tagLoving WivesSenatorial Secrets Ch. 05

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 05


Taken from Ch. 04

". . .I am currently between lovers," she answered and made sure no one but her husband heard her. She laughed for the crowd and stuck out her tongue in hopes all thought her dashing love had teased her unmercifully.

His brow rose and he smirked. "Then may I steer you toward one?" he chuckled at her low throaty growl of "bastard."

"I'm quite good at finding my own fuck toy," she hissed and denied the pain that washed over her as she thought of him pimping her out.

The music ended and Brad gallantly led her to California's Senator Meeks, a known womanizer to those that knew him well, and one of the most sought after Bachelor's. "Craig, I must leave the ball early, would you be so kind as to take care of my wife?"


Savannah slid her body off the rock, hard frame of the man she had been pimped too. She smiled at his lustful growl when his hand spanked her ass. She winked, then scurried to the bathroom to relieve herself. Her hips swayed wantonly and her breasts bounced with each step. Once inside the bathroom, the door closed and locked securely behind her, she slipped to the floor and covered her face. Her tears fell, but she refused to sob out loud. The pain in her gut was real and she fought back the bile in her throat as she thought of the man she'd fucked, simply because he was available.

Eventually, she stood up and used the commode, washed her hands and splashed cold water on her face. She looked at her watch and sighed. Time hadn't stopped just because she was fucking and she knew she had to get back to the hotel. The girls would be there and though Brad was out screwing another boy toy, he too would expect her to be at his side when they all walked out of the hotel lobby. She took a deep breath and stared at her reflection. "He's just another cock," she whispered and plastered a million-dollar smile on her face.

Opening the door, she was rewarded with a soft snore. Her lips rose in a smirk and she shook her head. "Why does that not surprise me?" she asked herself, her words a whisper for the air to absorb.

She set about picking up her stockings, rolling them up and shoving them into her purse. Quickly she pulled on her gown and zipped the side as best she could. Her gaze fell on the phone and she thought of calling for security, but decided against it. Slipping her shoes on she darted out the Senator's hotel room and down the hall. The elevator chimed and she stepped in, smiling warmly at the young couple that was exiting. It stopped a few floors down and a man nodded a greeting to her. She smiled back and then watched him turn toward her.

"Scholastic right?" he asked.

Savannah chewed on her lower lip and nodded her head. The idea that someone knew her didn't bother her. The fact that she was in a hotel without her family did.

"No need to answer. I can see it written on your face. Lovely to meet you," he said, extending his hand in greeting.

"And you are?" she asked, looking down on his offered hand and raising a brow.

"Mitch Waters, no one important. Just a man staying in Vegas."

She reached out and took his hand. The grip he had was firm and commanding; he released her after holding her delicate fingers in a longer-than-necessary hold. When he did let her go, Savannah felt a rush of heat that she hadn't expected or experienced in some time. Her gaze shifted back to the lights on the elevator and then back to Mitch. "You're not staying here, are you?" he asked.

Savannah shifted back and forth on her heeled feet. "No," she whispered and pleaded for the high rise elevator to fall faster.

"I'll not say a word. . .on one condition."

She turned and was ready to baulk when she looked into his eyes and her heart fluttered. "And that is?" she asked.

"One drink," he told her and felt the car jerk. Another couple got in and he moved closer to her, shielding her from their view. He pressed her to the corner and let his hands rest on her hips.

"Do you mind?" she whispered, feeling her breath catch in her throat.

"Not at all. I can move and let others recognize you," he told her and began to step back. Her hands reached up and she grabbed his shirt, hauling him back to him.

"Stay put," she hissed.

"Excuse me?" he said, this time lifting his brow and staring down on her.

"Please," she whispered and felt him relax and press deeper to her. She whimpered and then blushed as he chuckled at the sound she'd made. Savannah mentally kicked herself at her behavior and the reaction she was having.

"The drink?" he asked, this time leaning in and whispering to her as his hands held her hips against him.

"I can't. I don't know you," she answered back, her voice barely audible.

"You can and you will. I'd hate to have to report to the media that a possible First Lady was in a hotel that her family wasn't. . .and it was two in the morning." He pressed his lips to her neck and whispered, "Just a drink Missus Scholastic."

Savannah swallowed and felt the knowing jerk of the elevator return. She didn't look at the couple, their stares could be felt through the man who was bringing sensations to her warm flesh. "Fine a drink," she hissed and then listened to the doors open. Mitch stepped back and watched the couple exit on the main floor. He then turned and pressed the door closed button on the control panel.

"What are you. . ." Her words were cut off when he pushed a number on the panel and grinned as the elevator started back up.

"I never said where we'd have the drink." He moved back to her and hauled her against him. His lips descended and Savannah opened her mouth willingly. Their tongues slid back and forth and when he pulled away she again whimpered. The elevator door opened and she felt him press his palm against her back. "This way," he told her, leading her down a richly decorated hall.

Savannah shivered as the taste of him remained on her lips. She licked them and swallowed his flavoring. Thoughts of backing out and running filled her, but they were overridden by the heat of his hand pressing into her. They reached the door and he slipped his card key in. "After you," he said, stepping back and allowing her to cross the threshold.

Savannah walked in and set her purse on the desk. His room was not as large as Senator Meeks, but it was still spacious. She doubted he had the oversize bathroom with the hot tub. The bed was a queen, again smaller than Craig's but neatly made as if Mitch hadn't yet spent the night in it. "Where are you from?" she asked, turning at the sound of the mini-bar being invaded.

"Oklahoma. I'm here on business. There's a casino I'm thinking of buying."

"Oh really?" she said with a chuckle, disbelief written on her face.

"Yes, really. I don't have to showcase my fortune like you do, Missus Scholastic." His gaze ran the length of her gown as well as noting the jewels that adorned her neck, ears, wrists and fingers. "I figure a bed and a toilet is all I need for a decent night at a hotel."

"Well, you're not staying at the Holiday Inn, Mister Waters. . ." She smirked and accepted the glass of wine.

"No. I didn't say I wanted cheap. I just don't need over-the-top. I bet you and the Mister are staying in a five-star joint like this, but on the top floor, perhaps you even have the entire top floor at your disposal? Or maybe that man you were fucking earlier has a room like that?" Mitch waited to see if she would confirm or deny his words.

"How did you know?" Savannah asked, not bothering to deny what she'd been doing.

Mitch smirked. "You haven't showered yet," he said, winking at her and taking a drink of the icy scotch in his hands.

Savannah's face grew more red than before and took a long drink from her glass. "I was in a hurry," she told him.

"You should shower before you go back to the Mister." Mitch told her, setting his glass down and moving toward her.

"I should, yes." She watched him stalk her. She felt her pulse race as he slid his hands over her body and down her trim form. He took his time making his way back up her torso, finally reaching the top of the zipper and dragging it down.

"I think it would be a wise decision Missus. . ."

"Savannah," she whispered.

He grinned and lowered his mouth to her neck. "Savannah," he said, just before his mouth pressed a kiss to her beating pulse. She shivered and turned her head, only to be stopped with a firm grasp on her chin. He moved his lips along her jaw and then down her collarbone. "Savannah, I think you should shower so I can fuck you," he told her and cupped her ass with one hand, while his other pulled at her dress. Her left breast popped free and he rolled the nipple.

"Mitch, I . . ."

"Need help?" he said, chuckled and used both hands to strip her from her gown. She leaned back, allowing him to scoot the dress down her hips. She felt his hands move across her ass; his nails dragged down her thighs as he lifted her right foot and then her left, easing her from her shoes. He turned her around and cupped her breasts, letting her watch the reflection of his fingers playing across her skin in the hotel mirror.

"Why were you in another man's bed?" he asked, kissing her shoulder and nipping the warm skin.

She swallowed and shook her head, refusing to tell him what he wanted to know. He licked his way down her spine and then back up. "Did you come for him?" he asked, tweaking her nipples as he whispered in her ear how hot she was.

Savannah stared at the woman in the glass and chided herself. She knew nothing of this man. The only thing she did know was her body was on fire. This stranger from Oklahoma was lighting embers that had long ago turned into ash. "No," she whispered, knowing full well that wasn't going to be the outcome of this steamy one-night stand. Her sex was already growing slippery with juices that were more than just the remnants of her fuck with Meeks.

"Get in the shower and wash away that scent of that other man. His cologne reeks and your pussy is mine for the next few hours. I will have you for hours, so think up some excuse for your family."

She felt his eyes on her ass and she shivered with lust. Once in the bathroom, she closed the door and leaned against it. "Breathe," she told herself, pressing her palm to her stomach. She moved to the shower and turned on the water, slipped in behind the thick curtain and grabbed the hotel soap, ripped the paper off and was rewarded with a light scent of vanilla. She giggled, wondering if Mitch knew what he would have smelled like had he showered in here with this soap.

Her hands moved over her body and she felt as if her head were swimming in a sea of doubt. Thoughts of backing out were pushed away by thoughts of one night of pleasure. The idea that she was just going to fuck some stranger thrilled her. Brad had pimped her to Craig, in hopes of gaining some political power and in the end she was going to get her jollies off with someone who her husband would never learn of. She ran her hands down her stomach and washed off the come that Craig Meeks had sprayed onto her, after she ordered him to sheath himself with a condom.

"Fuck," she muttered, wondering if Mitch had condoms. She'd leave if he didn't. Or would she? She fought another battle of indecision as she ran a soapy cloth up and down her pussy, washing the scent of sex from her recently used slit and hole. Her fingers scrapped the sides of her lips and she moaned in excitement. "One night," she told herself, knowing she was never going to see Waters again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mitch heard the shower water running and smirked. He quickly pulled off his clothing and folded them in a pile, which he left on the dresser. He couldn't quite believe he was about to fuck the Senator of Ohio's wife. He'd seen her in several magazines, more than her husband really. She was always being shot, her and her kids. The camera didn't lie. She was a piece of work. Why on Earth she thought she'd make it out of a hotel in Vegas without being caught was beyond him, but he was happy she was in his hotel.

He topped off her wine and carried it to the bed. He was older than her, by a few years. Mitch reached into his suitcase and tossed a pile of condoms on the table and then chuckled. "It sure would be fun to knock her up," he laughed, but sat down on the bed and then slid under the covers.

His gaze focused on the ceiling, but his mind drifted to the woman. He wasn't sure she'd take him up on the offer. He wasn't the richest man in the world, but he hadn't been lying either. He had ever intention of purchasing a casino here in Vegas. He was wealthy and knew what pockets to line to keep his business and personal life separate. With a bit of homework, Savannah could learn he was one of the silent owners of a pharmaceutical company. The door to the bathroom opened and he turned. He smiled at her and turned down the blanket, offering her a place next to him.

"Drop the towel, Hon."

He saw her indecision and moved his hand down his torso, stroked his cock, the blanket keeping his rod hidden from view. Her eyes followed his movements and she licked her lips. "Come on, Savannah," he said, his voice dropping to one of force and seduction.

Her hands moved up to the knot she'd tied in the towel. His eyes followed her hands and then shifted to her face. "I don't know why your fucking anyone but the man your married too. . .but baby, he's a fool."

"He doesn't want me," she whispered, the towel fell to the floor.

Mitch gazed at her moist, glistening body. The water hadn't been completely patted dry and drops skated down her figure. He licked his lips and shook his head. "Come here Savannah. I'll certainly enjoy what he isn't."

Savannah closed the distance and when her knee hit the bed, Mitch reached out and cupped the back of her neck, bringing her down to him. He rolled her to her back and lay over her. His mouth met hers in a hungry kiss. Their tongues danced and twisted around each other. He felt her nails rake down his back and he knew it had been a long time since this woman had felt cherished by a man. Mitch licked his way down her jaw and then across to her neck, sucking and biting a path along her collarbone and then up her shoulder.

"Tell me what you want Savannah. No one's here to tell you they don't want you. No one's here to make you fake it. You're here because you want to be. . .tell me how much you want to be fucked." He moved down her body. His teeth bit gently on the curve of her right breast. He lifted it and licked underneath, tasting her clean and freshly scrubbed skin.

Her breath came quick and he chuckled when she moaned, unable to speak as he lavished her body with attention. Mitch made his way up to her nipple and bit down, drawing the bud into his mouth, sweeping his tongue across it and then releasing it, and watching it sway back and forth, before he captured it again. One of his hands moved to her left breast and he massaged it, while the other slipped down to tease the downy trimmed hair of her pussy.

"Oh God, Mitch." Savannah moaned and twisted her body; her hips rose and her back arched. Mitch welcomed every turn, never once losing his hold on her tit, or the wonderful feel of her beneath him. His cock throbbed with lust, wanting nothing more than to be buried in the warm heaven her pussy offered.

He released her nipple and moved over to the other, sucking and licking his way around it, before biting down and feeling her jump in excitement. "Yes, more. . .please Mitch. More."

He grinned and did as she asked, biting down harder and drawing in her rosy point before releasing it to learn the shape of her stomach. "Two kids right? Twins?" he asked as he took his time to trail moist kisses across her navel and then back up to the underside of her tits. His hands were moving again. One simply stroked the warm home of her arousal while the other slid up and down her thigh.

"Yeah, twin girls," she gasped and lifted her hips. "My ass. I want you to tease it," she growled.

Mitch lifted his head and lapped at her. "Look at me Savannah," he ordered and waited till she composed herself. "If I tease it, I'll be fucking it later."

"YES " she demanded and rocked her pelvis forward. "I want that. I want you to fuck my ass."

He growled and put one of his fingers against her pussy, gathered her honey and then slipped it back to her star passage. He moved his finger into the tight opening as his face dropped down to tease her pussy lips with his tongue. Back and forth he swept the flattened muscle as he carefully and gently invaded her anal opening. She moaned and pled for more. Mitch delivered.

His teeth joined in the frenzy. He increased the rhythm of their anal play while gnawing on her clit. Biting, chewing, pulling on the hard strip of flesh made more of her juices flow from her sex. Quickly he swallowed them, planting his open mouth against her hole and drinking the hot liquid that flowed readily from her.

Never easing on the impaling force of her ass, he used his other hand to invade her sex. He pushed three fingers into her as his mouth continued to assault her with tearing bites and flickers that washed over the hardened strip of flesh.

"Mitch " she screamed. He felt her hands in his hair and knew she was going to shower him with nectar. "Oh. . .oh. . .fuck Yes Oh Fuckin' God. . .Eat me "

"Come all over my face Savannah. I want it. No one wants your pussy like I do. Let me have it, baby."

Mitch felt her pussy and her ass tighten, he pulled his finger from the dark opening and was rewarded with a shower of come. He sealed his mouth over her pussy, drew in the liquid silk and drank it down with great gulps as he continued to feast on her and stimulate her clit. She came again, lifting her hips from the bed, which were soon supported with both his hands. He lifted her higher, sucking and drawing her juices from the deepest parts of her pussy.

Looking up he saw the contorted features of her face and growled at her that he was far from finished. He face was soon buried again. Moving to the right and left, his mouth devoured her sex. His tongue dived in and out of her pussy hole and he felt her scent cover him. Her nectar flowed down his chin and he swept his tongue up and down, burying himself in her honey.

"Mitch. . .oh fuck. I can't. . .I can't," Savannah muttered.

"Yes you can Savannah. Come all over me baby. I want it." He took both her legs and quickly set them on his shoulders, grabbed her waist and forced her body to slide down the bed. His legs moved to support her torso and his face once again disappeared into her pussy and he didn't ease up on his feast until she was screaming his name and coming for him again.

Mitch let her go, setting her legs down and then rolling her over. He stared at her ass, aching to invade the tight entrance. He ran his palms down both cheeks and then leaned over her. "Savannah," he whispered, aiming his cock against the opening of her pussy. "We're gonna fuck again sometime." He pushed his way into her sex and closed his eyes. "Oh fuck yeah, baby. You are so fuckin' hot. What is it baby? What drove him away?" he asked and rocked his hips back and forth so his cock slid in and out of her sweet tunnel.

"Gay," she moaned and pushed her hand down between the sheet and her body.

"Mmm. . . good for me, then," he whispered and began to slowly increase his rhythm. Mitch felt her pussy tighten around him and he moaned out in pleasure. His thought process rolled the new information about Brad Scholastic to the back of his mind and he filed it away and then returned his attention to the beautiful woman that was letting him pound his way into her.

"Faster, damn it " Savannah shouted and pushed her hips back. Mitch began to thrust hard and fast. Each drag of his cock, made her squirm and he threw his head back. The tip of his shaft remained in her sex and he shuddered when he felt her nails scrap his rod, knowing she was rubbing her clit with as much vigor as he was fucking her with.

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