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Sensory Overload


Savannah carefully stepped out of the shower, taking extra precautions to not slip on the puddle of water forming by the base of the tub. Wiping the steam off the mirror, she checked her face for any unwanted blemishes so she could make sure they were aptly covered. Tonight had to be perfect in every way. Finally, after two years of internet dating, they were in the same place at the same time. They were finally going to be able to spend Valentine's together instead of the cute, but lonely dates they'd had on the phone.

Turning on old school hip hop, Savannah turned her sights on the kitchen. It was time to get dinner cooking. She wasn't sure what she'd done to be blessed with a man like Xavier, but thankfully she did it. Since moving to his town six months prior, she'd been planning and plotting for this exact night to show him exactly how grateful she was to him.

The familiar sound of base got closer to the apartment. With his traditional honk, he let her know that he was there. Usually, she just came down but when she wasn't there in five minutes, he'd come up to see what was taking her so long. So, she took her time with her make up. She was going for full sensory overload. Aaron Neville was now flowing through the speaker. Hearing; check The candles were a mixture of vanilla and lavender. That would fall under smells. The food was now out on the table all neat and nice so taste would be taken care of. All though really, there were things she wanted to taste, but food was the farthest thing from her mind. With a final spray of her perfume, his visual was now ready. And not a moment too soon, the door was opening as she slinked into the living room.

"What part of 'be ready when I get here' did you not," his sentence died off when he fully entered the room, "Woah, what do we have here?" Silently he let the door shut behind him. With out looking back, he made sure the door was locked. His eyes swept the living room, drinking in the whole scene before settling his eyes on her.

"Happy Valentine's Day baby,"

"Happy Valentine's Day to you too. It's a good thing we didn't have reservations,"

"I've got all you need here," she said motioning to the table, "What do you say we stay in tonight?"

"I say that's a damn good idea," without any resistance, she allowed his large hands to pull her body to his. His dark ebony skin resting against her pale white flesh was all the visual her eyes needed to cause her brain to kick into overdrive. His tongue parted her lips, teasing and tasting what she'd been sampling on. Reluctantly, she pulled back. If they got started now, the food would get cold.

"Are you hungry?" It seemed like an odd question, but he'd thank her later.

"Five minutes ago, I was starving. Now, I could give a damn about food,"

Savannah's hard nipples strained against the satin fabric of her bra, the straps were almost off her body completely. Normally she should, but she knew their guests wouldn't mind.

"It's okay," she unlocked the door, stepping back so their guest could walk in the apartment. "Don't be rude baby, come say hi,"

"Um what? We're a little," he lost his train of thought when he rounded the corner to see Savannah kissing a hot blonde in a trench coat.

"This is Stella, she works in the office with me. I couldn't really afford to get you much for Valentine's Day, so I had to improvise."

"I've always admired the way you thought outside the box,"

The three adults shared a laugh, "Sit on the couch baby, enjoy the show,"

He sat on the couch, unbuttoning his pants so he could get comfortable. Savannah continued kissing on Stella, slowly unbuttoning her trench coat. She pushed the garment off Stella's body, just as surprised as X to see that she wasn't wearing a bra; just silver studded bikini cut underwear. Stella moaned, running her fingers through Savannah's hair when Savannah nuzzled her nipple in between her teeth.

"Ooh shit,"

She knew that groan. He was starting to get worked up. Savannah looked over to see Xavier with his dick in his hand.

"You know Stella; I think X is way over dressed,"

Stella nodded, "I was just thinking the same thing,"

Savannah sat on the couch next to her lover, unbuttoning his shirt. She slowly kissed each new patch of skin that was revealed. Stella sunk to her knees, gingerly unbuttoning his pants. Savannah helped him out of his shirt as Stella pulled his pants off his legs. Xavier's tongue snaked into her mouth as Stella's mouth smothered his thick black cock. Savannah moaned into his kiss as he pushed her bra out of the way, kneading her breasts firmly.

"Now you're wearing too much," he breathed, careful not to break their kiss. He finished unbuttoning her bra and shoving her panties and skirt off her body. Stella moved faster on X's cock, causing his breathing to become labored. Savannah slipped off the couch, crawling down towards Stella's lower half. A sense of satisfaction pushed Savannah to please Stella further when both Stella and X, reacted to her flicking Stella's clit with her tongue.

Xavier's pink tongue darted out, wetting his dry lips as he looked down to see the girls passing his dick around like a straw. Stella took him into her throat, causing him to moan louder than the music that was playing. The way he was panting, Savannah knew he was close. Dropping her head lower, she bathed his balls with long, slow licks. She applied a soft suction to his nifkin, the skin between just below his balls. He ran his fingers through her hair as she used quick flicks of the tip of her tongue to bring him to the brink. She motioned to Stella, knowing exactly how to finish him. Stella placed his dick in between her tits. As he thrust forward, Stella took the tip of his dick in her mouth, sucking gently before he brought his hips back down. If it got Xavier half as hot as it did her, he should be erupting any minute. The grip he had on the back of her head tightened as he entangled his hands in her hair.

"Oh fuck. Here it comes,"

Savannah latched on to his nifkin like a vacuum attachment as Xavier groaned loudly. She felt the familiar tremor rush through his body as he began to cum. The other two girls scrambled around him to get a taste of his cum. Savannah pushed up next to him on the couch, cuddling next to him as their guests cleaned him off. He kissed her collarbone, then her cheek and then her lips.

"That was fantastic baby, thank you,"

She kissed him back, a knowing smile on her lips. Motioning for the girls to get up, "It's not over yet," she stood up, holding her hand out to him. Holding hands, she lead him into the bedroom, that was lit only by the glow of the candles.

She'd taken down all the knick knacks on the shelves and replaced them with candles. Every thing on the dressers had been put neatly in the closet. Candles sat where their pictures usually did. There were so many candles in the room the temperature went up a few degrees.

"You've thought of everything tonight haven't you?" he pulled her to him so her back was against him.

"The fun as just begun," she promised. She lead him over to a chair and joined Stella on the bed. She straddled Stella's face, her back to the head board. She leaned down, putting her tongue back in Stella's pussy. The way Stella sucked on her own clit caused Savannah to become more excited, taking her excitement out on Stella's pussy.

Stella writhed under her, her muscles tightened around Savannah's tongue. With a loud screech, juices flowed from her vagina, Savannah lapping them up happily. "Don't stop, please don't stop,"

Savannah didn't break her stride, she hadn't planned on it. It became too much for Savannah, her senses went into over time, the familiar wave of pleasure started to wash over her. She wasn't ready to come yet. She had to stop it.

Xavier knew her too well, he knew how she liked it. As if he was reading her mind, he broke up their little party.

"Mind if I join ladies?"

The girls giggled and Savannah pushed herself to a sitting position as X knelt in front of Stella's bent knees.

"I've been bragging for months how good you fuck me," Savannah revealed, kissing him softly, "Show her what I'm talking about,"

"No pressure there," X laughed, putting Stella's legs over his shoulders. Stella gasped against Savannah's pussy as he entered her with one swift stroke. Stella's tongue went crazy on Savannah's pussy as X fucked her. The ecstasy on Xavier's face was enough to cause Savannah's juices to flow on to Stella's tongue. X slowed down, pulling out of Stella, motioning for Savannah.

"I need to fuck you. Now,"

Savannah scrambled off Stella, turning so her back was facing him. She hadn't meant to come so fast but suddenly, she needed to feel X in her. It wasn't a matter of want, it was a matter of need. With an urgency she'd never felt before, X slammed into her pussy, slowing down just long enough for Stella to slighter underneath her and suck on her clit as Xavier fucked her from behind. She slammed her body back, screaming out his name as he slapped her ass. X pulled her hair, causing her orgasm to pulse harder through her. It didn't take long before the two lovers climaxed for the last time together, pleading their love for each other, making this the best Valentine's Day either of them had ever had.

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