tagLoving WivesSetup by Hubby

Setup by Hubby


I was drunk, horny and was having a hard time getting the key into the lock of my front door. I had been at a girl's night out and had behaved very naughtily. When I finally got the door open I could hear music and the voices of my husband's friends down in the basement. Shit, I thought, his 'boy's party' was suppose to end after the game, so, I came home early thinking that I'd get fucked silly while telling Jerry, my husband, about the guy I blew at the night club.

Jerry likes to watch and also hear about flings I have with other men. He regularly encourages me to behave like a slut, and, because I'm such a horn dog, I try to please him as often as possible.

Anyway, I went into the kitchen, sat at the table, pulled my dress up and slid my fingers across my very slippery clit. I thought about the guy at the club. He was tall and well built. I was standing outside the restrooms waiting for one of my girlfriends when approached and he asked if he could kiss me. I just looked up at him and he took it as a yes, and OH MY GOD, he was a great kisser. His lips caressed mine just right and he slowly slid his tongue in my mouth gently making contact with mine. He got me so wet with his kiss that my juices began to run down my leg. His big strong hands explored my back until one of them made its way down and lifted my short dress enough to cup my bare ass.

"No underwear?" he asked already knowing the answer. He resumed his kiss pushing his body against harder mine and I could feel his growing cock against my belly. I let my hand slide down the front of his pants and took a hold of a huge cock.

"You're not wearing any either?" I asked.

"Oh GOD you are so hot," he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine, "come to my place. Spend the night with me."

"I'm married and my husband wouldn't allow that" I whispered back. "But he wouldn't mind if you take me into a stall of the bathroom and gave me a good hard fucking." I pulled a condom from my pursed and slipped it into his hand. When he realized what I had just given him his eyes lit up. He pulled my hand and led me into the men's room and several men watched as we entered the stall.

I couldn't wait to see his dick, so I dropped to my knees and while looking into his eyes undid his pants. I let them drop to the floor and took a hold of his beautiful shaved cock. Unlike my husband he was uncircumcised, and when I pulled back the foreskin a swollen red head beckoned me to it. I wrapped my lips around it and slid my hands up and down his shaft. It was so fat I couldn't get much more than the head of it in my mouth, but I used my tongue with just the right amount of suction to make up for not being able to deep throat him, (my favorite way to suck cock). I moved one hand to his balls and gently squeezed. My pussy was on fire I was so hot, I wanted to be fucked by this fat cock, but, it felt so good in my mouth I wanted to just sucking it for a while. Well, I must have gotten carried away, because suddenly my mouth was being filled with come, and lots of it. I swallowed as much as I could but some of it leaked out and dripped down the front of my dress. When he finished coming my handsome fuck buddy was so embarrassed he pulled his pants up while apologizing and quickly left me in the stall by myself. That asshole left me so fucking horny; all I had wanted was to be fucked good and hard.

That's when I noticed the stall door was wide open and about five guys stood with their mouth's hanging open staring at me with come dripping from my chin. I scanned the group while reaching in my bag for another condom. I thought at least one of these men would probably offer to satisfy my need to be fucked. Unfortunately, all the guys were dweebs, and that's when I decided it was time to go home.

Sitting at the kitchen table I was furiously rubbing my clit and just about to come when I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quickly got up and went over to the sink to wash my hands.

"Hi Tina, you're looking like a fox tonight." I turned around and saw Jack slowly scanning my body. Even though Jack is around forty, about fifteen years older than I am, he's quite attractive. I've told Jerry, that I'd like to do it with Jack, however, I've been told he's off limits. Jack is single; he's tall and slender, but very muscular. I know he works out a lot. He has a reputation of being a lady's man and I've heard from the girls that he sleeps around. Jack is a talker, a tough guy and I believed Jerry feels threatened by the idea of me having sex with Jack. But, I was feeling so horny, so I thought I'd do a little teasing.

"Are you boy's spending the night?" I joked, "I thought you guy's were leaving after the game."

"We're just hanging out, besides we didn't think you'd be home for another couple of hours. Why don't you come down and play some pool with us?" Jack asked as he grabbed a six pack out of the fridge, I could tell he was drunk.

"I don't think so. I'm just going to go to bed." I turned my back to him and bent over at the waist to get a towel under the sink. I could feel my short dress rising up high enough to barely cover my pussy. I stayed like that and fumbled around pretending to not be able to find the towel. I heard Jack quickly sit down at the table and I figured from that vantage point he probably could see my wet pussy.

"So, did you have a good time?" he asked.

Still bent over I turned my head and looked at him. He was actually leaning forward looking up my dress. "Like what you see?" I teased and wiggled my ass.

Jack showed no shame and kept on looking. "Absolutely stunning!" he replied as he shifted his glance and made eye contact with me. My body gave me away as I visible shuddered into a small orgasm. I stood up and walked over standing in front of him.

"You're very naughty" I chastised shaking a finger at him. Jack put his hands on my hips and slowly pulled my dress up to expose my clean shaven pussy. He leaned forward putting his nose inches from my pussy and took a long breath to smell my aroma.

"I'm going to be very naughty with you, baby." Jack stood up and lifting me off my feet pulling me close. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed hard and deep. While we kissed he walked through the kitchen and took me into the bathroom. Jack slammed the door shut behind us and put me on the counter. He grabbed my tits, one in each hand, and squeezed so hard it hurt. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, baby," he groaned as he put his hands on the collar of my dress and violently ripped it in half pulling it clean off my body. I was now completely naked in front of him. He cupped my breasts and squeezed so hard my eyes began to water. "You like it rough, don't you."

I DID! The way he touched me hurt. But, both being drunk and needing to be fucked, I was severely turned on and the rough treatment was really lighting my fire. He moved his hand down to my pussy and easily slid in a couple of fingers. I gasped and came hard covering his hand in my juices. As I came Jack then pushed in all his fingers stretching me wide open. He made me cum again and started to cry out. To muffle my screams Jack put his other hand over my mouth. It felt so naughty, so wrong being naked and controlled by a forbidden man with my husband not far away.

In the middle of my orgasm Jack let go and stepped back. He undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He was bigger than I imagined and hard as a rock. He grabbed my arm and forcefully spun me around pushing me forward so my ass was available to him. Without any delay he gave me what I'd been desperately craving and rammed his cock hard and deep inside my pussy fucking me very hard. The pain from his deep thrusts sent me into convulsive orgasms and again he had to stifle my screams with his hand pushing me even further over the edge. Holding my mouth he pulled my body up against his and roughly squeezed my tits while continuing his brutal angry fuck from behind.

I was in heaven! Finally I was being satisfied. I had no control; all I could do was let him ride me and it gave me wave upon wave of orgasms. Too soon he stopped, pulled out, and forced me to my knees facing his cock. He immediately came, shooting it all over my face and in my hair. When he was done he pulled up his pants.

"Thanks baby, that was great." He said smirking at me. He watched me for a moment while cramming his still hard cock back into his pants. I kneeled there covered in his cum shaking uncontrollably from my pleasure, "Let's do this again sometime," Jack said as he walked out closing the door behind him leaving me still in need for more fucking. A few seconds later I heard him in the hallway, "Hey Jerry, so when does that beautiful wife of yours come home."

OH SHIT! It was my husband right outside the door. In a wave of panic I scrambled up and grabbed my torn dress. "Not for a couple of hours, we still have some time," Jerry answered taking a couple steps closer to the bathroom. Desperate to hide, I dove into the tub and pulled the curtain closed.

Jerry entered the bathroom and started to pee. I could just barely see the head of his dick past the curtain and by the sway of his body I could tell he was very drunk. I stood as still as I could trying to control my breathing. I was shaking and praying that he wouldn't find me. Someone knocked on the door. "Use the bathroom upstairs," Jerry called out. Soon he finished up and left. Relieved, I listened as he went down stairs.

I got out of the tub and wrapped myself in a little towel that barely covered me. I stuck my head out the door and saw that no one was around. I went around the corner and made it halfway up the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks. Some guy I'd never met was washing his hands in the bathroom at the top of the stairs. I now had a decision to make; do I let this guy see me walking around in a towel and covered in cum, or, do I back down the stairs and wait until he goes down to the basement.

Had I not been drunk the decision would have been easy. I would've just quickly ran to my room. But not being too clear-headed I backed down the stairs just in time to run into two other guys I'd never seen before, coming up from the basement. Again, I froze in my tracks. The guys were about my age, both very tall, had shaved heads, and looked like tough guys, (just my type). Nobody said anything for what seemed like and eternity. They just stood in front of me seriously checking out my towel covered body and cum soaked face. Then one of the guys walked around and stood behind me. I began to feel trapped and my heart started to race and my pussy, which hadn't settled down from my romp with Jack, began to release fluids.

"What do you think?" Jack said as he appeared at the top of the of the basement stairs. He walked over and stood to my left. I grasped the top of my towel with my free hand to keep it together. I was feeling scared like something bad would happen, but, I also felt hot, I wanted all these guys to take me then and there and make me their slut. My breathing became erratic and I felt my face turn flush as I fantasized about being fucked by multiple men.

"She's really fucking hot!" the guy from the bathroom upstairs had come down and took his place to my right. I was now surrounded by four very horny men, only one of whom I knew and didn't really trust. I felt the back of my towel being lifted as the air rushed across my bare ass.

"You have great ass," complimented the guy lifting my towel. I held on tightly to the top and quickly spun around to yank it from his grasp. However, he held on tightly too, and the move only served to pull up the bottom of the towel exposing my entire body below the waist. After everyone got a good look he let go and it fell back into place. My heart was pounding in my throat as all my slut urges couldn't decide whether to fuck these guys, or, call Jerry for help. I looked down at the guy who had held the towel, now standing in front of me, and saw a good sized bulge in his pants.

"Come on baby," Jack said taking a hold of my hand clutching the towel, "Give us all a good look." The slut in me took charge and I let him gently pull my hand away from the towel. Someone in the group grabbed my towel and ripped it off my back. I gasped and began to hyperventilate with excitement as the air made contact with my body.

I suddenly felt rough hands pawing at me. I closed my eyes and joyfully let them squeezed, probe, and prod every inch of me. I felt like a total slut and I couldn't keep myself from exploding into orgasm. As I started to scream with pleasure Jack again covered my mouth to quiet the noise. The guys were relentless. I was coming so hard and so much I couldn't breathe. As though it was coming from someone else, I began to mutter, "Oh God... take me...take me...take me." My head felt like it was about to explode, then everything went black as my legs gave way and I passed out in their arms.

"Tina ... Tina, are you OK?" I heard Jerry's voice as I regained consciousness. I opened my eyes and saw him looking down at me. I felt cold and bare and my body began to shiver. I realized I was on the dining room table still completely naked. "Are you OK?" he asked again. Unable to speak I nodded my head. "Do you want them to stop?" he asked. I immediately sat up and looked around and sure enough all five guys were standing by the table, waiting.

Had I been set up? I was about to scream bloody murder at Jerry, but the blood began to return to my pussy and it started to ache. I JUST WANTED TO BE FUCKED! So giving into my desire, and in silence I rolled onto my stomach and then slid myself down off the table until my feet hit spread eagle on the floor with my ass hanging over the edge. I whispered to Jerry, "Please tie me down and let them take me." Jerry disappeared upstairs and the guys began to get undressed. I watched with bated breath as their hard cocks came into view. My pussy dripped with anticipation.

Jerry re-appeared with restraints we often play with and tied me down to the legs of the table. I closed my eyes and one by one they fucked me hard. All five of the guys took turns fucking me in my pussy and then in my ass. I pulled on the restraints taking in the pleasure and the pain. I came countless times as they showed no mercy thrusting into my holes as hard as they could. I had wanted a good fucking that night and boy did I ever get it.

When they were done Jerry left me tied as he showed them to the door. He returned he asked if I had had enough. "Why?" I laughed, "Do you have more men downstairs?" My best friend, who had set me up to have unspeakable pleasure, gently untied me then carried me to bed. I was so exhausted I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

In the morning my body ached and my pussy and ass were on fire. But the pain for the next few days was certainly worth the pleasure of the evening.

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cuck shit.

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