tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSeventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 02

Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 02


Ruthie came bounding into the kitchen where her mother, Annie was cleaning the counter. She turned and greeted Ruthie; "Good morning Ruthie, you look exceptionally lovely today. Come here and give your old mother a hug!"

Ruthie hugged her mother and felt a stirring in her loins as she felt her mother's newly enhanced tits press against her firm teenage tits; "Oh mom you're not old and thanks for the complement."

"No, really Ruthie, look at yourself, your hair looks incredible. The color, chocolate brown with all of these long curly ringlets, wow its beautiful!"

Ruthie blushed; "Thanks mom, but I just don't see it!"

"Excuse me, but I do! Look at those gorgeous doe-like eyes, any guy, OR woman could get lost in them and your lips, heck Ruthie any woman would die to have them, so full and kissable!" Before Ruthie could react Annie leaned down covered her lips with her own.

Ruthie loved the feel of lips on lips and she kissed her mother back. She gasped into Annie's mouth when she felt her stiff nipples crush against her mother's firm tits again. She pulled back slightly out of breath; "That was strange AND amazing at the same time. We're going to have to explore this further sometime soon, but I have to go see Lucy now, but just let me tell you mom, I liked that and someday soon we'll explore this further." She leaned in and gave Annie another soft kiss, turned and was out the door before Annie could react.

Ruthie took the short walk, about three blocks to Lucy and Kevin's house. On her way there she took stock on what her mother said and a smile crossed her lips. She thought about what she was wearing and again a smile crossed her lips. She was wearing knee-hi brown leather boots and a tight matching pencil skirt that ended several inches above her dimpled knees. Her blouse was a gypsy silky, nearly see-through, it clung to her upper body, her very, very large breasts were disguised under the loose top.

She entered the Kenkirk house through the back kitchen door. Closing it she made her way to the livingroom where she heard voices. She was about to yell out Lucy's name when she heard Ben, Kevin's brother; "Oh fuck Kevin you are one lucky motherfucker, just look at the way those gorgeous lips of hers slide up and down your cock. How the fuck did you hold off so long. I'd give my left nut to feel those lips slide all over my cock!"

Kevin laughed; "You think I was lucky? What about Matt, he was the lucky stiff to eat that luscious pussy and fuck the hell out of her. I can't believe the cameras I installed got all of the action!"

"Where the hell was Lucy when all of this was going on Kevin?"

Kevin laughed again; "She was in the old garage apartment loft fucking Simon. Everyone around the pool heard her screaming while that Camden horse cock fucked her. Hey Ben, have you seen the two foxes Eric and Annie are renting the loft to now? I'd love to see that gorgeous redhead riding my cock while I eat her blonde girlfriend."

"No. no I haven't, maybe I should go over there and introduce myself!"

Ruthie couldn't hold back any further and entered the room; "I don't think they're your type Ben, they have taste unlike me who loves to suck your brother's cock, right Kevin?"

She flopped down between the two brothers and stared at the two of them in awe as she watched both of them try desperately to stuff their stiff cocks back in their pants.

Kevin cleared his throat; "Aw Ruthie, how the fuck do you do that? You're always at the wrong place at the wrong time! How much of that did you hear?"

She giggled; "For me it's always at the right place at the right time! As for what I heard.....!" She leaned close to him and whispered in his ear; "All of it! I can't believe you set-up cameras, I want copies! So before I forget, where's Lucy, I was supposed to meet her here, she had something important to ask me?"

"Aw yeahhhhhh, she said she wanted to talk to you, but got called to the church office for an emergency consultation, she'll be gone most of the morning!"

Her full red lips pouted when she heard what Kevin said and them a sly smile crossed her lips; "You know Ben, I heard what you said about your left nut! Now I wouldn't want that, but I think I could be persuaded to give you want you're looking for."

Turning towards Kevin, she bit down on her lower lip and looking down and slowly gazing up at him with those smoky large eyes whispered; "Oh Kevin, I also heard what you said about Matt and although his cock is huge, I prefer mine a tad smaller, like yours and Ben's, what do you think?"

Kevin scoffed; "Ruthie after listening to what you just said, this isn't a time to think!" He tugged her by the arm and she suddenly was in his arms. His lips went to her neck as his one hand wound through her glossy curls and his other hand gently covered one of her large breasts. When he did this Ruthie leaned back further on the sofa, her head rolled back exposing his neck even more.

Kevin's lips moved from her neck to the nape of her neck. Tugging at the elastic at the top of her peasant blouse, he bared her shoulder and nipped at it as his lips sucked at her sensitive flesh.

Ben scooted closed and placing his hands on her knees, he slid his large hands up and down her bare thighs. His hands went higher when she spread her thighs, but her skirt was so tight, she could open them just so much.

Ruthie closed her eyes and took in the sensation of her two brother-in-laws paying homage to her body. She let out another gasp when Ben, just like Kevin, leaned in and pulled the blouse off her other shoulder and he began sucking, licking and kissing the flesh of her other shoulder and up the other side of her neck.

Ruthie got up enough strength to push them both away. Standing up, her eyes were glossed over with lust, her thick lips were even more swollen than normal and in a husky voice, whispered out; "Okay guys, I think I want this almost as much as you do, so let's get started. Please strip and sit back and stroke your dicks for me!"

Ruthie reached back under her peasant blouse and popped open her bra. Tugging at the straps, she pulled it off and down her arms without removing her blouse. Her huge firm teenage tits swayed and pushed against the thin material of her blouse. She bit her lower lip as she stared at the two large cocks before her; "Hey Kevin, how about setting up your video camera up so we all can watch this after we're done."

Kevin popped up, his thick cock swayed as he left the room to get the camera.

Ruthie eyed Ben's cock as he continued to stroke it. She turned her back to him and drew the zipper down on her tight skirt. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband and bending at the waist, she slowly slid the skirt down and over her tight bubble butt. It puddled about her boots and it was Ben's turn to moan as he stared at the tiny white thong wedged between her twin globes of flesh.

Just than Kevin came back into the room and when he saw that gorgeous ass of Ruthie's he stopped and stared, just like Ben did. Shaking his head, he quickly set up the camera and pressed record and went back to sit beside Ben.

All at once both Ben and Kevin reached out for the half-dressed Ruthie and pulled her to the sofa and all hell broke.

Ben gripped Ruthie by the arms and drew her head down to his crotch and began to feed her his cock. Ruthie opened her mouth and took her time; her lips ran up and down his length. Her tongue slipped out and flicked at the thick red head.

Behind her Kevin grabbed a hold of her thong and pulled them down her ample ass. It hooked on her boots and frustrated Kevin tore them off her and tossed it aside. Gripping her hips, he positioned her fully on the sofa and leaning in began licking up and down her slit. He heard her moan up around Ben's cock and she wiggled her hips and pushed her dripping pussy harder against his active mouth.

Up further, Ruthie now had her mouth full of cock and Ben reached out and sweeping her long dark curls from her face watched in awe as her thick swollen lips clung to his shaft and slid up and down. It was like watching a machine that didn't miss a beat.

Ben reached down and gripped the bottom of her peasant blouse and pulling it up, he had it around her neck. He urged her off his cock long enough to pull it over her head, Ben tossed it to the floor.

Ruthie resumed sucking his cock taking it down all the way down to the root. Her large tits swayed back and forth and Ben pushed on her shoulders and she pulled off his cock.

Ben pulled her closer to him and slicing his thick cock between her tits, he pushed them together and began fucking her tits.

Ruthie's eyes were suddenly blazing with lust as she bent her head down to catch his cockhead with each upward thrust. She let out a loud groan when she felt Kevin's cock slide into her pussy and she was totally overwhelmed as she had two cocks abusing her body and she was loving every second on it.

Kevin held her hips firmly as he began pumping his hard, thick cock faster and faster into her hot tight cunt. He couldn't believe how hot and wet she was. His thighs slapped hard against her bubble butt and he felt her tighten around him and suddenly felt it spasm as she let go her juices all over his cock.

As the orgasm shook her petite lush body she could no longer keep her body erect. She fell against Ben and his cock slapped against her chin and slid through her silky hair.

Ben fell to the sofa and took Ruthie with him and he heard her pussy slurping and sucking as it slid off of Kevin's cock.

Kevin's thick cock was completely covered in her juices and was bobbing lewdly, poised behind Ruthie's glistening cunt.

Ben pulled Ruthie's slumping body across his body and had her straddle his body. He had her rest against him; her full swollen tits were squashed against his hairy, muscled chest. He cupped her head and guided it to his face and their mouth connected and the two of them felt the other's tongue drive into the other's mouth. As their mouths sucked at one another, Ben's hands drifted down to her gorgeous ass, he lifted it slightly and positioning her pussy over his cock, lowered her gently down onto his aching cock. Inch by inch her cunt gobbled up his cock and her kiss intensified as she relished the parting of her cuntlips and how amazing it felt filling her womb.

Ruthie got her second wind and leaning harder against Ben, she began pumping her ass up and down, sending Ben's cock deeper and harder into her teenage pussy.

Kevin licked his lips and his cock lurched when he saw his opening, so to speak. Kevin watched her ass move up and down and watched his brother's cock punish her pussy. He eyed her ass cheeks open and close as she rode Ben's cock. His cock was still as stiff as a board and was dripping with Ruthie's juices. He slid in behind her and slowing her pumping up and down on Ben's cock.

Kevin held Ruthie's ass steady and shoving forward quickly and hard, his cock slid halfway into her incredibly tight asshole. He pushed again and his thick, stiff cock was now buried in her ass.

Ruthie exploded like a stick of dynamite, she came all over Ben's pistoning cock and she wrapped her arms around his head as she kissed him harder and shook as her body shook with an orgasm like none she had ever experienced before.

Two cocks continued to pound her body and Ben unable to hold off any longer began shooting his heavy hot load in her pussy.

When Ruthie felt him cumming in her she started to cum again too. When she did this her ass tightened around Kevin's cock that was pounding her ass.

He held onto her hips and pounded her merciless and unable to hold off any longer started to cum too. He filled her ass and Ruthie let out a groan as she felt him fill her tight ass.

The three of them fell to the sofa, all totally spend and unable to speak, trying to regain their normal breathing.

After a couple of minutes, Kevin pulled out of Ruthie and his cum oozed out of her ass slowly as her tight ass held a lot of the cum deep in her bowels. She rolled off of Ben and she stood on shaking legs and staggered into the bathroom. After a couple of minutes she came out, slightly refreshed and taking both Ben and Kevin by the hand smiled; "How about the three of us take a nice cool shower and start round two in the bedroom. I want you both again, but this time on a nice big bed!"

Across town in the church office Lucy sat behind the desk, sitting on the sofa waiting for her guidance was Roxanne Richardson and Paris Petrowski.

Lucy looked sexy in her knit sweater dress that hugged her petite body; her very full large tits pushed the material out seductively. Although she was seated she felt the cool air on her bare thighs as the dress rode up her slim thighs, halfway to her tiny tight ass.

She looked at Roxanne and Paris as they sat close together. Roxanne was wearing an ankle length red halter dress. Her back was bare and her long blonde hair was pulled back in a severe bun, leaving her long graceful neck bare and exposed. She stared at Lucy with those gorgeous bright blue eyes and she licked her full red lips and Lucy felt a twinge in her pussy.

Lucy looked over at Paris, the woman with the dirty blonde hair, had her hands clutched in her lap. The blonde had her long hair hanging down passed her shoulders and she looked exceptionally sexy, she always had a sexy pout and Lucy imagined those pouty lips sucking her tight lipped pussy. She was dressed in a two piece dark brown skirt suit and a pearly white satin blouse under the suit jacket. The skirt hugged her thighs and ended just above her knees.

"So tell me ladies tell me why we're here, how can I help the two of you?"

Paris looked down at her hands and responding in merely a whisper responded; "Well Lucy, Roxanne and I were looking to make our relationship more permanent, if you get our drift. That is why we wanted to talk to you rather than your father."

"Well Paris you know the voters nixed same sex marriages in California, but that doesn't mean you can't live together. Civil unions are legal here. Are you both sure, I know you both have had successful relationships recently, both if I'm not mistaken with Chandler."

Roxanne spoke up; "Yes Lucy, I know I blew it with Chandler and when I went back to him to try and patch things up, well he sort of moved on, ironically he moved on with Paris!"

Paris gave both of them a weak smile; "Well that's correct and it was moving all too quick for me and it scared me. My ex-husband came back into the picture and well Chandler got caught up in the middle and we parted ways, I still had feelings for him!"

"So did I"; replied Roxanne.

Lucy shook her head; "Looks like poor Chandler got the short end of the stick on both relationships.

Roxanne shook her head; "Oh I think, at least with me, he got his fair share of sex, my god I miss his thick cock!"

Paris cleared her throat; "Oh yeah I know what you mean Roxanne, his tongue wasn't so bad either!"

They both started giggling and Lucy spoke up; "So ladies, it looks like you're not so much committed to the relationship between the two of you as much as you're both leaning on one another to escape your true feelings."

Roxanne blushed; "Well Lucy like Paris said, Chandler had a great tongue, but nothing compared to Paris' tongue and I'm pretty sure she likes mine too!"

Paris nodded; "Oh yessssssss Roxanne, just thinking of your tongue on my pussy, well.........!"

Roxanne leaned over and their lips met in a chaste kiss. It quickly heated up and when Paris' mouth left Roxanne's mouth and moved down to her bare, exposed neck, Roxanne let out a shiver and ran her long slim fingers through Paris' long silky dirty blonde hair.

Lucy was quickly losing control of the situation and as the two women's kisses grew steamier, Paris' hands came up and one by one pulled the pins from Roxanne's severe bun.

Roxanne's hair came tumbling down and both Paris and Lucy let out a tiny moan when her extremely long blonde hair tumbled free and settled around her high firm tits and sleek, trim back. Before Lucy could regain control of the situation, Paris' hands slid through Roxanne's hair and finding the clasp on the halter dress, popped it open and drew the dress down exposing her breasts and flat belly.

Paris' mouth was drawn to Roxanne's perfect tits and after sucking on both of them leaned back and looked at Lucy; "Don't you agree Lucy that these have to be the most luscious breasts you have ever seen? Look how firm and how high they sit upon her chest, they look like inverted snow cone cups, just larger!"

Lucy knew she had lost all control of the meeting now and just stared at Roxanne's saliva covered breasts and just nodded; "They are amazing Paris, suck on them some more."

Paris stared up at Roxanne who was seductively biting her lower lip, her large bright blue eyes were sparkling at Paris and they quickly were smoking with lust. She sucked in her breath when she felt Paris silky hair swept across her chest and she let out a moan when she felt Paris' lips once again close around one cherry-tipped nipple.

Roxanne combed her fingers through Paris' hair as she sucked harder and letting go, she pulled urgently at Paris' jacket, slipping it off her shoulders, she reached down and with some difficulty began unbuttoning Paris' satin blouse.

Paris paused to nearly rip her blouse off and quickly resumed sucking on Roxanne's other cherry-tipped breast. She had no aureoles at all to speak of, just firm twin cones of flesh and now, blood red nipples crowning both tits.

Roxanne reached down and popped open Paris' bra, getting it open, she yanked it from her body and reaching down, palmed both mounds of flesh.

Paris' tits were a lot larger than Roxanne's, at least a large C cup with quarter sized aureoles and pinky tip stiff nipples. Even after having Peter, they stood high and proud upon her chest with those stiff nipples pointing upward.

Roxanne's thumbs strummed both nipples and her mouth was watering, desperate to suck on them the same way Paris was doing to hers. Her "Girl next door look" quickly disappeared when she pushed Paris off her well sucked tits and had her on her back on the large sofa. Her long curly blonde hair strummed across Paris' belly as she homed in on Paris' high firm tits. Pushing them together, she drove Paris insane when her full red lips closed in on both stiff nipples at the same time. Her active tongue flicked from one stiff nub to the other and Paris was rolling her head from side to side, her dark eyes were hooded in lust as she took in the exquisite sensation running from her tits, directly down to her now wet pussy.

Paris was arching her hips, rubbing her pussy through her skirt against Roxanne's bony hipbone. Unable to take any more of Roxanne's tit play, she grabbed her by her arms and pulled her roughly up to her face and as their lips met, both mouths opened and their tongue whipped wildly about the other's oral cavity.

Moans were heard throughout the office as Roxanne and Paris kisses grew more and more heated. Behind the desk, Lucy had one leg thrown over the arm of the chair and her hand was beneath her panties as she dipped her slim fingers into her soaked pussy.

Roxanne completely out of breath from the intense kiss, broke free from Paris and slipping down found the zipper on Paris' skirt, pulling it down she wiggled it back and forth until it cleared her tight rounded ass. Before Paris could react, Roxanne had her panties join the skirt on the floor.

Without any preliminaries, her head dove down and found Paris' thick lipped dripping pussy. Her tongue darted out and taking long upward licks she wormed her tongue deep into Paris' pussy. Her lips sucked at the large lips and drawing one in-between her lips, her tongue continued to dart in and out of Paris' quaking hole.

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