tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 10

Setting Moon Ch. 10


"Lilliana...Lilliana...focus woman. Lilliana come on get up, I didn't hit you that hard." Lilliana tried to look around as her vision became less blurry. She sat up and rubbed her face where Kalla had just hit her.

"Wow, you definitely can throw a good punch." Lilliana said grabbing Kalla's outstretched hand and used it to help her get to her feet.

"Hey that's not my fault, you asked for it." Kalla said with a chuckle.

Lilliana looked around to see all ten of the witches and Ericka staring at her smiling and laughing. They had decided to do some more sparing today but had asked the witches to come help with Lilliana's magical training. But right now it just seemed like Lilliana was getting her butt kicked.

"Hey I don't see you standing here taking punches." She called to Ericka with a smile.

"Yeah and you won't ever, I'm not going to stand in one spot so I can get pummeled." Ericka said smiling.

"Hey you told me I needed to learn how to take a hit, but you don't even employ that method." Lilliana said irritated.

"Yes it is better not to get hit if you are quick enough or see it coming beforehand. But that will not always happen, I need to know and I'm sure Sam needs to know that you're not going to get hit and pass out like a sissy. Now get up and actually try to fight Kalla." Ericka said sounding like a teacher as always.

Lilliana rolled her eyes and then turned her attention back to Kalla. She watched as Kalla pulled back her fist and punched her in the right side of the face. Lilliana turned her head but otherwise did not move. She spit on the ground and then grabbed Kalla's arm and flipped her over onto her back. She stopped for a moment and then leaned down to look Kalla in the eyes.

"You all right?" Lilliana asked Kalla.

"Yeah I'm good." Kalla said trying to get up.

"Alright Ericka." Lilliana said turning around to look at her friend. "We've been at this for hours I think I'm done for the day."

Ericka looked at her and said, "Why do you have somewhere more important to be?"

"Actually, smartass, I do. Sam and I are going somewhere after lunch and I still need to shower and get dressed. Besides does anyone know what time it is?" Lilliana asked.

"You should train as long as you can its eleven fifteen now. You can stop twenty minutes before lunch. I have to go meet Eric now; I will see you at lunch. By the way I will know if you stop before then. So don't try to fool me alright." Ericka said will a smile and watched Lilliana roll her eyes again. Ericka then walked off back towards the Den.

On the balcony in there room stood Sam and Eric, they watched over the sparing as they talked.

"So she showed you all that from a dream? And you're just supposed to sit back and do nothing while she gets beaten around for what four days. She doesn't want you to do anything?" Eric asked.

"Yeah." Was all Sam said as he watched Lilliana take a punch to the face. "Sounds like a shit idea if you ask me." Fin said walking out onto the balcony.

"Trust me I wasn't quiet about how I felt about the situation. But the way she sees it, it's the only way." Sam said calmly.

"How can you sit there and be calm right now. If it was Ericka I would be fighting her tooth and nail to find a different way to getting her son back." Eric said sound angry.

"Don't you think I want to, it's tearing me apart just knowing what will happen? To actually be there and watch her go..." Sam said angrily but then stopped.

"You definitely chose a strong, hard headed woman just like yourself." Fin said looking down at Lilliana as she went to start fighting again. "I just hope Aria isn't this stubborn." He said with a chuckle.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Eric said sounding defeated.

"Yes, there is." Came from Ericka as she walked through the bedroom.

Sam turned to look at her and said, "And what can we do?"

"You can let her do what she feels must be done." Ericka said leaning against the door to the balcony.

"That isn't really a plan love." Eric said as he looked at her. Sweat was beading off her forehead and down the side of her face.

"No it isn't but what I will say next is. If she feels that doing it this way will be best then let her, but..." Ericka said with a smile. "You said you know the guy from the vision not Farid but Adam Solace. I say we go there after you have secured her son safely and get her back and I'm sure you will want to have more than words with Mr. Solace." Ericka finished still smiling.

"Yeah that's a great plan but we don't know where his mansion is, we've looking for it ever since we found out who kidnapped her in the first place. How are we supposed to find it with only a day left?" Eric said sounding defeated again.

"That's easy; I've been there before with Farid. But it was his father that was running things then." Ericka said walking over to the balcony to watch Lilliana.

"What did he want to do there?" Fin asked looking confused.

"About two hundred years ago Farid tried to force me to be his again. He told me that he always kept a lush room at the Solace Den because the family owed him some sort of debt that had been yet to be repaid. It would make sense with him being the one to retrieve her after all." Ericka said cursing quietly at the way Lilliana was fighting. "Damn that girl, does she not listen to a thing I say?" She spouted and moved back towards the door with her hand on her head.

"Good idea Ericka, go tell the security teams the plan. We will leave tomorrow night after I get back with Aiden and not a word of this leaks to Lilliana." Sam said now with confidence in his voice.

Fin and Eric swiftly left the Alpha's rooms to go set the plan in motion. Ericka then moved to stand beside Sam and place her arms on the railing. "I must warn you before we are able to save her you may see things that no man should ever have to see there woman go through. I need to know you will not rush in and do something stupid." Ericka said and then looked into his eyes.

"I have been the leader of this pack for four hundred years; this is not the first time I will have to go into battle." Sam said.

"But it is the first time your mate will be the catalyst of the situation. I have seen many good men die all because then did not stick to the plans they had created." Ericka said wisely.

"I will stick to the plans I have created anything I see will just be more fuel for my anger when I finally get my hands on Adam Solace. He will pay for everything he has done and everything he will do to my mate." Sam as anger spit off of every word.

"Good, now cheer up Lilliana is coming and you don't want her final day before the shit hits the fan to be a bad one." Ericka said with a smile.

"No I definitely don't, I got her something would you look at it for me?" Sam said turning towards her and digging into his pocket.

"Sure what is it?" Ericka asked curiously.

He pulled a ring box from his pocket and opened it; it held a large beautiful diamond ring with a black band inside. "I'm taking her somewhere special today and thought I would ask her to marry me." Sam said with a huge smile across his face.

"She'll love it, but I thought..." Ericka stopped as she heard Lilliana open the door to the living room. "She's coming, well finish this conversation later." Ericka said and ducked out a side entrance to their room before Lilliana opened the bedroom doors.

Lilliana walked through the room stripping her clothes, she didn't seem to notice Sam watching her intently but maybe she did and was putting on a small show for him. She slowly removed her shirt and her breast gently fell away from the cloth. She moved further then stopped and placed her hands on the top of her pants and slowly guided them over the curves of her hips and perfectly shaped ass and down her long beautiful legs. She began walking again and she took the tie out of her hair and gently swirled it around her shoulders. She stopped a few feet from the bathroom door and placed her hands on both sides of her head into her hair, and then slowly she moved them down her body, over her breast stopping only for a second to gently pinch the nipple between the knuckles of two fingers then down over her well-toned stomach. She then guided them over the curve of her hips and onto her thighs and then around to touch her inner thigh. Sam was rock hard and started moving towards her.

Lilliana smiled when she saw him moving towards her and stopped what she had been doing. "Oh, I didn't see you there." Lilliana said teasing.

When Sam reached her he placed a hand on her hip and the other on the side of her face and kissed her deeply. He pushed her against the cold wall and pressed his body against hers as he teased her with his tongue. Lilliana then went to unbutton Sam's shirt but Sam grabbed her hands and pinned then against the wall.

He then said, "We don't have time and besides I want to save it for your surprise later." Sam said with a smile, he let Lilliana go and she stepped away from the wall.

But then she smiled and said, "Fine I will control myself until then." She then walked into the bathroom and started the shower.

Sam pulled out the ring again and looked at with a smile. Then he heard a sound come from the door and turned around to see no one there. He closed the box and placed it back in his pocket and looked around some more.

Then he heard in a feminine voice, "So you're going to ask for her hand in marriage, how human of you." Sam then turned towards the balcony and saw Mila standing there.

"What are you doing here, you need to leave or I may hurt you before Lilliana can." Sam said grinding his teeth.

"Oh I'm not really here, I've been sent with a message from Farid. He say's let the girl come alone or the boy dies." Mila said trying to sound threatening.

"I suppose then your new Alpha is Adam Solace." Sam said with a grin.

"How do you know that, he said you didn't know anything?" Mila said nervously.

"I know what I have too..." Sudden a ball of fire flew past Sam's head and into Mila and Mila disappeared.

"So it would seem they have a witch on their side as well." Lilliana said breathing heavy.

Sam ran over and caught her as she started to fall to her knees. "Are you alright?" Sam asked.

"Yeah I think working with Ericka and the witches this morning just took it out of me." Lilliana said trying to steady her breath. "I guess I just need a break."

Sam looked at her now she had disregarded the need for a towel and water slowly dripped off her delicate, soft skin and out of her hair. "How did you know?" Sam finally asked.

"I felt your anger when I was in the shower and figured I would check it out. I didn't expect that bitch to be here but it would figure she would go try to find some way of getting revenge for the embarrassment we caused her." Lilliana said as her breathing became regular again.

"Yeah I guess, are you sure you're alright?" Sam asked again.

"Yes my love I am alright. Don't worry so much everything will be alright in the end." Lilliana said as she tried to wipe away the worry marks from his face.

"You're right; soon everything will be as it should. Now go dry off that sexy ass of yours and get dressed were going to be late for lunch, and they literally can't eat without us." Sam said and watched as Lilliana walked back into the bathroom with a smile on her face. "Oh and wear comfortable shoes well be doing quite a bit of walking after lunch."

"Oh really and the plot thickens, will we be driving anywhere first? Or just walking?" Lilliana asked curiously.

"Just walking, straight out the back doors and through the trees and there's more but I'm not telling you. It's supposed to be a surprise so stop guessing and get dressed; you've got less than five minutes." Sam said trying to rush her.

Lilliana then walked out of the bathroom naked but dry and through a fake glare at Sam as she walked into her closet. When she walked back out of it a couple of minutes later she was wearing jeans and sneakers with a regular V neck tee-shirt on, she had left her guns and belt in the closet and went and brushed her hair, she then walked into the living room where Sam was waiting for her.

"You know we are already late right." Sam said as he opened the door leading into the hall. Lilliana walked through it and they proceeded to lunch.

An hour later they were walking out of the back doors and into the woods.

"So why were you so uptight about getting to lunch on time, no one seemed to care?" Lilliana asked as she stepped over a fallen branch.

"It's all about tradition; if an Alpha and/or his mate aka the Alpha Bitch or Madam Alpha, are in the Den then they are expected to be there on time. Anyone else it would be acceptable for them to be late but we are supposed to set the standard for everyone else." Sam said moving around a tree.

"Oh alright, so then what am I supposed to be doing as the Alpha Bitch.?" Lilliana asked with a smile.

"You know we can talk about all of that next week, I would rather get to know you better." Sam said.

"Yes I guess we could, I would like to know you better as well. But I guess that's not something that has to happen first in the werewolf world." Lilliana said.

They walked for a couple of minutes in silence and then Lilliana said, "I used to love climbing trees when I was a kid, I guess it would be easier now that I'm a more agile fighter." Lilliana said stopping and looking up at a very large tree, "We had this one large oak tree back home it was an odd shape and the branches wrapped around each other until some of them laid on the ground, when I would climb it I thought I could see the whole world. I felt like no one could hurt me and nothing could touch me when I was up there."

"When I first transformed into a werewolf and took my first run, I felt the same way. I became the packs fastest runner and remain to be so to this day." Sam said proudly.

"You better watch it in a couple of days you're going to have more competition." Lilliana said as she began walking again.

"Oh really, that sounds like a challenge to me." Sam said grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes it certainly does, I don't know if it will be very fair though. You know with you being an old man and me being young and vibrant. I think there's no chance you would win." Lilliana said teasing him.

"Oh, well you better start running then, you'll need a pretty good head start to beat me." Sam said with a laugh.

"I don't know if you could catch me now especially while you're in human form." Lilliana said.

"Well there's only one way to find out." Sam said and Lilliana saw the excitement in his eyes.

"And my head start?" Lilliana asked.

"You have one minute." Sam said and leaned against a tree. He then watched as Lilliana took off in the direction they had been walking.

Lilliana jumped over a downed branch and kept running. She knew Sam would be able to smell where ever she went but maybe she could trick him just a little. Lilliana had been counting down the minute in her head since she didn't own a watch and left her phone in the room. She had ten seconds left and turned around, she found a large tree and climbed it until she didn't think Sam would be able to see her if he looked up.

Sam had lost sight of her about twenty seconds in and now that her minute was over he began running after her smelling her path in the wind and on the grass. He kept running until her scent was just gone he looked up into the trees but saw nothing. He then turned around and slowly walked looking around and up into the trees for any sign of her. He found one tree and sniffed it her scent covered this side of it.

He began climbing, about half way up the tree he heard, "Oh no you don't." Come from Lilliana he then watched as Lilliana jumped out of the tree, swung on one of the lower branches and landed on the ground. Lilliana gave him a mischievous grin and took off running again.

Sam jumped out of the tree and said, "I will catch you." He then quickly transformed into the hybrid before he chased after her. In this form he was much faster and his senses were even further heightened. He hadn't lost sight of Lilliana as she ran and caught up with her easily, he was right behind her, all he needed to do was put out a hand and grab her arm. But he was waiting for them to run into the field that was just ahead.

When they broke through the trees and ran into the field. Sam grabbed her arm and gently tossed her onto a soft bed of tall grass and dandelion's. He stood over her now standing in the way of the sun; he cast a large shadow over her. She looked up at him, his hair was long and shaggy and his sideburns came down to his chin. Long hair grew out of his chest where before there was almost none, his arm hair was longer too and he had hair growing out of his hands. His teeth were long and sharp but his face didn't protrude like she thought it would have. His nails were long and sharp; he could tear her apart if he wanted to.

He stared at her now her long hair spread out and tangled in the grass, she looked happy as she smiled up at him. He bent down now and sniffed at her legs, then up her thighs and stopped when he reached the spot where her legs connected to her hips. He breathed deep and then moved up to her stomach were he sniffed again and then he transformed back into his human form.

Sam had a puzzled look on his face as he sat down next to her. "What's wrong?" Lilliana asked.

"Um, nothing I thought I smelled something but I think it's just the dandelions messing with my nose." Sam said shaking his original thought away. "Are you tired we could rest for a minute if you would like." Sam asked.

"How much further?" Lilliana asked.

"About fifteen minutes or so I think." Sam said.

"I that case no, I don't need to rest unless you do?" Lilliana asked.

"No us werewolves have great endurance we can run for hours and still not be tired." Sam said getting up and then helped Lilliana to her feet. As they walked through the field Lilliana ran her fingers along the tops of the tall grass until her fingers started to itch then they walked into the forest beyond.

"Sam how is it with family? I mean in the books I've read about werewolves when a person joins a pack they can never see their birth family again." Lilliana asked.

"It's very important to keep our way of life separate from the rest of the world. It would be dangerous for people to know and for their families as well. We live dangerous lives and if someone were to find the human families of a werewolf then they would be in danger. Most when they figure that out don't want to take that risk. This is why most change their names after joining a pack, so they can't be traced back to them." Sam said.

"Oh, well it doesn't really matter anyway. I haven't seen them in almost six years now and only talked to my mom and dad over the phone. But I haven't talked to them since I got shot and was in the hospital. They probably think I'm dead anyway." Lilliana said sadly.

"Hey stop thinking like that it will ruin your surprise. I don't want you to be sad today we can talk about it more later, ok." Sam said.

"Ok but you have to promise." Lilliana said as a smile returned to her face.

"I promise." He paused looking at her. "Luna I love it when you smile." Sam said happily.

Lilliana smiled again as they walked for a couple of minutes in silence. "Alright close your eyes." Sam said. She closed her eyes and let Sam lead her forward; she felt leaves brush her arms and the wind kiss at the sweat on her neck. After a couple of minutes Sam stopped her and said, "Alright you can open your eyes now."

Lilliana slowly opened her eyes and looked around; purple flowers surrounded her and Sam leaving only a small circle where people could lay down in the center. Lilliana gasped as she took it all in, it was beautiful.

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