tagMind ControlSenseless



His jeans were stretched taut across his crotch; the outline of his cock, the bulging head in particular, visible as he remembered the allure of her voice from the phone call.

"Meet me in Paris," Eve had said; nothing more.

Dallas sighed and closed his eyes, adjusted the seat back and smiled as images of her floated before him. Another four hours of flight time; he wasn't sure he could hold back. He began to slowly rub his cock, his hand under the blanket, while the other passengers slept. His dick responded quickly to his touch and grew hard. He groaned as he pressed his hand against it and quietly unzipped his pants, freeing himself. He felt his hot sticky juice leaking from the crown. His fingers swirled the slick cum around and worked to lubricate his shaft. Gripping his rod more tightly, he began to stroke. With his other hand, he grabbed his balls and squeezed. He winced from the bolt of painful pleasure. Just as he envisioned Eve entering him, he gasped and felt his full load slide slowly over his hand.

"This way," she whispered as he followed her at dusk through dim cobbled streets. "Alan gave me the keys and said to take our time. There's no rush." Eve stopped at an arched doorway which housed an old wooden door laden with heavy iron hinges. Again, he felt his cock twitch and stiffen, his excitement growing, as he imagined the night that awaited him. As she bent down to insert the key, he pressed his swollen cock up against her ass.

"Lift your skirt," he said insistently.

"Not yet, baby," she murmured and leaned back into him, tilting her head upward. Dallas looked down at her and she drove her tongue deep into his open mouth, fucking him with her tongue, and then bit down on his lip.

The door creaked as it opened and inside nothing was visible but darkness. "Come in and wait here," she instructed as he heard her clicking footsteps recede. His eyes adjusted to the darkness; he could just barely make out faint shapes. The room felt large and cavernous. He strained his eyes, attempting to bring something into focus, then smiled, closing them. "Be patient," he whispered excitedly to himself and leaned against the cold wall.

He waited in the pitch, imagining her; fantasizing about the splendor that awaited him. He began rubbing his cock and again, felt the need to free himself from his tight pants. He loosened his tie, lifted and removed it from around his neck. Carefully, he placed it over his closed eyes and secured it tightly behind his head. Now, in total darkness, he began to unbutton his shirt. As each button was free, his rod grew harder. He ran his palms across his smooth chest and felt each nipple grow harder at his touch. Taking each between thumb and forefinger, he squeezed tightly. "Ahhh," he sighed, slowly running his hands down his belly. His fingers struck the cold metal of his belt buckle and they worked quickly to unfasten it. He could hear his breath catch and feel his cock thicken. He was eager to shed his pants and quickly unzipped them. He flinched as he heard them fall to the floor, the sound echoing against the hard surface. He bent over, his bare ass pressed against the cool wall, and fumbled as he took off his shoes and socks. He kicked off his pants and cast both arms back to shed his shirt. Stripped and blind-folded, he stood with his rock hard cock bouncing in the dark cold air.

"You look very good," Eve's hot breath whispered against his ear, her voice swollen with lust. He felt her words, the deep husky voice, slip through her smile and run over his nakedness. "Keep your eyes covered and take this," she said as he reached into the darkness before him and felt the warmth of her hand close around his. He spit into his other hand and wrapped it around his rod as they slowly walked forward. "Watch your step," Eve warned as Dallas stumbled across the cold, rough ground beneath his feet. With each step his arousal grew as he realized his utter vulnerability. "Stop," she said. He almost ran into her and could smell her closeness now as she leaned into him and touched his face. "Was that heat?" he wondered.

"Shhhh, keep your eyes closed," Eve commanded as she untied the knot at the back of his head. He smelled the leather as he heard the tie fall to the floor. In one fluid motion she slid the leather blindfold over his eyes; the opportunity to look was erased, but the temptation lingered. He liked the smell and feel of the warm hide as it shaped itself to the contour of his face. "Ahhh, one down, four to go," Eve chuckled. "You're mine now, baby," she chided him. Dallas shook with desire and continued to stroke his cock.

"Don't move, baby," she said. He heard the clanking sound of metal and felt the nearness of heat. "Ahhh God, Eve. That hurts so good," Dallas moaned as the hot wax coated first one tit, then the other. As the wax began to harden, Eve placed her fingers on each breast, squeezed, and latched a clamp on both nipples. He shuddered as he felt both sensations; the heat of the wax and the coldness of the clamp spreading throughout his body. Eve slowly began to tug on the chain which hung between his breasts.

"I want you to pull on this, baby," she said as she lifted his hand and passed the chain from her hand to his.

Dallas winced as he pulled down on it. "Do it a little harder. I want to watch as they get stretched out," she whispered. He tugged harder and the warm wax, now cooler, began to crack and peel because of his efforts. As Eve watched, her breathing grew louder and each breath was shorter.

"Suck my fat cock, baby," Dallas begged her as his nipples started to burn from the pulling. The cool air swirled and shifted and he felt his cock completely covered by her hot, wet mouth. She swallowed him whole, and then gagged from the size of him. Her tongue moved strong against his engorged shaft. "Suck me harder," he gasped; she grabbed his balls, squeezed them, pulling down hard. She twisted his hot rod and swollen balls through the metal cock ring. "Ohhh, that's so nice and tight," he moaned as he felt the pressure build. His cock was throbbing with pleasure as her mouth pulled harder and faster. He could feel his hot lava rise to the tip as she slipped her tongue across the slit of his dick.

Suddenly Eve loosened her hold on his cock, stood, and began to carefully guide him, her hand on his forearm, the other at his waist, forward. They stopped and he bent his knees, giving way to the downward motion. He felt the smooth fuzziness of fur against his ass. "Mmmm, that's so soft," he purred as he began to lie back.

"Shhhh," she whispered while sliding a gag into his mouth. "Bite down now. There, another sense cut. Two down, three to go." Dallas strained against the hard leather bit in his mouth. His breathing was louder now, being forced solely through his nostrils. Blind folded and gagged, he swallowed and grabbed his hard pole with both hands, pulling fast at his cock. The sound of his own breathing was exaggerated in the cavernous room and it excited him to hear his labored breath. Devoid now of both sight and speech, he began to make out the faint notes of music. A calm pulsating rhythm echoed in the cool darkness which made him feel warm as it slowly spread across his body.

"Let go of your cock now," Eve ordered as she took his left hand and snapped a cuff to it. She gently pulled his arm back and clipped off the cuff below the bed. His right hand pumped more vigorously on his shaft; he was close to exploding.

"Suck my dick again, baby. Please," he pleaded. She grabbed his hand, snapped on the cuff and clipped it back down too. Eve leaned over him and said in a hushed tone, "Touch, gone; three down, two to go."

Suddenly it seemed as though the music was louder; the beat had an urgent intensity. He felt his cock standing straight and hard in the cool dark air. His balls were throbbing inside the tight cock ring. Dallas began to grind his hips and thrust his dick into the air as the music pulsed through him. Then, unexpectedly, he felt the warm, smooth sensation of skin near his head. The sweet, moist, salty smell of Eve washed over his face. She straddled his head, firmly placing her thighs tightly against his ears. Instantly the thunderous music was silenced. "Hearing, gone; four down, one to go," he thought as she pressed her rich, creamy thighs closer in.

Dallas waited patiently as Eve writhed above him. He'd been systematically stripped of one sense after the other, yet somehow he felt completely stuffed with intoxicating feelings. He could smell the ocean of her desire and he longed to see her grassy mound and lick her salty shorelines. She slowly lowered herself down and spread her luscious, wet cunt across his face. He prodded his nose between her labia and butted her clit with his chin. He wanted to fuck her with his face, fuck her completely with his smell. She continued lowering and pressing her vast inlet into him; he moaned with desire as he drowned in the down flowing waters. She covered him and filled him completely. "Smell, stripped; five down, none to go," Eve whispered as she gently leaned forward and laid her damp cheek against his smooth, firm stomach.

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