tagIncest/TabooSex and a Single Girl Ch. 08

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 08


So Tom and I got it on at last! And with what was to follow today I suddenly had offers of sex coming out of my ears! By the way, thank you so much boys and girls for all your feedback, you have given the confidence to continue!

Chapter 8: Sophie's choice

We woke to the ringing of Tom's mobile, his eyes were full of sleep and he passed it to me. A distinctly tired-sounding Les asked if we could make it an hour later, previously we had all agreed to meet up at breakfast.

I staggered naked into the bathroom for a pee, my pussy was still tingling from the memory of last night's assault. As I peed I fondled my clit softly, my best friend Helen once told me of this unique way of masturbating and, when caught in the mood in the bathroom, I have done it ever since. But much as I wanted to cum, now was not the time for masturbation, not unless Tom chose that moment to follow me in and watch. God, how I love the expression on a guy's face when he first sees that spectacle, and of course his own randy response! With a pang I recalled those horny sessions with my brother.

No, I needed to fuck, once I started with a new man there was no stopping me. But when I returned to the bedroom, my pussy on fire, I immediately saw that Tom was in no condition to raise his head, let alone his cock so, shrugging my shoulders, I turned the kettle on instead. Through bleary eyes looked at me with that puzzled smile that said 'Did I just fuck the sexiest girl in the Caribbean?'

"I wonder what Rich and Les have been up to?" I smiled through equally sleepy eyes.

"If they did a fraction of what we did last night, they will still have had a wonderful time."

Tom also staggered to the bathroom for a pee and I was tempted to follow him in and hold his cock for him, another of the crazy Helen's ideas, but thought better of it. He took over the tea making while I brushed my hair. I was wrong about his cock, it was already hard, very hard. What is it with men that they can be tired, stoned, even drunk, and command a rampant hard-on first thing in the morning? But then I guess I owed myself some credit for that, I was after all still stark naked! I am proud to say I have never failed to raise an erection when facing a man in this condition.

He passed me my cup and, as I sat facing him back on the pillows, I became aware that my nipples too were erect and with false modesty attempted to cover my breasts with the bedsheet. I took a sip of the hot liquid and then, putting it down on the little bedside table, gave him my most serious look.

"Come here Tom."

He leaned back on the bed beside me, his cock temptingly alert in expectation of more sex, but I took his hand and looked earnestly into his eyes. The sheet had slipped, once again exposing my tits, a strong aroma of stale sex wafting up from down below.

"Tom, would you believe me if I told you that last night was the most wonderful sex I have ever had? And I've had a pretty fair share so far."

"Well," he replied, moving his hand down between my thighs, "This is the most delightful pussy I have ever tasted or made love to and, if you must know..."

He held up his hand as I started to reply,

"...I have never known anyone move the way you do when having sex, there is nothing better than a woman fucking back at you."

I trembled as his finger had slipped into a very wet pussy and I started to reach for his cock but then saw the time and pushed him away, and leapt from the bed.

"No Tom, we mustn't be late for the others, and look at the state of us, we stink of sex. Let's go shower."

As I headed for the bathroom he whistled, "Nice ass!"

I turned and paused at the door, staring at him thoughtfully as he absent-mindedly stroked his cock. Lewdly I bent over, displaying a very wet pussy from behind and, spreading my cheeks in real porn style, I replied between my legs, "And you have a very nice cock Tom."

"Thank you. By the way, am I dreaming, or did we do it again in the night?"

"If you can't remember, I'm not telling you." I stood up and pointed to the bed. "Maybe you had a wet dream?"

"Yes, very wet," he smiled, pointing to the obligatory wet patch. "That would have been some dream."

Of course we showered together, and the resulting mutual intimate soaping of each other roused us to the point that we had a stand up quickie in the little cubicle under the cascading water. This time it was more of an urgent satisfying prod, and somehow cemented this new relationship that was starting to form. As we dried each other off in that haze of post orgasm we agreed that our affair should continue after the holiday.

"When we get back home I want you to fuck me in your bed Tom, and I want to fuck you in mine."

"What about Richard?"

"He's not into threesomes," I joked.

"I am," he declared as he watched me step into a clean pair of panties. "Preferably outnumbered by a different sex!"

I stroked his cheek lovingly as he started to shave with Richard's razor, "Knowing my...boyfriend..." I paused, I had almost forgotten that Tom was unaware of my true relationship with Richard. "I don't think you need to worry. I have a feeling that his bed will get regular visits by a certain librarian!"

As we dressed we talked more about our partners. "I wonder if they had as good a time as we did Sue."

"If she likes long cocks she will have been in heaven. Personally he's just a bit too much for me. He bloody hurts, no wonder his fiancée deserted him!"

"How big is he then?" It was a man thing, men just had to know! He was obviously recalling the exposure in the bar last night, and called it. "Eight inches?"

I shook my head, grinning, and pointed upwards, "Nine-and-a-half inches if you really want to know, I measured him once," I laughed, squeezing his groin.

"Fuck me, that's ridiculous, he should be in porn."

"I much prefer a fat one like this though," I added, reaching up and kissing his soapy face, my hand squeezing his cock. "More to grip you see."

As we left the cabin and headed toward the restaurant I whispered, "I want to do all that again before we leave here. I just wish it could be tonight, but Rich did promise Uncle Norman we would come."

I had explained earlier that Richard's honeymoon holiday had been organised by his uncle who lived on Bequia, a short island hop away. Richard and I had been invited to dinner and stay overnight with him, and were reluctant to retract.

I grabbed his arm. "How about tomorrow? We shall be back for breakfast."

"Yes please! But don't you think we better check with the others first? I am still not sure that your boyfriend is fully okay with this."

"I don't think that's going to be a problem Tom, there is something I want to tell you about Richard, but now's not the time."

The other two lovers were already feasting on what remained of the breakfast buffet when we arrived. It was kisses and hugs all round followed by an embarrassed silence, until Les spoke.

"Well, all I am fit for this morning is a horizontal position, and I mean the sunbathing one!"

We all laughed and suggested it might be tactful to split with our own original partners for breakfast, followed by a lazy time on the beach. The sun had defied the forecast and was already burning hotly into our backs.

I had thought I looked tired as I sat down diplomatically next to my brother, but in contrast he looked shattered. I presumed, like me, he had just experienced the best sex of his life last night, and I grinned at him, whispering in his ear. "And how was your night you dirty boy?"

As usual I was wrong, it turned out that they had indeed been awake all night. But only talking!

He leaned towards me and whispered, "We aren't ready for the sex thing yet."

My brother certainly had an old fashioned approach to sex, but not to the extreme that he wouldn't fuck his own sister, I smiled to myself. I wondered what he had done about that erection last seen by all last night in the bar?

To my total surprise therefore, it was Richard who was first to suggest exploring our new friendships further by asking Tom and I if we minded him spending the next whole day with Les! Of course we jumped at the idea and, to put the icing on the cake Tom suggested making it a full 24 hours, thus making sure some prolonged sex could be included in the equation.

"Why not start today Rich?' I suggested, "Do we really have to meet your uncle?"

Apart from my eagerness to have some more sex with my new lover, I really was not looking forward to another boat trip, Fast Cat or otherwise.

Richard nodded, "Sorry folks, I would love to stay as much as you guys, but the boat is booked and Uncle Norman is expecting us this afternoon. And don't forget Sue, he did pay for some of our holiday.

Trying my best not to show my disappointment I replied, "I understand, it's just that I'm pissed off with boats, that all." And I want to fuck, I silently wished to myself.

"It's only a ninety minute trip." Then he grinned, "And I am sure Tom will still be here when we get back."

"Dead right," Tom grinned, "Ready and willing and able."

"Me too," laughed Les," Don't leave me out of this!"

Finishing breakfast, my eyes wandered across the restaurant and I spotted Sophie sitting alone. Seeing that Tom and Les were busy comparing notes I made my excuses and carried my coffee over to her table.

"Hi Soph."

She looked up and smiled, "Hi Sue, your brother looks more hunky than ever, when are you going to reintroduce me?

"Hands off you! He needs love, not sex!"

She caught his eye and they waved to each other. "Everyone needs sex Sue, I remember you saying that to me back in college!"

"I agree, but the question is, how often?"

She giggled, "As often as possible please! I assume the other guy is Tom, the one you told me about?"

I nodded, sipping at the bitter coffee.

"He looks dishy as well, love his hair."

I swallowed a mouthful of coffee and laughed, "Hands of him too, he's mine! You've got your own bit of cock from what I heard last night."

She laughed, "Was that you next door?" I nodded.

"That's cool, we heard you too then. I like that, wish we could have seen you."

I laughed, "Me too, maybe another time?"

"Deal! So did you all swap partners then?"

I grinned at her forwardness, "Yes, as a matter of fact did."

"Great! All in the same bed?"

I pretended to appear shocked at her suggestion, "No, we were in separate huts."

"Good shag?"

I don't usually like sharing with a girl friend about a new lover, probably for fear of losing them, my pattern. But with Sophie it was different, we were soul buddies and would never hurt each other. That's why we had remained friends so long. It was truly amazing we hadn't taken our relationship one step higher, but I didn't think that was too far away now.

"Oh God yes! It was amazing, the best sex I've had in years. Come to think of it, it's the only sex in years! Not counting my brother of course."

I gave her blow-by-blow detail of last night. She grinned when I told her about the disco.

"I love to fuck in public too, Sue. That risk of getting caught."

"Or watched?" I suggested.

"Mmm, that too." Her eyes glazed over at some distant erotic memory. "So this was the first time you have actually swapped with another couple?"

"We didn't call it swapping Soph, more like borrowing each other's partner for a few hours. But if you put it like that, yes it was."

"I see she... what's her name again, Tom's partner?"

"Les, it's short for Lesilia."

"I see Les can't keep her eyes off Richard, so something must have clicked. I remember how shy he always was."

"Yes, he's a lot better now, and I really think they may have hit it off. We've all agreed to give it another go tomorrow, a whole 24 hours this time."

Sophie's eyed widened in mock surprise, "24 Hours? Fuck, that's some serious shagging!"

I laughed, "Not in bed silly. Tom and I are going out on St Vincent for the day together and I think Rich wants to take Les sailing."

"Wow. This all sounds serious. More than just the sex then?"

"Yes, I think it might be. There is life beyond sex, Sophie."

"Really? Well, don't tell me about it, I'm happy as I am!"

I caught the waiter's eye and ordered us both another coffee.

"So tell me about you guys. From what I saw last night in the disco you had no trouble hitting it off with that American couple."

"Mike and Rita you mean? We had already had sex with them before then. When you pointed them out on Friday, I grabbed Paul and we hooked up with them straight away. We dumped our bags and in less than an hour we were in bed with them. Thanks for the introduction by the way."

"Bloody hell, you two don't waste any time!"

"Why wait? We all wanted the same thing, and they were even hornier than we were, probably because they've been here longer than us. We clicked straight away, so we went for it. And boy is that Mike insatiable!"

I was starting to get wet with the memories of my own recent sex with Tom. "In what way?"

"He simply wouldn't stop, we must have been at it nearly all that evening, and same again last night."

A middle-aged woman and what appeared to be her teenage daughter had sat down at the adjacent table so I reduced my voice to a whisper, "Was he a slow cummer then?"

She giggled softly, "No, not at all, he had no trouble in that department, and I seriously thought we would run out of condoms! He simply wanted to keep going after each one."

"What, after each orgasm?"

She grinned, "Yep!"

"Fuck! Lucky you. Not many guys like that around." Except Tom, I thought.

"I know, the other two were fast asleep by the time we eventually collapsed."

"Shit! You all had sex in the same room?" In my surprise I had inadvertently raised my voice, and the girl at the next table smirked knowingly.

"Same bed actually! And why not, we love it like that. I really get off on watching Paul with another girl, as long as her man's shagging me of course!"

I recollected last week's erotic first meeting with Tom and Les, "I guess you are right, that brief moment in the hammocks was one of a helluva turn on for us all, except Rich of course who didn't realise what was going on!"

"Especially as he was being fucked by his sister at the time!" she giggled.

"Hush Soph, I don't want the whole world to know. And Tom still doesn't by the way."

"Okay, sorry. I told Paul about your hammock adventure and Mike and Rita agreed it might be fun to try one dark night."

We both glanced at the teenager who was clearly doing her best to eavesdrop, her nipples were clearly erect beneath her halter-top. Idly I wondered if she would creep off later and masturbate, or whether her partner was indeed not her mother. Whatever, I smiled to myself, anything seems to go on this island. Sophie grimaced as she shifted position on her seat.

"What's wrong? I whispered in a tone now just low enough for the girl to hear, but not the mother, I had the impish desire for her too to get turned on by our erotic chat. "Sore pussy?"

Sophie grinned, "How did you guess? Who wouldn't be after two nights of that Mike? You would think he had been without for months."

Discreetly she took my hand, squeezed it and stared earnestly into my eyes, "What she needs right now is a nice sweet tongue to make her better."

In an instant I realised what she was inferring and for a moment I shivered with excitement at the idea. Then, as the waiter approached, I gently removed my friend's hand.

"I know what you are suggesting Soph and I'm very flattered, but I can't. I've never been with another woman."

She looked at me quizzically, "Yes you have, I remember that night at my birthday party when we all saw you kissing Frances."

The fresh coffee had arrived and her fingers were exploring mine again, much to the obvious delight of the adjacent table, the mother was trying to listen in too!

"That was different, Fran was my cousin, and anyway we were drunk."

She persisted, "Don't give me that, I saw you both feeling each other's tits, and you were definitely snogging. Then you both disappeared, so we all assumed the worst. Or best, depends which way you look at it!"

"I told you, we were drunk, and we went home separately," I replied indignantly.

She shrugged, "Whatever. All I can say is, you are missing out, Sue."

I smiled, "I can assure you that wouldn't be the first time I have heard someone tell me that. Maybe one day when I'm ready. Why not ask Rita? I am sure as a swinger she would oblige. Come to think of it, where are they all?"

"Still sleeping it off. I tried by the way, and she's not bi either. Anyway I didn't fancy her all that much."

Sophie had grabbed my hand again and, completely under the amazed stare of mother and daughter, placed it on her bare thigh, she was already in her bikini bottoms, ready for the beach.

"But I do fancy you Sue, I always have done."

My neck flushed at the invitation as she continued, "I would love to go to bed with you, right now. I am so wet."

I didn't dare tell her I was feeling exactly the same way. The heat of her flesh under my palm was tearing me apart and I was now aware that I desperately wanted to have sex with my old schoolfriend. I smiled inwardly when I remembered admiring her slender body in the showers at school, her breasts were the largest in the class! Nevertheless I still hesitated, but couldn't comprehend why. So many times I had stood at this threshold of my sexuality, and then withdrawn. With my first ever boyfriend I had had no such hesitation, I had plunged in hook, line and pussy. Maybe I was concerned about what others would think of me, but in the present situation I was sure that Tom would be turned on by any show of female bisexuality. Les I still suspected was bi herself, and my brother had long ago given up being surprised at any of my antics. And yet I still hesitated.

"Soph, I really can't, Rich and I have this meeting with his uncle in a few hours, and we have a boat coming for us anytime now." Then I totally shocked myself by adding, "And anyway, where would we go?"

Her face lit up in hope, "My room of course darling. Paul would stay out of the way, it's happened before," she grinned, "Several times! Come on baby, make love with me, I really, really want you, we don't have to take long."

Totally hooked, I started to stutter the words which I knew would totally change my life, now absolutely ready to bury myself in the love of my friend, when once again fate interrupted my journey into the mysterious world of bisexuality. Richard had caught my eye and was frantically pointing at his watch. Going against all instincts by telling him to fuck off I reluctantly removed my hand from Sophie's inviting thigh and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"I have to go Soph, I'm so sorry. I think I really wanted this too."

"I know you did. Rain check?"

I teased her lips with my little finger. Damn Richard and his fucking uncle, I had really wanted it to happen this time, and I knew Sophie would have been so right for my first time. "Yes, rain check. And soon," I added.


A tear of disappointment worked its way down my cheek, "I promise, I really do."

As it worked out, that promise would be honoured, but not as quickly as I hoped. My bisexual virginity was destined to be lost elsewhere, and very soon. She scribbled her phone number on the proverbial napkin, then kissed my fingers. "Next time I want to feel these fingers somewhere else. Making love with another woman is like nothing else darling, I promise."

We hugged and kissed lightly but, before we parted, she whispered in my ear, "If you guys get bored with Les and Tom, you know where to find us."

I smiled. "I think I would like that, I always did fancy Paul."

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