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Seven Bollywood Stars & Ash


As Ravs looked at Ash, she felt this strange feeling of nausea. Here was a woman, very well-endowed in most aspects (except breasts which were slightly small, but handy nonetheless), who was putting womankind to shame by acting like the typical prick-tease. She had thought that the lesson she and Sam gave her the other evening should have made her see the light of things. That was not to be. Well, today she shall get a lesson she won't ever forget.

Ravs gave Akshay a call and invited him and Twinkle over at Salman's. The seven of them would teach her a lesson, once and for all.

In the meantime, she saw that Shilpa was busy with Salman's dick in her sensuous mouth. Her luscious lips were wrapped around his meat and most of it had disappeared down her throat. That sight made Ravs' cunt water. She looked around and found that Rekha was busy smooching Pooja, their hands exploring each others rounded bottoms. She realised that she was the only one who was not pleasuring herself.

All that changed as Twinkle and Akshay entered the bedroom. Ravs grabbed hold of Twinkle and planted a deep long kiss on her mouth. Twinkle realised that they were right. Ravs just had to be the best kisser in business. Ravs was all over her. She gave Twinkle a tongue bath - her face, breasts, back, mid-riff, navel, thighs, feet, bottoms, and pussy were glistening in Ravs' saliva by the time she was through.

Ash was waking up now. She was fascinated by the sight. Akshay was nailing Pooja while eating Rekha out. Salman had his dick buried deep in Shilpa's ass. This was great. One more dick and five more cunts! What a night this was turning out to be. Soon, she saw Ravs strap on her double-ended dildo and violate Salman's anus. Salman liked getting fucked in the ass, and Ash was always repelled by it. In many ways, Ash was a prude and the biggest cock-tease anyone had ever seen.

Salman knew that if Raveena carried on this way, he would soon shoot his load in Shilpa's soft anus. Rekha had Twinkle's mouth buried in her pussy and her hands were holding Twinkle's head over her love nest. Ash heard a moan and knew that Ravs had had an orgasm. Soon Shilpa grunted, followed by Salman and Akshay discharging their loads. Pooja was not far behind. Rekha, then gave a blood-curling yell - Twinkle had given her the biggest orgasm of all.

Ravs saw that Ash was up. She knew then and there that she had to be disciplined for giving womankind a bad name. She dragged her by her hair and lay her on the floor. Ash was surprised. Ravs saw that Rekha was strapping on her dildo, too, and realised that they had the same thing in mind. The women grabbed Ash as Rekha inserted deep into her anus with one big shove. Shit! That hurt. Ash let out an agonising scream that must have woken up a few neighbours. Her ass was dry, and Rekha had inserted without any lube. But, this was not enough. That pain in her ass shot up manifold and she realised that Ravs had also shoved her dildo in her anus. They were double-penetrating Ash's anus! Tears rolled down Ash's cheeks as her throat went dry and no sound escaped from it.

Rekha and Ravs started thrusting and shoving in Ash's anus. Salman was enjoying this. Why wouldn't he? He was glad that Rekha and Raveena had taken the matter in their hands. If he had done anything, she would have surely filed a rape suit against him. Salman looked around and saw that Akhsay was enjoying the scene, as well. His cock had risen to all its nine inches of glory.

In the meantime, Akshay was thinking what it would be like to have Salman's cock in his mouth. His cock was an inch smaller but it was nice and smooth. As he saw Salman fill with blood, he could not resist it anymore. He engulfed Salman's manhood in his mouth.

Salman was a little surprised by Akshay, but then it was pretty normal in Bollywood for them to swing both ways. As Rekha and Ravs saw the scene, they got really hot and increased the intensity of their shoving. Ash's tears had also dried up by now. She just looked on as the two women violating her locked in a passionate kiss.

Twinkle wanted to see how much further her husband would go with Salman. She did not blame him. Hell, with a cock as beautiful as his any human being with blood in the veins would do what Akshay was doing. She got behind Salman and placed her hand on that firm muscular smooth round ass. Salman took great care of his posterior. Twinkle got down to her knees and nibbled at his ass cheeks as her husband sucked Salman off.

Pooja did not want to waste Akshay's manhood. So, she suggested that Akshay nail her in the ass. Akshay did not want to stop sucking Salman. So, Shilpa suggested that he try Salman's cock up his ass while he did Pooja. Akshay was too far gone to protest. He even wanted to try it. Salman spat out some saliva on Akshay's hole and rubbed some on his cock. This was going to be Akshay's first time, and he wanted to make it as pleasurable as he could. He let Akshay bend over and then shove his dick up Pooja's ass. Shilpa helped Salman part his asshole with her fingers. When she thought it was open enough, she put Salman's cock in it.

Akshay grimaced but very soon pain turned into pleasure as they three of them fucked in a steady rhythm - Akshay entering inside Pooja while Salman pulled out of Akshay. The fucking got Shilpa so wet that she went to Ash and slapped her hard across her breasts, giving vent to some of her sadistic impulses. Ash had gone through a lot and did not even feel that slap - it was more like a kiss compared to what Rekha and Raveena were subjecting her to.

As the fucking continued, Twinkle suddenly felt the urge to pee. Ravs suggested that she try their new toilet slut. Both women pulled out of Ash, leaving behind an anus that was stretched open beyond five inches. Twinkle put her pussy on it, and let go a yellow stream inside Ash's nether hole. Ravs, then, had another idea. She made Ash bend over and place her head between her knees. She stood on a stool placed behind Ash and sat on her haunches. Slowly, her anus came in contact with Ash's gaping hole and a yellow solid passed from Ravs into Ash. Ash could not believe this. Ravs shat into her!

This was too much for the trio of Akshay, Salman and Pooja, and they burst into simultaneous orgasms. Ash was crouched on the floor now, lying in a pool of Twinkle's pee mixed with Ravs' shit. "Get up slut!" Ravs ordered Ash. As soon as she did, all the contents of her dilated bowels emptied on the floor. "Now, eat it" Rekha commanded.

"Hey people" Salman said "How about we give this Miss World a nice shower?"

They all agreed. Turn by turn, they peed on Ash's naked flesh. Despite herself, this was turning on Ash. She longed for a mouth on her pussy.

"Please" Ash begged "Please someone eat me out."

"One condition" Rekha said "You be a good girl from now on and treat men and women the way they are meant to be treated - for giving and taking pleasure."

Ash nodded.

"Fine" Ravs said "But not today. Today you shall clean up that mess you have made and then pose naked for a few pictures."

Well, friends, people might say that naked pics of Ash on the net are fakes. But, now that you have read the story, you know where they came from and how.

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