tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeven Tasks of Poor Carrie

Seven Tasks of Poor Carrie


"Hey, are you almost done in there? I have a hot date tonight!"

"Just another moment," Carrie called back. She was standing in the bathroom of her hotel room, admiring how her brand new violet prom dress clung to her body.

"Beautiful," she said quietly to herself. "This is gonna drive Andy up the wall!" She was a beautiful young brunette teen-ager with bright emerald eyes and just a hint of freckles dusting her skin. Tonight, she knew she was going to be the object of every boy's desire at the prom. Tonight was going to be unforgettable.

Brushing her silky long hair with one hand and downing another swallow of Jack & Coke with the other, Carrie was ready to start the evening. She took another long glimpse at her body, staring somewhat dejectedly at her modest bustline. She had just turned eighteen a few months ago, and it looked like a pleasant B-Cup was all she was going to get.

But no matter, she mused. She may not have the rack, but she certainly had the best ass in high school And tonight, when Andy came back with her to the hotel, she was going to let him take her back there......she was actually starting to get wet just....

"Carrie! Shit, come on!"

Tommy had always been a bit impatient, but he was a sweet brother for doing this. Buying the alcohol for her, renting the room in his name so Mom wouldn't find out.....it wasn't fair to keep him waiting.

Carrie opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom, spreading her arms and showing off her dress. "Ta-da!"

Tommy was leaning back in the bed, drinking a beer and watching some racy Cinemax movie. He smiled and gave her a thumbs up when he saw his younger sister in her prom dress. "Not bad, sis.....you look a lot better than my prom date did!"

Carrie blushed and waved him off. It was only her brother, after all, but he was a handsome, rugged jock who had been with more than his share of young women. He didn't make light compliments, and he never said anything that he didn't mean.

"Thanks again for everything, Tommy," Carrie smiled excitedly, grabbing her purse and shoes.

"Ah, don't worry about it," Tommy winked, finishing his beer and turning off the television. "You only have one senior prom, so you gotta make it a good one. Just be safe, and for shit's sake, don't do any more drinking until you get back to the hotel room for the night! Mom would rip me a new one if she found out I was getting booze for you and your boyfriend."

Mischievously, Carrie swallowed another big gulp of her drink and licked her lips at her brother. "I'll be good," she purred in a sing-song voice.

Tommy had heard that one before, and he just rolled his eyes. "Let's get going, I'm supposed to meet Sarah for a movie in an hour."

The two were just about to head to the door when there was a sudden, unexpected knock at the hotel room door.

"Were you expecting your boyfriend to come pick you up?" Tommy asked his sister.

"No, I'm meeting him at the school. He doesn't even know what room I'm in," she shrugged, taking another big drink.

Tommy had a suspicious feeling, and stopped Carrie from drinking any further. "Why don't you hide the booze," he suggested in a hushed voice. "Just get in the bathroom for a second." Carrie obliged, taking the seven assorted bottles of alchohol with her, as Tommy opened the door to a crack.

What he saw caused his throat to tighten! Three people were standing outside the hotel room door, all of them with a serious glare on their faces. His eyes took in the most intimidating details immediately-----badges, holstered guns, eyes hidden by sunglasses. It was a trio of police officers....and his underage sister with alcohol on her breath was just a few feet away

"Is.....is there a problem?" Tommy exhaled

The police officer standing closest to him, a tall woman with a clenched jaw, just stood there, looking around the hotel room with a quick glance. She was a few inches taller than Tommy----probably 5' 11-----but even if her height was being inflated by her boots, she didn't look like the sort of woman you could push around. She couldn't have more than thirty years old.

She was a giant compared to the other female cop, a young, short Hispanic woman who had the physique of a pixie compared to the taller officer. She was looking around the parking lot of the hotel, as if to see if anyone else was watching.

Flanking the tall woman on her other side was a large cop that looked like a tank. Six foot four, bald, and angry looking. Tommy's mind angrily reminded his body not to begin urinating.

"I'm Officer Erika Tack. As you know, it's prom night, and we routinely patrol the area to ensure that there is no underage drinking."

Tommy took a deep breath, hoping that his younger sister would keep quiet while he tried to talk himself out of this.

"I graduated high school years ago," Tommy began, happy that he didn't have to lie. He was never a very good liar. "I'm not going to any prom tonight."

The short Hispanic woman gestured towards a pink Volkswagon with her nightstick. It was decorated with blue and pink balloons and ribbons. Tommy felt his throat tighten up again.

"Are you telling us that this little crap bug isn't your car?"

"N-no, it's not mine," he stammered.

"That's funny," said the tall man, taking off his sunglasses and glaring intensely into Tommy's eyes, as if wanted to shove his head through the television. "According to the front desk, that car is registered to this room. Are you lying to us, boy?" His voice sounded like a truck barreling through a tunnel, and the thought of it colliding into him caused Tommy to subconsciously take a step back.

"It's my sister's car, actually," he finally admitted.

The three officers looked at each for a moment, and seemed to nod in agreement. Officer Erika stepped into the frame of the doorway, and pointed at Tommy. "Step aside," she demanded in a quiet, but serious tone. Tommy hesitated for a second, until the giant man put his fingers on the handle of his nightstick and cleared his throat. Tommy backed against the wall immediately, and the three officers stepped into the little hotel room.

Erika looked around the room for a few moments, and sniffed the air. She grunted, unsurprised. "Have you been drinking?"

"That's not illegal," Tommy said defensively. "I'm over 21."

"Are you here alone?" she continued, pressing her nightstick against one of the two beds. The sound of the springs bouncing filled the dreadfully silent room, and Tommy looked at his feet, unsure of what to say. "Sit down on the bed," she finally instructed, as the male cop walked to the bathroom door.

He stood there for a moment, looking at the door, and then pounded against the wood three times. His fists were the size of footballs, and the noise filled the room with an deafening echo.

It took only a few seconds for Carrie to sheepishly open the door to find the biggest man she'd ever seen staring down at her. The male officer motioned for her to have a seat on the bed next to her brother, which she quickly obeyed.

The male officer began rummaging through the bathroom, while the two female cops began questioning the two siblings.

"How old are you, miss?" Erika asked.

"Eighteen," she whispered quietly.

"Is this your boyfriend?" said the Hispanic cop. "This guy taking you to prom tonight?"

"He's my brother," she replied quickly. The two cops looked at each other, slightly smiling in amusement. Before Tommy could ask what the joke was, the male cop lumbered out of the bathroom, carrying the bottles of alcohol in his hands.

"Well, your brother is gonna spend the night in lock-up tonight, sweetheart," he said threateningly. "Providing alcohol to a minor is pretty serious around here."

"I can smell it on your breath from here," Erika hissed.

"You know what they do to boys like him in county?" laughed the Hispanic cop. "I hope you didn't have any big plans for tonight, 'cause you guys have fucked up!"

Panicking, Tommy stood up pleadingly. "Hey, I'm sorry, I...."

"Sit down," roared the male cop. "Don't make me have to use my stick on your ass!"

Tommy slowly sat, nervously tucking his hands under his armpits. Carrie's lip was quivering in fear, and she was already sweating in her prom dress.

Erika took her hat and glasses off, revealing a long sweeping mane of jet black hair. Tommy would have been turned on if he wasn't so terrified....even Carrie would have admitted that she was the most striking woman she had ever seen.

"We see this every prom night," Erika said. "Kids breaking the rules, getting into trouble.....and when you get busted, your lives are never the same. It's a real shame."

Carrie, unable to take it anymore, finally started talking. "Look, I promise I will never, never do this again! I don't want my brother to go to jail, my parents would never forgive him! It's my fault, I'm the one that begged him to buy the beer, okay?"

"Sis, it's alright, I'm the one who...."

"I think they deserve a chance to make this right," said Erika unexpectedly. Carrie and Tommy looked at each other in amazement, and back at the cops in confusion. "Ivan? Janie? What do you think?"

"There were seven bottles in there," said Ivan, the male cop. "We could charge her with seven counts of underage drinking."

"She should perform seven tests to fix this," suggested Janie.

Tests? What were they talking about?

"I'm going to give you a choice, young lady," Erika decided. "What's your name?"

"Carrie," she replied.

"What's your name, stud?" she directed towards her brother.

"Tommy," he offered, not looking the woman in the eyes.

"Carrie, I am going to give you seven tasks to perform. You will perform every task without argument. Your brother will also obey everything that I decide without argument. If you perform all seven tasks that I give you to my satisfaction, without any trouble from either you or your brother, we will forget that we ever saw you and your parents will never have to find out about this little episode. Do you agree to my terms?"

"Hey, this is my sister," Tommy protested. "You can't do this, are you planning to have her get naked or something?"

Erika laughed, and she reached down and began casually massaging his cock! "Tommy, I think you know where this is leading. And yes, you or your sister can say no. But would you rather a few minutes of paying for your crimes.....or a few years?"

Carrie couldn't watch her brother getting stroked by some crazy woman, it was sickening! But Tommy stopped protesting, and Carrie quietly nodded in agreement.

"Officer Janie," Erika said thoughtfully. "Go to the car and get the fun bag."

"Yes, ma'am," she nodded, walking towards the hotel room door.

"Tommy, strip down to your underwear. We're going to handcuff you during this first task."

"In front of my sister?!" he shouted angrily. It caused the three officers to stop, and stare at the young man. Immediately, he knew he had made a mistake. Erika glared at him intensely for a full minute, without speaking.

"This will be your first and last warning," she finally said in that quiet, intense voice. "If you disobey anything I request of you, the deal is off. You go to jail, your sister goes to jail, and your parents will be notified. Now take your fucking clothes off, you little shit-stain."

Tommy quickly glanced at his sister, who returned his gaze with a pleading look. Neither one of them wanted to get busted....so Tommy finally decided to stop arguing, and began peeling off his clothes as Carrie shamefully looked away. Officer Janie, pleased with this, left the hotel room. Once Tommy had shed his clothes, Erika took out her handcuffs and locked his hands behind his back. Next, she guided the young man to lie face down next to her on the bed.

"Now, the real games can begin," Erika smiled, stroking Tommy's back with a surprisingly gentle touch. "Do you have a good view of your sister, Tommy?"

He nodded slowly. He was standing just a few feet in front of him, next to officer Ivan, but he couldn't look at her. He was nearly naked in front of his little sister, this was humiliating!.....but he had no idea how degrading this night was going to become.

"Carrie, get on your knees, and place your hands behind your back," Erika said pointedly. "Right there on the floor, in front of Officer Ivan."

Carrie took a deep breath and knelt, knowing where this was going.

"You have seven tasks to perform if you and your brother want to stay out of jail. For your first task, I want to see you give my friend Officer Ivan the best blowjob of his life. You are not to use your hands, do you understand?"

It wasn't the idea of going down on this cop that bothered her, she'd been doing that to boys for quite some time now. It was the idea of doing it in front of her brother that creeped her out. "For how long?"

Ivan responded by giving Carrie a light, but harsh slap across the face. "For how long, Mistress Erika," he corrected her.

Carrie bit her bottom lip, trying to adjust to the rules. "For how long, Mistress Erika?"

Erika smiled, happy with how the night was turning out. "You can stop as soon as the last drop of Master Ivan's cum drips down your throat. Let's go....get sucking."

Carrie's purple prom dress suddenly felt

tight and constraining on her as she knelt in front of Ivan. She was torn.....she wanted to take off her dress, so as not to spill a mouthful of cum all over the fabric. On the other, she didn't want to show off her body if she didn't have to. Ivan was unzipping his pants now, so Carrie took a deep breath and decided to just be extremely careful.

What was soon dangling in front of the teen-ager made her gasp unexpectedly. When Ivan's pants fell to the ground, it revealed the largest cock Carrie had ever seen....and it was only half-erect! It was longer than the quarterbacks cock, and thicker than her science teacher's package.

It was a weapon, she realized. A dangerous weapon.

"I'm waiting," Ivan urged her, impatiently. Carrie nodded apologetically, not realizing that she was just kneeling there, marveling at it in quiet terror. She edged her face forward and pressed the velvety tip of Ivan's cock against her top lip. Instinctively, she began to wrap her fingers around the base of Ivan's prick, trying to feel the thickness in her hand. This experiment was cut short when he flicked her left ear with his fingertips.

"Ahhhhh, fuck!" she yelped, rearing her head back.

"No fingers," Erika reminded her. "Now....proceed. This task doesn't end until you make my friend explode......and you still have six more fun little tasks after that...."

Carrie opened her mouth a little wider now, and locked her fingers behind her back----she didn't want to feel something worse than a flick on the earlobes.

By this point, Ivan was completely hard....and sporting a massive piece of wood that seemed to be as large as her wrist! It felt hot as she pressed it against her tongue, as although she wouldn't admit it out loud, extremely delicious.

Erika watched in approval, as she started running her hands up and down Tommy's back and ass. Lying face down, he was facing his sister, but Erika noticed that he was closing his eyes. Disapproving, she smacked his ass with a painful, open-palmed slap that filled the room with an echo.

"You have to watch," Erika insisted. "Watch your sister give my friend head, Tommy. You have to follow the rules, too."

"Okay," he muttered. Erika responded with another smack, this time on the back of his thighs.

"Okay, what?"

"Okay, Mistress," he quickly amended.

"Much better," she smiled. "Carrie,

get back to it. I want to see that shaft in your throat."

Carrie sadly moaned, and tried to get more than five inches past her lips.

Her heart wasn't into it-----this was so humiliating!-----and her poor brother was being forced to watch this man violate her mouth!

Then it occurred to her-----how much more painful would it be to have this giant fucking her? What if he was cruel enough to stuff it in her pussy....or worse yet, her ass?! True, she was ready to let her boyfriend take her black cherry tonight, but this man would destroy her!

But....if she could get him off right now, she wouldn't have to worry about it, would she? Just make this man cum hard, and he'd probably be done for the night!

Spurred on by this sudden revelation, something wild in Carrie broke loose. She began moaning like a porn star, and she started rocking her head back and forth. True, she could only get about seven inches into her mouth, but Ivan seemed to be enjoying it. It wasn't a few minutes later that she felt his hands slide through her hair, firmly clutching her head, and he began guiding the rhythm of her blowjob.

As she couldn't use her hands, and he wasn't allowing her to rest, Carrie became aware of a steady stream of drool had begun cascading down her chin. Her collarbone was getting soaked as her first task continued, and so was her expensive prom dress. It just occurred to her that if she wanted to keep from ruining her dress, she was going to have to swallow every drop.

....and from the size of the large, heavy ball sack bouncing in front of her, she had a feeling that Ivan had a lot stored up.

Over on the bed, Mistress Erika reached underneath her captive's body to massage Tommy's cock. The unexpected groping caused Tommy to jump suddenly, but with his hands cuffed behind his back and Erika's other hand firmly pressing down on his ass, he had little room to move.

"Ooooh, Tommy...you're a little deviant," laughed Erika. "I can't believe you'd get so hard watching your sister sucking a big, juicy cock."

At this point, Janie re-entered the room, carrying a large duffelbag full of unidentified objects. "Did I miss much?" she asked gleefully.

"We're about to move on to the second task," Ivan said breathlessly, as his hands began moving Carrie's head even faster up and down his shaft.

"Cool, I can't wait for the second task," grinned Janie. She knelt behind Carrie and pulled a second pair of handcuffs from the duffelbag, and quickly locked Carrie's wrists together behind her back.

"Is that totally necessary," Carrie asked daringly, as she allowed Ivan's cock to slip from between her soaked lips.

Janie responded by clutching Carrie's breasts and squeezing painfully! "Bitch, I don't want to hear you talking back to us," the Hispanic cop hissed into her ear. She slipped her fingers into the front of her gown, found one of her nipples, and pinched until Carrie screamed for mercy.

"Janie, hold this little whore's head still, I'm gonna cum," Ivan shouted.

Carrie tried to protest, still aching from the mistreatment of her nipples, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Ivan was ramming his cock deep into her throat! She was handcuffed, Janie was putting pressure on her legs by kneeling across them, while holding her head steady....there was nothing she could do!

For thirty seconds—-it seemed longer-----Ivan pounded his cock so hard that his stomach pressed against her nose, and she could feel the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat. Happily, it didn't last much longer than that....and she could feel his first powerful jolt of hot cum fire straight down her throat-----it barely touched her tongue.

She held her breath, preparing to swallow the entire load, but Ivan had other plans. He pulled out of her mouth, screaming blissfully, and wrapped both hands around his cock and fired the rest of it himself. With Janie holding her head still, she was helpless to resist the cumbath she was being subjected to. All she could do was close her eyes and mouth and wait for it to end. By the time Ivan's monstrous cock had finally finished pulsing, Carrie could feel warm, sticky fluids splattered across her cheek, in her hair, and across her neck. Worst of all, the front of the gown had taken a few spots as well.....and she knew that getting it cleaned up wasn't these maniacs top priority.

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