tagMatureSenior Living Ch. 02

Senior Living Ch. 02


Well I lucked out and the management decided to keep me on as a pianist and I was pleased as it spoke well management to keep a good pianist around

I had a gig the next week, same time slot 1 to 4 and I had plans on paying Lois a visit. I liked that she enjoyed sex but I loved her personality as much as her two pair of glasses.

I also loved her rubbing her black patent dress pumps all over my cock.

When a woman touches a guy with her various items, well said items take on an erotic nature and that is nice.

She saw me and came right over with a can of RC cola and asked if I planned on dropping in..

"Hell yes I plan on dropping in, wanted to see what you could do with those sparkling black dress pumps.

"So ya like those do ya?"

I kind of wiggled my hips and tried to sound like her.

"Ya gonna do something with those fancy heels of yours?"

"Well come over as soon as the gig is done."

Three hours later I was at her door. And again she had her top three buttons of her blouse undone so I took a nice long look.

"Might be better if ya did that inside than out in the hallway, ya think?"

"Yes you are right Lois, some other guy see's these, could give him ideas and I really don't need the competition."

"Care for an eggnog an rum?"

"Sure, could live on it, but it will be out of stock after the holidays.

"You still like that I have two pair of glasses?"

"Yes Lois I do, those and your sparkling black heels, yes they turn me on as well.

"You played some pretty good music today, that Moonlight sonata is hauntingly eerie."

I found myself liking Lois even more so than I thought as her knowledge of the classics got to me.

"So What would you like me to do with my high heels you so much like?"

"Touch me with them all over down there, weird but I like foreplay too."

"Too each his own, I can do that. You do that all the time do you?"

"Hell no Lois."

"No because you have no fancy heels? or NO even if you had heels?"

"No on all counts."

"Well lets change that. . . Roger.

So we were up on her king size bed and with all the bright lights I had to assume the electric meter was spinning into another galaxy. Lois had at least a half dozen pair of high heels all in patent black, some with bows. A few pair had peep toes and one of those pair had ankle straps as well.

Lois touched me everywhere down there, slowly dragging her heels all over my cock either across the top or under my balls.

"I have and idea, watch this."

She took her peep toed heel in sexy sparkling black and shoved my cock through the peep toe and commenced to jerk me off into it. all the while saying,

"Ya better not mess up my new heel."

I guess it was comedy as I could not see how I would not cum in her heel with my cock shoved through the peep toe and her other heel shoved under my nuts.

Lois is sitting there jerking me off and asks me,

"Do I still look hot?"

"Yes, and if you wear your reading glasses, they give that real sophisticated look."

So she removed her silver ovals and put her silver half-rounds on partway down her nose.

"You like this look, do you?"

"Very much so, Lois."

"Well Roger I think I see the cum, that mean you want to cum my new heels or me?" she said as she was still jerking me off.

"Tell ya what, the doc says "Cum keeps a woman's toes from drying up." fuck my shoe, it will be good for me.

So I am sitting there enjoying getting jerked off by a fine looking woman old enough to be my mom. And what she did.

I loved watching her hand with those sexy red fingernails wrapped around that naughty fuck-me heel slowly jerking me off and she would shove the other shoe even farther under my balls.

I blew my load allover the inside of her heel and she took it off my cock and slipped her foot into it.

"Any more gigs this evening?"


"What do ya say you stay a few hours? Let that monster cock rest up and you can do me with it. Do you like that plan?"

"It doesn't get better."

"So we went out to the kitchen and had some pie and eggnog and I think it is going to be a nice evening. We talked about this that and whatever and before I knew it the time was after seven and I figured that cock had enough recharge before going back online.

I wanted to try a few things with Lois's glasses and wondered if it was possible. One way to find out.

"Lois, can I have your two pair of glasses, I want to try something I think you will like."

"O.k. this ought to be interesting." She said as she handed both pairs to me.

I started out by dragging her glasses over her nipples and then while dragging her half-glasses over her left nipple I was dragging her eyeglass chain over her right nipple and she was liking this a lot.

"Tell you what Roger, wear my ovals and just use the beads of my half-glasses to do my nipple with and you can lick the other nipple or nibble or suck it."

Of course I was willing to oblige and started to do as she wanted.

"Looks like you are getting turned on wearing my ovals style glasses. Is that happening?"

"Seems so Lois, hope it does not bother you."

"Not if they make you harder."

"Do you see any better for distance?"

"Yes a little bit."

She took her half-glasses and wound the beads round my cock and rubbed them up under my balls and did it ever feel good. Feeling I was about to blow my load I got into Lois and started grinding her. I had my arms wrapped around this lady as I am looking into her eyes all the while slamming her insides with my mighty battering ram. OH she is so hot and tight and sexy. I knew there was always something great about older women.

"Uh Roger?"

"Yeah Lois?"

"Where did my half-glasses go?"

"I thought you hade'm."

I had gotten on top of Lois so fast when I thought I was close to cuming I left them down there with their beads wrapped round my cock and it felt good.

"Let's see if these survive, Roger."

Maybe it was knowing her sexy half-glasses were down there I don't know. What I do know is that I blew a motherload of lovesauce way up into Lois and she loved it very much.

I kept grinding her and the way she moaned and bucked and stiffened up I knew she came a few times anyways. When I rolled over I saw a tangle of beads and her half-glasses were fine, soaked with cum and her pussy juices and the beads felt different but on the whole once the beads were straightened out they would have their own little story to tell. How the half-glasses of a retired librarian got to see some real action instead of just reading about it.

I grabbed a face cloth and cleaned Lois's glasses for her so they were once again spotless then buffed them dry with my t shirt.

"Well Roger, This was a very nice evening, now I know that you have two fetishes, I will make the most of them. What are you doing Saturday evening?"

"Nothing planned at the moment."

"Well how about dropping bye and playing a bit of music for me, right here in my apartment? I have been considering learning piano anyways. I think I could make it worth your while."

This is a no brainer, pass this up and you might win the jack-ass award of the year.

"Of course Lois I would be happy to, just tell me do you have the time to put in for practice?"

"Do I have the time to practice?" Of course I have time to practice. So are you going to come over Saturday evening?"

"YUP I will be here."

To be continued

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