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Seven Year Itch


I took a peek inside my own house. I was supposed to be away in Mumbai, closing a deal that would make our future secure - Our means, mine and that of my wife of seven years, Rekha. Instead, I was spying to see if there was any truth in the rumor that she was screwing around with my best friend Anand. Well, to cut a long story short - she was. In the living room I could see their clothes lying around the carpet floor. They must, no doubt, be upstairs in the bedroom doing things that they should not be doing.

I slipped inside the house, wearing a sheepish grin and approached my study where a bag was concealed under the computer table. Taking the bag out, I donned a pair of gloves and went about lacing the inside of his socks and his underwear with an itchy powder. I also laced the inside of my wife's bra and panty with the same. I have read at many places that people squirm when they are in a tight spot, I intended on finding it out.

I then went into the bathroom and laced the soap with the same powder and also the towel and hand towel on the shelf. Just for good measure, I went to the basement and closed the valve of the water supply to the guest bathroom partially, taking away any force in the water.

Once done, I slipped outside the house and got into my car which was parked a few blocks away from the house. I called up the house phone and it was picked up by Rekha after a few rings. She did not sound out of breath; I guess he was on top till now.

"Hi Hon, I finished my work early and took n earlier flight back. I am just two blocks away from the house. Why don't you come downstairs and open the gate. I will like a lot if you greet me naked!" I said as she picked up the phone.

"I am opening the gate but Anand is here so a warm welcome is out of question." she replied.


As I entered the house Anand was sitting in the living room with a beer and Rekha was having a glass of red wine. He was wearing his socks as well as his underwear (judging purely by the expression on his face). I casually sat down beside him and asked him, "How did you drop by today?"

"I was in the vicinity so I decided to check if Rekha was alright." he said squirming in his seat.

"I will not take a no for an answer. You are staying for dinner." I loved every moment of it. I could see him rub his feet on the ground and his ass on the sofa. I wonder if he had any clue what was the real reason behind the ants in his pants.

"I couldn't possibly do that. Asha would be expecting me home soon." He tried to get out of the fix. Actually, he was trying to get out of his socks and his pants.

"Nonsense, I am sure she will be delighted to join us here." I took out my phone and called Asha, Anand's Wife. In under a minute I delightfully announced that she would be around pretty soon. I was trying hard to stifle my laughter. My laughter would have been a betrayal.

Anand excused himself to go to the bathroom. The soap was only going to ensure that his hand itched too. Meanwhile I could see Rekha moving around comfortably. I wondered why she did not feel the itch in her undergarments. Then, I realized that she was not wearing her undergarments.

A few moments later Anand came out of the bathroom scratching his hands. "I seem to be coming down with some allergy. I guess I will go home. Please send Asha home when she reaches here." He said and hurried out only to come back in. "I have flat tyres! I can't believe it; all four of them are flat. Someone seems to have cut the valves out. Now, I will have to wait for Asha to arrive before I can go home."

I had not thought this through. What was I going to do next? Suddenly my phone beeped, it was a text message. I read the message and chuckled. Actually, there was nothing to chuckle about; it was just a reminder for payment message.

"It is funny. Listen to the joke - "A husband comes home to find his wife with her lover. He laces the undergarments of both the wife and her lover with itching powder..." I was interrupted by the door bell.

"It must be Asha. I will tell the joke when she comes in, I am sure she will be interested in hearing about the adventure of the itching man!" Anand looked at me with pleading eyes. I was going to give his marriage as much chance of survival as he had given mine!

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A very amusing tale, are they going celebrate a double divorce.

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