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Serving the Married Couple


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Tiny Tina and her equally short boyfriend Don, become live in slaves to a strong and aggressive married couple. Read how they humiliate Don while using Tina for their pleasure.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.

My beautiful young girlfriend and I are now slaves 24/7 to a married couple just 20 minutes from where we both grew up.

It didn't always start that way. My name is slut now but it used to be Don. My girlfriend is called Pet, but her real name is Tina. We had been boyfriend / girlfriend since 4th grade, and now 14 years later I can't fuck her without begging my Mistress or Master for permission, and then it usually is not the way I want to make love but rather for their amusement.

************** New York

Two years ago just after graduation from our small Midwestern College, we both went to New York for a vacation. We wanted to take in the sites, all the local attractions and even some of the more neighborhood places that are not in the AAA tour guide book. One of those quaint places was a leather and latex sex bar.

Sure, you might be thinking – the kids from the Midwest get in over their heads at an S & M bar first time in the big apple. But it was true. We met this guy at our hotel pool. He seemed innocent enough, and gave us directions to this bar. He gave us the password to use at the door, and he told us to wear dark clothes, so we didn't stick out. His name was Reggie, and he just couldn't keep his eyes off Tina's 32 DD breasts while she was in her wet swimsuit. Tina's nickname was Tiny Tina – she was just that – she weighed in at 94 pounds, and 10 of those were in her tits. She was only 4' 11" tall, dark brown hair, and a nice tan body. Her green eyes were in striking contrast to her dark skin, and they sparkled when she was happy.

We went to this bar, and saw all the guys in leather. The women walking around with next to nothing on – some were dominant and some were in cuffs and thus submissive. Lots of action and stares from the bigger guys. Tina can attract men the way a dart board attracts darts. Each is looking to score – and get the bull's eye. I tried to keep next to her so they knew she was taken. But being 5' 6" tall and 145 pounds myself, I wouldn't be much of a deterrent to keep the bully guys away. But believe it or not, other than a few cat calls, and an occasional guy pinching her ass, we didn't get hassled as much as I thought we might when I entered.

But the scenes in each room were very erotic. Guys whipping women, bound men being led around on a leash, strong aggressive women even having 10 inch phallic symbols protruding from their crotch. This was the weird side of NY, and we took it all in. My favorite was the woman in leather – leading a guy around to fuck her other slave, who was bound to a wooden X-Frame. This guy had a huge hard on – and he used it only when his Mistress gave him permission. The girl on the X-Frame was held in place while he rammed his tool into her ass. All the while the two of them were getting whipped by the leather Mistress.

Tina's favorite scene gave me shivers. She liked the one that had two guys and a girl. The dominant guy had the submissive one on his knees on stage – while he sucked on the Master's prick. The woman on stage was letting the Master grope her where he wanted. Finally the Master took his cock and slipped it into the woman's pussy while the slave licked her ass cheeks.

When we returned to our hotel we had the best sex ever. I was harder than I have been in weeks, and she was so very wet – so turned on – it was simply amazing. We never saw the guy at the pool again and we had to return home, but he had given Tina his email address, and she sent him a wonderful letter from us both. She told him how much it turned us on to see that – and how good of sex we had after.

We stayed in contact a little over the next few months, and we talked a bit about doing something like this again – but NY was so far away, and there wasn't a place like that around here.

********** Local Agenda

Unknown to me, the guy from the hotel had given Tina some places online to check out. One of those places led Tina to start talking to a person online – from a chat group known as Submissive couples for Dominant Masters & Mistresses. He was local to us. She told him everything about us – our likes, and dislikes. She told him about how she was so turned on being submissive – but that I was too nice to be a Dominant Master. He inquired about me – my size, strengths and weaknesses. She even sent him a few photos of us both. That got him hooked right then.

She was asked to meet – he had learned a lot about us – and she had learned a few things about him. He was 6' 4" tall 220 pounds, and played football & rugby in his teen years. He was now 30 years old & married. This couple liked to take the dominant side of sex. His name was Kyle, and his wife was Bonnie.

By the time I found out what she had been doing – we were walking up the sidewalk of their expensive house. I was lured there by Tina – she said that this was a surprise party for one of her bosses at the hospital she worked at. I just assumed he was a doctor or administrator when I dressed and followed the directions to their house. Tina told me on the sidewalk "Don, I have a confession to make – We're not going to a birthday party – we're meeting a guy and his wife. I have been talking to him online, and he wanted to meet us both. I have seen pictures of his wife; I think you will like her."

I was confused. "What do you mean – you met someone online and now we are going to their house? Why did you lie to get me here? What is going on? Haven't you ever heard of meeting someone in a public place and getting to see that they are not evil before you go to their house?"

"Calm down honey. He is a Dominant Master, and his wife is a Dominant Mistress. Since you never play the role of Master very well, I was -- -- um, unsatisfied. I thought that since you and I both like to please people – we would be a sure thing for being sex slaves once in awhile. I told him all about our sex life – and he thought he could help us out." She took my arm and continued to lead me closer to the front door.

"You did what? --- You told a stranger that I am not good at being a Dominant Man in our relationship?" I was startled.

"You don't have to do a thing. They will do everything for you. All you have to do is obey. I know you'll do anything for my pussy!" She teased as we got to the front door.

I wanted to leave; I wanted to take her with me. I was angry that she would do this and not tell me. I knew that I wasn't playing the bedroom games very well, but it was just a game – so what if I sucked at it.

Tina rang the doorbell, while I was tugging on her arm pulling her away. "We can't do this." I tried to convince her.

Before I could get her off the front porch, the door opened up and a woman in a red cotton dress stood in the entranceway. She was blonde, but a very tall blonde. At 5' 11" she was wrapped in a 160 pound hourglass figure. She was very striking – but didn't appear to be the dominant woman I just pictured moments ago in my erotic mind.

"Welcome Tina and Don – won't you please come in?" The blonde asked us in a sweet southern voice.

Tina seemed at ease right away saying, "Oh, you look just like the photo you sent."

She was dwarfed by this woman in red. Her head was even with the woman's large breasts. The blonde was in 3 inch heels and towered over us both.

The woman introduced herself to me "Hello Don, my name is Bonnie. I have heard a lot about you from your enchanted girlfriend."

I felt so out of whack – that she knew stuff about us both and I didn't know anything about her or more to the point --- them.

We entered a large family room with a black leather couch and two white leather recliner chairs. It was dominated by a deep fireplace in the left corner of the room. From the other corner Kyle strolled over to us both. Stretching out his hand he offered a handshake. His hands were huge. The muscles on his arms were not small either, but by being eight inches taller than me and 75 pounds heavier – I was easily intimidated by him.

We talked a little while – about simple subjects – never really bringing up the reason we were here. Until finally Kyle asked Tina if she had remembered to bring the stuff she was suppose to bring. Curiosity got to me – but she answered "Yes, it is in a sports bag in the car"

Kyle had a way to ask me to get the bag that left me only one choice – Obey him. "Don, be a sport and fetch the sports bag out of your car!"

While at my car in their driveway – knowing I was completely alone, I checked out what she had brought to them: Our fuzzy cuffs, her 9 inch pink dildo, some rope, a few bras, panties and a brand new pack of cotton panties – in a size that wasn't hers? I brought the bag back into their house, only to find that Kyle and Tina were no longer in the room.

Bonnie said that they had gone to another room – we would be interviewed to see if we are really compatible – our separate answers would be compared, and if they please them – we would be allowed to stay the weekend.

"What sort of questions?" I asked.

"About you're likes and dislikes. She told my husband a few things about you both – but we want to know from you if you can be submissive and obey the way we want you to."

"I told her the truth – I am not sure what she has told you – but I was brought here under false pretenses. She told me we were going to a party – then told me the reason we are here is to be checked out by you both as potential sex slaves?" I explained.

"That is correct – Tina didn't want to bring you. She wanted to meet my husband by herself. She wanted to find out about submissive erotic sex – without you. I asked her to bring you to us. Since she told me that you have been best friends & then lovers for fourteen years, I didn't want her to throw that away."

This was news to me. I suddenly felt grateful to this Amazon. But I needed to know more. "What did she tell you about me?"

"She said you were polite, a gentleman, very good at oral sex, and eager to please your partner. These are some of the better traits found in a good submissive man." Then she offered me a seat across from her and she continued "We want a sex slave, one that is as beautiful as your girlfriend. We want a live in woman or man to serve our needs. Those needs include housekeeping as well as some sexual pleasures."

I listened to what she was saying while trying to innocently get a glimpse up her short red dress. Her legs were spread open a bit, her dress had ridden up her thigh, and I think she was flashing me on purpose.

She continued "Since Tina was afraid you wouldn't agree to come here, she declined to tell you. I thought that a couple of slaves would be better than one alone. If I have been told correctly – you and Tina are not married. You don't really have a claim on her. So if she wanted to be our slave, you would be left out in the cold. You would be either forced to find another girlfriend, or try to fight us for her. But if we could convince you to join her – as a live in slave – then we both win."

******* First Submission

So there it was in front of me. They could steal her away – my prized possession. I could fight her from their grasp, but I doubt if I could overwhelm this Amazon Bonnie much less her husband. I could wait and see if she really wanted to do this – be someone's slave – before I made up my mind what I wanted to do.

As if she was reading my mind Bonnie asked "You get to make up your mind to either leave her here with us and you return home never to contact her again or you can submit to me and show her that you want to be part of her life as a slave."

I was speechless. Serving this woman would be awesome – but I wasn't too sure about seeing Tina with Kyle.

"May I see Tina – and talk with her before I make up my mind – all of this is too weird to digest." I calmly asked Bonnie.

"No" She told me. "She is busy being locked in chains in the basement to begin her willing acquiescence to Kyle."

My mind rushed back to all the talk we have had since going to NY. Ever since that time she has been anxious to try out the submissive side of sex. I wasn't being mean, or aggressive enough to please her. She wanted this. I knew she wouldn't be turning back. But I needed to know where I stood. "So let me get this straight, you and Kyle were able to have her all to yourself – because she talked with you both online. And instead of trying to steal her away from me, you wanted me to come along and willingly submit to you too?"

"YES!" Bonnie smiled.

"If I submit to you and Bonnie to Kyle – what exactly happens to us? Are we rewarded for being good and obeying? Are we punished for not obeying? If so, how do you punish?" I needed more information.

Bonnie smiled knowing I was getting hooked. "Yes, you will be rewarded when you are good, and punished when bad. How we punish – is more along the lines of what makes the best effect. Some people obey better after getting a spanking; others do so after having to do something that they can't stand." Then pointing to the bag, "Bring the bag to me, and strip off those clothes – I want to see what kind of male slave I am getting here."

I looked at the bag, back to her, she looked confident in my capitulation.

I delivered the bag to her.

"Good boy!" She smiled at me. "Now, let's see what she has packed for us." She pulled some of the items out of the bag. Cuffs, rope, some underwear, oh my – she does have a tiny body but very large breasts doesn't she?"

Bonnie was holding up one of Tina's bras. At just 32DD she was much smaller than Bonnie who must have been a 40E. Then turning to me, "Well, are you going to strip and kneel for me?"

I asked "Tina is really with Kyle offering herself as his slave?"

"What do you think? You think she came here to do anything else?" Bonnie taunted me.

"Okay – I will be your slave." I resigned myself to this new roll, and stripped out of my clothes.

When I was naked, she pointed to her feet in front of me – "Let me inspect your body"

I came closer – she pried my ass cheeks apart, and examined my ball sack and limp dick. As she touched my body – I began to grow harder.

Bonnie took the cuffs and locked them on my wrists.

******** Humiliation Starts

About that time, Tina and Kyle came into the room. "See, I told you he would allow himself to be bound and kneel at your feet." Tina laughed at me.

She wasn't undressed; she didn't appear to be messed up in any way. She said she had been looking at Kyle's sports memorabilia in his basement.

"Well, well – lets get a pair of panties on him – and make sure he knows what in store for him." Kyle mocked.

They pulled out a fresh pair of panties, still wrapped in plastic. The size was medium – but she assured me they would fit me pretty tight.

I didn't know what to make of this. But it didn't take long for everyone to enjoy my set up.

Tina said "He's such a wimp, I knew I could trap him like you suggested."

Kyle added "A nice slut that can suck a cock? Hey pussy, ever had a big cock in your mouth before?"

I cringed!

Bonnie laughed along with them all but when I tried to stand up and reject being their toy, she wrestled me to the carpet and held me captive while Kyle roughly put the pink panties over my ankles and pulled them up my legs. Even bound with my hands behind me, I could get a good feel for the muscles on this blonde Amazon. I could see a bulging bicep on her right arm, as she pinned me to the ground. I could not move, but still kicked and struggled against Kyle. I thought if I wasn't bound, I certainly wouldn't be this easy to tame, but without my arms she could just push my face into the carpet and put all of her weight to keep me there.

Tina kneels down in front of me and tells me – "I came here last weekend. When I said I needed to go to my friend's house Saturday night. I have already been tested and they want me to stay with them. They would like for you to show that you are a good cock sucker, and great pussy licker, especially after Kyle has dumped his thick load in one of our pussy's. We will still be together. You will get your ass spanked just like mine. You will get your nipples pinched when they do mine. And hopefully you will be used as a pussy when Mistress Bonnie or I are not available. Bonnie has some wonderful strap on's that can effectively rape your ass. Kyle is hung, and has a ton of juice in his full balls. I love to see my man, on his knees, pleasing my Master. Please tell me that you will want to be that man."

Kyle interrupts before I can answer, "Boy!" he exclaims. "We don't call male slaves Man – they do not deserve that title. We will give him a new name, but looking at the size of his dick inside those panties – for now – he can be called boy."

I protested by yelling out. "Stop this damn you. You can't do this. I changed my mind. I don't want to be anyone's damn slave. I want Tina and I want to leave!"

"Don, dear Don, it is not at all proper for you to make demands. Tina tells me that you are sweet, and obedient. I don't see that sweet side yet, and I sure don't believe that what you are doing now is even remotely close to obedient." Bonnie teased. "Tell me Donny boy, do you like to suck on big dicks?"

"No. I don't swing that way." I answered.

"Well, there is always time to learn. Let me introduce a friend of mine – we call it the trainer – cause it makes the wearer get used to big firm rubbery items in their mouth." She held out her hand which contained a thickly deflated rubber balloon like object which had a big bulbous black end and a small squeeze pump beyond that.

"You are not using that thing on me!" I threatened. I started flailing my head around. I was cussing and raising all kind of hell. "Fucker, look big bitch, I want these cuffs off and those silly panties off. I don't know what --- YEOW" I grunted.

Kyle had squeezed my balls and yanked them far away from my crotch.

Bonnie pushed the rubber balloon thing in my mouth, and before I can force it out she started to squeeze the little pump on the end.

"ummmfffff ..." was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

In moments it fills my mouth. "It is a lot easier if you suck on it so it goes to the back of your mouth!" Bonnie explains.

My nostrils flair, my eyes bug out of my sockets, my arm muscles strain to break the cuffs, but Bonnie continues to fill my mouth with that gag. She pumps small sets of air into the balloon forcing my tongue to the bottom of my mouth, thus limiting my disagreement to a few muffled grunts. I start to cough, and gag – but she tells me "Relax, open your throat muscles." Tina slides her hand to my panty covered crotch, and strokes my manhood to tame my struggles a little.

Bonnie finishes pumping the gag up and my mouth is now totally full of rubber. I can't force it out – and I can't make any noise. I bite down on the rubber – but it is thick where my teeth are located. Bonnie seals the air inside the gag by twisting the outward side of the dildo. Happy with her handiwork she sits back in the chair facing me. I glance around the room and see that Tina has joined Kyle over on the couch. His right hand is fondling her big breasts. His other hand is between her legs as he rubs her clit to excite her. Threatening didn't work – so I look back up to Bonnie with the most helpless puppy dog eyes I could muster.

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