tagNovels and NovellasSeven Days, Seven Women Ch. 01

Seven Days, Seven Women Ch. 01


Chapter 1: the storyline:

I want to describe the incredible fortune I have landed in terms of being able to make love to different mature rich woman, every day of the week without any catch, any obligations, without spending a single penny!

I am a 21-year-old young computer scientist, presently unemployed. My main occupation now is to satisfy the sexual libido of my seven rich mature beautiful women lovers, day 'in' and day 'out '(pun intended) who love to take care of my expenses and I have now no time to work or nor the necessity to earn money with a job else where.

NO, Don't take me as a gigolo or a male prostitute. My lovers and me are sincere people who are passionately involved in our relationships and the whiff money is not even remotely present in the scheme of things. It is just love and passion all the way

It all started this way....

I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but I was always curious about having sex with a mature, rich middle aged lady in 30s to 40s. I have been fascinated with their big juicy boobs, soft big and cushiony buttocks and of course my imagination of their rich, experienced deep and wide pussies, which will be so unlike the teenage girls and their tight and small cunnies

My theory of such imagination has been compounded by the fact that richer they were, idler, they will be with many a servant to take care of domestic chores, their time and money giving them the freedom to enjoy rich food lavishly and all affordable cosmetics to take care of their physical appearance, complexion and beauty. But if their husbands could earn that kind of money, they would most certainly working their asses off, leaving their women with all comforts but little companionship.

I have now seven such women to take care off and I have allotted one day of the week to each one, without revealing about other six to any of them, of course!!

They are as follows:


Mrs. B- She is a rich millionaires and a widow of 38 years, a buxom and full-bodied juicy woman, almost a nymphomaniac in bed. Her ass is big and curvaceous and her pussy is soft and hairless and takes a lot of pounding without getting tired.

It is unbridled pleasure to be in bed with her and come litres of man-juice in her warm pussy.


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years old, a single divorcee, she owns gymnasium in swanky uptown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well-toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bedmate.

The number of times she makes love to me, drains me and satiates me is phenomenal and the experience is just out of this world.


JM- She is a 36-year-Old cabaret dancer who acts in movies, unattached to anyone and very surprisingly a virgin at that age, when I met her. She is a big voluptuous woman with incredible soft and large breasts and curvaceous buttocks and a juicy honey hole with wet fat flapping outer lips on her pussy.

Needless today she saps my virile energies thoroughly to make amends for the years she missed out on sex.


SD-A dark skinned 40-year-old divorcee with lots of cuddly flesh all over and absolutely insatiable in bed, which is in stark contrast to her decent 'social worker' image built up in the elite society she moves in. She likes nothing better than showing her trimmed leaky cunt tucked in between her abundant thighs and make her big melon like hips jiggle seductively as soon as I and enter her home and close the door behind me.


MRS.Jay – She is a retired legendary film actress, very rich, easily billionaires without husband or children. She is also into charity and takes care of a film training Institute as its CEO. She is a woman who I love to fuck as she is submissive in bed and I make violent love to her almost raping her till we are bathed in sweat and our hearts would be hammering wildly and uncontrollably in the aftermath.


Saritha- She is a dark skinned widow, not very rich and woks as a part time Secretary to Mrs. Jay.

She is a voyeur who saw me once humping Mrs. Jay, her boss on her Board table violently on a Friday that she herself seduced me into screwing her on Saturday in the office on the very table, doing a lap dance on my thighs in her boss's seat. She is very innovative and a kind woman who takes care of me in many ways. That she has formidable tit pairs, sensitive very-erect nipples and can come a hundred times in one day with me socking it to her inviting accommodating womb has something to do with my kind impression of hers!


It's a special day as I usually visit any one the above six woman above of my choice and have sex with me in a manner that I have fantasized for them and not the way I do it to them on their regular days.

For example I violently hump and rape the woman with whom I usually make tender love. I have public sex with uninhibited ness with the lady who has sex only in the confines of her bedroom in darkness otherwise or it could be the other way round for another lady. I mean on Sundays, the Monday lady could get what Tuesday lady usually gets, Wednesday lady getting what Friday lady usually gets and so on. So many combinations, so much thrill. We can be as innovative as we can dare to be!

It gives me incredible strength, variety and satisfaction to rotate strike and have choice sex on Sundays.

All this in detail follows in the coming chapters!! Or should I term it as cumming chapters?

Chapter 2- Monday lady

I got a call from my Mother who lived in the neighbouring city asking me to meet Mrs Bindu (B, in short) a wealthy millionaires living in swanky uptown here who was in need of some computer services.

I met her at the mansion and if anything B was beyond my wildest (s)expectations about a mature rich woman. She was at least 6 feet tall, full bodied, buxom with abundant rich curves all over, a sign that her body knew nothing about hard work and she was living a life of unbridled luxury.

Her V-neck heaved up and with her movements amplifying the size of mouth-watering tits.

She gave me a broad smile and invited me in and soon I was in her Networking room. I was told that she had suspicious looking computer files where her accounts was saved and may be I could do something about it. She was concerned and said that her staff was defrauding her, especially her accountant.

I had studied accounts in my commerce course. It took me a half-day to study all her files and I was in the meantime served with some tea and snacks. B would come in some times, stand close enough to smell her pleasant body spray, her long well muscled thighs showing between her skirt pleats and her rosy white jugs straining against her gown tops as if they would pop out with a little help. All this did my cock no good and I was sporting an almost distracting erection and I fought hard inwardly to concentrate on the job.

Finally I managed to nail the fraud; it was a siphon off to a private bank account in Switzerland to the tune of a couple of millions. When I explained my findings, B was as startled as I had been and showed keen interest in the modus operandi and appreciated my shrewdness in tracking it down.

She thanked me a lot and next we thought of countering the criminal with these evidences the next day.

On that day she welcomed me personally at the front door, wearing a shocking red sari, an Indian robe with sleeveless blouse. She looked good enough to eat in that dress what with her soft luxurious curves mysteriously hidden as well as revealed tantalizingly. My heart was thumping when she made small talk and we waited for the accountant. I cast a hungry look at her ripe breasts jiggling around in her blouse. As I suspected no bra could hold her melons in place comfortably and she was not wearing any either.

The small hawkish accountant was anything but a gentleman and shouted at us when he was showed record of his crime. Finally when B fired him from the job, he was red faced and turned to me and screamed," I will see you soon and her too in rotting hell".

We thought nothing about it further, B complimented me profusely " Thanks N, You were just great. You saved me millions of dollars this way. My advocates will take over this case now to see that he rots in hell. Not to worry ". The words somehow had providential feel to them.

She laughed with relief and her ripe melons jiggled with her laughter. When she turned back her soft melon like buttocks swayed seductively on her behind making my pussy-hungry cock go turgid with excitement.

I was asked to come next week to check out her computer network and install firewalls etc making the network more secure and safer.

I was just entering her portico the next day morning when I saw a dirty looking rascal run away as if he had been caught doing something fishy from near her gleaming Blue Rolls Royce car. I was about to chase him down when she walked out in her Sports tracksuit to get into the car.

I was in two minds where to go to, to her or the suspicious character now darting away at a distance. In a flash I realised that something was wrong and that she should not board the car. I ran madly and clutched her bodily with both hands threw ourselves onto the ground, rolling all over each other as far as possible from the suspect car. We fell away from the car to a pavement and rolled together into a ditch. Almost immediately the car exploded into a huge fireball and as I was now lying down in the ditch, my body fully covered her soft, cushiony and gasping body.

The exploded parts from the car flew high and wide and some landed searing my back causing bad gashes and burns all over. I grated my teeth, wincing with pain and held on to he firmly my body pressing down onto hers into the stone floor of the drain. Her soft tits mashed against my chest and she screamed as she realized with a late shock at the blast we were just witness to. It took a couple of minutes for us before we stood up shakily, groggily looked at each other in wonderment that we two were actually alive and then at the burning debris of the Rolls nearby.

She knew for sure that I had saved her then from certain death and was not finding words to express her gratitude. Both of us were spellbound by this sudden shocking incident, which had thrown us in together

The Police were called in soon after, all her domestic staff gathered and soon we walked back into the mansion and got into a large airy private room where B made me lie down on a soft satin bed and sat close to me. Her sports suit was torn and badly soiled and her hair still dishevelled and her body shook with the after shock. She asked me in a husky wonder filled voice thus:

"N, My dear, How could you risk your life thus for me? If some thing horrible had happened to you here, I would not have forgiven myself"

I raised myself on elbows painfully aware of the injuries on the back and said, "So would I, if that same horrible thing had happened to you!"

The intensity and the truth conveyed therein from my words made her gape at me in still more wonder and growing affection.

We discussed about the accidental bomb blast that could have taken her life today and we came to a conclusion that it could very well have been the handiwork of the frustrated accountant who was caught red-handed just the previous week over the fraud.

The Police came and went about their work like a routine drill.

Soon after everything had settled down and we were alone in the room, she asked me to roll over to see my injured back. It appeared that there were a couple of deep bleeding gashes and a no of small burns B was very sympathetic and made genuinely concerned noises. She said 'its all because of me', many times over in the next few minutes

She told me with assertion that it was her duty to look after me, as I was alone in this town and I relented after some polite protests and partook her hospitality and unknowingly the goodies and delights that awaited me in the coming days proved that this was the best accident one could have gotten into!

B took personal care of me in the next few days and I was made to take full rest in that room. I was served everything in the room. She used to apply ointment s and balms personally to my injured back sitting close to me on my lying form on the bed. Her soft hands would knead my muscles and she would whisper me to relax. All the parts of my body would obey the command except the naughty pecker, which would perk up and look up to see if there was any possibility of some action for it. It was not disappointed for too many days.

I tried hard to cover my straining organ away from her eyes, but that proved to be futile. She knew what she was doing and she used to smile knowingly.

I knew by now that she was a widow from last eight years and was not attached romantically to anyone. Sometimes when she bent down to apply balm on my lower back her soft tit globes world press against my waist and lower back causing my cock to leap up inside my jocks and press down into the soft cushions making me squirm as I felt I would come then and there. I would press my loins down in to the cushion and gasp and she would giggle and ask me naughtily and knowingly, like' 'What's happening, N?' ' Not very comfy, are you?' 'Do you want to take off those tight briefs, then do so by all means'?

I did not know whether to take her seriously or not. I did not press on, as I was still a little afraid to take the first step to a right royal seduction.

On one such occasion I had had enough eyeballing of her succulent boobs that looked to be almost tumbling out of her tight shirt and wide, large thighs clad in terribly short 'shorts', that I took the so called 'matter' into my hands.

She was wearing a white translucent T-Shirt and Denim shorts. It was a hot Monday afternoon and her breasts were swaying teasingly over my face and right in my eyes as she applied pain balm on my legs. I was wearing shorts too and my cock of eight inches strained majestically up and she was nudging my pole with her elbow, pretending to be accidentally causing me spasms of pleasure and she was giggling at what she was doing. I thought the moment had arrived. This was too much. My heart was thudding erratically, my throat was parched and my hands were shaking with uncontrolled lust. I did not care any more if anything untoward happened and she reacted badly.

I just grabbed by her two ripe titties on their braless T-shirt and dragged her up over to me. She fell on me with a gasp and moaned passionately as my hands squeezed her ripe tits rhythmically one by one. They felt so heavy, yet soft and heavenly in my smallish palms. "Oh God "she whispered and lowered her face to mine and our lips met magically in a wet sloppy kiss. Our tongues fought white-hot twirling battles in the hot cavity of our mouths. It looked as if our hearts stopped beating for a moment and then started synchronously together in step.

Her soft and big thigh was now over my cock and my hard precumming shaft was literally poking into the crook of her knee. She squeezed her knees back over it and my cock barley survived the pleasant deathly squeeze that made my balls boil with hot seed churning inside them.

I gasped, "B, I Love you and I'm mad with lust for you...I want you now"

She looked at me in wonder and smiled in acceptance. " I have fallen in love with you also N.. But I am sorry, as I am not your age to be your girl friend. I am fifteen years older than you. "

I gave her no more time to explain as I clamped down on her juicy tits which I had extricated from inside her T-shirt as she was talking. I took her hot juicy meat into my mouth at once feeding the softness into my waiting hot mouth, my teeth scraped on the sides and the tip of my tongue poked her erect nipple right in its milk aperture.

B gasped. "Oh I Love you.. I wanted to thank you today for saving my life and…" the rest was an indecipherable gasp and moan as I tongue lashed her engorged nipple repeatedly with the flat of my tongue.

My cock was deliciously trapped in the soft cushiony junction between her welcoming thighs and it was twitching away to glory, the bulbous head poking out from under the uncircumcised foreskin. I covered her abundant bottom with my palms and tugged her jocks down roughly.

She helped me by raising herself and her jocks were swiftly down over her smooth knees. I dragged her down on to the bed beside me, her big tits with engorged tips scraping over my ribs, pulled her luxurious thighs apart and leered in wonder at her mature rich million-dollar pussy, which had tormented me in my fantasy all these days.

As she lay with her thighs spread open, her left leg crooked, her soft trimmed pussy hair covered moist outer lips of love cave smiled at me invitingly. I ran my hand all over her waist, hips, thighs, pinching here and there as she slowly peeled away my jocks to expose my raging 21 year old manhood into the air-conditioned environs of the room, it stood out straight and hard like it was carved in eight inch hard granite stone and it looked as if it had a mind of its own and was bent on invading the soft innards of this beautiful millionaires' womb today.

My mouth kissed her sweet mouth repeatedly, biting her soft juicy lips, playing with her wide wet tongue. We were hot and slobbering over each other.

" Any doubts about our pair bring not right?" I asked teasing her left nipple with one forefinger pressing it in and twisting the other bud with my other hand using thumb and forefinger grip and twist the nub clock wise and counter clockwise alternately nestling my palm all the while on her velvety accommodating yielding breast globe.

"NoOOOO… You darling, Please make love to me .. But, are you sure you want it, I am many years older than you, I am no young woman and I am not slim and attractive like them"

Continuing to poke my cock into the wedge between her big soft underbelly,

I muttered, "Oh You rich honey. Why do you assume you are not desirable any more? You are a godsend answering my lusty fantasies… Just wait and see how I devour your supremely delectable body".

My pre cum leaked out wetting her underbelly into wet patches as my balls tightened in anticipation. But I was not done yet. I wanted to taste her, devour her where it mattered most... Her wet and inviting womanhood, beckoned me with glistening lips above and smiling asshole below.

I bent down to the crook of her thigh junction and felt heady smell of her secreting womanhood welcome my thirsty parched mouth. My face buried in her soft big pubic mound as I poked around the innards of her cunt with my forefinger and thumb, widening it and pinching them together back firmly in a rhythm which made her hot juices spill out from her 38 year old mature but hungry womb, I pressed my lips to her two vertical vaginal lips and poke my tongue in her wet interiors lashing them with teasing strokes and she was now thrashing around on the bed, bed sheets twisting into a mess. My cock was quivering in air and I could wait no longer too, my face came away from the honeycomb of her juices on her mons and underbelly as I now aimed my hot eager precumming organ into the wet womanly oven whose taste still lingered on my tongue

I drove into the soft jelly of her womb inside which was steaming with years of pent-up lust, her outer lips big and gaping wide and her slick walls eating up my cock sides as it slowly sank into the oily wet well inside. My balls touched her outer lips as I fully expanded in her womb and set up a slow teasing rhythm of 'In and Out' movement. My young 21 year old waist drove firmly into the 38 year old mature's waiting welcoming flesh below as her breasts shining with my saliva jiggled up and down like jelly on her ample bosom.

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