He gripped the edge of the table as her mouth brought him to new heights of pleasure and then his hands grasped her head under the table as he pumped his cum into her mouth, biting his lip to remain silent as he came. She sucked him dry and he looked down to see her angelic face looking up at him, his cock still in her mouth, then she gently stroked him, "Is anyone around?" and he glanced to see if there was and shook his head no and then she crawled out from under the table, her chin still glistening from her recent activities.

She picked up a napkin and wiped her chin, "I'll go check on your dinner," and smiled as she trotted off and he fumbled to put his cock away. She returned with two plates of pasta and sat next to him as they ate, her hand occasionally dropping to stroke his cock, "That was a wonderful appetizer," she smiled and kissed him. Marilyn had never been much on blowjobs, she hated giving them, and Maria had more than made up for that inequity. He smiled at her as they finished eating and sat drinking their wine, "Oh Frank, I can't wait to get you home, I'm so horny and tasting you only accelerated it," and he felt himself start to blush again as she kissed him.

They had barely walked into her townhouse before she was all over him, jerking at his clothes as he tried to assist her and then he worked on hers until their clothes were just a ball on the foyer floor and they pressed their bodies together. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, gently depositing her on the bed before his mouth sought out her wet pussy and he buried his tongue in her.

She pulled at his ankle and he moved around until his cock was in her mouth as well as they devoured each other, each one enthralled with the other as their sounds filled the quiet room. Frank had never had so much sex over such a short period of time in his life and Maria was quite the partner indeed as they 69'd on her bed until they both came and he flattened out on top of her, his muscles feeling like rubber. His face was on her thigh and he could feel his cock against her cheek as they both panted, trying to recover, as he felt her once again put his cock into her mouth and began to suck it as it grew once again. His mouth resumed its work on her pussy as he felt his cock getting very hard once again and he stopped, he had to feel this pussy around him.

He pulled out of her mouth and quickly repositioned himself, his hard cock pressing against her wet pussy as he pushed forward, her mouth flying open as he speared her and settled deep inside of her. She felt so good, he didn't want to move, but her hips began to move, forcing him to join her as he thrust in and out of her, her wet pussy grabbing hold of his cock as he did. Her hands pulled his head to her tits and he sucked a nipple into his mouth as she groaned and then thrashed wildly as her orgasm struck. Her release triggered his as spurt after spurt of his hot jism erupted into her and his mouth released her nipple just long enough to cry out in ecstasy. He lay there on top of her, marveling at her perfect nipples, how could anyone cut off a woman's nipples, they were so beautiful. He slid silently off of her and to her side as they basked in the afterglow and silently dozed off to sleep only to be awakened by his pager an hour later, it was Vince.

Vince could tell he was irritated, "What is it!" and he cringed, he hated it when he pissed Frank off, "Potts is at the jail," he said and there was a silence, "It will wait until morning Vince," and he heard Vince laugh, "You're with her, aren't you? You lucky bastard, hey I'm sorry man, ok, see you in the morning," and he hung up. "Do you have to leave?" Maria asked as Frank turned to see the covers slide from her ample tits, "No baby, we have all night long," and his hands shot to her chest as the smile lit up her face.

He couldn't believe how good Maria made him feel, loving her was like a dream come true and he intended to make it last as long as he could. They had grown so very close in such a short period of time, it kind of scared him, and his thoughts of going through the rest of his life without her freaked him out. As he buried himself inside of her and her moans made him feel so good, he wondered if he could make a go of this with her, and he looked down to see the look of pure pleasure on her face and decided that he would work at this relationship and not just give up, as he had done with Marilyn.

Maria was pure; Marilyn had been so tainted by the things that money could buy. He felt her pussy milking him as he shouted out and erupted inside of her, yes, she was worth the effort, definitely. He kissed her and then slid silently off of her to lie in her arms as she stroked his brow and said softly, "I love you Frank," and they drifted off to sleep. He awoke to a very warm feeling and opened his eyes to see Maria's mouth stuffed full of his cock as she moved up and down on it, oh what a wake up surprise! He rubbed her head as he stared at her eyes, never leaving his, as she worked to please her man and he jerked as his cum shot into her mouth and he watched as small droplets oozed from the corners of her mouth and she sucked him dry. They showered together and delighted at bathing each other playfully before they dried and dressed and he watched her move gracefully around the small kitchen as she made breakfast.

"So, how was it stud?" Vince's voice made him jump as he looked up to see him walk into the office, "None of your fucking business," he shot back as Vince took the seat before him, "Well, what do you say. Shall we pay Mr. Potts a visit?" and they walked towards the detention wing and into an interrogation booth as Potts was led in and took a seat. "Decide to spread your wings, eh Ralph?" Vince asked and Potts stared at him, "I want my lawyer!" was all Potts would say, "Look Ralphy, we have video tape evidence of you and a minor. You're looking at 10 years minimum, your lawyer won't change that you scum bag," and Frank watched the look of fear in his face, "And inmates just love pedophiles Ralph, you will be the Belle of the Ball, so to speak," and they both laughed as Potts cringed.

"But, if you can shed some light on Ginger Franklin, maybe we could convince them to go easier on you and your little boyfriends wouldn't get to "date' you for quite as long, who knows, if your evidence is helpful enough, we might even get you a deal," and they watched as Potts perked up at the sound of a deal. "I really don't know too much about her, but she did open up some after we got together," he chirped in as he shifted in his chair.

"Was she seeing anyone else Ralph?" and he looked at them, "Not to my knowledge, I kept her pretty busy," and he saw the look of disgust in their faces. "She saw this shrink across town. Her father had sexually molested her for years and when she ratted him out, no one would believe her. She had a tough time living with the guilt, that's why she moved here. Even her own mother called her a liar," and he sat back as Frank and Vince listened intently, "Her old man made use of every hole and every charm she had, even knocked her up once. But the reality of it was, she liked fucking him, none of the younger guys could make her feel like he did, that's why she didn't date. So, I saw an opportunity and I took it.

What you saw on the tape was the first meeting, as we continued, she became quite the little vixen," and he smiled until he caught Frank's scowl and then his face went blank, "You're a fucking pervert Ralph, preying on little girls to satisfy your own selfish needs. Someone should cut your fucking prick off!" and Vince told him to calm down and he left the room for a few minutes so he could cool off. "I thought you quit Frank?" and he looked to see Vince approach as he lowered the cigarette from his lips, "I did. The separation and all of this shit pushed me back to them," and he took another drag, "What'd you get out of him?"

"He said that the good doctor had told the Franklin girl that she needed to confront her problems head on, that's why she welcomed the sick little fuck after the first encounter," and Vince glanced down at his notes, "Also, he said that the doc's son used to hang around during her sessions. She saw him outside a couple of times and he had even phoned her once. Said he kept trying to get her to go out with him," and Frank looked at Vince, then put out his cigarette, "Let's go," and they headed for the parking lot.

They saw Mrs. Parker first and she confirmed that her daughter was seeing Dr. Fitts as well and then they went to where the last girl worked, she was seeing the good doctor too, bingo!" They headed for Dr. Fitts' office and burst in on one of his sessions, "I'm sorry doctor, they pushed right past me," and the startled patient's eyes grew wide, "It's ok lady, we just need to borrow the doc for a few minutes.

I'm sure he won't charge you for this session, right doc?" and the flustered doctor shook his head, "Shall we go to your office doc?" and they went across the office and closed the door. "Why didn't you tell us that you were seeing all three of the victims doc? You should have called us right away, I could charge you with obstruction of justice," and he cringed as the thought of a charge being placed against him, "My patient's files are confidential, besides, I didn't kill them," and they stared at him for a long while, "Where is your son doc?" and he looked really nervous, "He's at school, he's studying to be a physician, why?" and he looked at them as they stared him down, "We need to speak with him, today!" and Frank slammed his hand on the desk as he said it, making Dr. Fitts jump, "Hell be home this evening," and Frank smiled, "We'll be back and he had better be here," and they left.

"Did you catch that shit? He's studying to be a physician, the pieces are beginning to fit together Vince," and Frank turned onto the main street and headed downtown, Vince hated it when Frank got so involved in a case. They returned to the doctor's that evening, but no son, "Edward hasn't come home. I don't know where he is, honest!" and they waited around for a while and then left, "Put out the word to pick this prick up Vince," and he let Vince off at the station.

He pulled into the parking lot of Antonio's and Maria met him at the door with a hug and a kiss and showed him to a table, he needed her to get over his anger in this case and she was making him feel better already. It was busy tonight and Maria didn't get to spend a lot of time with him, but every minute helped immensely as he struggled to quell his anger. His pager went off and he saw that it was Vince and he used the restaurant phone to call him, "You need to come to the kid's place Frank," and he jotted down his address and told Maria he would see her later on that night as he kissed her and left.

The kid had a bungalow on the east side with a small garage and Vince led him to the garage, and pointed at the neat row of jars on the shelf. Inside there were 6 pairs of nipples, soaking in alcohol, each jarred labeled with their donor's name.

Frank's rage immediately returned as he looked at them and he asked Vince if they had located the kid yet, "No, still looking and then Frank's pager went off again with a number he didn't recognize and he used the phone in the bungalow to call it, "Hello Frank. This is Edward Fitts, I understand you're looking for me," and Frank's face turned red with anger, "Where the fuck are you!" and he listened to him laugh, "I'm visiting a friend Frank, someone who knows what it's like to be "friendly," and there was a silence and then he heard, "Daddy?" and sobs, "Vanessa!! Vanessa!!' and then the kid came back on the line, "She sure has some pretty tits Frank, her nipples are by far the best I've encountered. They would make nice specimens," and Frank exploded as Vince rushed in to see what was going on, "The little fuck has Vanessa!!" and Vince went blank, unable to believe it, "How? When?" and Frank heard him start again, "I've set up a little show for you Frank, why don't you go to your daughter's apartment and see what I have for you," and he hung up. Frank called the operator, the number was a cell phone, and he could be anywhere.

The car screeched into the parking lot of Vanessa's apartment and Frank drew his gun as he climbed the stairs, hearing Vince's car pull next to his as he stuck his key in the lock and opened the door. He focused on the apartment as his eyes scanned and he went room to room, nothing. Then his eyes caught the computer monitor and he saw Vanessa tied spread eagled to a bed, her panties stuffed in her mouth as she writhed, trying to get free. He called the station, trying to find out how to get a fix on this image as they worked to trace it and he saw the kid come into view with Marilyn, he hands tied behind her back as he shoved her onto Vanessa's naked body.

He could hear Marilyn cursing at her captor as he rolled her onto her back, her head on Vanessa's stomach as her blouse was ripped open to reveal her bra and he saw a hand with a razor blade come into view, cutting her bra off of her and then the blouse and her other clothes, until she too lay naked before him. "Must run in the family Frank, she's got killer nips too," and he stroked Marilyn's nipples as she scooted away from his touch and he slapped her.

Frank watched helpless as he tied Marilyn in another bed next to Vanessa and began to probe their bodies, Vanessa's sobs through her panties making him cringe. The camera panned from one woman to the other and Frank knew there had to be someone else in the room and he played a hunch, calling to verify the address of Marilyn's new boyfriend. Units were dispatched and he watched helplessly as his wife was speared with a huge cock, he had never seen one so big before on a man, and Marilyn's scream filled the room as he fucked her, her pussy most assuredly tearing before this monster and he shoved panties in Marilyn's mouth to shut her up while he fucked her harder and harder.

He saw Marilyn pass out from the pain as the boy kept up his thrusts, only concerned with his own pleasure. He watched him tense up as he knew his wife was being filled with his cum now, his back arched as he made the last few jabs and then he withdrew, Marilyn's bleeding vagina shedding light on their investigation. He watched as the glint of a razor blade appeared and then he watched him surgically remove Marilyn's nipples, her agony causing her to regain consciousness and he gingerly dropped them one at a time into a jar by the bed.

Blood ran down her tortured tits and pooled beside her and then he watched as the kid's hand closed around her neck, squeezing the life from her as her eyes rolled back into her head and Vanessa struggled to free herself, her screams making Frank pace. Frank watched him smile at the camera and he couldn't take it anymore as he raced for his car and sped out of the lot, hearing Vanessa's screams echo in his mind as he headed for the address he had obtained.

He broke down the door and shot the man working the camera, his body slumping to the floor as he scanned the room, seeing that huge cock buried in his daughter as the man pumped her and he shot him in the back of the head, his body slumping to the side and he pulled him off his daughter as she sobbed. He untied her and she wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder as they rocked on the bed. Then he looked over to see Marilyn's lifeless body on the next bed and he cried, his tears joining Vanessa's as other officers arrived.

He took his jacket off and wrapped it around Vanessa as he held her tight and then the paramedics took her to the hospital and he said a final goodbye to his wife before they took her away. "Looks like you got the serial killer Lieutenant," he heard someone say and he looked at the dead men, "Seems that they were student and teacher, guess that's how they joined forces," and he nodded his head and got up and headed for his car. He stopped to pick up Maria and they headed to the hospital and waited as Vanessa underwent surgery to repair her torn vagina.

The doctor let them see Vanessa and the drugs kept her drowsy, she drifted off to sleep and Frank took Maria into his arms, "I love you Maria."

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