tagNonHumanSensual Haven Ch. 02

Sensual Haven Ch. 02


Dear Readers; Here is part 2 of the first Sensual Haven I posted. Enjoy.

Pt 2 - Becky's Arrival

Becky came back to the dorm late that day, exhausted. The day seemed longer than usual, the instructors all more edgy. Nothing seemed to be going right. As she unlocked the door to the rooms she shared with three other girls, she hoped that they were back from their camping trip so she wouldn't have to spend another evening alone.

She had come to rely on the comfort of the other girls. It was part of the perk of attending an all girls private university. From the other side of the door, as the lock clicked into place, Becky heard a soft moan. 'What is going on?' She wondered to herself as she pushed the door open and stepped into the darkened apartment.

"Hello?" She flicked the light switch, illuminating shoes scattered haphazardly across the linoleum, and camping supplies heaped against the wall. "Is anyone home?"

She knew it was a rhetorical question, as it was obvious the other girls were home. But as to where they were, that was beyond her. The soft moan came again, and curiosity propelled Becky forward, albeit cautiously.

She walked into the first bedroom to find Laura on her bed, fingering herself voraciously. She looked up as Becky gasped, her blue eyes wide. "Laura... What...?" Becky's voice caught in her throat at the sight before her.

From the other room she heard another moan. Becky turned as Laura stretched out her arm, glistening fingers beckoning to her. Becky left, following the moans.

Across the hall and past her own room, she found Sara, sprawled half on, half off of the bed. By the looks of it, she had managed to restrain one ankle to the bed post, and perhaps one wrist, which she'd worked free, but then gotten sidetracked. She moaned again as she slipped something between her wide spread legs.

Becky watched, mesmerized by the motion as Sara's once moderately small breasts now seemed as large as her own, bounced to each thrust. She didn't understand what was happening to her friends, or what had happened to Mindy, as the moans only seemed to be coming from these two rooms.

At the far end of the hall, Mindy's door was tightly closed. Maybe the meek girl had locked herself in there upon coming home to this... strange encounter.

Then again... Her mind wandered to her liaison with Mindy. Their relationship was kept a secret, as both were not sure what the reaction would be from the other two in their unit, or from administration for that matter.

Becky's eyes slid back to Sara. The girl was on her back, her shoulders and head hanging off the bed, long blonde hair swinging to the floor, pert breasts jutting up in invitation.

Her lips moved, and around the fervent moans, barely audible words slipped out, "Becky... Please! Come... I need to cum! Help..." She was panting, her arm slowing its motion. It was evident fatigue was rapidly consuming her.

Becky took another cautious step into the room. Her body was reacting in all the wrong ways to this scene. She ran a hand through her short dark hair, tousling it worse. She felt a blush steal up her neck and across her face as she took another step, coming up beside the bed.

Sara pulled the toy from her body, dripping with her juices and handed it to Becky. "Please," She mouthed the word, her wide eyes pleading for release.

Becky reached out a hand, taking the toy from her friend and kneeling onto the bed. 'It wasn't so bad. She wouldn't know that Becky was getting hot just at the thought of what she was about to do. Sara could think this was a completely selfless act...' The thoughts going through Becky's mind gave her the courage she needed to proceed.

She crawled across the bed and knelt between Sara's sprawled legs, eyeing the toy that must have been two inches in width and twelve inches long. Double ended. The last assessment made her blush deeper.

She inserted the tip, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from the other girl. Two inches in. Three. Then she withdrew, almost all the way, before pushing it back in. Sara's hips rose off the bed to each stroke, taking in more and more of the silicone toy.

Her fingers clutched the blankets bunched up around her, and her breathing became heavier and heavier. When she came at last, Becky was thrusting fast and hard, her own eyes glazing over with lust, her body throbbing with need.

Sara lay still for a moment, allowing her breathing to return to normal. Then she slowly climbed back onto the bed, and crawled to Becky. She wrapped her hand around the back of the other girls neck, holding her still for the assault on her lips.

Becky couldn't fight the desire anymore. She returned the kiss with the same furious need, caressing Sara's nude body with one hand while tangling her fingers in the mass of long blonde hair with the other.

As Sara began working at the button on her pants, Becky gave a startled gasp when fingers grasped her shirt and tugged it up. Laura stood behind her, reaching for the clasp on the other girls bra next. When Becky turned to face her, her face ended up buried in Laura's generous breasts. She breathed deep the scent of lust that covered the girl, her tongue swirling over the smooth skin.

She felt light headed, and giddy as she stood to allow Sara to remove her panties. Evidence of her lust gleamed in the dark tight curls at the junction of her thighs, drawing the blondes gaze.

She leaned down, swirling her tongue to gather the moisture, and drug a cry from Becky's throat. Laura stayed behind her, lowering her lush lips to Becky's neck and nipping gently while taking the weight of her breasts in her hands and caressing seductively.

Becky leaned back and closed her eyes, her body throbbing and pulsing. Her racing mind slowing and centring on the sensation coursing through her. As Sara brought her closer to climax using her lips, tongue, teeth and fingers, Laura continued to fondle her breasts, caressing and arousing.

From under the bed purple tinged tentacles emerged; seeking, searching, probing. Laura smiled as she watched them snake across the bed, coming up behind Sara and pushing against her wet entrance. She moaned enthusiastically, pushing back against them in encouragement.

Becky felt the moan reverberate through her overly excited body and opened her eyes a fraction to watch the blonde. But what she saw shocked her into fear and she leapt back, pushing with her legs to throw herself off of the bed.

Laura held on, securely braced by the thick tentacles circling up her legs en masse. One pushed between her slick labia, causing her to gasp as her eyes widened and her legs inched apart to accommodate her lover.

Becky opened her mouth to scream but Sara was quick to cover the emerging sound with her own lips. Her fingers stayed between the terrified girls legs as she ravaged her mouth with her tongue. Two fingers pushed deep continued to draw fluids from her sex and moans from her throat.

Becky's mind raced, her eyes swimming with tears. Although, as Sara continued to kiss her, her fingers working their magic, Becky was having troubles remember what it was she was afraid of. Something had startled her...

The tentacles inched past Sara, a second veering off track to join the first as it pushed deep into her channel, swelling and rubbing seductively against the inner walls of her vagina. As it withdrew, the second pushed past it, stretching her more, moving at an alternate speed so that as it was buried deep, the other was withdrawing. The two kept up this tango, moving fast for a few thrusts then slowing down it a teasing rhythm.

The others passed by Sara's welcoming heat and crept up to the newest arrival. Sara had wedged her knees between Becky's thighs to spread her wide in preparation. As she felt the creature getting nearer she removed her fingers to allow them admittance.

Still standing, holding Becky firmly against her, the tentacles finally allowed Laura to spread her legs wide enough for them to creep ever closer. She was still soaked from her own ministrations, but the creature lapped at her nonetheless. Teasing her. Drawing forth more luscious juices. They writhed against her, pushing her legs now. Eagerly.

Becky let out a squeak of protest as she felt something thicker than fingers enter her. It stretched her wide, more so than the toy should have been able to...

Her eyes snapped open and she jerked upright. The scene seemed surreal, and for a few seconds she had the fleeting hope that she was dreaming. But the sensations coursing through her were far to real to be from her imagination.

She was no virgin. She had had an encounter once with a boy in school, and had made up her mind then to stick with women. It had been rough and painful, a tearing sensation as he'd broken through her hymen unceremoniously. But she had discovered the thrill of pleasure with Mindy when the two had begun experimenting with various techniques...

Even as she watched the purple-hued 'thing' push farther into her, the beginnings of her orgasm had her groaning in wonder. Her breathing came faster, harder; until she was panting, muscles clenching uncontrollably. The orgasm took her with surprising force, making her cry out.

Becky's eyes were glazed with lust as she stared at the blonde. Her hand lashed out with lightning speed to take hold of Sara's wrist. She twisted the other girls' arm behind her back, and pushed her onto the bed. Laura followed, turning the tables and taking hold of Becky's arm. Sara fought back, her excitement rising to new levels.

The creatures grew more fervent in their advances, searching. Sara lay on her back, one arm twisted beneath her at a usually painful angle, while Becky knelt beside her, holding the position. Laura had taken Becky's left arm, her motives not in the rough play, but more in arousal. She pressed the brunette's hand to her breast, and Becky massaged absentmindedly while her gaze locked passionately with Sara's.

The tentacles pushed into the three girls roughly, more creeping onto the bed. A third came up underneath Sara, pushing into her backdoor. Sara cried out in pleasure, squirming against them in an attempt to take more. She forgot about Becky's play fighting in her quest for more pleasure.

Laura watched in fascination as they seemed to take over the blondes body. Nearly lifting her off of the bed with the force of their thrusts. Becky's eyes grew wide as she remembered the fear. She crawled backwards, away from the scene as quickly as she could go.

Laura caught her by the hair, belatedly realizing what was happening to the newest member. Becky cried out in pain, her hands slapping ineffectively at Laura. Tentacles appeared behind Becky and Laura let her go abruptly. The girl fell off the edge of the bed, right into the writhing mass. Her scream was severed quickly as one tentacle coursed down her throat.

Laura smiled, taking hold of the tentacle lodged between her legs and driving it deep. She continued to fuck herself with the appendage while more came to her, pushing between her sighing lips and down her convulsing throat. A small one rubbed at her engorged clit while a forth crept to her backdoor.

She lost herself in the sensations, pleasure a continuous wave through her body as she allowed them to use her, and used them in return.

Becky struggled to no end, reluctant to give in to the feelings these things evoked. They coursed down her throat, lathering her with numbing jelly that rendered her jaw useless as she tried to bite. She tried to force her legs closed, but they took hold of her ankles, spreading her wide. Her eyes searched out the other two girls, trying to plead for help, but to no avail.

The tentacle that had entered her earlier was still there, moving slowly, seductively. It fluctuated in size, swelling and shrinking to enhance her pleasure. She was desperate to ignore it, but more jelly was smeared against her, soaking into her skin.

Soon it was too late and she gave in, another orgasm shaking her. The tentacle in her channel began to move more aggressively, pumping into her repeatedly. She moaned, sucking as best she could at the one in her mouth.

A third orgasm shook her, and she leaned back, spreading her legs just a little more...

From within the mass of the creature, a large globe made its way to her pulsating heat. It pushed passed her labia, stretching her to new dimensions. She moaned at the pleasure/pain of it, her eyes opening to see what it was doing to bring forth these new sensations.

She watched as a second globe was pushed into her, and another orgasm had her body clenching hungrily at the creature, milking it.

It started slowly, the shaking and growing tremors. Becky wondered curiously what was happening. The creature lost all rhythm, thrusting with odd jerky movements. Then it hit her. Just as she realized what was happening, it seemed to explode within her.

She felt the litres of cum shoot into her womb, overflowing into her ovaries, bloating her already rounded tummy... The force of the things orgasm had the tentacle in her mouth shooting out, spraying cum across her face and down her body, hitting the wall behind her.

On the bed, Sara and Laura got the same reaction; the creature was one and the same. The cum liberally soaked the two girls'. Laura collapsed in exhaustion while Sara began to rub at the mess on her body, using it as lubricant to continue to feed her ferocious appetite.

Becky touched her swollen stomach, and something fluttered within her. 'They were hers now.' She smiled to herself, the aphrodisiac well absorbed into her body. She belonged to it now...

More to come if you enjoyed this chapter...

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