tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 06

Setting Moon Ch. 06


The three SUV's and a large van pulled up to the front door of the Den. As people started to flood out of the vehicles one of the witch's came up to Lilliana, she looked about twenty or so and like the rest of them was very pretty. "Where will we be staying?" She asked.

Lilliana looked at Sam who was now standing next to her. "You and the other women will be staying in the singles hall since you are also not mated. When you find mates you will live with them, if you elect to take them." Sam said reassuring her.

"What is your name?" Lilliana asked.

"Aria, my name is Aria, I am sorry for attacking you before. But if I hadn't done as they ordered they would have killed one of us." Aria said and hung her head.

"I understand you were trying to protect your family. I would do the same if I had to." Lilliana said encouragingly.

With that they started to head inside. Once inside the witches were directed to go with an older woman named Lisa and they headed to what Lilliana assumed to be the singles hall. But before Aria left her side she said, "Come see me later, I want to talk to you about that ability you and I share."

Aria looked at her confused at first but then understood. "Yes, whenever you ready. ma'am."

"Please don't call me that, call me Lilliana until I tell you otherwise alright." Lilliana pleaded.

"Ok." was all Aria said and she ran off to join the other women.

Sam lead Lilliana though the man hall, then the dining room. Everyone they passed bowed and then stared at Lilliana. She walked proudly next to Sam; as they walked out of the dining room into a large hallway Sam stopped in front of a winding stair case. "Our rooms are just up this staircase." Sam said and motioned her forward. She started to walk up the steps with Sam behind her. Eric and Ericka had followed them this far but left them when they reached the stairs walking farther down the hall. Now walking up the stairs Lilliana started to wonder when they would end. But just then she saw the stairs level out into a hall way and noticed a big set of double doors on one side. She stopped just outside them and waited for Sam. He stepped in front her and opened the door.

Once in the room Lilliana stood in awe, the room they had walked into was a living room with study. Everything was beautiful and expensive, Sam lead her through another set of double doors on right into a bedroom. The bed was a huge four post bed with a tall canopy and gossamer drapes. She walked over to the bed and touched the sheets; they were the softest, fluffiest blankets she had ever felt. She could wait to lie on them and claim Sam on them. She smiled and looked around the room. She found Sam behind the bed in what seemed to be a closet. She walked over and watched Sam as he undressed and put on new clothes.

"And why are you getting dressed." She asked. She looked him over while she waited for an answer. He now wears black slacks and a blue button down dress shirt, and a pair of dress shoes.

"I have to go to a meeting with the council but I shouldn't be long." He turned and looked a Lilliana.

"What will I do while you gone?" She asked sarcastically, but then realized she really doesn't know what she would do.

Sam seemed to notice and said "You can take a bath or walk out in the gardens or go see the witches or Ericka. Whatever you want to do, oh and I have a surprise for you." He smiled and headed out of the closet, he opened another door and ushered Lilliana inside. Inside, Lilliana found long rows of women's clothing, and shoes, bags, basically everything she could ever need as far as apparel went. Then she hear from the door way "Or you could find something to wear to dinner."

She turned smiling "And what should I wear?" She ask taking of her shoes.

"Whatever you want, you know I think you're stunning in anything." He said as she started to remove her shirt. Sam stared with a smirk on his face as she removed her belt, holster and pants.

She then got close to him, "You sure you can't take a bath with me." She said pressing her body against his, his arms now rested on her hips and he sunk his head into her neck breathing her in. He kissed the skin there tasting her flesh.

She moved to run a finger over his neck and he shuddered. "You are very persuasive but I must go. You should take a long bath and don't bother getting dressed, I wouldn't want to tear up your new clothes." He said looking into her eyes, she kissed him passionately and he wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and carrying her over to the bed. He sat her down on the side of the bed and undid her bra letting it fall to the floor. He leaned down and licked at her hard nipple. She arched against him as her fingers found his neck again. A tingle went down his spine and he pushed her back onto the bed.

"I will be back, don't you dare go anywhere." Sam said and stormed out of the room. Lilliana lay giggling on the bed for a moment before getting up and heading back towards her closet. She loved that she could rile him up. She picked out a pair of sexy purple bra and underwear and set to finding the bathroom. Which she found next to her closet and opened the door to find a huge bathroom with a large shower and Jacuzzi tub. She found towels in a small closet in the bathroom and turned the water on in the tub. Steam filled the room as hot water filled the bath; she found some feminine washes on the counter and used them in the tub.

Once full she waded into the hot water and turned on the jets. She sunk in and relaxed her whole body letting all her recent problems float away. It had been three and a half months since she sat at the gas station. Now she would use Sam's resources to get her son back and would never have to worry about it again. Tears rolled down the side of her face as she thought of her son. She wiped the tears from her face as she heard someone come into the room. She stiffened Sam should not be back this quick who could this be. She then heard a small voice from the other side of the bathroom door, but couldn't quite hear what they were saying.

"I can't hear you; you can open the door." she said looking down to make sure she was covered by bubbles. The door opened and Aria walked into the room, but shyly turned her head as she saw Lilliana in the tub.

"Please don't be shy, I'm not. Come pull up a chair and talk to me, unless you would rather I find a robe and we can go sit in the living room." Lilliana said smiling.

"No, this is fine I just didn't want to be rude." She said pulling a chair over from the wall to sit near Lilliana's head.

"Good now tell me about your teleporting ability, how do you control it?" Lilliana asked.

"Manly I just think about who or where I want to go and concentrate on it and then I'm there. But you magic is insane, when I tapped into your power to get us all back to the hospital. I felt overwhelmed to the point that after words I passed out. With my magic now that I understand it its easy, your mind controls it and with your power, your mind may be the only thing that holds you back, especially since you have the key. The way I came to understand it, is as energy that flows through the body and when you focus it to do a specific thing it clusters and makes that thing happen and then goes back to circulating through you." Aria said knowledgeably.

"That makes sense now tell me what else there is to know about magic." Lilliana said, and Aria went on to tell her about the different types of magic and the different types of witches that use it. And that witches were descendants of angel's and that's where the magic comes from. Magic is made up of the four elements earth, wind, water and fire and then there was dark magic that was usually only used by descendants of demons or no origin witches. This means they just picked up the magic through incantation and potions. Lilliana has the potential of all types of magic and that she had to resist the pull from the dark magic.


Forty-five minutes later:

Lilliana had gotten out of the bath, dried off and threw on a robe. She talked with Aria a little more as they walked into living area, Lilliana noticed Sam talking to another large man in the middle of the room and stopped with Aria next to the doors.

"Now I will see you at dinner and tell the other's to relax they are perfectly safe. And I will talk to them all very soon." Lilliana looked up to see the two men smiling in her direction and walked over to them.

Sam began "Lilliana this is Fin he's my second in command." Lilliana shook his hand and then found him looking at Aria.

"This is Aria." Lilliana said and Aria put out her hand to shake his but instead he brought it to his lips placing a small kiss there.

He put it back down and asked "Would you mind if I walked with you?"

"I would love that." Aria said and started walking towards the door, Fin turned and bowed to Sam and Lilliana before turning to join her.

Once they were gone Lilliana turned stroking Sam's arm before heading back into the bedroom. Sam grabbed her hand and pulled her to him kissing her passionately. Sam undid Lilliana's robe and slid it off her shoulders and Lilliana started unbuttoning his shirt.

"So you didn't forget, did you think about me through your entire meeting?" Lilliana asked pushing off his shirt and began working on his pants and belt.

"Yes, but Lilliana you understand that once we start I won't be able to stop, I will be yours forever. Is this what you want?" Sam asked bringing her eyes up to his.

"Yes Sam, I am yours." Lilliana said softly and with that he picked her up and carried her over to the bed setting her down. Lilliana finished undoing his pants and let them drop to the floor. She pushed him back so he was leaning against the bed and started kissing down his body until she reached his long shaft. She gripped it in her hand and licked it base to head and heard a quiet groan escape Sam's lips. She started licking again tasting every inch of him and he moaned louder. When she felt she had licked all of him he positioned her mouth over the head and slowly sucked it into her mouth until she could fit no more. Sam moaned again and she started to slowly suck him in and out of her mouth, gaging as his cock entered her throat again and again. Sam started to moan loudly and placed his hand on her head and Lilliana push him further into her throat. Sam moaned and then Lilliana heard a small growl and Sam yanked her upward throwing her onto the bed.

"You drive me insane woman." Sam panted. And he immediately buried his face in between her legs and began licking and fingering her. She sat wide eyed for a moment before relaxing to enjoy herself. She moaned loudly as Sam began thrusting his tongue in and out of her core and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. She squirmed and moaned underneath him and he wrapped his arms around her thighs so she could not move. Her hands combed through his hair as he nipped at her swollen nub and then began to lick again; he wanted to taste her cum and flicked it furiously with his tongue. She started panting out moans and Sam finally tasted her sweet juice flow into his mouth. He sat there for a moment licking up the excess and then moved up positioning himself between her legs. Lilliana stared up at him his eyes sparked green and his hair looked muddled. She looked down and admired his gloriously toned body. He looked at her, now her fiery hair splayed across the bed, arms above her head just waiting to be taken, waiting to be claimed.

He leaned down and as he kissed her, he pressed his throbbing member into her awaiting slit. She raised her hips up to take him deeper and Sam slowly began stroking her tight walls, his arm now gripping her back that pinned it to the mattress. Her legs wrapped around his thighs as he found a steady pace and drove deep into her. He started to kiss her neck and shoulders as she breathed heavy moans into his ear.

"Sam, oh god" She whimpered but still he kept his steady pace. He didn't want to just fuck her; he wanted to make love to her so that she would always remember their mating. She reached an arm down and caressed his back leaving small scratch mark behind. Sam moaned, kissed her passionately and started to quicken his pace.

But Lilliana decided it was her turn, she flipped him over onto his back and then stood up. She motioned for him to sit up against wooden frame and straddled him. She guided his shaft back into her tight pussy. His arms wrapped around her back and she gripped the wooden base board and slowly began to ride him. She kept a slow pace just like he had done but when her nails started to dig into the wood as she came close again. Sam noticed and brought her hands to rest on his shoulders and Sam moaned she dug in, she stopped riding him and started grinding against him finding her sweet spot with his head and rubbed them together. Sam had started to massage her scars again and she nearly screamed she was so close. She touched that sensitive spot on his neck and he groaned.

"Please Lilliana." Lilliana now nipped at his neck and shoulder panting and moaning, Sam grabbed Lilliana's hips then and slammed into her, Lilliana screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body, she bit down hard on Sam's neck and Sam howled in pleasure. Lilliana bit down harder and skin broke under the pressure, she tasted his blood as it seeped from the wounds but Sam only seemed to enjoy it more. She broke from his shoulder to look into his eyes and saw that they were silver.

Suddenly Sam flipped her onto her back threw her legs over one of his shoulders and pounded her hard. Lilliana screamed as she came four more times before she felt him tighten and grow inside of her. Sam laid her legs down on either side of him and leaned down breathing heavy over her left shoulder. He pounded her still but seemed to be waiting for something; Lilliana moved her hair aside and exposed her neck to him and Sam growled and bit down with sharpened teeth. Lilliana felt a twinge of pain but then was over whelmed as she came again, Sam dug his teeth in deeper and she came again, screaming as she felt Sam thrust three more times before spilling his seed deep inside of her.

Sam removed his teeth from Lilliana's shoulder and licked the wound closed but it still scared. He moved Lilliana's leg to lay next to her other one and rolled onto his side still buried deep inside of her.

"Oh my god Sam, that was..." Lilliana said but couldn't finish.

As Sam said, "Amazing." Lilliana turned to look into his eyes and kissed him lovingly. She tried to turn more so she could look at his shoulder where she bit him but found she wasn't able to.

'Why can't I move?' She thought.

Then heard Sam say 'It's my knot we will be stuck this way for a while.' Lilliana had been looking right at his mouth but he had not parted his lips. Sam then continued 'Through the mating we have formed a connection that will now allow us to talk like this,' Sam was smiling now, 'and my knot comes from my wolf it is used to ensure pregnancy at the proper time, it's used to hold the sperm deep inside. But you shouldn't get pregnant now until winter."

Lilliana smiled and rolled back over so that he was holding her and relaxed.

It wasn't until thirty minutes later that she felt Sam move away from her and off of the bed, she stretched and felt their juices start to slid down the inside of her leg. She got up and headed to the bathroom but heard Sam from his closet, "Don't even think about taking a shower."

Lilliana smiled as said "Why do you think I bathed beforehand." She heard Sam laugh and then proceeded to the bathroom once she was done cleaning up she walked over to his closet as he was putting on his shirt she saw her teeth marks bore into his neck and shoulder. "Does it hurt?" she asked walking over to him and kissing it gently.

Sam shivered and said "No but when you touch it like that...do you want to make it to dinner?" Lilliana smiled but then shivered herself as Sam leaned down and kissed her shoulder where he had bit her.

"No I don't think we need to go anywhere." Lilliana said and stood on her toes to kiss him. Sam backed her into a dresser and kissed her deeply but then he stopped grabbing onto the sided of the drawers and hung his head.

"I deeply regret that we must go to dinner, my love. It will be my first night back and your first night here, and we must follow tradition." He sighed.

She lifted his head and kissed him before saying, "I understand, now what should I wear because I think my gun is a little much for dinner."

Sam laughed and said "Wear something nice but not fancy, I want you to feel confident while being comfortable." Lilliana smiled and left his closet to go to her own. She looked through the long lines of dresses, shirts, skirts and pants. She couldn't really find something she wanted to wear for a first impression; she was so used to wearing jeans and a gun that she wasn't used to this type of thing anymore. So she started with shoes, she always loved heels and it seemed like a good place to start. She walked back near the entrance of her closet and went right into a decent sized room completely filled with shoes and there was a whole section for boots. She got giddy and started to search the room for a pair she wanted to wear tonight. There were sneakers, and slip-on's, short boots and tall boots and heels lot and lots of heels this is the section she focused on for tonight. But she couldn't chose, Sam now stood in the door way staring at her.

He then walked over to the boots and pulled out a pair of brown knee high heeled military boots with a small holster attached to the side of one. He handed them to her smiling and said "If you aren't comfortable and being yourself my people will think something's up. Relax you are beautiful in everything and I love you."

She smiled and then asked "So where's the gun?"

He walked over to a wall and flipped a switch and a panel of shoes opened like double doors displaying an entire wall of guns. Sam smiled and left the room as Lilliana went over and started looking for the gun that fit in the shoe. She loved that he had this for her. But couldn't dwell on it dinner was in twenty minutes and she had to get dressed. She brought her new boots and gun out to the main closet and set them down, she found some lacy underwear and bra and put them on. She then looked finding a pair of black tight fitting dress pants and her brown belt but left off the holster. Once on she put the boots on over the pants and put the gun in its holster. Now she had to find a shirt, she looked through her collection and stopped at a silk silver shirt that had one side off the shoulder and it tucked in at the waist with short floating sleeves. She put it on and looked in the mirror, she didn't look too shabby and she was comfortable and confident.

She then headed to the bathroom to brush her hair and put on her jewelry but she wasn't able to find her key. She walked out of the bathroom to find Sam waiting for her on the couch in the living room.

"Have you seen my key?" Lilliana asked.

"Yes I put it in my safe because I was hoping you would where this instead." Sam said holding up a small necklace. It was a Jade pendant that sat on an old chain. He walked over and placed it on her neck, "It was my mothers, she died when I was young but I think she would want you to have it." Sam said fixing Lilliana's hair. "What's this?" Sam asked looking at what seemed to be a tattoo on the back of Lilliana's neck.

"Do you remember Ericka talking about Ogham in the car on the way here?" Lilliana said.

"Yes, its ancient Scottish I think is what she said." Sam said a little confused.

"Well this tattoo is Ogham, meaning strength I got it when I was young but it has stayed true to me." Lilliana explained.

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