tagErotic Poetrysensual not conventional

sensual not conventional


i don't do conventional
i find it boring
i do sensual, sexy
and also alluring
i think outside the box
when it comes to sexual gratification
i love that you use my poems and pictures
for sexual motivation
when it comes to giving you an orgasm
there is no hesitation
you've seen my work
and know i have an awesome imagination
i'll make you tingle all over
that's a hell of a sensation
i'll bring out my toys
for some steamy masturbation
sex to me
is like a mini vacation
make sure you tell me what you like
that's important information
i'll do a belly dance
you'll slip your hand down your pants
you need to fuck me now
you may not get another chance
i have magical hands and lips
they are great for sexual stimulation
the look on your face
is of complete elation
when i make you ejaculate
i feel so proud inside
all the ones before me
failed although they tried

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