tagHumor & SatireSex and the Mature Man

Sex and the Mature Man

byDG Hear©

This is a short story about an old man and his sexual thoughts. No sex other then thinking about it.

Again I would like to thank 'Techsan' for his editing.


I have a problem that faces many older men. I don't care if you're in your late fifties or late sixties, you might have this problem also. No, it's not erectile dysfunction but quite the opposite. I want to have sex. My wife tells me it's in my mind but I know better. It might start in my mind but ends up as a hard-on in my pants. I would like to do something about it other than masturbate.

My wife isn't like the older women I seem to read about in the stories. The ones who just can't get enough. Has a bunch of young studs take care of her. Mine is one of the mature older women who keep themselves neat, clean and still pretty modest. Because of past illnesses she doesn't have any sex drive any more. She tells me that that part of her life is over. Her life is all about children and grandchildren now. It's been years since we had a great loving fuck. I've tried and so has she but her interest just isn't there. What is an old man suppose to do?

I laugh when I see those advertisements for Viagra, and all the other drugs. I don't need them. I need a young gal to take care of the hard-ons. I had one friend who says I should take a drug that will stop me from getting hard. I looked at him and asked, "How stupid can you get?" I want the hard-on but I want to ejaculate in a nice hot or even warm pussy.

When you've been married for thirty-five to forty years, you want to stay with your spouse. Marriage is more than just sex. A lot more. Sex was great in the early years of marriage and then came love. The caring and sharing for a lifetime. You have a family and then grandchildren and then even great-grandchildren. You have turmoil and troubles through-out your marriage but seem to be able to work them all out. You hopefully want to spend eternity with your spouse.

I hang around with a few older buddies and we talk about our sexual experiences. They pretty much all say the same thing. It's not as good as it once was but that is just part of getting old. One guy says he goes to 'Women of the night' to make it sound nice and gets his rocks off once in a great while. Another one of my friends said that he has sex with his wife on a regular basis. Sometimes he has a hard time keeping it up. I told him to call me next time he has that problem. He didn't think it was too funny.

I can't see going to a prostitute and paying her to let me stick my dick in her or to wrap her lips around my cock for a minute or two. That's just not what I want. Besides I don't want to pay for it out of my social security check. I guess the main thing is, I want to be wanted. I would like to be desired a little bit. I want to have sex with a woman who wants me back. I'm willing to do what ever it takes to find this woman.

When I watch these movies about meeting a woman or having a mistress, I really get turned on. I would love to keep my marriage in tact but have an affair say once every three months or so. But only for one day, that would probably be all I'm good for. To go and get the release I desire from another woman, and then come home happy.

The hard part is to find a nice woman in her thirties, forties or fifties who would find me desirable enough to do this. It would be nice if she was married and then she would have as much to lose as I would. So if it didn't work out or just ended we would be on an even keel.

I would want her to live in another town or state. I would only want to see her at our specified dates. I'm not out to ruin her marriage or mine. It's just that when I'm not getting any I'm always thinking about it. I watch the stupid television and all the sexy women prancing around half naked. God, what I wouldn't give for one of the Desperate Housewives to be Desperate about me for one day. Or maybe one of the girls from Las Vegas to say to me, "Hey, old fart, want to fuck my brains out?" How cool would that be?

I've read swinger magazines. There aren't too many women asking for men in their sixties that can probably only come once. I read a lot of erotic stories and get turned on when I read about a cheating wife. Where do they live? Would they like one time every three months with an old man?

One big problem I seem to face in my mind is, what would happen if I couldn't please her or say I got nervous and it didn't get hard. Damn that would be embarrassing.

Another problem is my wife. At the first hint of an affair, I would lose my social security check. She also tells me about a few of the younger women in our area who will bed down with just about anyone. I don't want to hear about them. It just makes me think maybe I should visit them. Most are divorced and just want sex. I know I could get in a few of their drawers but it's just too close to home. I probably couldn't do them much good, but they could do me a hell of a lot.

Right now I'm still in my fantasy stages. I'm afraid one day I'm liable to take advantage of the situation if it comes up. I don't want to play around. Just a little release once in awhile.

My wife and I are from the older generation where the oral and anal sex and other fetishes weren't done by so-called normal people. I would love to live the fantasy with a young chic. Go down on her until she asks me to fuck her. I want to suck on her tits, kiss her belly and bury my face in her snatch. Then I'll raise up and stick my hard cock in her until I shoot my load.

Well, I guess that's enough fantasizing for tonight. I'll just put it back in my pants, turn off the computer and go to bed. At my age I need all the sleep I can get. Just in case I run into one of my dream women.

Damn it's hell getting old.

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DG Hear

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