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Sex Ain't Cheap


Our story starts in 1980. That was the year that Floyd and I graduated from Business College, and got married. Since we were good Catholic kids who were taught that contraceptives were sinful, we got pregnant; boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. All were wonderful girls. Floyd had a job as engineer for Norfolk & Salem RR, right here in Roanoke. When my youngest started first grade, I took a position in Norfolk & Salem's main office. I had put on a lot of weight during the time that I was having children. We felt that five were all we could raise, so I had my tubes tied. What a relief to be able to have sex without worrying that I would get pregnant again.

Since the company medical program paid for the operation, and I took time off for it, it was in my personnel file that I had been "fixed."

I'm Donna. Floyd and I am a couple of wild kids from the country. We work hard, and we party hard, always have. That included a liking for moonshine. If you have never had any, be warned. Some of it can be 200 proof. I mean a one-ounce glass can take you off your feet for an hour.

As a fatty, no one paid much attention to me at work. Then I got a burr under my butt. I started to work out, and went on a strict diet. Slowly but surely my weight came off, pound by pound. I'm sort of tall with a wide butt, and long skinny legs. If I don't have a bra on, my breasts sag, even though they are quite large.

When I got to one hundred and forty-five pounds, Mr. Ghibus, the main owner of Norfolk & Salem took an interest in me. At first I didn't realize that he was coming on to me. But when the President and Chairman of the Board stops to make small talk with you, you have to know that something is going on. I was flattered and very proud that my hard work on the diet was having an effect on men.

What I did not realize was that Wolf Ghibus was just not any man. A billionaire many times over, he was a king who was used to getting anything that he wanted. He posted on the bulletin board that he, the officers, and select freight routers, which I was, were to attend a three-day retreat at the Greenbrier Hotel. It is known for hosting the rich and famous. Even presidents stay there. I didn't notice that there would be eight women and eight men.

Floyd was on a week long run to California. I had my mother take care of the kids. The first day, an IBM representative made a presentation. We found out that management was introducing a brand new computer freight tracking system, giving real time location feedback. Great, I thought.

That night after dinner, we all adjoined, after changing into more casual attire, to a satellite cabin, which most people would consider a large one-story home. It was complete with a wet bar, and bartender, who announced that among the drinks available was expensive moonshine.

Several of the girls had never had any. So, smarty-pants me, said, "Take a shot glass of 'shine, toss it down, and have a coke chaser. Like this." Whoa, this is good stuff, I thought. I took another.

A trio started to play soft dance music. I love to dance, but Floyd doesn't. I sat swaying to the music. Wolf came up to me, while offering his hand.

We danced close, with my head on his shoulder. My legs got rubbery. "The moonshine is getting to me," I whispered. Then I giggled.

When the dance ended, Wolf suggested that we get some fresh air. He took me down the hall. But instead of going out the rear door, we entered a dark bedroom, with a screened patio door. "Sit here, Donna, I must use the bathroom."

I sat on the bed. Honestly, the thought had not occurred to me that he would come on to me with other employees in the building. Had I been sober, and wandered around a bit, I would have found that all the women were in the same shape as me, and an executive was coming on to her. It was and had always been one of the perks of the company.

I just had to lie down. The next thing that I knew, I was on my back naked. Wolf Ghibus, a shorter and thinner person than me, was on me, between my legs with his cock in me, slowly moving in and out of me. "What are you doing?" I asked, knowing instantly that that was a dumb question.

He chuckled. "You have nothing to fear, Donna. I know that you can't get pregnant."

I was still foggy from the booze. But not so foggy that I screamed, or hit Wolf. Both my husband's and my job depended on this man. We had five girls to raise, which costs a fortune. If letting Wolf Ghibus have his way with me helped Floyd and me do that, then so be it.

His thrusts were just enough to stimulate my insides. His cock gently bumped my cervix. He fit between my legs nicely. Soon I was relaxed, having accepted what was. With my arms above my head, I closed my eyes. Without willing it, my hips slowly undulated to match his strokes. He whispered, "That a girl."

Two more times that night, he rolled me onto my back, so that he could use me. I came all three times, so concluded that it wasn't so bad.

Of course, I never told Floyd. He would have become a crazy man. The last thing that I needed was my husband on death row.

From then on, when Floyd was on a long run, Wolf would Take me somewhere for an evening of sex. It was all very discrete. This went on for years. Neither my friends nor co-workers got wind of what Wolf was doing to me. By the year 2005, all of my girls were nineteen or older. Our costs to put them through the university were unbelievable.

Wolf offered to give each one in turn a scholarship. But there was a price to pay. We discussed it one day in bed. I screamed, "What?" When he told me that he wanted to take their virginity.

"That is a horrible suggestion. You are a sex craved old man."

"Perhaps. But your daughters are very attractive young ladies who will be sexually active soon, if they aren't already."

I stared at him. We were talking five hundred thousand dollars. Money that Floyd and I had no idea of where to get.

"How would you go about convincing them to let you do it?"

"Take you and one of the girls for a boat ride on Smith Mountain Lake. Feed you both ecstasy. The rest is easy."

I knew it would work, so I agreed. The next weekend my oldest, Holly, was home. She gladly agreed to come along with me to sunbath on Wolf's forty-five foot yacht, which had a crew of two.

The temperature was in the nineties. The west wind was strong enough so that our hair blew. It was delightful laying on the bow, each in our bikinis. Holly had a dynamite figure. Mine wasn't too shabby either. Terry Johnson, the mate, brought Wolf, Holly and I some snacks and drinks, which were margaritas. It wasn't long before I was very mellow, really feeling good. It did not bother me when Wolf inched his chair over near Holly. She did not object when he caressed her arm, nor when he rubbed her neck. She had a sort of goofy smile on.

Meanwhile, the captain had dropped anchor in a deserted cove. I closed my eyes. When I looked again, Wolf and Holly were gone. Chuck Wilson, the captain was caressing my breasts. Strangely, I didn't mind. Terry joined him by my side. Like in a dream, I soon was naked, being kissed, fingered, and fondled. It seemed so right, so natural. Gently my legs were spread. As Chuck's cock slide deeply into me, I lifted my ass to take all of him.

Below decks, Wolf found that Holly had indeed been sexually active. With just a few minutes of foreplay, she opened her legs, inviting his body onto her. She was tight. That was for sure. But, she knew how to pump her little ass, so was a great lay, Wolf thought to himself.

On the bow, I was really into it with Chuck. Clutching his back, he pounded hard into me, causing my breasts to slip and slide up and down the sides of my chest. Terry was taking a video of the action.

Chuck let go in me. Terry pounced on me as Chuck rolled off. I had come once, but the new, hard, young cock in me turned me on something fierce. A long orgasm followed.

Below decks, Wolf was recovering from the first go. He too had filmed the action, with hidden cameras.

Four more time during the next three months, Wolf had his way with one of my daughters. The last four were virgins, which delighted Wolf no end. The youngest, Martha, he kept on his boat for two days. He bragged that he had her ten different times. What I didn't know is that he let Chuck and Terry watch. The afternoon of the second day, he let them have a go on her too.

Wolf bragged to me that he had a secret film collection of all the women that he had sex with.

Since the girls were discussing all this among themselves, I had a talk with them. They now understood how financially beneficially it was to the family, and that it was their education that was at stake. However, it was a little strained around the house, so I had another meeting. I told of how Wolf had seduced me, and that I kept it quiet because of their father's and my employment, and for fear of what their father might do. Now conspirators, they agreed that it was thing to do, even to let Wolf have at them.

In October of 2005, one of Wolf's sons was to get married. My girls and I were invited to a "party." When we arrived, only Wolf and a bartended were there. Wolf explained that at the last minute, he had rescheduled the party for an hour later due to some of the attendees coming on a later flight. We were all given ecstasy. By the time the rest arrived; twenty-five boys for a bachelor party, the girls and I were all too ready to be very, very, friendly.

The boys had been drinking at another location most of the afternoon. They were gunned, rowdy, horny, and interested in just one thing, since they had been told that there were six good looking women to use as they saw fit. As I looked around, all I could see was a forest of hard cocks. In moments one was in me. It did feel so good, don't you know.

The next day, I wasn't so happy about what Wolf had done to us. In fact, that was the day that I decided to take Wolf down a peg or two.

That afternoon, Wolf took me doggie fashion in his office, and then dismissed me. I hurried to the bathroom, when I collected all of his sperm that I could. That night, using a food injector, I placed some on Holly's cervix. For the next week, any time I could, I collected more of his sperm, for deposit in one of my girls. By January all five of the girls were pregnant by Wolf Ghibus.

Wolf was served with suit papers demanding support for the five children: "In the manner and lifestyle of their father." He was also served with a search warrant for his home and boat. All the sex tapes were recovered. With them and his DNA matching the children, his attorney settled with my daughters immediately. Each daughter was awarded twenty-five million dollars, plus one hundred thousand dollars each month until the child is twenty.

I was never mentioned in that suit. My case of employee sexual harassment would have been a monster had it hit the papers. Wolf's attorney got wind of what Wolf had done to me, since there were tapes of it all. He convinced Wolf to pay me to retire and take a long RV trip with Floyd. I received fifteen million.

I saw Wolf one day at the mall. He approached me. When close, he smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and said; "Sex ain't cheap, Donna."

"And it's a lot of fun, Wolf."

Wolf, a king among men, thought that was hilarious, coming from me, to the extent that his sides shook with laughter.


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