tagBDSMServing your Queen....

Serving your Queen....


Seated in a Queenly chair Her scant apparel, black cornelli lace, a perfect contrast to the deep crimson velvet of Her throne. Her delicate ankles crossed and resting on a luxurious footstool. Seated beside the stool, patiently waiting, is Her devoted servant. Resting his cheek against Her soft thigh. She strokes his forehead, lovingly. Thoughts wander through Her mind of his obedience causing a curl to the corner of Her hungry lips. Her hunger growing.

A low hum detected arouses Her servant. Enlivens his senses. his desire to please his Queen overwhelms him. his cock stiffens. his thoughts begging for Her command. a deep sigh and his breathing changes.

"Patients," She whispers.

She slides Her fingernail down the back of his neck. Drawing him into Her. his lips pressing against Her voluptuous hip, he takes in Her intoxicating scent. inhaling deeply. soft moans. his eyes cast downward.

The stately chair in which She is seated in high off the floor. a perfect height for Her servant when he is on his knees.

She beckons for the other footstool, "servant of Mine, the preparation must begin," She commands.

he places each stool at Her feet at the legs of Her chair. Carefully uncrossing Her legs and placing each high heeled foot gently down with a kiss to the top of Her foot.

taking his submissive position between Her legs. on his knees. hands in his lap. head slightly bent forward. patiently.

"kiss My thigh, from My knee to the lace top of My stocking," with a firm voices. She adds "slowly," knowing that this is just the way he knows to please Her.

After several long wonderfully pleasing minutes, he has made it to the top. "mmmmm, very well done. you please Me so," She murmurs.

"Press your hot tongue against My panties, firmly against My heat," She commands.

A low and deep moan escapes him.

"you are hungry, servant?"

"oh, yes, my Queen."

"then I shall feed you."

Her commands thrill him. so stiff for Her.

"Move the fabric of My panty aside with your tongue, and let it wander as you do."

Careful not to move to quickly. he wiggles his tongue under veil of his Queens panties. gently and playfully gliding his tongue against Her clit, lapping up Her juices.

Drawing Her ankle up around Her servants back and to his neck bringing him in deeper.

"Deeper now, faster."

plunging his tongue deeper, frantically. he manages to bring just a few words to his lips, and glad that he did, not foreseeing the outcome of the statement.

"yes, my Queen, whatever You desire."

"My cock, is My desire."

To his feet immediately, standing before his Queen, cock in hand. deep dark red already. She is delighted at the sight.

"Mmmmm, a gift for Me!"

"for You, my Queen, to serve You. Your cock remains constantly hard. or pumping sweet hot lotion for You. What is You pleasure today, Madame?"

Leaning in toward him, She rests her elbows on Her knees and parts Her lips slightly. he is mesmerized by Her movements.

"Pump My cock... hard and fast... pull it... grip it... then when you are about to explode, place the head onto My tongue, and fill Me with pleasure..."

At this he began pumping furiously... Her cock, swollen with pleasure, and tingling for pulling so much as of late. This draws his attention fully to his task.

small whimpers. breath catching. trembling. exploding. incredible white creamy jets. so hot. filling his Queen with pleasure. filling Her.

his body quivering, She motions for him to rest. his head back in Her lap. caressing gently.

"you serve Me well," his Queen's head sways back and they drift off...

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