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Sex After Cancer


Things had been a little quiet around the homestead with me being out of work for over a year now but my wife running off to work 5-6 days a week. Not that she needed to work because we had plenty of money saved up, but she hated being home with no people to interact with. She worked in a bank with several other women, all of them younger than her, though not all better looking.

Even in her 50's my wife Carrie could still turn heads. But her recent bout with breast cancer had left her feeling less of a woman no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise.

Even after the reconstructive surgery, it didn't look the same and she felt less attractive. To me, she would always be the same beautiful blonde I had married no matter what she looked like on the outside.

In addition she was now off her estrogen so her sex drive was much less. Well, really it was non-existent. She had gone through the fatigue from chemo and radiation treatments and now had energy, but apparently not enough for sex. She didn't feel that she needed any counseling and would not go to any support groups. We had gone through sexual droughts before, but never anything like this. And as with the other droughts, my mind and eyes started to wander.

Her friends recognized her mild depression and tried to invite her to everything they had going on so she would still feel needed and wanted. Being the dutiful husband and really wanting her to come out of her funk, I would accompany her to these little parties even though I was usually bored to death. I didn't know the women all that well except for Suzi, Carrie's best friend.

Suzi could best be described as a country farm girl. She was almost as tall as me and was big-boned with a lot of muscle. She also had these large, pendulous breasts and wide hips that made her waist look much smaller than it actually was.

Her long, curly auburn hair and the smattering of freckles, made her face light up when she smiled. And she smiled a lot. She was boisterous and flirty, craving attention from male and female alike.

She also had full, kissable lips and Suzi and I had actually stolen a few kisses during a couple of the parties. It started at one of the Christmas parties a few years ago at the manager's house, but it didn't start with Suzi.


This young lady named Tanya was new at the bank and they talked her into coming to the Christmas party. She had this fascination with Sharon Stone because she looked a lot like her, so she took it one step further.

She already had the shiny blonde hair so the styling was easy. Add a little makeup and bright red lipstick and the look was complete.

She always dressed in these tight, slinky, black dresses or pant suits. They always looked professional when at work but fit her like a glove. She was extremely flirty and outgoing when I first met her at the bank and the party was no different. Except that she was flirting with women as well.

She showed up a little late with no date. When she took off her overcoat, there were some audible gasps and I almost choked on my beer. She wore a tight black dress, but there was nothing professional about this dress, unless she was a streetwalker.

The material was thin and perfectly outlined her body. It had a deep v-neck front that showed her small cleavage, but she was not wearing a bra and her pert nipples were poking through the material. The reason she wasn't wearing a bra became obvious when she turned around. There was no back to the dress. The material was just high enough to cover the crack of her ass, but no higher. It went over her ass, but not much more. I could see no way she would be able to sit down without flashing the crowd.

She started sliding her arms around the waist of anyone standing up and giving them a little kiss on the cheek. With everyone already eating, she grabbed a plate and got some snacks, but all the seats were occupied. Chivalrous gentleman that I am, I started to offer my chair, but she insisted I sit down and strolled over to visit Carrie on the other side of the room. After some joking around, Carrie told Tanya that she was so skinny that she could sit on her lap and she wouldn't even know it.

So Tanya plopped herself down in Carrie's lap, wrapped an arm around her neck, and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then the neck, and then I started to get a bit turned on. Carrie started to get a little nervous as Tanya started to grind her into her lap. For my part, I could now see the black thong that Tanya was wearing even with her legs almost closed.

Suzi was sitting on the floor next to me and also was getting an eyeful. I could hear Suzi breathing deeper and wasn't sure if it was because my wife was getting a lap dance or because she was enjoying the view as much as me.

"Alright, cut that out. Your boney ass is gonna leave me black and blue," Carrie complained.

Tanya looked a little hurt and upset as she rose and turned in my direction. I opened my arms for her and smiled and four steps later she plopped into my lap, covering the lump that had already been swelling. As she had with Carrie, she slipped an arm around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek and then chuckled as she nibbled my ear. She felt my growing manhood and whispered a little "Oooh," in my ear.

She started to slowly grind back and forth, trying not to let others know what she was doing. Her left nipple was rubbing against my chest and the warmth of her breath was caressing my cheek. The grinding went on for several minutes as my member continued to swell. My right hand was on her hip and I tried to pull her closer, enjoying the feeling of her skin through the sheer material. I wanted to take her right there with everyone watching. Carrie and I hadn't done it for a weeks and my resolve was weak.

Carrie must have noticed what was going on as she said, "Just remember he's married."

Tanya just laughed and replied, "So are you but that didn't stop me." That caused Suzi to turn and look just as Tanya was getting up. She was looking straight up Tanya's dress and then as Tanya stepped away, straight at the large pole running down my pant leg. I couldn't cross my legs quick enough for Suzi not to notice it, but was hopeful that Carrie hadn't. Tanya shot me a knowing look and smile as she walked away.

The other women hadn't seemed to notice, but the other men were shooting hungry looks at Tanya as they hadn't missed anything that had been going on. Suzi's wimpy husband Dean was literally drooling and used his napkin to catch it just before it hit his shirt.

Everyone moved down to the finished basement after that for drinks and the opening of presents. Carrie and I sat on the couch with Suzi plopping down next to me. I wasn't sure if it was because she wanted to sit close to me, or if she was just trying to keep Tanya at bay. Her husband Dean (soon to be ex), sat on the floor next to her. I lost sight of Tanya with the dim lights and large room, but my hungry eyes kept looking for her.

After a while, I needed to use the bathroom and get another beer, so I excused myself and headed upstairs. When I came out of the bathroom, Tanya was waiting for me.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you or caused you any problems with Carrie. Just having a little fun."

"Trust me Tanya. I enjoyed every minute of it." I could feel that tingling in my crotch again. She just stood there, inches away from me, almost daring me to make the next move. I did, pulling her to me as our lips met in a slow, sensual kiss. I had not kissed another woman since being married to Carrie, but somehow with Tanya, I couldn't help myself. My hands slid around her waist, pulling her tighter and her arms went around my neck. Her fingers started running through my hair sending shivers down my spine.

My hands moved down to her boney ass, which really wasn't that boney, and held her tight as I began to grind my hard-on into her crotch. Our kissing became more frantic and I was close to blowing my wad from our dry humping. I slipped one hand down the back of her dress, sliding across the bare skin of her rump. God bless the person that created thongs. Her tongue slid into my mouth as my hand searched her crack and my finger pressed against the thin string it found.

But we heard footsteps on the stairs and we reluctantly but quickly separated, with her sliding into the bathroom and me heading to the kitchen for another brew. Suzi appeared through the doorway as I was taking out the beer. I stayed bent over, looking into the fridge, so she couldn't see the bulge in my pants.

"Jeez, thought we lost you."

"Hey, just be glad you weren't the one who had to use the bathroom next," I joked. I motioned to her to see if she wanted a beer and she nodded yes. I cracked open the one in my hand and gave it to her, keeping the door between us. I reached in and took another for myself. My nerves from the close call allowed me to calm down and I shut the door and headed back downstairs while she waited for the bathroom.

When the night was almost over, I decided to go warm up the car since the temperature was below zero. My eyes searched the room for Tanya, but there was no sign of her anywhere. With my brain cursing loudly, I went upstairs to the bedroom where the coats were piled on a bed and was quickly followed by Suzi. I quickly found mine, and then Suzi asked for help to find hers. There was only a faint nightlight in the room making it difficult to see. As she was leaning over the bed searching through coats, she slipped and grabbed my arm, pulling me onto the bed on top of her.

"We've got to stop meeting like this," I smiled. A rise quickly started in my pants again from the unfinished business with Tanya.

She smiled back, looking up at the ceiling, "Well, look at that. Mistletoe."

"Well, we wouldn't want to break tradition now, would we," I replied. I leaned down and softly kissed her full lips, my prick almost instantaneously reaching its full length.

She moaned as she sucked in a deep breath, "Damn, I can feel that beast you know."

I shifted my position slightly and was able to make even better contact with her crotch as she started sucking on my lower lip, nibbling gently. The pillows of her breasts looked so inviting that I slipped my right hand underneath her thick sweater and began to fondle one through the thin bra she was wearing. I could feel the lace as her nipple came to life.

Her breathing was coming in deep gasps now as she placed her hands on my ass and humped up in rapid motions, suddenly holding me still as her orgasm overcame her.We kissed softly again as she came down from her high.

My manhood stood firm and strong against her crotch as she let go of my ass. Her breathing gradually returned to normal as I waited expectantly for something more. My emotions were still simmering and the Beast was straining my pants and begging for release.

"Thank you. I really, really needed that," she stated almost matter-of-factly. She looked at me and grinned, "Hey, you weren't the only one whose motor got started by Tanya's antics."

"Yeah, well maybe someday you can return the favor," I said as I reluctantly lifted my body off her. I helped her up off the bed, and she kissed me again, her hand reaching down to my crotch and tracing the outline down my pant leg.

"I think that would be my pleasure," she smiled.

We separated, grabbed our coats and headed out to warm up the cars, the cold winter air quickly shrinking any desire I might have had. We never came that close again; however we had kissed on several occasions over the next few years, using the stimulus to spur us on to greater heights when we finally bedded our partners. It would be a few years later before she would tell me what happened with Tanya.

As for the end to that night, Carrie was on me as soon as we hit the bed. We went at it for almost two hours as I lost count of how many times she came. I managed to dump three loads into her before we collapsed into a deep sleep. We both knew who had gotten us worked up, but neither of us ever mentioned that night again. We both think of Tanya every time we see a Sharon Stone movie, but her name is never mentioned.


So with my mind now back in the present, I was driving through the boonies hoping I remembered the way to Suzi's house. We had been there a couple months ago for dinner with her and her new husband Kevin. He was a likeable guy but he was a NASCAR fan and I was more for the major sports so it took a while before we found out that we both liked poker. We got along great after that but he had never hinted that anything else went on at the poker games.

So as we pulled up to Suzi's house for their monthly poker game, I wasn't expecting anything more than a couple hours of cards and beer. Suzi greeted us wearing a white tank top, no bra, with her big round melons threatening to escape. Her large round ass was packed into tight, faux, blue jean shorts, the kind that only look like jeans, but are really a thin stretchy material. It appeared she was going commando all the way with no hint of panty lines. She had never dressed like this at any of the bank parties I attended and now I was feeling I should have played poker with them more often.

"Hey Joey! Glad you could finally make it. Kevin's in the den stocking the beer fridge." She gave me a little hug and then took Carrie's hand and dragged her off to where the girls were gabbing.

I walked in to the den and noticed the large table set up for the poker game. Kevin was placing the last of the beer bottles into the fridge with one already sitting open and neatly placed on coaster on the table.

"Hi Kev. How's it hanging?"

He looked up, "Joeeeey", and tossed me a bottle. I twisted it open and took a swig feeling the cold brew opening my dry throat and immediately felt more relaxed.

"So Kev, do I really need to use any strategy with these folks? Anybody I should watch out for?"

"Naw, typical sit-and-go game. Let the amateurs knock each other out early and then we can start getting serious. Just watch out for Marissa 'cause she acts dumb to set you up but she really knows how to play. And the new chick Lisa, I'm not sure how good she plays poker, but I sure would like to poke her." Spoken like the true redneck that he was.

"I guess I haven't met her. I take it she's a looker." My interest was hard to hide. Wearing light khaki shorts might be a problem later on if she was that nice. This prolonged, post surgery sexual drought with Carrie was taking a huge toll on me.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. The girls wandered into the room, yakking away and then getting seats next to each other. Lisa was definitely hot, early twenties, average height, with full but not large breasts, a tiny waist, and well rounded ass. Her large blue eyes were accented by her short-cropped blond hair and flawless skin.

She was wearing a tight, white silk v-neck top and her now protruding nipples said she wasn't wearing a bra. That round ass was encased in a very tight and short black skirt that really didn't cover much. I was already starting to react and I hadn't even been introduced yet. I quickly came to my senses, searching for Carrie and asking if she wanted a drink.

She wasn't normally a drinker to begin with, but after her bout with cancer, she hadn't touched a drop. She started with a diet soda and I was hoping maybe her friends would loosen her up before the day was done. She took her seat and I dutifully sat next to her. To my surprise, Lisa quickly took the seat on my other side. There was a tantalizing odor, a faint smell of lilac, like maybe she used a body lotion. I quickly introduced myself as Carrie's husband.

"I know", she smiled. "Carrie talks about you all the time at work. She has you up for Sainthood," and then she beamed a smile that just melted my knees. I was glad to already be sitting as I gently shook her hand. Her hands were soft, caressing rather than gripping. Her touch was electric and her sheepish grin told me she knew the effect she had on men.

I started to get hard so I turned to Carrie before she noticed my distraction. We chatted for a minute and then the others started to take their seats.

Marissa sat across from me. She is a big girl, probably what most would call a BBW, at 5'4" and about 200 pounds. It was fairly well proportioned, meaning she was large everywhere. She was in her late twenties with short brown hair, very full lips, and gorgeous white skin. She also had that flirty personality that large unattached women frequently use to get attention away from their bodies.

Suzi's sister Mary was next to her. Just think 10 years older than Suzi but a royal bitch. Her wimpy husband Jay rounded out the 8 people for the game. It was a $50 buy-in Texas Hold'em and we were going to up the blinds every 20 minutes so the game wouldn't last all night.

Kevin dealt the first hand and Marissa, Suzi, and Mary started going at it. Marissa won, but Mary took a big hit to her chip stack and immediately started bitching. If I had to, I was going to make sure this bitch was the first one out of the game.

Lisa noticed my look and leaned into me whispering "Go get her tiger". She was rubbing my arm while she said it, and I started to get distracted again. It was an innocent gesture, but the monster in my pants sensed it as provocation. Even Carrie's touch had never had this affect on me before.

The next hand was the perfect set up. Mary limped in with just a slight raise. With her small chip stack, I knew she wouldn't bet without some good cards and apparently others figured that out as they folded. I checked my cards and found pocket kings and just called her. Carrie also folded leaving us going head to head. The flop was a 9-Q-K and she smiled and bet most of her stack. I put her on the queens and raised her all-in to which she quickly called and flipped over her queens. When I showed my kings, she started a rant that would make a truck driver blush. The next card was a 10 leaving her only outs a queen for the win or a jack for push as we would both have straights. The river was a king adding insult to injury and I was hoping it was a sign of good things to come.

I pulled in the chips and she stormed from the room, taking a bottle of wine with her. Jay told us not worry and that she would probably be asleep in a half hour. Carrie gave me a peck on the cheek and rubbed my right leg in congratulatory form. Lisa locked onto my left arm and whispered "The witch is dead." Her demure attitude and subtle touches were turning the smoldering ashes inside me into a blazing inferno. The Beast was awake now and it was going to be difficult to keep him down.

Carrie was off her game and in the next 40 minutes we lost her, Suzi, and Jay. I knew why I was having trouble concentrating, but they were making totally uncharacteristic mistakes. At this rate, it was going to be an early, uneventful evening.

That just left Lisa, Marissa, Kevin and I to continue. The losers left the table and moved back to the living room, taking several bottles of stuff with them. Someone mentioned coffee brandy and Carrie finally gave in and had a drink. It wasn't long before there was a lot of laughter coming from the other room. Even the bitch had seemed to change her tone.

There was a battle royale going on between Lisa and Marissa now and Kevin and I just tried to stay out of the way until Marissa finally got knocked out when Lisa made her flush on the river. Getting knocked out by the new girl didn't sit well, but she was gracious as she left the table and went to join the losers group. Adding Marissa to the group was making them even more boisterous and with just the three of us at the table, Lisa started getting more friendly.

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