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sensational sex


your knees are weak
'cause i'm such a freak
and your dick gets hard
just from the words i speak
i rock your world
every chance i get
the mere sight of me
gets you erect
i'm not wearing panties
because i never do
and in my perverted mind
i know what that does to you
i uncross my legs
and play with my hair
not only do you drool
but you can't help but stare
i use my fingers
to part my lips
i finger myself
and wiggle my hips
i'm strokin' my kitty
she's wet and pretty
with the other hand
i fondle a titty
you slip your hand
down your pants
i can tell you're hard
just from a quick glance
you're turned on by me
i'm turned on by you
us fucking seems
the natural thing to do
we strip off our clothes
and race to the floor
we're both so horny
and we're ready to score
you're on your back
i'm on top
your eyes follow my boobs
as they go flip flop
i'm moaning and groaning
you let out a grunt
we sound like wild animals
as you pulverize my cunt
my nipples are hard
and yours are too
you start to squirm
as i give yours a chew
i'm bouncin' up and down
i'm ridin' that dick
my skills are as good
as a slut turnin' a trick
i look in your eyes
and they're filled with lust
your cock's throbbing inside me
and you're ready to bust
you're sweatin' and pantin'
i'm huffin' and puffin'
oh dear God
this is damn good lovin'
you let your load load loose
and your body starts to shudder
ba, ba baby i'm cummin'
you loudly studder
my cunt's full of your cum
that's the way it should be
it feels superb
when you nut inside me

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