Servicing My Daughter's Naval


"I do to honey." I reply wrapping my arms around her.

She snuggles back into me and says "I don't know what I will do without her. She was my world when you disappeared. I'm so glad your back daddy. We can make up for all those missed years.

"Me too honey." I answer as I start to unconsciously stroke her breast. I hear my daughter moan in pleasure and I realize what I am doing. I step back, and try to lower the sexual tension that has arisen between us by asking "So where are nana and p pop"

"Oh daddy!" she cries "You don't know. Nana had a stroke and died the day after you were hurt. P pop passed away in his sleep the night after we buried nana. I was all alone in the world until you came back."

"Rae-Ray my baby. I didn't know, I was never told, and I'm so sorry honey." I blurt out not knowing what else to say.

"So where is your mommy now?" I ask.

"I don't know. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, and I didn't know what to do from there." She said as tears come to her eyes. I took her into my arms and held her as she sobbed over our loss. Her tears started dripping onto my chest and felt like fire. I held her tight not caring about the burning on my chest, which turned into a burning in my loins.

She smiled through her tears and wiggled her hips feeling my shaft grow. "Ohhh daddy. I'm so glad your boo-boo didn't hurt anything important."

I pulled back reminding myself that this was my daughter and I was not supposed to be thinking of bending her over the counter and fucking her sweet ass. "Don't worry honey I'll take care of all the arrangements. We'll also have to talk about what to do with p pops company."

"Okay daddy. I knew I could count on my big, strong, handsome, heroic daddy take charge and make everything better." She again hugs me tight and says "I wuv you daddy." And kisses me on my lips sliding her tongue into my mouth. I open my mouth and start to caress her tongue with my mouth. My hand slides down and grabs her ass cheek and squeezes it. We continue probing each others mouths for a minute, when I remember this is my daughter and push her away. "What's the matter daddy?" She asks with a hurt look on her face. "Did I make you mad again? Do I need my daddy to spank me for being bad?" She looks at me, not with the look of a little girl, but of desire, of wanton lust.

"Uhh...honey I'm just emotionally overwhelmed by all that's happened in the last few days. I need time to think and..." I trail off. "I'm going to go to make arrangements for your mother. Do you wanna come?"

"I always want to cum with my daddy." She says staring at my crotch.

We go to the funeral home and set up all the arrangements, and return home. I call my wife's lawyer, and ask about her will. He says that she never changed it, so everything was left to me. I then call the corporate offices of Red Publications Inc. The nation's third largest magazine publisher. I ask to speak with someone in the legal department. I inform them that I am the new owner and that I want to meet with the board of directors, CEO, CFO, and each publications executive staff, a week after the funeral. I also inform them of the arrangements I made for Ally's funeral.

I go up to my room. This has been too much emotionally. Reuniting with my daughter, losing my soul mate, and finding out my parents-in-law who I was very close too, had died. I sat on my bed and just started to let out the soul wrenching wail that had been building since I first saw my daughter. The tears started pouring down my face. I was crying uncontrollably.

Rae-Ray came running in to see what had happened. She stood by my side and pulled my head to her stomach. She ran her fingers through my hair and let me cry. She leaned down over me and began kissing the top of my head. She was repeating "Daddy I'm here for you. You will always have me to love, to hold, to take care of all your needs. I can be strong when you need me to be and you can take care of me. I love you so much daddy."

Hearing my daughter's voice and felling her warmth helped me regain my composure. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tight until I could trust myself to speak. I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes, and looked at my daughter with gratitude. "I love you so much honey. We only have each other now. We have to be there for each other and take care of each other from now on.

"I agree so much, daddy. I want to take care of all my daddies needs." She pressed her lips against mine and forced her tongue into my mouth. I tried to pull away but she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. Her hand found my cock, and started to trace its outline through my pants. I tried to get up and away before something happened that we would regret. I fell off the bed and landed on the floor. Rae-Ray laughed at my clumsiness and jumped on top of me before I could move and sat on my chest. She started to unbutton her shirt slowly. Time stopped as I watched my sexy 18 year old daughter slowly undo button after button on her shirt. Until there was only one button left. She looked into my eyes as she unfastened the last button. Her cute little belly button was exposed to my eyes and I saw the large diamond she had in the cavity.

"Daddy, I knew you'd come back one day. After watching the president give you the Navy Cross I went out and had my belly pierced. Then I bought a diamond so big that it would fill my belly button. I wanted it to remind me of my big strong heroic daddy. I was so proud of you that day."

I reached out and touched the large diamond with a trembling finger. It was so sexy on her taut teen stomach. I forgot about right and wrong, all I could think about was touching her body. I fondled the stone and she was saying that feels so nice daddy. I slide my hands around her body under her shirt pulling it open and exposing her breasts to my hungry eyes. My hands started caressing her back and she slides her shirt down her arms and off her body. I sucked air through my teeth and drank in her flawless alabaster skin. My hands slide up her body and around to the front and I took a breast in her hand. I started squeezing on them and playing with her nipples.

"Ohh daddy your big manly hands feel so good on my titties. Squeeze them hard daddy, show me how strong you are." I start to grab and pull on them. "Oh yesssss daddy pull on them make them stretch. Pinch my nipples daddy, make them hurt." Her requests are turning me on more than feeling her naked flesh on my hands. I look up at my little girl and see she is enjoying my rough handling of her perky breasts.

My excitement is growing. All I want to do now is to get my daughter naked and fuck her tiny holes until she is begging me to stop. I grab her hips and push her body down mine until she is straddling my cloth covered crotch. I sit up and take a nipple into my mouth. I bit it hard and a groan escapes her lips. "Bite my nipples daddy! It feels soooo good." I move my mouth over and start to suck and bite on her other nipple.

I can feel how hot and wet she is getting through our clothes, and by the way she is sliding along my shaft I know she can feel how erect I am. My hands slide down her back and into her shorts. I start to grab her ass checks and squeeze them. She continues to grind against me and I am getting desperate to fuck my own sexy daughter.

I tell her to stand up and she starts to pout. "I just want to get on the bed honey." I tell her. She smiles and starts clapping and jumping. I get off the floor and pull her to my body and we kiss this time as lovers. There is no doubt in my mind anymore. My daughter wants to fuck her daddy, and I want her to take my cock in every one of her holes. I pull away from her and my hands grab the waist band of her shorts and pull them down her strong thighs over her cute knees and down her calves to her ankles. I reach up and put my hand on her left hip. My other hand lifts her leg out of her shorts and panties. My hands switch position and repeat the process. My daughter is now totally naked and standing before me. She is a vision of loveliness, just like her mother was the first time we made love, in this very room, on this very bed.

I drink in her perfection and she stands there turning her body to show me every inch of her naked skin. I sit on the bed and Rae-Ray walks over to me and grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. She looks at my chest and starts to dance sexily. "I've always wanted to give a lap dance for my daddy." She says as she steps between my legs and wiggles her hips. She turns around letting me look at her shapely ass. She jiggles her ass checks and bends at the waist so I can clearly see her wet shiny pussy. She then stands up and sits in my lap and uses her pussy to massage my cock through my pants. She stands up again and faces me. She leans in and starts to rub her nipples against my chest and over my lips and back down again. As her head comes level with mine she kisses me again and using her mouth pushes me back on the bed and crawls up onto all fours while continuing the kiss.

I lay back and she breaks the kiss. "Did daddy like his private lap dance?" She says as her hands start to undo my belt. "Would daddy like to see his little girl give his friends lap dances?' I look at her. "Would daddy be proud of his little girl making all those men hard and making them want to fuck his daughter but knowing only he will be making me cum."

"Ohh god!" I groan picturing my pilots watching my daughter strip for them. "That would be so hot, I say to her as she pulls my belt out of my pants and holds it up."

"Daddy, I want this belt to be used to punish me when I am a bad little girl and I disappoint you. I want you to use it to spank my bare bottom when I am disobedient, or naughty. No matter where we are."

I just nod my head in agreement shocked at my daughter, and at myself. I never believed in spanking as a punishment, and now my adult daughter was asking me to expose her bottom in public and hit her with a belt if she misbehaves, and I like the thought.

She smiles and kisses the belt. "I love daddy's tools. I'll always keep them clean and ready for use."

For some reason this turns me on even more. I watch as she carefully places the belt on my dresser caresses it before returning to the bed. She reaches for my pants and undoes the button. She lowers the zipper and slides her hand in. "Oh daddy it's so big! I don't know if your little girl can handle her daddy's huge cock." She pulls it out and kisses the head. "But I will try to take it all for my loving daddy."

Rae-Ray releases her hold on it and starts to slide my pants off my body. I arch my back lifting my 6 off the bed. She removes my pants shoes and socks and starts to kiss her way up my legs. She tickles the backs of my knees and starts to lick and sick on my inner thighs. She works her way up to my balls. She grabs my cock in her hand and looks at me. "Would daddy like his little girl to suck on his big cock?"

I groan "YES, OHH FUCK YESSSS!" she smiles and sucks my balls into her mouth. Her tongue rolls them around inside her mouth as her hand starts to stroke my erect dick. I lay back and enjoy the sensation of an excellent blow job. The likes of which I hadn't felt in almost 8 years.

Rae-Ray releases my balls from her mouth and takes the head of my cock into her mouth. She runs her tongue around it, and caresses the sensitive spot right under the head. I shudder in delight. Suddenly she slams her head into my stomach taking the whole thing into her mouth. Her hands are caressing my balls, and I am trying not to cum too soon. My darling daughter starts to suck on my cock and bob her head up and down. I lay there silently concentrating on everything but the sensations emanating from my groin. I feel her lift her head away from my cock. I look up and she is looking at me.

"I want to be my daddy's little slutty skank of a whore. I want daddy to tell me what a bad girl I am and how naughty is for a little girl to suck on her daddies hard cock."

I look at my daughter in shock. I had always respected women, and treated them as ladies. I was a firm believer in chivalry. I wasn't sure if I was more surprised by my daughter asking me to degrade and humiliate her, or that I was turned on by the idea.

I thought back to some of the training film some of the guys had watched before the navy went co-ed. I had seen many that had men degrade women. So I tried to remember some of the things they said. "Listen bitch, you are just a skanky slut, a whore, just a little girl who needs her daddy to show her how to please a man." I tell her sternly. "Don't ever presume to tell your daddy what to do or how to treat you. I will decide how to treat you, when to reward you, and when to punish you." I was shocked at what I was saying. I never would've believed I had this in me. I just went with it. "Since you are so insolent today, daughter of mine, get me the belt NOW!"

"Yes daddy, I'm sorry daddy, please don't punish me daddy, I'll be good daddy."

"Shut up my little cum dumpster. You were wrong and now I must spank you. I want you to place the belt in your mouth get on all fours and crawl to me. DO NOT LET ANY PART OF THEBELT TOUCH THE GROUND OR YOU'RE PUNISHMENT WILL BE WORSE." I yell at her.

She quickly complies with my order. I nod in satisfaction and take the belt from her. "Kiss the belt and tell it that you love the pain it brings. "She kisses the belt and says inn a soft voice "I will love how red and hot you make me when you strike my soft flesh."

"Very good cunt. Now get on the bed on all fours." As she climbs up I continue "Every time I strike you I want you to say thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good."

"Yes daddy." She looks over her shoulder and smiles at me, but I can see the nervousness in her eyes. I rub her glorious ass and kiss it first. "Yes daddy kiss my ass don't hit it. Daddy I love you kissing my ass." I kiss it one last time and straighten up and without warning strike her hard with my belt.

"OOOWWWW!" She yells out. Then quickly adds "Thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good." As soon as the last syllable was out of her mouth I struck her again. "OWW! Thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good." I struck again "Thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good." And again "Thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good." Now I could hear sobs in my daughter's voice"

I inspected her bottom and saw there bright red welts across her cheeks and one across the backs of her thighs. I put the back of my hand near the wounds and felt heat emanating from them. Hmm one more should do it I thought. This time I waited for a bit making her think her ordeal was over. When she started moving her ass to cool it off, I raised the belt and swung with all my might. The tip of the belt cracked like a whip and hit her square on her pussy. She jumped across the bed, but the rest of the belt connected with her right cheek drawing a small amount of blood. She screamed in pain and pleasure and said "Thank you for disciplining me daddy. I will remember to be good." Her voice broke and she bean to sob.

"Okay you smelly cunt, next time you'll remember not to presume to give instructions to your betters."

"Yes daddy."

"You know, I love you baby. I hate to punish you. If you promise to be good, you can sit in daddies lap and I'll hold you." She nodded her head and I sat on the edge of the bed. Rae-Ray climbed into my lap sobbing and sniffling. Her bottom was squirming around my lap. I thought that is was due to the soreness until my cock slide right into her dripping pussy.

We both froze enjoying the pleasure we were felling from being so naughty. Rae-Ray started to side up a down just a bit not wanting to hurt her already tender ass. I lay back as my daughter started to ride me gently. I enjoyed the tight wetness of her nubile young pussy. But I wanted to slam my cock in her. I reached up and pushed her off me and onto the bed. I stood behind her.

Rae-Ray figured out what I wanted to do and lay in her stomach on the bed and drew her knees under her belly, offering her pussy to her daddies cock. I liked the view so much I squatted down and brought my mouth to her pussy. I inhaled her musky fragrance and stuck my tongue deeply into my little girl's pussy. I swirled it around and flicked her clit with my tongue.


I groan as I suck her juices into my mouth enjoying the taste of the forbidden fruit of my loins. Once she is really wet I stand up and slam my cock into her as deep as it will go. I start to ram her hot cunt with my dick hard and fast. She continues encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster.

With all the stimulation I have been getting, I start to get closer to climax. I get carried away and pull a bit too far out. My erect cock falls out of her pussy. We both groan in disappointment and I try to slide it back in.

My head finds the entrance and I ram it back in. "OHHH SSSHHHIIITTT! My daddy is fucking my virgin asshole. Fuck my ass daddy. Fuck your dirty little girl in her tight ass."

I looked down in surprise and saw she was telling the truth. I saw my cock slamming her pert ass. It was so covered in her pussy juices I was able to slide right in. Her pussy was so tight that her ass felt just like it. Seeing my cock splitting her ass open pushed me over the edge and I started shooting my cum into my kinky little girl.

"OOhh GAWD! Daddy I can feel your cum shooting into me. It feels so good, so warm in my ass. Did you like taking my ass cherry?" She says. I fall on top of her drained.

"God Rae-Ray. That was good."

"Is daddy happy with his little girl? Did I please my daddy? Does daddy love his little girl?"

I nod my head and smile at my sexy daughter. We shift around and slide under the covers. I pull her close to me and put my arm around her caressing her naked back. Her breasts are resting on my arm and she puts her head on my chest. We are both drained physically, and emotionally. We fall asleep holding each other.

We wake up several hours later and kiss. Rae-Ray starts to lazily draw circles around my nipples and play with my chest hair. "Rae-Ray, I love you, I really do. But what we did is wrong. Fathers and daughters shouldn't be intimate with each other.

"Daddy, I want to be with you. I want you to love and cherish me forever. I want to be daddy's girl and to let you use me anyway you see fit. I want you to watch me fuck your friends and then go home with you and be punished for being a dirty little tramp."

"Why do you want that? What made you desire to make love to me?" I ask confused. "How did the wholesome proper little girl I remember become to use your words 'a dirty little tramp'?"

"I always loved you daddy. I never stopped. The summer after my 16th birthday I was a junior counselor at a summer camp. My tent mate, Suzy, was a sophomore at a local college. We used to talk about boys a lot. She taught me some things. On parents weekend I was with the campers whose parents couldn't be there. I got them in the arts and crafts lodge, and went to get some supplies from the supply cabin. I walked by my tent and heard some sounds I didn't recognize. Thinking one of the boys from the camp across the lake had snuck in and was trying to steal underwear. I quietly approached the tent." She picked up her head and kissed me. I was getting turned on by the story and in a hoarse voice I asked her to continue.

I opened the flaps just enough to peek in. I was not prepared for what I saw. Suzy was tied to her cot fully nude. A naked man was getting a blow job from Suzy while an older lady wearing a leather bustier and matching thong was spanking Suzy with a paddle and stopped every so often to take a picture. The man pulled out of Suzy's mouth and she said 'I want my daddy to shoot his spunk all over my face, then I want my mommy to take a picture of my face covered in daddies cum and then to lick it off.' He smiled and said 'you are such a dirty little girl.'

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