Setting Moon Ch. 02


Sam and Eric undressed and shifted into their wolves. Sam was a huge, beautiful golden colored wolf and Eric was a slightly smaller but still quite large brown wolf. They circled each other growling; Eric ran towards him and jumped trying to strike, but Sam was too quick he dodged out of the way and moved behind Eric, waiting for the perfect moment. Eric turned to look at Sam and started to move towards him. Sam lunged at Eric biting him in the side and blood fell from the wound. Eric managed to get free and jumped away but still watched Sam as he started to circle him. Sam moved around Eric as if he was a piece of meat just waiting for the right time to strike. But instead Eric jumped at Sam tackling him onto his back and tried to bite at his face and neck. Sam dodged Eric's bites and threw him off by kicking his back legs. Sam quickly got to his feet and ran into Eric hitting him in the side and knocking him into a large stone that was in the center of the field.

Sam jumped on top of the rock and howled, and then he looked back down at Eric. Eric now back on his feet leaped upward and rolled Sam onto the ground below. Eric then bit Sam's left front leg slashing at his flesh. Sam bit the side of Eric's face making it easy to pull his leg out of Eric's mouth. Sam was done playing he pushed Eric off of him and got back to his feet. He now moved fast toward Eric who had started to move away, Sam then charged and tackled Eric to the ground biting his neck. Eric howled signaling his defeat. Sam let go and they both shifted back into human form. Once they shifted their wounds were mostly mended at least on the surface so there was no need for bandages.

"I yield you are the strongest and most powerful Alpha." Eric said breathing hard. "Good, get dressed we have business to attend to." They both got dressed as Fin came up and congratulated Sam. As they walked back towards the house, better referred to as the den. Sam spoke firmly to Eric and Fin.

"My mate is in danger, I need a security team and Eric you will be coming with me while Fin stay's as acting alpha in my stead. Eric you will fill me in on everything that has been going on while I've been gone. I know tradition dictates more celebration but it will just have to wait until we get back. Now get things ready we need to leave, she's at the hospital in Charlotte. But she's exposed." Sam strode through the den proudly as people congratulated him along the way.

When he arrived out front there were already three black SUV's being loaded up with weapons and security equipment. A beta led him to one of the SUV's, Sam then turned to Fin as Eric got in the SUV. "I should only be couple of days, maybe less. I assume you've kept up with the goings on." "Yes sir, I've kept a close eye on everything." Fin was happy Sam had come home but wouldn't show it. He didn't want to undermine to seriousness of the situation. "Good, we will be back soon." With that Sam got in the car and they pulled away from the den.

Once in the car and on the road, Sam looked at Eric who had gotten in next to him. "Now what's been going on? I've only been gone eight months." He looked back towards the road and waited. "Well, not a lot really, the twins had their babies. I still have not found my mate. Now that I think of it there was an incident about two weeks ago two of our male children were taken" Sam now looked at him with red eyes, "but we found and killed the perpetrators and got them back within four hours of them being taken. Unfortunately we weren't able to question the kidnapers, but they weren't part of the pack. They put up quite a fight and in the end died before we could get any answers. There have been no problems since, but I've still had security on double duty ever since. Sam calmed down and looked back towards the road, "Good, we don't need problems like that now; I think we'll have enough problems from the men hunting my mate."

"Where did you find her?" Eric asked.

"In the hospital, she had been kidnapped and escaped but was pretty badly hurt. I found her when she was being attacked by the men that had taken her. I heard her scream and came to help, not knowing she was my mate. Once I entered the room I smelled her and killed the two wolves with ease. But she was fading fast from what the men had just done to her. I didn't know if she would come back to me." He now held his head in his hands. "I had to get her more protection, but I had to leave her there alone with only a gun." He sat up looking back at the road. "That's why we need to get back there quickly; I won't let her be hurt again." His voice was stern with determination. "Oh and she doesn't know about my wolf side yet. So keep on the normal side of things until I tell her."


Four hours later they pulled in to hospital parking.

It was four in the morning; Ericka sat in a chair against the windows. She was old enough that sunlight didn't bother her anymore. So when the sun comes up she won't have to hide. She had found a male night nurse to quench her hunger, but he was fine, she rarely killed anymore and the young man wouldn't remember a thing. Most of her meals were entranced by her look anyway so usually they enjoyed it, unless she didn't want them to and that was a side of her you never wanted to see.

Ericka stood at 5'9' with long model legs; she was thin and had black hair that fell just below her shoulders. Her eyes were a stunning deep blue that matched the oceans depths. Her skin always looked pale in the sun but inside she had a glorious tan. Now she wore blue jeans with black high heel boots over them, coming up to her knees and giving her another three inches in height. She wore a black tank top and carried a black leather jacket to go over it but since she never got cold it was only a formality. She sported some vintage dangle earring, some bangles as bracelets and an Ogham necklace that said protection.

She sat there watching Lillian sleep, she was sweating now. Ericka thought it was just the healing taking over but the smell of danger filled the room. She started to pace as she got this strange feeling, like something big was coming.

Just then she heard a crowd of voices coming from down the hall. She smelled them and steeled herself against the wolves.

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Worth the rush

I wish Blood woman had taken a little more time with this. Parts of it are just too choppy and rushed but the story is still worth following. I'm sure by now she's a much more seasoned writer and hopefullymore...

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