tagGroup SexSeven, Eight and Nine

Seven, Eight and Nine


S C E N E S E V E N . . . . . . P R I V A T E L I V E S

"A blonde walks into a dry cleaners and places a dirty sweater on the counter. She asks 'how much for this?' The clerk - a little hard of hearing - looks up and says 'come again?' The blonde giggles and says 'Nooooo silly, it's just mayonnaise this time.'"

"Oh man, that's awful." Mark laughed as he pushed his dinner plate away from him and leaned back, sipping at his chardonnay. Dinner at Marcia's had been delightful, spoiled only, if at all, by her colleague Lewis's seemingly endless supply of dirty jokes.

"Trust me," Sandra - Lewis' long suffering wife - said. "He knows much worse ones than that."

"I've got a good one." Chimed in Melanie. "A man and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After a while the man finally gets up and says, 'Damn, I wish I had a flashlight.' The woman says, 'So do I. You've been eating grass for the past five minutes!'

Everybody groaned at that one. Marcia stood up and started gathering up the dishes. "I can't take much more of these jokes. I'm gonna leave you to it for five minutes and you'd better have come up with a good one by the time I get back."

She moved to the kitchen and filled up the sink with water, carefully sliding the dirty dessert dishes into the foamy tub to soak overnight as the dishwasher was already humming in the background, full with the dinner plates, cutlery, ovenwear, serving trays and dirty glasses. Must buy a larger dishwasher, she thought as she looked back upon another successful evening. As a homicide detective she didn't get the opportunity to host these get togethers often, and they usually descended into shop talk as the pair of them inevitably extended the working day by talking about their cases while their partners rolled their eyes in exasperation. Melanie, as an outsider, seemed to have kept things on an even keel, despite the fact that she was involved in the periphery of their latest case. The forensics technician had only been invited as her boyfriend Mark was a partner at the firm where Sandra worked part-time as a legal secretary. Lewis, Sandra's husband had suggested the six of them have dinner at Marcia's place because their apartment in the city was too small and while initially Marcia hadn't been too thrilled at the prospect of cooking for six, she had to admit that the extra dimension that the new additions to their circle had brought to the conversational melting pot had made the evening much more enjoyable than their normal soirees. It helped that Melanie and Mark were much closer to Marcia and Karl's ages than Sandra and Lewis. All in all, she reflected, it had been a fairly enjoyable event.

As she reached over to turn the tap off she felt a pair of hands caressing her ass cheeks through her skirt and a pair of warm lips nuzzling against the back of her neck.

"I've got a good one for you." her husband muttered as he ran his fingertips gently along the curve of his girlfriend's spine.

"I know you do." Marcia whispered, thinking about the hardening bulge in his trousers that was pressing into the small of her back.

Karl reached around her and cupped her breasts through her blouse, making her nipples harden instantly. "Horny, babe?" He murmured in her ear as he carefully pulled a lobe into his mouth with his teeth and then proceeded to curl his tongue around inside it while slowly squashing her tits against each other with his hands.

"Mmmmmm. Muchly. I think it must have been all the dirty jokes. My imagination tends to run riot." She moaned softly, reaching back with her free hand to grasp his hair as she tilted her neck, offering easier access for his nuzzling.

Karl slid his hand under her skirt, rubbing her damp, tender pussy slowly through the gusset of her silk panties. Marcia leaned over the sink, placing both palms on the edges as she closed her eyes and chewed on her lower lip "Stop it, Karl." she hissed softly. "One of our guests could walk in."

"I know. Bit of a turn-on isn't it." He whispered as his fingers pulled the thin scrap of smooth fabric to one side and slipped inside to stroke her slit, easing between the soft petals of her pussy and splitting her moist, blood engorged labia. "Just think how much more exciting it would be if I lifted up your skirt and started fucking you from behind right now with your friends only a couple of feet away and wondering what the hell is taking us so long."

"Mmmmm. I think you'd better cut that out before somebody sees us!" She mumbled, shifting her feet further apart to allow him easier access to her gushin pussy.

"God, you're already dripping wet down there." He commented, sliding two stiff fingers between her cunt lips and roughly thrusting them deep inside her as he nuzzled her neck some more, forcing her to bend over the sink, her large breasts almost dipping into the soapy foam of the washing up. "Who do you think it'll be?" He asked as he began to slowly move his fingers in and out of her inflamed sex, curling the fingertips on the outstroke in a way he knew that Marcia adored. "Who would you like to come barging through the kitchen door and see you bent over the kitchen sink with your skirt rucked up around your waist, your sexy ass on display and half my hand slowly fingerfucking your dripping cunt?"

"Mel." Marcia moaned in reply. "I want Melanie to see us."

"Really? Why Melanie? Not that I mind," he laughed as he teased her throbbing clitoris, rolling it mercilessly between his fingertips. "She's a pretty good looking woman, and she has a fucking hot bod too. Slender frame, heart shaped ass, nice long legs and lovely blonde hair that would look extremely hot fanned out on a pillow. She also has a very small mouth, I noticed. The kind that I reckon would feel totally incredible wrapped tightly around my cock and sucking hard, teeth and tongue working overtime. Shame about the little tits, though, but I guess you can't have it all. Thats what makes you the hottest piece of ass here tonight. I love your big titties. Sandra's aren't bad, either." Karl commented as he fucked his fingers in and out of her faster, attempting to make her orgasm quickly. "So how much does Melanie turn you on?"

"Oh she turns me on loads. I get wet just looking at her. I'd love to feel her long tongue licking your thick cum out of my freshly fucked cunt after you and her boyfriend have taken turns screwing me nine ways to Sunday."

"You dirty fucking slut." Karl whispered in her ear. "I've never even thought about you messing around with other women." Karl said as he moved his thumb to her ass and circled the puckered hole teasingly while his fingers screwed all the way into her cunt, his palm smacking against her damp pubis.

"Not since college." Marcia confessed. "It's been years and years since I had a bitch as hot as her between my legs."

"Well if you can get rid of the two old farts then perhaps we could turn this civilised little sextet into a something a little sexier." Mark offered, smirking as he pushed himself away from the doorframe and walked toward them clutching an empty bottle of wine.

They both jumped, startled. Karl's fingers jerked abruptly out of Marcia's cunt and she hurriedly straightened and rearranged her skirt, trying but failing to salvage some semblance of dignity from the situation.

"Don't stop on my account," Mark continued as he handed the bottle to Karl. "I was quite enjoying the show. By the way, do you have another bottle of wine in the fridge? That one's run dry. Careful you don't drop it with those slippery fingers." He winked lewdly as he handed the bottle to a red faced Karl.

"Oooh....oooh...I've got a great one!" Exclaimed Melanie as the trio trooped back into the lounge from the kitchen with a fresh bottle of wine, Mark grinning broadly while the married couple followed him looking decidedly sheepish.

"Oh, no." Marcia groaned, her face still a little flushed from both the sexual stimulation and getting caught in the act by Melanie's boyfriend.

"This guy, right, walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun."

"Heard it" Marcia sighed.

"Shit!" Melanie swore. "Shoulda figured a cop woulda heard all the hold-up jokes going. Okay, try this." She said, rolling her eyes. "A young boy and his father were in a store when they walked past a shelf full of condoms." She stared hard at Melanie. "You know this one?"

"No, I don't think so." Marcia smiled. "Keep going."

"Anyway, the boy asked his father, 'What are these things daddy?' His dad said, 'Those are condoms son.' The boy asked, 'Why do they come in packs of one, three and twelve?' to which his father replied, 'The packs with one are for the high school boys - one for Saturday night. The ones with three are for the college boys, one for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the ones with twelve in them are for the married men, one for January, one for February, one for March....'

"I hear that." Lewis chortled, glancing sideways at his wife who gave him a withering look just as his mobile phone began to ring. He glared at the screen then glanced at Marcia. "Dispatch." He frowned, flipping the device open.

"Lewis.....Yeah.......Dammit, I'll be right there." He sighed, rolling his eyes. "Hotel Armitage on Fourth. Yeah, I know it." He killed the connection and shrugged an apology to the others. "I've gotta go, there's been another homicide and it looks like it may be connected to a case that Marcia and I are working so they want one of us on scene. Sorry."

"Do you need me?" asked Marcia.

"No, no." Lewis said, motioning her back to her seat as he rose to his feet. "I'm the one on call this evening. I'll brief you in the morning."

"You're the boss." She shrugged.

"Sandy, love, can you get yourself a taxi home or would you like to spend the rest of the night freezing your ass off in the car while I tidy up at the crime scene?" Her husband enquired.

"I'll get a cab. You go and enjoy yourself." She deadpanned as he kissed her on the cheek and disappeared out the door, waving his goodbyes without even so much as a backward glance at the others.

"Things were so much nicer before he made detective." She sighed, knocking back all of the wine remaining in her glass in one go and pushing the empty toward Karl who refilled it for her.

"I'll call you a taxi." Marcia offered, glancing at Mark who was whispering something to Melanie that nobody else could hear. Something that made her blush a bright red before her eyes locked with Marcia's. Marcia felt her face also heat up in an embarrassed flush of her own and retreated to the hallway to make the phone call. She had a pretty good idea what that little exchange had been all about.

"An hour?" She exclaimed when the cab company told her how long it would be before they could get there. "Okay, whatever. Quick as you can, please." She acceded, shaking her head before returning to the lounge to explain to everybody that it would be at least an hour before they could get rid of Sandra and get on with the rest of the evening. This was going to be awkward. She surprised herself by being more worried that the evening would simply fizzle out with Sandra chaperoning instead of steaming up the way she had been starting to hope it might.

"Hey, it's fine by me so long as the wine keeps coming." Sandra laughed, gesturing to the empty bottle as she lifted her freshly refilled glass to her lips."

"I'll go uncork a fresh one." Marcia said, padding out to the kitchen. She had her head in the refrigerator, checking labels to find the cheapest, strongest white wine. She needed a glass herself to calm her nerves down. Getting caught in the act had been a hell of a shock, then watching Melanie and her boyfriend smirking about the predicament had been hugely embarrassing. She needed a strong drink to get her through the next hour and to prepare her for what might come afterward. She was just reaching into the back of the fridge for a bottle of Pinot Grigio when she felt a hand slide up inside her skirt from underneath and rest on the left cheek of her butt. Karl again, she smiled, but then she felt sharp fingernails drag provocatively on the flesh and heard a soft feminine voice ask if she needed a hand.

Not Karl. But oh yes, she definitely needed a hand, perhaps a little lower and more to the right, she managed to stop herself from asking.

"No, I got it." She said, straightening up and closing the refrigerator door, the hand on her ass slipping off as she turned to find a smiling Melanie right in front of her.

"I don't know if I can last another hour." Melanie whispered, reaching out to gently caress Marcia's cheek with the hand that had just been pressed against her ass. "I was getting so wet down there that I had to make some lame excuse to get up or I risked staining your sofa with my juices."

Marcia opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

"No need to be shy." Melanie continued brazenly. "Mark told me all about what you said when your husband had you bent over the sink with your skirt pushed halfway up your back and his fingers frigging you off. If anybody should be shy about it then it should be me, not you. I've never even kissed another woman but I've fingered myself silly fantasising about it. What does it feel like?"


"Kissing another woman."

"It's hard to describe," Marcia began, but before she could finish the sentence Melanie was in her face telling her to forget about describing it and instead to just demonstrate it to her, and half a second after that Melanie had pressed her full lips against Marcia's.

Marcy almost dropped the bottle to the stone tiles of the kitchen floor when Melanie's tongue pushed between her lips. She just managed to shove the wine aside and onto a worktop as Mel backed her up against the refrigerator door. Marcy considered forcing the smaller woman away, but the soft, wet tongue foraging in her mouth was taking her back fifteen years to rooming at university with Wendy Halliday, a shy little redhead nymphomaniac bisexual who had given her repeated multiple orgasms almost every night for more than a year when either of them had been between boyfriends before they graduated and had to go their separate ways. Outwardly shy, she corrected herself. Between the sheets she had been an insatiable and energetic, totally dominant sexual powerhouse. And that was just with her. Marcia had lost count of the number of times she had gotten off listening to Wendy going at it with her numerous male partners, or we watching them through the partly open bedroom door that she knew Wendy left ajar expressly for that purpose.

The memories came flooding back, and her fingers instinctively went up in search of Melanie's breasts, filling her hands with the blonde's firm little tits, but to caress rather than push her away in angry rejection. That perpetually horny teenager she had lived with in university had taken Marcia into her slender, freckled arms and turned her into her willing and obedient little slave with the skilful dexterity with which she wielded her tongue, fingers, vibrators and strap-on dildoes. Marcia had spent many a night since then masturbating herself to a thunderous climax dreaming of Wendy and her depraved habits, reliving their months of sucking and fucking together, and her cunt gushed wetly into her undies as she contemplated taming this clearly wanton wench into her own personal sexual plaything. What goes around comes around.

Mel moaned into Marcy's mouth as her small tits were roughly felt up, their tongues entwined and sucking hungrily, almost furiously as they lost themselves in the heat of the moment. Marcia felt her blouse being pulled out of her skirt and pushed upward, shivered as those sharp fingernails raking against her ribs as they sought her own breasts, felt slender fingers groping at her hardening nipples through the lacy bra that she was wearing. Wendy had used to attack her like that, she recalled. One moment they'd be chatting about some coursework that needed to be handed in, or some film that they had just watched, then without warning Wendy would be tearing her clothes off to get at what was inside. All it would take was a snogging scene in a movie and Wendy would use that as her cue to suck Marcia's face off before moving down her body. For a moment she considered submitting herself to Melanie's enthusiasm, so good did the hands on her breasts feel, but discounted that idea after a moment of contemplation. Melanie was, she had claimed, an inexperienced virgin when it came to sexual encounters between females, while Marcia felt that she had been taught everything that needed to be known on that subject by a jedi master in the art of lesbian lovemaking. Marcia had done her time as the padawan. Now it was her turn to be the master.

She reached behind Melanie's back and caught a fistful of her long blonde hair in her hand and began to pull it downward firmly. Mel's lips broke contact as her neck arched in response to the mild pain and the next thing she felt was a set of lips and teeth at her throat. Marcia's free hand deftly popped the button of her jeans and eased the zipper all the way down to the stops.

"Not here." Melanie moaned as Marcia's teeth nipped at her neck and her free hand began to tug at the waistband of her jeans. "Take me to..."

"Shut up, bitch." Marcia commanded. "You'll have it my way or you can go home and finger fuck yourself to sleep wondering about what might have happened tonight." She told her firmly.

"But what if somebody..."

"You can fuck them afterward." Marcia sighed. "For now you just do as you're bloody well told, okay."

"Okay." Melanie groaned as Marcia eased the blondes jeans halfway down her thighs.

"Take your sweater off." Marcia told her, releasing her grip on her hair and stepping back. Melanie tugged her yellow sweater off in one smooth movement to reveal nothing but a lacy white bra underneath.

"Now get rid of the bra. I want to see your tits before I decide whether you're good enough to take to my bed or only worthy of eating my pussy out right here in the kitchen before I send you home alone and take your boyfriend to bed with me for a dirty threesome with my husband. Or maybe I'll handcuff you to the table and make you watch while the pair of them spit-roast me. Show me those tits little slut so I can make my mind up what I want, them or you."

Melanie reached behind her and unclasped her bra, shrugging it off her shoulders to stand in front of Marcia topless, glancing over her shoulder to the lounge doorway.

"Make your nipples hard."

Melanie reached up to her breasts and started touching them up, her eyes boring into Marcia's as her face reddened. Marcia lifted herself up onto one of the black granite worktops and spread her legs wide as Melanie pinched and pullen ed at her tender nipples, then she eased the wet gusset of her panties aside to give the younger woman a glimpse of her glistening pussy lips. "Does that help?" She grinned.

Melanie nodded, her throat gulping, and she brought her hands down from her breasts to reveal a pair of fully hardened nipples standing proud of the small, pert breasts. "Now that's better." Marcia nodded approvingly. "Take off the rest of your clothes. I've shown you my pussy, now you show me yours."

Melanie kicked off her shoes and bent over in front of Marcia to take down her jeans, her little breasts hanging down as she worked at the trousers. Marcia purred in anticipation and allowed a finger to stroke her soaking wet slit as she watched. Melanie straightened up to see the lewd sight before her and grasped hold of her panties at the hips, inching them down to reveal a shaved pussy already puffed up with arousal before she stepped out of her knickers and kicked them across the floor. Marcia licked her lips at the sight. "Mmmm. Shaved. I never ate a shaved muff before. That's definitely something to be savoured on a soft duvet."

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