tagMatureService With A Smile Ch. 09

Service With A Smile Ch. 09



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

A quick recap, but you really should read previous chapters to prepare for the big finish:

Mr. Marcus responded to Dr. Stephanie Krumholtz's phone call about her daughter Inga's depression. During their conversation, Mr. Marcus got Dr. Krumholtz's permission to have sex with Inga. It turned out Inga wasn't depressed, just feeling bad about not getting laid in the motel. Mr. Marcus promised they'd have sex, soon. Then he drove downstate to his daughter Annie's college to celebrate Parents' Weekend and his birthday. Annie fixed him up with five coeds, who tease his cock but stop before he can cum. Mr. Marcus plays along, hoping to get satisfied. Annie insists he wear a blindfold, and then delivers a mystery sex partner with whom he can orgasm. The mystery sex partner turns out to be Inga.

Mr. Marcus tries to fuck Inga but she goes nuts with orgasms when he plants just the tip of his dick in her. Claudia, who didn't participate in the role-play and punning, shows up and beds Mr. Marcus. In the process, she learns of Inga's issue: a buried clit, and solves it with desensitizing gel. Mr. Marcus fucks Inga completely, and then has Claudia again, just because. After spending the night alone, he wakes up to find his car missing.

Question: What was the name of the girl who pretended to be a plumber? See, I told you there would be a quiz.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Damn college kids!" I paced back and forth in the spot where my coupe had been parked and locked. My car keys were missing, probably taken by one of the girls who'd teased me into undressing and foreplay. But why? Couldn't they have asked? I was so busy penetrating them and Inga that I probably would have agreed to any reasonable request, even borrowing my car. But under these circumstances, it was grand theft auto! And I was stranded.

I marched back to Annie's room. It was the Monday after Parents' Weekend. The hallways were silent, empty of any students. Where was everybody? Classes hadn't started yet. I picked up the desk phone in Annie's room and dialed Campus Security. I got a recording that all campus police had been deployed for 'Match Up Day' and I could leave a message. Match Up what? Parents' cars to thieving students?

Something was different in Annie's room. On her roommate's bed was a suitcase, open, and a note on Annie's unmade bed:


I'm at tennis. Catch you up later.


'F' must have stood for Annie's roommate, or someone named Fred who dresses in women's clothing, plays tennis and dropped his suitcase off in Annie's room. I took a closer look at the photos decorating the wall opposite of Annie's stuff. One face kept appearing in the pictures, and not Fred. A young woman with distinctive features: square face, large wide-set eyes and volumes of wavy brunette hair. Not unkempt, but flowing.

A voice from the doorway startled me. "Hi. Can I help you?"

The face in the photos was attached to a body dressed in tennis whites: a halter top with a high neckline and a short white skirt that exposed two very shapely legs. Athletic legs. The kind that can squeeze really hard when you're groin to groin- Thinking about a cold shower, I said, "Hi. I'm Annie's father."

Her arm shot up as if spring-loaded, ready to be shaken. "I'm Felice, Annie's roommate. She talks about you all the time."

I dreaded what she might have known. "I saw your note. Did you vanquish your opponent in straight sets?"

She dropped her gym bag with a side pocket for her racket. "Nope. Tennis practice was cancelled due to the campus wide 'Match Up' experiment."

'Match-Up' sounded like what Annie had done for my birthday, matching me with a series of hot coeds. Well, except for Anita. But she was a hot surprise in her own oversized way. "So that's where all of the students are? Matching up?"

"Kind of." She plopped down in her chair at her desk. Her knees stayed tight together, so no up skirt opportunities. "You don't know about this? It's your daughter's idea, for her math and sociology classes."

"Annie came up with some idea, and the whole campus is participating? Wow!"

"I'll say. That's automatic A's in both courses."

"So how does Match Up work anyway?" Maybe there was a way I could get matched up. There were so many coeds on campus. Nah, I shouldn't be greedy.

"Every male student gets a number, and some random female student gets the same number. Then, they roam around campus looking for their match."

"So if every student is required to participate, where's your number?"

Felice grabbed a pair of panties from her desk drawer, as well as a bowl of M&Ms and a bowl of jelly drops. She tossed a few gumdrops in her mouth and chewed them as she talked. "Annie got me my number early since she knew I'd be late getting back from a visit home. She sewed the number to my panties because she was sure I'd have better time if I wore it down there."

Annie was forcing Felice to flash her panties to show her number. With legs like hers, this was a treat for anyone who approached Felice looking for their match. "But you're not wearing them."

"I know. It's so embarrassing. Like always, Annie is trying to fix me up. Unlike me, your daughter has to beat guys away with a tennis racket."

Or perhaps just beat them off. As in, handjob. "Annie's always been popular."

"No duh. Guys aren't interested in me as a person. And they're always unsubtle. You know, pawing and grabbing. Yuk! And some of them take one look and run away."

"Men shouldn't act that way. But run away from a beautiful woman like you?"

Felice blushed. "Thanks. But I'm not beautiful."

Maybe she hadn't seen herself in a mirror lately, or only the kind used at carnivals. "Stand up and take a look."

She stood next to me, our joint reflection in the mirror. My joint inflated as I stared at her.

She rubbed her hands against her chest. "Beautiful women need something up here."

I hadn't noticed her meager chest. Her face had me from 'Hello." There was something familiar about it, like Felice shared her face with a model or celebrity. Not some movie star or pop culture icon. No, it was something not so blatant. "Every woman is beautiful, in her own way." Even oversized Anita.

"Thanks for saying that. Annie told me you were really good with her friends in high school. Sweet and gentle." She popped another handful of chocolate and jelly bits. "She even told me, in secret, that you'd introduced a few of her high school friends to, you know, intimate stuff."

So Felice knew about the fucking? "I never set out to. Really!"

She poked a finger into her mouth, perhaps to unstick the gummy bits from her teeth. "So how did it happen?"

"More often than not, one of her friends and I would end up in a circumstance that made the activity - how can I explain it? - natural." What was I doing, telling this sexy creature about fucking other young women? Like that's some kind of turn-on?

"Really? Give me an example." The numbered panties hung from her fingertips.

Running footsteps echoed in the hallway. It was enough of a distraction that I was spared the opportunity to share the details of previous encounters. They got closer, as if a herd of stampeding elephants was approaching. Annie stuck her head in. "Hey, Ner-do-well. You're not supposed to hold those, you're supposed to wear them. Hi Dad. You're still here?"

"My car was stolen."

Annie shook her head. "Nah. Probably just towed. Walk over to security."

"But my keys-"

Annie didn't let me finish. "Gotta go find Derek - I mean, number one." An oval patch with blue background and a bright white "1" on her chest declared Annie's self-proclaimed status. "Come on, get those panties on and find your match. You'll be pleased, I promise." Annie vanished.

It was clear that Annie rigged at least some of the numbers. If Annie wanted - what was his name? - Derek, then there would be no stopping her. "Ner-do-well?"

"My last name is Nerdone. I guess I ought to change. You won't peek, will you?"

"Of course not."

Felice stood facing away from me, but the mirror above Annie's desk reflected Felice's profile. There was a flash of bare butt as she pulled her panties off. When she bent over to pull the numbered ones on, her fat pussy was on display. God, we'd make a great pair. I had no number to match Felice except eight inches and she had a pussy that could accommodate it. "There." She flipped up her skirt to show off her number.

A skinny kid with short hair and black-framed glasses peeked around the doorway. I imagined his picture in the dictionary next to the word 'geek.' "Hey, Felice. What's your number?"

Felice lifted her skirt.

The geek's eyes bugged out. "Hey, we're a match!" His smile could have illuminated the darkest forest. He held out his hand.

Felice crossed her arms across her chest. "I'm sorry, Herbert, but I'm not going."

"But you have to come. I'll be humiliated if I show up alone without my match."

She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down without putting her privates on display to the young man. She demurely stepped out of them but then bent over to pick them up. There was that fat pussy again. "Here. You'll be a hero, having retrieved the panties from your match. Tell them that the sex was great."

Herbert looked at the panties, at me, and then at Felice. "Well, I guess, uh, if that's the way you feel." He disappeared from the doorway.

I didn't understand. "Why didn't you go with him? It's obvious he likes you."

"And I like him too. But I couldn't go with him, because everybody is expected to pair up and have sex."

"What's wrong with that?" Herbert certainly seemed enthusiastic. I knew I'd be if the opportunity arose.

"Because that's not the way I want to do it the first time." Felice sat down next to me. "Not like some command performance. Someone else's decision."

It was obvious but I asked anyway. "You're a virgin?"

"Uh huh. Hopeless, right? Every girl on campus came here, pre-popped, but not me."

"So why haven't you-"

"You don't think I've tried? Guys don't want to be my first, like its some gigantic responsibility." Felice crossed her legs.

The short skirt kept her pussy covered, but just knowing it was bare was a turn-on. "I know exactly what you mean."

"Oh, that's right. You've done that, for a few of Annie's friends."

Some of them got my cock precisely on their legal 18th birthday. "A few."

"I go out on dates. I do. The guys seem to like me. We'll talk and have a good time, generally. Then things get friendly. You know, touching. I don't like it when they grope for my breasts. I just know they're turned off when they see I've got nothing up here." She pawed her own chest. I would have helped if she'd asked but the volume didn't require four hands. "We'd argue and then they lose interest or run like rabbits."

I'd heard of fuck like bunnies. Would rabbits run from sex? Then why were there so many of the furry little fuckers?

She continued, "If I'd gone with Herbert, I know what would have happened. He'd want to meet expectations, and so he'd ask for sex in a cute but awkward way. I'd say no, maybe let him get a little friendly. He'd want to go farther, I'd refuse, we'd argue and he'd run off, just like everybody else."

I wasn't convinced that the guys were to blame. Felice's guilt was thick enough to cut with a knife. "So what do you do for satisfaction?"

"Instead of sex, I sublimate."

"You what?" Was that a form of masturbation?

"When I get horny, I munch." She reached for the bowls and scooped a handful of M&Ms into her hand and chomped them into chocolate mash. She went to her dresser and bend over to open it. There was that pussy again, bare and inviting, except I didn't have an invitation. She took a bowl of miniature candy bars and a tube of red licorice from the drawer. "I just love candy."

Love? Candy? The words blended in my mind. Of course! Candy Loving, the former Playboy Playmate! "Can I use your computer?"


I crafted a simple search for the infamous Playmate. My reward was a series of useful links and a photos option. I brought up a gallery. Shit, Felice was a dead ringer. I double clicked on a headshot. "See, you could be her twin."

Felice bent her face close to mine, examining the image. "We do look a lot alike. Who is she?"

I clicked to the next picture, the centerfold spread of Candy completely nude.

"I don't look anything like that." She threw herself on the bed, curled up and sobbed. Her body shook. Her thighs and buttocks were exposed, as well as the fleshy lips of her pussy.

I sat down beside her, just like the spider in Little Miss Muffet. "What's wrong?"

Felice spoke in between sobs. "That - that - that woman's got tits!"

"Yes, big, juicy-" Oh shit! Of course. Felice was self-conscious and there I went, making her feel worse. Nice job, Marcus. This was a sore point with her. My point was sore, chafing in my pants. I leaned close and whispered "What if someone found you attractive, just the way you are?"

Felice sniffled. "First you insult me and now you're teasing."

"No, I'm not. When you came into the room, I was fantasizing about you. I'd checked out your bulletin board full of pictures, in shorts and tops and a swimsuit. And I got an erection."

She lifted her head. "Me? You got an erection just thinking about me?" Her labia puckered.

"Just like the one I have now. Remember when I said that sometimes, circumstances led to sexual intimacy with Annie's friends?"

"Uh huh." She sat up, removing a clear view of her bottom.

"Well, you're sitting here, bare under that short skirt, and I've got an erection that's throbbing."

"You do?"

"Here, feel." I led her hand to my crotch. She was reluctant and pulled back, but not enough for me to overcome with light pressure.

She tentatively felt the lump. "Oh my! You're hard."

"Yes." I ran my hand along her head, against her cheek. "I think this is one of those circumstances." I put my hand on her knee. She quivered. I kissed her, but her lips were tight, uninvolved. "You should kiss back, you know."

She pushed her lips out. It was awkward, but at least she was willing. My hand slid up the outside of her thigh. I held my palm against her hip, fingers cupped toward her buttock. "Mmmmm."

I stroked again, this time running my fingers up the inside surface. She kept her legs tight. I kissed harder, probing against her lips with my tongue. When she opened her mouth to protest, out tongues touched. There must have been internal fireworks, because her thighs parted and she pulled my face towards hers. She wanted more kisses, and I obliged. I also made a glancing flick along her mound.

"Mmmmmm. Better than candy." Her eyes focused on my groin. The lump was obvious to the casual observer and ached like hell in crowded in my jeans. "Could I, I mean, would you-"

I stood, unzipped, and then slipped off my pants and jockeys. I sat back down next to her, my dick proud and stuff.

"Oh my God! I caused that?"

Why couldn't she believe it? "There's never been a moment since we met that I haven't been excited." It was a bit of a lie, but even the photos of her on the wall had gotten me interested.

"It's so pretty." Her head dropped to my lap. Her lips felt like velvet on my prick. She was 'mmmf'ing and 'mmmp'ing. When she pulled back, my dick had a chocolate coating. Our mutual laughing broke the tension. I used that moment to slide my hand all the way up her skirt, my finger toying with her labia.

"Oh, God! You want to touch me, down there?"

"No, I want to kiss you down there, if you'll let me."

"Really?" She spread her legs and pulled the skirt up to her waist. "Please."

I plunged my face between her thighs, licking at first, and then lapping at the lubrication she generated. God, she was wet. Well prepared for the next step. I decided to go for it. All she could say was 'no.' "I want to fuck you. Is that too forward of me?"

Her eyes got big. "Gee, I don't know. It's kind of large. Won't it hurt?"

"Not if we take it slow and easy." She kept her top on and I was fine with that, for the moment. I laid back. "You should get on top, so you're in control of the pace and depth."

Felice swung one leg over my groin and positioned herself over my erection. "Now what?" In an attempt at modesty, she pulled a sheet over our bodies.

"Rub it against your labia and then sit down slowly."

She was tentative. The feel of her labia rubbing my cock was excruciating. I wanted to hump my hips and probe deep but kept my cool despite how hot she was. Gradually, her virgin pussy accepted my cock. She moaned and bit her lip as she descended. When she'd lowered herself half way, I reached behind her neck to untie the halter.

"Must you? My breasts embarrass me."

"I want you naked. I'm fine with breasts of all shapes and sizes. Besides, I bet I can stimulate you."

"Really?" She stopped interfering. I unbuttoned the back and neck. The halter collapsed onto my chest. Her tits were small like teacups. As she worked my cock in and out of her pussy, I mouthed each breast. My tongue paid homage to her perky nipples. She melted lower, taking me all the way in. I was ready for the old in and out, and was pretty sure so was she.

Felice supported herself on stiff arms. "Are we going to have sex now?"

"We kind of already started. We should pick up the pace a bit, if you're ready."

She nodded and undulated her hips. I stared at her face, fantasizing that I was fucking the Playboy Playmate. My cock was treating her right.

A body in the door startled me. It was Herbert the Nerd.

"Felice? What are you doing?" he asked.

Felice stopped moving. "Herbert? What are you doing here?"

He took one step closer. "I couldn't go to the party and lie, especially about us, you know, doing it. I thought I'd just return these." He tossed her panties onto the bed.

Felicia rolled off me and reached out for them. The sheet was under my body, so when she moved our covering dropped, exposing her chest.

Herbert's eyes went wide. "Oh my! You're perfect!"

I agreed but Felice was a non-believer. "What?"

"You are. Don't you see?" Herbert pointed his finger at her. My cock remained hard, pointing at the ceiling. "Your eyes and mouth form the Golden Triangle, the mathematical model for absolute beauty. So do your chin and nipples. Oh my, and your nipples and navel."

Felice slipped out of bed to look in the mirror wearing only her short skirt. First I focused on Felice's naked back, and then on Herbert, who was focused on Felice's almost naked body.

"You're right." She smiled at her beloved nerd.

They faced each other. What a view he had. "Would you like to, you know, spend some time together?" His face was turning red.

"Not at the party?"

"No. In my room."

Felice looked at me, my erection waving like a flagpole in a storm. "Is that okay?"

I nodded.

Felice bounced on her toes. "I'd love to."

Herbert held out his hand and she took it.

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