-run, co-ed youth hostels for temporary housing. A new ID card was issued to her and she was ordered to meet with a social worker designated by the Front until permanent custody of her was determined by the Family Affairs Committee.

Unaware of her daughter's fate, Debbie showed herself to be far more concerned now with her own skin. She constantly asked to meet a lawyer, only to be told that "subversive actions" are beyond civil courts. They were the province of "revolutionary justice", meaning the Tribunals. These 3-man panels held very brief trials, where verdicts and sentences were issued with incredible speed. Due process of law for crimes like smuggling was suspended indefinitely.

5 days later...

"Deborah Ann Kendall, this Tribunal has found you guilty of smuggling, pursuant to Article 9 of the Emergency Criminal Code. The isolated and first-time nature of the offense, as well as the relatively non-political life that you have lived so far, allows this Tribunal to offer you clemency, provided that you prove compliant and co-operative in the matter for which you committed this crime.

"Surrender legal custody of the adolescent female citizen, namely Shannon Amber Kendall, to the State, for whatever purpose it deems necessary for her, and you will have shown that you no longer wish to remove the said citizen from the jurisdiction of the Front. This will demonstrate to us that you might have a chance of rehabilitation in the future. At the very least, this action will save your life. Do you consent to a transfer of custody?" the Chairman of the Tribunal demanded.

"Is that really what I must do to save my life?" Debbie asked them.

"It will at least guarantee that you are not executed. Anyone else will depend upon your attitude and behavior. The more you prove willing to serve the Revolution, the better your chances of staying out of DC. The best case for you would be internal exile for a mandatory term of 15 years to life. This would be under conditions of house arrest and probation. You would have to return home after work and necessary errands. Your housing would be determined by the State. Is that clear? Do you agree not to contest our custody of your child, thereby demonstrating your willingness to keep her in the territories controlled by the Republican Front?" he insisted.

"Yes, your honor," she anxiously replied, knowing very well that any number of things could happen to the girl.

"Then you have consented to the State, rather than any member of your family, deciding the future of your minor child? You will not fight it? Very well, but I must say that you are evidently not as concerned with the well-being of your offspring as you claim. You have failed the test. Had you maintained a refusal to turn over your daughter to the State, it would have shown that you were at least acting in the best interest of the child, albeit according to your deluded point of view.

"Because you callously sold out your daughter to an unknown fate, you will not get even the limited custody that we would have allowed you under internal exile. Your girl is obviously better off with someone else.

"It is hereby ordered that you be restricted to an address to be assigned to you by the Militia for the remainder of your natural life. While we offered you no death penalty or deportation to DC, we will make an inconsiderate mother like you learn the hard way that there are worse things than losing your life. You will be prevented from any means of seeing your daughter again, since she matters less to you than your own hide. Corporal, take the defendant away," the Chairman declared.

With that, Debbie Kendall was taken to a prison bus and driven to a holding cell for the night, pending her assignment to a lifetime of house arrest and probation. She would be required to stay in the small area designated by the State, after work she would have to report home, and she would need to telephone her probation officer for permission to shop for groceries or anything else necessary, giving him detailed information about what she needed to buy and how long she would be out of the house.

The next day, she was informed that she had been relocated to a rather old cottage on a small river island that her church used to own until it was seized by the State. She would be permitted to leave the house only when required for work or other business and she would have to share the small home with a roommate who already resided there. They would have to keep the place in good condition, as it would be inspected by the probation officer on his regular visits. There would be cameras on the bridge connecting the isle to the mainland.

To further restrict her activities, Debbie was stripped of her driver's license and issued a new probation ID, apparently standard for all internal exiles. Her car was auctioned to fill the Treasury. All but 3 items of clothing were confiscated: a pair of slacks, a blouse, and a winter coat. Most of her shoes were seized as well. An electronic monitor would be worn at all times when she left the house and if she was caught without it, she would be restricted to the house completely for 72 hours. She was forbidden to possess any firearms or field knives. She was also fingerprinted and registered into a database for convicted felons. She was given a special bus card and banned from using bicycles.

Felons were barred from having computers, credit cards, or cellular phones. All telephone lines were automatically wiretapped. Cable access was restricted as well, blocking channels regarded as "subversive", such as the religious networks (they were deemed too sympathetic to the Evangelical Commonwealth, which was hostile to the RF). Library cards were altered to limit reading options for convicts and time spent at the libraries was kept under a maximum of one hour.

Internal exiles were also denied visits from anyone not approved by the probation officers. No more than 3 visitors could appear at a time and none of them could stay overnight. Metal detectors were located within 4 yards of the residence to catch any weapons as well. Any guests caught with them would be arrested on the spot and charged with obstruction of justice.

This was the life that had been arranged for Deborah Ann Kendall, former 7th grade schoolteacher (she had also lost her teaching license). She was assigned a low-scale clerical job with the Public Education Bureau. She was officially a 2nd class citizen now: a convicted felon under house arrest, tainted with a record of smuggling.

Her change of career proved to be a minor issue compared to what faced her when she showed up at her new house. She had been paired with another woman: Jane Mensch, a very independent-minded divorcee not prone to put up with anything she considered stupid.

Their very first meeting indicated a less than compatible relationship. Debbie began to make suggestions about holding a Bible study together, which didn't please her roommate.

"If you think that I'm going to waste my time reading that book, you can go fuck yourself! I have NO interest at all in that Sunday school BS. I had to put up with it from my ex, which is why we're divorced. He kept trying to drag my tired ass off to church, when all I wanted to do on Sunday morning was sleep in. He wouldn't stop 'praying for my soul', which really got on my nerves. It's like he assumed that I'm going to Hell, just because I don't blindly follow what the preachers say. No fucking thanks! You can take that religious crap and shove it up your own stupid ass!" she screamed angrily.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't cuss. It's bad enough that you have to ridicule my faith. Obscenity is needlessly offensive. I don't like being here any more than you, but we might as well make it as pleasant and peaceful as possible. Don't you think that you should turn to God now, given that we don't have many friends here? I'm talking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," Debbie insisted. "Shut your stupid fucking mouth, you crazy religious fanatic! If you can tell me what to say and what not to say, I can do the same to you! The last thing that I want to hear right now is some claptrap about 'a personal relationship' with a man who got himself killed 2,000 years ago! What do I look like to you, a fucking necrophile? Good or bad, the man is DEAD! Get over it, you self-appointed woman preacher!" Jane retorted furiously.

"I hate to sound mean, but if you keep up that attitude, you're going to burn in Hell," Mrs. Kendall replied.

"After you, bitch," Ms. Mensch snorted.

"Excuse me? I would rather you didn't use that word. What do you mean by 'after you', anyway? I'm not going to Hell. I'm saved," the former Christian schoolteacher answered, clearly annoyed.

"Like making some prayer to a dead man is gonna save your soul any more than it saved your ass? You think that whatever Supreme Being exists is going to treat you any better than the other deadbeat Moms? Yeah, bitch, I know all about why you were sent here. Word gets around, even to a lady under house arrest. You're that scheming selfish cunt who sold out her own daughter to avoid a firing squad or time in DC.

"I don't why I have to be stuck with you, cowardly, sanctimonious Jesus freak, but I won't put up with your bullshit. Let's clear something up. You leave me the fuck alone, unless we have to work together on something necessary. Is that clear to you, bitch?" the divorcee demanded as she lit a cigarette.

"Those will kill you, Jane. Anyway, God has forgiven me for my actions about my daughter. The Bible says that... ," she started to "correct" her roommate.

Before she could finish, though, Ms. Mensch shoved the cigarette into her forehead. This distracted Debbie long enough with pain that Jane was able to trip her. Grabbing Mrs. Kendall by the hair, the angry roommate then removed her belt and used it to tie the woman's hands behind her back. She then hit the ex-teacher on the head with her own Bible.

When Debbie woke up, she was completely naked and tied to the posts of Jane's bed. What was worse, she was on her stomach, with her ass in the air. There was something buried in her bottom, which hurt like an enema. It buzzed a bit, which added a disturbing degree of pleasure to the pain. Then she heard laughing.

"Like my vibrator? I decided to let you borrow it, since you're without a man, just like me. A lady needs to take care of her own needs, doesn't she? Let me guess. You think masturbation is sinful. Too bad, because you're doing it right now and it feels incredible, doesn't it? Of course, you're probably also in some pain, due to the location of the vibrator. That's part of being a bitch. You see, if there has to be a bitch in the house, I might as well make her MY bitch. Wouldn't you agree?" the roommate taunted Debbie.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked angrily.

"That's simple. You're my bitch now. I'll make you eat me out, rim my ass, get me off, and service me in general. When you get home from work, you'll do your chores, cook dinner, wash the dishes, and report to me for your sexual duties as my woman. If you do well, I'll let you get off. If not, that's too fucking bad for you. I see a chance to make sure that I am constantly satisfied. For all you know, this might be fun for you. When I need you, you'll be in this bed with me. Otherwise, however, you'll sleep in the other room.

"You'll be quite the little housewife, which you've probably wanted anyway. When I come home from work, you'd better be attentive and obedient. I want you to give me your paychecks. I'll shop for groceries, as I don't trust you with money. You'd most likely give it to some missionaries or preachers.

"I'll give you an allowance, which you'll have to earn. If I catch you spending it on Bibles, tracts, or anything of the sort, I'll take it away for a month. The same is true of any disobedience on your part. Sometimes, if you're really bad, I'll whip and fuck your ass without any lube. Oh, and you're also forbidden to wear clothes when we're alone. Do you understand my new rules, bitch?" Jane announced.

"Yes, just stop doing to that to me with your vibrator! I'll obey you, just don't sodomize me with that thing!" Mrs. Kendall begged.

"Oh, but I will sodomize you all I want. That's part of your role as my bitch. Moreover, you'll call me 'Mistress' from now on. I'll fuck whomever I please and make you fuck them too. You're my bitch, my slave, my slut, my wife, and my property in general. Do you get it now, cunt?" Ms. Mensch declared.

With that, Jane slammed her fist into Debbie's pussy, making her squeal with the new pain and shock of being penetrated there by a hand. She was not exactly gentle with her invasion of the teacher's sex, either. Then again, the beekeeper was in no mood for nonsense...

She didn't like being "interned" for harboring her ex-husband from the Front when he was on the run. If she had known WHY he was in trouble, she wouldn't have given him shelter, but she hadn't known at the time. After all, he WAS the father of their 4 year daughter, now in a foster home. It wasn't her fault that he was a right-wing terrorist.

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