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She was walking around the house listening to her MP3 player when he walked up behind her. As he tapped her on the shoulder, she turned towards him and smiled politely while moving a headphone from her ear. The sounds of Def Leppard blared a little before she pressed the power button on her player. Her light blue eyes sparkled a bit before she spoke.

"What are you up to, Hugh?" she asked. Hugh smiled at her more with his flashy smile.

"Well, darling, I am thinking of a kinky game to play and I want to know if you have time to indulge me," Hugh looked at her almost pleadingly. Since Claudia began her new career as a medical assistant, she had been too stressed to do anything more than gentle petting. Hugh's hands have become too much of his companion in recent weeks and he desired Claudia. Unfortunately, he has been getting less and less attention from her.

Claudia heard Hugh and his proposition, but her sex drive just wasn't in it in recent weeks. Whether it was because of the new stress of working for the local low income doctor or just because Hugh was use to their old three love making sessions per day life style, Claudia just didn't feel much like a sex pot lately. The proposition seemed harmless enough. There were no plans at all for that day and she didn't have to think about work for another two days.

"What kind of game, Hugh?" she asked, removing the headphones from her ear and placing the player on the coffee table. Hugh shuffled a bit before answering.

"I want to play a sensory game."

"As in me blindfolded?"

"Precisely, interested?" Claudia looked at him. It had been a while since she had played a game like that with Hugh and perhaps it was what she needed. She nodded at him before following him to the bedroom.

Her bedroom seemed normal until she looked on the bed. There sat not only their blindfold out of a cheap bondage starter set, but also the cuffs from said set as well as a small anal plug, a vibrator also of a moderate size and a pair of cheap nipple clamps. Claudia turned towards Hugh who had a sadistic smile on his face.

"What wickedness are you up to, Hugh?" Claudia was more wary than excited until Hugh took her in his arms.

"My wickedness is to explore a little, my love. I miss you when you work and I want to enjoy you and help you decompress a bit. The toys are merely an idea if you want to. Or would you rather go back to housework?" Hugh began to kiss Claudia's forehead since he towered over her by a few inches. Claudia looked into the grey eyes of her husband of six years and felt secure. Not that she was insecure before, but Hugh had been nothing short of wonderful since they met at a friend's wedding ten years prior. Hugh had always been reliable and dependable, yet not in the sense that he was predictable. The sight of her toys on the bed baffled her a moment before Hugh released her. She sat on the bed expectantly until Hugh seemed to change before her eyes.

"Darling, for this to work, you need to be in my favorite suit that you wear,"

"Oh, you want me to change clothes, Darling?"

"Rather I require you disrobe completely, my dear. I need everything off of you including your jewelry and your undergarments. It is the only way I can ensure that you completely enjoy the game." Claudia began disrobing as Hugh watched.

"Darling, aren't you going to disrobe as well?" Claudia wondered why her husband wasn't getting undressed as well.

"I will, my love, but not yet." This surprised Claudia as her breasts were exposed to Hugh's line of sight before she finally shuffled off her panties. Then she sat on the bed. Hugh took a moment to take in the sight.

"You are so beautiful, my sweet Aphrodite. Now I will place your blindfold in place." He walked over and slowly slid the blindfold over her eyes before her world went dark. Claudia could already hear her breathing deepen a bit due to the unknown. As she sat there quietly, Hugh spoke again.

"My love, I need to let you know that you need to trust me because there are some things I desire to do to you right now. In case you feel uncomfortable, we will use the word Red if you have had enough. Do you understand my love?" She breathed deeply before she nodded her head. The first thing she felt were a set of hands on her shoulders. They began to rub them softly as she felt small knots of tension being eroded away. They felt like hands, but she couldn't tell if they were Hugh's or not. Ironically, Hugh had never placed his hands on her shoulders before. She then felt a breath on her neck before Hugh whispered in her ear.

"I am going to need to do that more often," he cheerfully whispered before Claudia giggled a little. She felt his fingertips sliding up and down her spine before his lips pressed against her neck. Claudia let out a moan as he pressed a little harder until she smelled Hugh's scent. He always wore that Nautica brand of cologne and it mingled with his own scent almost aphrodisiac ally.

"I need you to lay down, my love," he whispered. She responded a little faster than she thought she should have as her back went to the bed and she felt her warm comforter. A small breeze blew in from an apparent open window as she felt a presence on her abdomen. It felt like Hugh was kissing right around her navel. She shuddered as his kisses began to trail up towards her breasts. The kisses stopped just before Hugh's cheek would have hit the bottom flesh of her left breast.

She then felt a presence beside her head again as Hugh whispered, "I am going to clamp your breasts now, love. You'll love it I swear."

It was an agonizing minute before she felt the familiar twinge from the clamp on her right nipple. Her right nipple had always been the more sensitive one and this game was no exception. Claudia could remember the day Hugh brought them home because he read in an online story how they could make a love making session a bit kinkier. "He's always coming up with perverted ideas," Claudia thought to herself as the clamping continued on her left nipple.

The clamps remained there for a good few minutes before she felt a kissing on her right big toe. Hugh was never a toe kisser and Claudia was about to say the safe word before Hugh spoke. "It's me, love. I read it online and just had to try it. Does it work for you?"

Claudia's response was a simple moan as she felt him kissing along her instep towards her ankle. She could feel the kisses as they moved from her ankle to her inseam along her shin towards her knee. Her legs seemed to open almost on their own volition as the kisses neared her thigh. Claudia immediately felt a little self conscious because she forgot to shave that morning and a little stubble was along her vaginal lips. The kisses continued almost towards her engorged lips before they pulled away.

"Hugh?" she cried before she felt his kisses along her neck again.

"Had to tease you, love," he reassured her before his presence resumed where his kisses left off. His tongue grazed a lip and Claudia moaned. Hugh then began to slowly allow his tongue to explore along her privacy as Claudia began to reach up and find the chain on her nipple clamps. Her hand found the chain and pulled gently as Hugh's tongue almost on cue slid inside her. She moaned louder, forgetting the open window as Hugh kept working on her clit. Claudia's hands went down towards Hugh and pulled a little on Hugh's spiked black hair as his tongue began to work deeper.

"Yes! Yes! Oh darling," she screamed as she neared her climax. It had been a few weeks since she had a good one. Hugh continued pressing his tongue inside her before he felt her walls clench. Hugh was rewarded with her climax all over his face while Claudia struggled to catch her breath. She felt something cold slide within her as Hugh's presence moved. She was about to protest when Hugh whispered in her ear.

"I bought you a new present, love. It's a vibrator that I have a remote to so I could stimulate you from a short distance. You'll feel why later." Claudia could hear the wickedness in his voice as she heard the sound of her nightstand drawer open. As she struggled to hear what was being grabbed, Hugh's cell phone went off.

"I need to get that, love. Just stay here for a moment," he assured her before she heard his steps take him away. Claudia remained on the bed quietly as she wondered what was going on. It would be simple to move the blindfold for a moment, but she knew how much Hugh wanted to play the game. She then felt a buzzing inside her pussy. The toy was moving and it was slowly rubbing her towards the point of pleasure. She moaned softly as she pulled her chain again and her nipples were pulled a little. It was a slow build, but she felt like she needed to cum again.

"I see I can't leave you alone, you naughty minx," Hugh's voice said as she felt something on her wrist. She reached towards it with her hand before the same feeling was on the other wrists. After feeling them with her fingers, she realized they were the cuffs from the bondage set. They were black leather with insulating foam inside and they were clasped together with a small clip. Claudia remembered the one night she tried them with Hugh when she struggled with them behind her back while Hugh played with her nipples. She smiled from the memory before she felt herself being rolled over.

"Darling, before we finish our game, I need to plug your bum. That's why you heard me look for your personal lubricant in your night stand." Hugh sounded more scientific than loving by then and Claudia was concerned before she felt the cold gel being rubbed along her rear entrance. Then she began to feel the plug inserted as her toy in her pussy buzzed again. Claudia started moaning again as she felt the taper slowly slide within her nether region. Claudia bought the plug for a joke a few months prior and only played with it a few times in passing. So her entrance wasn't as trained to take it. She felt the steady pressure inside her ass as she knelt up on the bed. She then felt Hugh's hand on her.

"We have one more facet of the game, love. I want you to pleasure me, but you will be cuffed behind your back while doing it. I can't wait to see how you do," Hugh said again rather scientifically. As she felt herself being led down the stairs, she wondered why they were moving in the first place. She then remembered that Hugh always fantasized about being fellated in their living room. It seemed to Claudia that another fantasy would be realized that night.

She felt Hugh lead her towards where she though the couch would be. There Hugh told her to get on her knees while he disrobed. Claudia was glad they were alone because she must have looked the sight being blindfolded, having her nipples clamped and cuffed much less with a butt plug inside of her. She then felt Hugh's hand on the back of her head. She could smell the scent of man sweat as she slowly opened her mouth and felt the member touch her tongue.

Claudia then took over. She felt the hand leave the back of her head as she slowly began to take the member deeper inside her mouth. She started pulling back a little as she realized that Hugh must have put some strawberry lotion on himself before she started. She began to suck more, tasting the sugary sweetness on her tongue while she fellated him. She then felt the toy inside her pussy buzz as she sucked. She wished she could have had her chain pulled again while she sucked Hugh off.

It was then she felt the blindfold being removed from her eyes. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find that she didn't have Hugh's penis within her mouth, but she had his best friend's. As she started to open her mouth to release it, Hugh was right next to her kissing her cheek.

"I'm sorry, love. I should have told you." His hands went to the cuffs as he released them. Claudia was too much in a state of shock to move. A few moments passed before Claudia took his friend's cock in her hand and then without warning inhaled it all the way down her throat. His friend was shocked as well as Hugh before she removed her mouth.

"You should have told me you were gonna share me tonight. Now pull your dick out so you can fuck me. I'm going to suck his cock so hard that he's gonna cum in buckets."

Hugh was not ready to hear his wife talk like that and was soon naked and sliding behind her as her pace began to quicken on his friend's cock. His plan worked to almost total perfection.

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