tagLoving WivesServing our Troops Ch. 02

Serving our Troops Ch. 02


My name is Joyce and my experience from my last story was about me getting gangbanged by seven soldiers at a camp I was at, This picks up after I had been back home awhile with my husband Tim and our son.

My husband still does not have any idea what happen at camp with the seven men that made me there slut for four days.

The thoughts of those few days are burnt in my mind and drive me crazy each day not being able to feel the pleasure those seven guys gave me, My husband is a good lover but he has never used every part of my body like those men did.

I received a call from a relative that needed my help at her home because she ended up going into a nursing home to have rehabilitation for a broken leg and she was in the process of having a construction crew make some changes to make things more accessible for her to get around her house. So I told my husband that I would be back in a week and drove three hours to her house to stay while they finished what they had begun.

When I arrived I got settled in and called Steve the contractor to let him know they could come back to finish.

Steve said he would be able to start back day after tomorrow so the next day I just laid in the sun tanning, Steve and his crew arrived early the next morning to get started, He had four guys with him and most of the men looked like they were in there mid twenties and nice looking, As the day progressed I kept thinking about what happened at camp till my panty's were soaked from my juices.

The site of these young men working in the house got me aroused to the point that I changed into a tight fitting white tank top with no bra and cut off jean shorts that left my ass cheeks hanging out to tease them.

I walked around asking if I could them any thing to cold to drink and I noticed their eyes glued on the dark circles of my hard nipples that showed thru the thin white material of my tank top, My nipples were hard and poking out and you could clearly see them thru the top.

They could barely make eye contact with me as I talked to them so I just went out side to mess around in the yard and as I did I noticed a few of them at windows sneaking peaks as I would bend over with out bending my legs and the crotch of the jeans would ride up into my pussy lips because they were very short and no panty's, After a while I went back in and told Steve that I was going to take a bath and to holler at me if he needed any thing. I went into the bath room to undress but I left the door cracked enough so that if someone walked by they could see in.

As I bathed I could feel eyes watching me so when I got out to dry off I made sure to bend over with my ass pointing at the door with my legs parted and I knew who ever was at the door could see the lips of my pussy and I even put a leg up on the vanity which left my pussy wide open, Then I heard a noise at the door as one of them dropped a tool out of there hand which hit the door and opened it up wider, I asked who was there and Steve apologized and said he was sorry for hitting the door open and as he was telling me this his eyes were staring at my fully nude front and I made no move to cover up.

Then with out thinking I asked if he liked what he was staring at and did he want to touch it, With out saying any thing he walked over and started kissing and sucking my breast, He was paying a lot of attention to my hard nipples and then slid his finger into my moist hole between my legs.

After a few minutes of this I reached down to undo his pants and pulled his now hard cock out to suck, It was a little salty tasting from sweating but it felt good sliding in and out of my mouth.

Then I heard someone else speak up to say we wanted some of the action to so I looked over at the door to find four guys standing their with lust in there eyes, So Steve led me by my hand to the living room, They all started pulling off cloths and then Steve pushed me back down on his cock and I eagerly took him back into my mouth as another young man shoved his cock into my wet pussy.

It wasn't long before my pussy felt his cum being deposited inside then another guy took his place and then Steve shot his load down my throat , As he pulled out another guy stepped in to shove his cock in my mouth, I had that same seductive feeling that I had at camp and couldn't get enough cock.

They keep fucking me and gave my tits and mouth a work out, I told one of them to look in the cabinet and get some kind of lubricant to grease their cocks with so they could fuck me in my ass, He came back with some Vaseline and in just a few minutes the party was on with me taking a cock in my pussy, One in the ass and another in my mouth.

They each took turns in all my holes till we finished up with me sucking and licking each cock clean, They left for the day but not before telling me they would see me in the morning.

When they arrived the next morning all I had on was a short nighty with no panty's and we all came up with a plan so they could finish the project but yet get their cocks serviced as well, So they would work and alternate there breaks to have me give each one a blowjob till they would fill my mouth with some creamy juice. Steve was the only one that got to fuck me because he was the boss. But we all decided that they would all come back after work to gangbang me some more.

All five showed up around 7:30 that evening and the fuck fest began, I straddled a cock as another got shoved in ass then my mouth with my free hands stroking the other two cocks, This went on for hours till I had cum all over me, And cum dribbling down my ass and legs from my over filled pussy, I also had a crust starting to form on my face from the dried cum that had been splashed on it.

When every one had finish fucking me that night they left and would return tomorrow to finish the job, Till then I'll just rest my body and wait!!

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