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Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex


Annie arrived home after nearly a month caring for her father and now that he was recovering she was happy to be home and deal with the daily problems of the Camden family.

She was so fucking horny and couldn't wait to get Eric in bed and spend the rest of the day sucking and fucking his enormous cock.

As she entered the house she yelled out; "Eric, Ruthie, Sam, David, I'm home! Where the hell is everyone?"

Cecilia came bouncing into the kitchen, she threw her arms around Annie and hugged her tightly; "Welcome home Mrs. Camden, oh the twins will be so happy to see you!"

Annie looked around; "So where is everyone?"

Cecilia giggled; "Well Mrs. Camden it is Monday, Eric is at the church and Ruthie is at school. The boys are visiting Lucy and Kevin."

Annie flopped down and smiled at Cecilia; "Please Cecilia, call me Annie, okay? I wanted to talk to you about what I heard from a number of my family members. They told me the twins are getting really, really close to you and that at times they refer to you as mom is that true?"

"Annie I don't know what to say, they're just small children and they don't know any better. Eric and I don't encourage it, but he says it's better than the alternative. He said if we tried to explain where you are, they may think of you as abandoning them. He figured once you got back and once again got involved in their lives, they would recognize you and everything would be back to normal, what do you think?"

She stood back and looked good and hard at the woman the twins though was their mother and she knew she was just being unreasonable about the entire situation. She smiled at the tiny sexy blonde and suddenly got a twinge deep in her loins. She knew she was horny for Eric, but looking at the luscious blonde before her she felt moisture seeping in her pussy. Licking her lips she took in the blonde and she could not believe how petite she was. She had to be no more than ninety pounds and gazing at her chest and tight ass, she surmised twenty pounds of it had to have been collected there. For such a petite sex bomb, her breasts had to be at least 32-DD and that ass, although it was tight, compact and firm, Annie's mouth watered as she itched to get her hands and mouth on it. Her jeans had to be molded about those slim thighs.

All of this had to have taken no more than five seconds and Annie spoke up and gazed into Cecilia's sparkling dark blue eyes; "So tell me Cecilia, when did you and Eric get so chummy that you are on first name basis?"

Cecilia gave her a huge smile; "Well ANNIE, may I point out, you weren't here more than five minutes and you told me to call you Annie, I guess Eric felt the same way!"

"Cecilia, forgive me, you're right. Please accept my apology. Please come upstairs with me and let's talk while I unpack, I have a special gift for you. I can't thank you enough for all you've done while I was away. I know Lucy was here, but she had school and work and I know you stepped up during that time to take care of the twins!"

Cecilia followed Annie upstairs and carried one of her bags for her. She focused her gaze on Annie's newly tighten ass and hoped when she was Annie's age to be in that fine shape. She flipped the suitcase on the bed and noticed a pair of her panties on the floor behind Annie. She scurried around and reached for the phone on the end table, she blurted out; "Let me call Eric and tell him you're home!" When she did this, she kicked the panties under the bed and out of Annie's sight.

Annie stopped her; "No, no please don't Cecilia, I want to surprise Eric, he still thinks I'm not getting home till tomorrow afternoon!" She flopped down on the bed and patted the spot beside her; "Come on Cecilia, take the load off and sit with me. Tell me what's new in your life. I want to get to know you better, please?"

Cecilia kicked the panties further under the bed and slipped to the bed beside Annie, pushing the unopened suitcase to the chest at the foot of the bed. Propping her head up on one hand she looked down at Annie and smiled. She reached out with her other hand and lovingly swept a couple locks of hair from Annie's cheek.

Annie's breath was caught in her throat and she slowly turned her face into the palm of Cecilia's palm and planted a soft gentle kiss on her hand.

Cecilia pulled her hand away, but at the same time felt a rush of moisture spread across her tiny tight lipped pussy. It fluttered almost as much when Eric kissed the sensitive skin on her neck.

Annie smiled back at Cecilia and whispered; "So tell me did the twins give you any problems when you were alone with them. I know they can be a handful, even for me and I've raised five other children." It was her turn to reach out and tucked the silky blonde hair behind her sexy ear. When she did this her fingertips slid down her ear and tugged slightly on Cecilia's earlobe.

Cecilia had a catch in her breath and she licked her sexy bright pink glossy lips. Her dark blue eyes searched Annie's sparkling eyes and smiled slowly; "Mmmmm I like that!" She shook her head and cleared her throat; "No Annie, other than having them running off and hiding once in a while they were perfect angels."

Annie smiled and just nodded, she stared at Cecilia and reaching out slowly ran her index finger along Cecilia's wet looking pink lip, she whispered; "My god Cecilia, your lips are so soft and with your lip-gloss they look so wet and alluring!"

Cecilia's breath caught in her throat again and she pursed her lips lightly, kissed Annie's finger. She looked across at Annie and as Annie pulled her hand back, she leaned in and rubbed her cheek against the back of Annie's hand.

Annie glanced down at Cecilia's cropped shirt. Her large breast tented the shirt and left a gap just below them. She licked her lips and stared at the bare flesh on Cecilia's washboard belly and sexy belly button. She took her breath away when she twisted her hips and her tight jeans left a gap from her bellybutton down to her smoldering apex of her thighs. When Annie's eyes rose up and looked at Cecilia's she leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Cecilia's soft cheek.

She leaned into the lips on her cheek and her hand came up and softly combed through Annie's golden blonde locks.

Annie's hand came up again and placing her fingers on Cecilia's chin and slowly turned her lips to hers. They floated down and just as she lowered her lips to Cecilia's, Cecilia turned her head and only allowed Annie's lips to catch the corner of her mouth.

Annie leaned forward more and pressed her forehead to Cecilia's forehead. She rubbed her nose back and forth across her tiny sculptured nose. Directing couple fingers to Cecilia's chin more firmly she once again planted her lips to hers and this time Cecilia did not turn away.

She left her lips still against Annie's firm and more active lips. She let out a tiny gasp when she felt Annie's lips move about her lips and felt her tongue slip out and slowly paint a wet line across her own lips. She pulled away slightly, but did not slip out of Annie's grasp.

Once again Annie softly brushed Cecilia's long bangs from her eyes and whispered; "I hate it when your hair covered your eyes, I could get lost in them!" She leaned forward and planted a tiny kiss on her forehead and each eye as Cecilia let out a tiny moan and closed her eyes as Annie did this.

Annie drew back slightly and placed a kiss on each rosy cheek and then her nose. Staring at her she ran her thumb over the bottom lip and letting it go, slowly closed the distance again and covered Cecilia's lips with her own.

This time Cecilia did not retreat and after several prods with her tongue, Cecilia's lips parted to accept Annie's tongue.

Annie's lips moved with a little more urgency and turning her head slightly wormed her tongue into Cecilia's mouth. She found her tongue and danced across it lightly and when Cecilia's tongue retreated, Annie's followed and when she cornered it, Cecilia finally stood her ground and fought with Annie's.

Annie now had her fingers coursing through Cecilia's light blonde hair and grasping her by the back of the head, pulled her tighter to her mouth.

Cecilia's head was spinning and her arm gave way and she fell back to the fluffy pillow below.

Annie seized the moment and covered her tiny body with her lush one. Trapping her under her it gave her the opportunity to use both hands now. Her right hand went to the base of Cecilia's head and her nails scraped against her sensitive flesh and it caused Cecilia to shutter. Annie's left hand gently caressed her cheek and again traced her wet swollen lower lip. Lowering her head to Cecilia's ear, she let out a burst of hot air and she heard her groan; "Cecilia, lick your lips! I want them nice and wet so when I place my lips on yours I can feel your heat!"

Cecilia's eyes locked on hers and with a seductive slowness, her tongue slipped out and slowly ran out around and around and around her lips. Before she could react, Annie lowered her lips to her mouth and she could feel Cecilia tremble as their tongue met and began to flick back and forth from one mouth to the other.

For the first time, Cecilia's hands went into action as it was her turn to run them through Annie's hair. With two fistfuls of hair she pulled back on Annie's head and her mouth attacked the nape of Annie's neck. A smile crossed her lips as she heard Annie's breath rush out of her lungs and once again she captured Cecilia's lips with her own.

Over the next five plus minutes, their mouths devoured the other's mouth. Tongues swapped spit and lips were plastered against the others. It came to a point where lips were no longer touching as tongues were flicking back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Annie's hands began to travel along Cecilia's lithe body. She slid down to her flat-toned belly and slid back upwards under the short shirt, covering her large bra covered breasts

Cecilia hissed into Annie's mouth as she freed one hand and began plucking away at the buttons on Annie's blouse.

Straddling Cecilia's body, she rose up on her knees and helped Cecilia remove her blouse. Tossing it aside she quickly reached back and popped open her bra and let it fall.

Cecilia's eyes were bugging out, it seemed while Annie was visiting her Father, she also visited a breast enhancement facility. They were not much larger than before, but just fuller, firmer and stood rather high on her chest. The breasts were capped with half-dollar sized aureoles and topped off with fat, crinkled nipples that at the moment were as stiff as pencil erasers.

Annie gripped Cecilia's hands and guided them to her tits and whispered; "You're in luck Cecilia, you're the first to see and touch them, would you like to suck on my fat nipples?"

All Cecilia could do was nod her head up and down and Annie leaned forward and fed her those luscious morsels.

Annie closed her eyes as she felt Cecilia's swollen wet lips close around one nub and suck it into her mouth. Opening her eyes she gazed down at those dripping wet, pink lips mold around her firm tit and suck like a newborn babe.

Cecilia moved from one to the other, totally covering them in her spit. At the same time, Annie managed to get Cecilia's t-shirt about her neck and wedging her hands under her back, popped open her bra. Even though Annie was loving the attention Cecilia was giving her tits, she needed to get her naked.

Breaking her hold on her tits, Annie drew Cecilia's shirt over her head and pulled her bra off and toss it aside. It was amazing looking at those two large breasts on such a tiny girl. She smiled down at her and licking her lips whispered; "Oh my god Cecilia, your tits are magnificent. They are nearly as large as mine, just as firm and fuller, I'm jealous!"

Cecilia licked her dripping wet lips and smiled up at Annie; "Jealous, why would you be jealous?"

"Well Cecilia, I had to have mine enhanced to look like this, yours are natural!" Before Cecilia could react her lips covered one large stiff tip. Her tongue flicked at the pimpled aureole, her tongue weaved a trail of fire around the heaving tit and it shot down to her moistening pussy. Annie felt her hips wiggle and jerk as she applied more pressure to her nipples. She was lost in the tit flesh and she was slurping and moaning as she slipped her hand down to the juncture between Cecilia's molten thighs.

Annie jerked open her pants and yanking down the zipper, her hand slipped into Cecilia's dripping wet panties. She immediately found her wet slit and sliding her fingers up and down it, she parted them and drove her finger all the way in, up to her palm.

Cecilia let out a loud scream and immediately started to cum all over Annie's invading finger. She humped her tiny body vigorously against Annie's hand.

Annie slipped up and once again captured Cecilia's mouth with her own, but this time Cecilia was the aggressor and kissed Annie right back, driving her tongue deep into Annie's mouth and flicking in and sucking it into her mouth.

Cecilia's hands were all over Annie's lush body, running through her hair, squeezing her tits and tugging at her nipples and trying desperately to remove Annie's skirt that had ridden halfway up her thighs

Annie knelt up and grabbing a hold of Cecilia's tight pants tugged them off her body along with her panties. She sat back on her heels and stared at the naked young woman stretched out below her. "Tell me Cecilia have you even made love to another woman before?"

Cecilia looked up at her with those gorgeous dark blue eyes and whispered out; "No never Annie!"

"You mean you never even kissed another girl, that's hard to believe!"

She smiled at her; "Well while in high school a bunch of us were at a slumber party and we experimented with kissing and couple other girls were touching, but I never went further than some innocent closed mouth kissing. Nothing like what you and have done so far."

"Tell me Cecilia, do you want to go further?"

She licked her full pink wet lips and nodded.

Annie smiled and shook her head from side to side; "Not good enough Cecilia, if you want to go further you need to tell me and tell me what you want me to do and what you want to do to me!"

Cecilia let out a gasp and bit her lower lip and leaning forward placed her hand on Annie's knee and slid it slowly up and along her bare thigh. Holding it there she whispered up at Annie; "I want to slide my hand all the way up and play with your pussy, almost as much as I want you to play with mine. I, I, I want you to suck me and make me cum with your mouth!"

Annie reached back and unzipped her skirt; wiggling out of it she slid out of her panties and once again knelt over Cecilia. Placing her hands on Cecilia's knees, she slowly slid them up and down her trim sexy thighs. Cecilia spread them wider allowing Annie easier access to her pussy. Her tight lipped pussy oozed her juices when Annie's thumbs spread those lips.

Annie let out a gasp when she gazed at the inner pink walls of Cecilia's cunt. They glistened and sparkled and as Annie lowered her mouth, her nose caught the exquisite scent and taking a deep whiff her tongue flicked out and traced up and down that tasty morsel.

Cecilia's hands clutched at Annie's golden hair and ground her pussy harder against her mouth. When Annie looked up at her, their eyes met and Annie's eyes twinkled and a broad smile spread across her face and she dove right back in. She began sucking, licking and once she shoved two fingers into Cecilia's tight pussy, she came again and again.

She roughly pulled at Annie's head; "Please, please Annie, no more, please let me rest. Oh my god I've never cum like that from any man!" She urged Annie upward and Annie allowed Cecilia to pulled up and once again covered her body with her own.

Annie covered Cecilia's mouth with her own and Cecilia moaned, tasting her own cum on Annie's lips and chin. She pulled slightly away from Cecilia's sucking lips. She tenderly swept her long bangs from her forehead and whispered to Cecilia; "So tell me Cecilia, who made you cum harder Eric or me?"

Cecilia's eyes shot open wide in horror. She sucked in her breath and replied to Annie; "Wha, wha, what are you talking about Annie, I never!"

"Come on Cecilia, who do you think you're kidding? The first thing I noticed when I came into the bedroom were your panties. They were so tiny; I knew they couldn't be Lucy or Ruthie's. What really gave it away was the way you scooted around me and after that I looked back down and they were gone. Why would you kick them under the bed unless they were yours? So tell me now truthfully, who made you cum better Eric or me?"

She licked her swollen, wet lips and searched Annie's eyes with her own and when she saw the glint of amusement in them, she knew she wasn't going to have the shot kicked out of her; "Well Annie all I can say is apples and oranges!" A huge smile crossed her lips and she repeated; "Apples and oranges, do you know what I mean Annie? They were both fantastic and just knowing I was allowed to experience both of you, well all I can say is, when can we do it again?"

Annie giggled and spoke up; "I'm not exactly happy, but I understand. Eric is a very viral man and seeing he was without me all that time, he just couldn't help himself. I wasn't so saintly either. How do you think I paid for these titties to be enhanced? I took care of three doctors and two nurses and they took care of me in more ways than you can imagine."

Suddenly Annie rolled over and Cecilia was above her; "Okay Cecilia, let's see if you can put into practice what I just did to you!"

Cecilia leaned forward and slowly raked her silky light blonde hair across Annie's lush curves. Annie's nipples got even stiffer when Cecilia's hair was feathered across her nipples. Cecilia's open mouth closed over Annie's and their tongues whipped form one mouth to the other.

Cecilia moved to the nape of Annie's neck and sucked and nipped at the sensitive flesh. Moving lower she began to suck and lick at her newly stiff tits and as she did this, her hand drifted down to Annie's pussy. Her fingers wiggled through the folds and slid deep into her moist canal.

Annie wiggled her hips trying to make harder contact with Cecilia's fingers. At the same time she arched her back trying to shove more of her tit flesh into the glorious mouth attacking her tit!

Cecilia moved downward planting wet kisses along Annie's lush sensitive flesh. When she reached Annie's steamy pussy she took a deep breath inhaling the musky scent. Letting out a wild groan, she dropped down and began licking and sucking like a woman possessed on Annie's cunt.

Annie was shocked at the ravishing Cecilia was inflicting on her cunt. It seemed like Cecilia's lips and tongue had enveloped her entire pussy and when Cecilia found her clit and shoved three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, she shot off like a rocket. She covered Cecilia's lips and chin with her hot creamy mixture.

Cecilia drank down Annie's tasty cum and slowed her sucking; now only sliding her tongue up and down her slit in slow deliberate swipes. Planting a deep soul kiss on her bubbling hole she broke contact and slid up and planted her lips on Annie's.

The two of them hugged one another and Annie slowly combed her fingers through Cecilia's silky locks; "That was amazing Cecilia, you're a natural and once I recover from that intense orgasm, I'm going in for seconds!"

"Mmmmm Annie, that sounds great, I can't wait for seconds!" She smiled down at Annie and planted tiny kisses all over Annie's face.

Annie giggled and looked up at Cecilia' "Okay, okay you're worse than a child on Christmas morning!" She rolled Cecilia over and dispensed with the preliminaries quickly sliding down Cecilia's tight trim body and spreading open the tight pussy lips she clamped her lips over the tight hole and began to suck hard.

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