Looking down at the pregnancy test in my hands
My vision blurred with tears as I see the plus sign
Heart beating faster, as a song plays on the radio
"I will take care of you"

Looking at my husband across the dinner room
Wondering how to tell him the news
A brand new life grows within me
Part me and part you.

As the song continues to play, it touches my heart
A woman telling her daughter how she is afraid too
But will always be there to grow with her.
As the child in the song was born in September.

Finding out from the doctor that I was three months along
I smile as my eyes well up with tears once more,
As the doctor tells me you will be born in September,
Just as the song played that day I found out I was with child.

Six months later, you were born...the 23rd of September.
I hold you within my arms, so soft and warm.
Your baby eyes look up at me with love and awareness
As I stare back at you, a tear runs down my cheek, your tiny hand grips my finger.

Five years later, I stand at my grandmother's coffin,
Quiet and stoic, I try to be brave for everyone around me
Something I always seem to have to go through. beloved daughter look up at me and say "Mommy, I will take care of you".

My eyes widen in shock, at this little 5 year old girl
Saying those words I heard long ago, in a song
The day I found out I was pregnant her.
I kneel before you, and hug you to me and say "I love you Gabrielle".

I feel so humbled by my daughter's simple words
Holding much more meaning then she realizes
Her eyes are a baby blue, so kind and true.
She whispers those to me " I love you too"

As I sit here writing this poem, hearing that song on the radio
"I will take care of you"
My eyes well up with tears, as the meaning is clear and remembered
An omen you were coming to me in September.

*True to this poem, the day I found out I was pregnant, that song came on the radio. (I will take care of you, by: Amy Sky) It spoke of her baby girl being born in September...and so was mine...Every time I hear that song, my heart wells up with love for my first born child, who is so wise in her own ways, and who has taught me so much...truly a miracle. I named my daughter after a friend that was killed by a drunk driver a month before we were to graduate highschool in '92....Gabrielle.

Written by: _Lady^Sensual^Fire_ ~aka~ MONIQUE

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