tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Education Ch. 03

Sex Education Ch. 03


After a weekend of posing nude along with three equally nude and beautiful women, I spend the next two weeks working and replaying the enticing visions of naked women. I would not call it time wasted.

Deidre calls me on a Thursday and asks if I could come out for the weekend. She wants to do some solo work with me as well as some finishing touches with just Mim and Ruthann since Crystal had to work.

I offer to drive and pick up the women, including Chrissy, who decides to join us, and we arrive at Deidre's a little before 7 on a Friday night.

We meet in the kitchen and Deidre has a manicotti supper waiting.

After cleaning up, she asks if I will go with her to the studio. The others stay by the fire to read or play board games.

The studio is cool so Deidre turns on the gas fireplace and says I can pose next to it.

"I'm going to be doing details of your erection," she says and then starts giggling. "God, that sounds awful when I hear it out loud."

I laugh along and start to strip from the waist down.

Deidre places a high-back chair behind me and I can lean against it as if it were the mast. As Deidre adjusts some lights and arranges her easel and supplies, I stroke myself to try to get hard.

I'm about half-way there when she is ready to begin.


"Sometimes he's a bit shy," I say.

"May I?"

Deidre has not touched me since the massage and the thought of it alone gets me three-quarters of the way.

She is dressed in jeans and an oversized denim shirt with a white turtle neck showing underneath. She's wearing thick socks and moccasins.

Standing in front of me, she takes me in her hand. Her grip is strong and the skin rougher than her daughter's. She looks up and smiles.

"Why should others have all the fun?"

She slips her other hand on my balls and gently massages them. In short time I am hard with even a bit of moisture at my tip.

Deidre notices and wipes it with her finger, smearing it back on my shaft.

"Mac, thanks for doing this," she says as she strokes me. "You are the best model I can imagine. I know it must not be easy to pose nude and then I add the pressure to ask you to be erect. Not many guys would go along with this."

I shrug and say, "Well, I was a bit intimidated at first." Then looking at this extremely attractive woman with her hand on my dick, I add, "It does have some upside to it."

Deidre continues to gently stroke me, inducing the beginning of pressure in my balls. "Uh, think I'm ready to go now, Deidre."

She grins and releases me as I have achieved the goal.

She takes her position behind the easel. She sketches in silence for a long time, moving her gaze from my groin to the sheet. She asks me to turn a little one way or the other. I have to stroke myself a few times to maintain the erection.

"The thing is, Mac, since you are not circumcised your tip is slightly different from a cut penis. I want to make it clear that you are intact, just as our Odysseus was."

Deidre moves a chair in front and sits with her eyes dick level. She now has a small pad in her lap and is drawing a series of quick takes of my glans. She runs a finger down the underside of my shaft and I shiver.

"Could you hold this up a bit more, Mac?"

I pull my erection toward my stomach. She sketches details of my balls. A couple times she reaches to them and holds them in her palm while drawing with her free hand.

As she is doing this, a voice calls out from the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt."

Deidre continues to hold my balls and we look up to see Mim standing there with just a towel wrapped around her.

"Going for a hot tub, didn't know if you two were ready for a break."

Mim's eyes travel to my erection and Deidre's hands on my balls. Smiling, she adds, "Of course, it might be best to continue what's at hand."

She turns and heads out.

"God, I hope she doesn't think that..." Deidre pauses searching for the right word.

"That you were holding my balls in your hand," I offer.

She blushes and turns her head up to face me. Her eyes light up with amusement.

"Yeah, that's it."

"Probably noticed," I add, "but I'm sure she knows it's all for art's sake." Pausing, I continue, "Right?"

Deidre can't hold my gaze.

"Well, let's call it a night and join them. Ok?" she says.

"Sure." I realize I have never seen Deidre naked think she will probably go nude in the tub. I surprise myself by how much I am looking forward to it. My dick gets harder.

"Well, you can go along, Mac. I'll grab some towels from the bath, get ready and join you."

"Or," I say.

"Or, what," she asks.

"Or, you can undress here and we get the towels together."

"Oh, I don't think..."

"No need to think," I say. I reach out and undo the top three buttons of her denim shirt. "Just do it."

"Uh, well, ok."

Slowly her hands move to her shirt to release the remaining buttons and slip it off. I can see the points of her nipples pushing through the cotton fabric. Deidre bends and slips off her mocs and socks. Standing she undoes her jeans and shimmies out of them. She is wearing black bikini bottoms. Her legs look as long as Ruthann's and are equally shapely and toned.

Sighing she grabs the bottom of her turtleneck and pauses.

"I have not undressed in front of a man in a while."

"Just like riding a bike. It'll come back to you," I say as I admire her figure.

She giggles and pulls it off. I stare at her breasts. They are shaped like Ruthann's but are slightly rounder and bigger. Instead of Ruthann's puffy pink tips, her nipples are dark and hard. Her stomach is not completely flat like a young girl's but is certainly not flabby. I can tell she must work out. Her arms are tight and her waist narrows before flaring to wide hips.

Deidre tugs down her bikini bottoms revealing a dark and thick bush that is trimmed to a rectangle. I notice a scar running across the top of her pubic area and assume that Ruthann was a C-section.

"God, stop staring," she hisses.

"I can't help it. I like what I see."

"Jesus! This old body?"

"How old are you?"

Laughing out loud, she says, "Is that politic to ask?"

"I only do so because if I did not know Ruthann was your daughter, I'd say you were in your early thirties."

Deidre blushes and her entire body turns pink. She always seems such a self-assured woman that I am surprised by her reaction.

"44" she whispers.

"Deidre, you are beautiful. Truly! Beautiful and sexy."

"You're just saying that to make me..."

I move close, slip my hand behind her neck and bring her face to mine. She has a strange look in her eyes as I move my mouth to hers. I kiss her. Softly at first, then with some force. Her eyes remain open, searching mine.

"I am saying it," as I pull back, "as a man with a hard-on looking at you."

I kiss her again and this time she responds, melting her body to mine. My erection pushes against her stomach, her breasts burrow into my chest. I slip my hands on her rear and pull her tighter. She grinds against me as her tongue searches my mouth.

I am surprised as I realize how much I have wanted to do this with her. Almost from the moment I saw her, I've experienced a sexual desire, but have not let it escape its cage. Now, the monster of desire is breaking free. My blood is pumping heat through my body.

Slowly we pull back and look at each other.

"Well, that was unexpected," she says.


"What do you mean 'maybe'?"

"I mean you were playing with my dick and balls. That can have an effect."

"Art," she says smiling. "Simply, art."

"Ok. Well, let's get to the hot tub before art becomes porn."

We head for the bath to grab towels. I fall a step behind.

"I can't believe you're checking out my ass," she calls over her shoulder.

"Definitely worthy of checking," I say.

She gives it a wiggle, grabs two towels and we move toward the spa.

"What about my..." I look down at my hard-on.

"They've all seen it before. Come on."

We push out into the chilly night. Mim, Ruthann and Chrissy are soaking and chatting.

They turn and look at us.

"Aye, Mac, I think the posing is over and you can relax now. If you get my meaning," calls out Mim.

All the women laugh.

"Sometimes it takes a while to relax after such an intense artistic experience," I deadpan.

"Got ya," she says, "Mind we aren't complaining."

Deidre and I lower ourselves into the hot water. I am between Mim and Ruthann. Deidre is opposite me and Chrissy is next to her.

We soak in silence.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow, Dede?" asks Mim.

"Well, I want to work on the big canvas. There is some shading and details that I'd like to capture. We can work around Crystal not being here."

"Chrissy can take her place," offers Ruthann.

We all look at the blond.

"God, I don't know," she says softly.

"I think we can do it without Crystal," says Deidre. "So, you're off the hook, Chrissy."

Ruthann lays her hand along my shaft and softly runs it up and down. I take in a deep breath. She looks at me and smiles. With the bubbles of the spa hiding her action, she keeps lightly stroking me while her mother is a few feet away.

Her hand feels fantastic, but my mind is telling me to be very careful. Having Ruthann help keep me hard while we all are posing is one thing. Having her hand on me now is definitely crossing a barrier.

I take her hand and ease off my erection. She resists at first, but then concedes. She holds my hand and pulls it to the inside of her thigh, nearly touching her dark patch. If I move my pinky finger less than an inch, I will be rubbing her pussy. Ruthann opens her legs wider.

I squeeze her thigh and remove my hand. My mind is as foggy as the mist rising from the spa.

After a while Ruthann and Chrissy say they've had enough. Ruthann kisses my cheek, squeezes my erection one last time, and climbs out. They stand by the side drying off. I marvel at the two young, nubile bodies. I try to banish the nasty thoughts.

I yelp as a foot lands in my crotch.

"You ok, Mac?" asks Ruthann.

"Uh, sure, just had a little spasm. Probably from holding a pose too long." I try to keep my voice calm as now two feet cradle my dick.

"Night all," calls Ruthann. She and Chrissy leave.

Deidre is giving me a foot fuck under the water. I hope the timer doesn't go off to kill the bubbles and expose her actions to Mim.

"Well, I should be going along as well."

"No need to rush," I say.

"Oh, I think the stars are moving about the sky into a new alignment," she says. "I best be on my way before they are in order."

I feel her hand on my thigh. Slowly her fingers creep toward my crotch. She smiles as she feels Deidre's feet.

"Yes, a very good time for me to be running along."

She runs her hands over her friend's feet clamped around my erection. Her one hand comes to rest on the tip of my penis that extends up from Deidre's feet. Deidre's feet move aside and Mim runs her fingers up and down, ending with a caress of my balls.

"Mac, I am never one to stand in the way of the force of nature."

She kisses me softly on my cheek and slips her hand off my tip after giving it a gentle squeeze.

I watch her body, sleek from the water and bathed in moonlight, emerge from the tub. She stands still and I look up into her blond bush. I cannot make out detail in the light, but my heart flutters as I take in her naked beauty.

As she walks away, Deidre begins to work her feet more aggressively.

"God, I almost came when you touched me," I croak.

"I take that as saying it felt good."

I nod and grin.

Deidre looks over my shoulder.

"They've all gone back," she says. "Let's get out."

I stand and she moves through the water. Kneeling, she takes my hard-on in her mouth. I moan.

After a few seconds, she releases me and stands.

"Let's go to my room."

"Deidre, are you sure?"

"Mac, I am very sure. And, since you are about to fuck me, I think you can call me Dede."

Forgoing any clothing we race through the house and into her bedroom.

She closes the door and comes into my arms.

"I want you, Mac. I've wanted you ever since I saw the tape. I wanted you the second you walked into my house. I wanted you even more when I touched your cock. When you kissed me tonight, it was all I could manage not to fuck you right in the studio. I want you to fuck me now. But, we can stop right now and I will never mention this again. I will never let it stand between us."

"Is this just some physical reaction?" I ask.

"True, you are an attractive man. And, I am a horny woman. Add to those two facts that I have been looking at your fabulous boner for days makes this a perfect storm of eroticism."

"So, am I just a hard cock?'

Dede shakes her head vigorously.

"No, honestly. Now, that I've gotten to know you, I want you even more. We all like you very much."


"Yes, me, Ruthann, Chrissy and Mim."

"And, they know?"

"Know that we are here?"

"Yes," I say.

"I've not said anything, but I think they have their suspicions. Does that bother you?"

"I don't know. I haven't had time to think."

"Are you worried what Mim will think?"

"Why should I?"

"Oh, God, Mac, we all know you are like half in love with her."

"You do. I mean all of you, even Mim?"

"Yes, we're not blind. The way you look at her, how you smile when you see her walk in, how you talk to her."

"Guess I'm not so subtle."

Dede laughs.

"But, she won't even go out..."

"Mim doesn't date."

"I know she told me. I can't figure out why."

"I can't say."

"Can't or won't?"

"Either way, it would not be my place."

I pause and think this is a strange conversation between two naked people who have already committed to screwing each other. Still, I need to push it one step further.

"Does she like men?"

"What? You think she's gay?"

"Not really, but you never know."

"One thing I can say is she is no more gay than I am."

I look at this incredible naked woman in front of me. My erection throbs and I come to my senses. My hormonal senses, that is.

"Of course, I have no idea how gay you are."

"And, what do you intend to do about that."

"Conduct a deep and penetrating inquiry."

"Then, please by all means begin."

I pull her to my arms and we kiss. Slowly, then let our passions build through this most basic human contact. Our tongues taste and explore each other as our bodies push hard together.

I back her to the bed and reach around to throw the top covers to the floor. We fall onto the sheets keeping our mouths locked on each other.

I move my mouth to her neck and ear. Dede purrs and I move to the other side. Slowly I work to her right breast. It is small enough to take into my mouth. Dede moans approval as I play my tongue over her nipple while sucking the entire breast. Releasing it, I concentrate on just her nipple, which is now rock hard. She lifts her back pushing her breast to me. After flicking and licking, I catch the nub between my teeth and bite. She curses and grabs the back of my head and pulls me toward her. With her nipple between my teeth, I pull back and stretch her breast.

"Fuck, that feels so good," she breathes.

I release it and pay equal attention to her other breast.

Dede is moving underneath me, thrusting with her hips. I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh and find her moisture already running down toward the sheets. Kissing my way down her belly, I lick her navel. I cover her C-section scar with mini-kisses.

Her hands push against my shoulders, urging me south.

I spread her legs, lift her butt to slide two pillows underneath, and lie between her.

I begin at her ankles and make small kisses, licks and bites up the inside of her leg. She urges me on with little groans. I repeat the process on her other leg, finally pausing at the top of her thigh to bite against the stretched muscle and ligament.

I can smell her aroma. It is strong and sweet-smelling.

"God, lick me there, Mac. Please. Now."

Knowing I've teased enough, I press my tongue to the bottom of her slit and slowly lick to the top.

She screams.

"Well," I say with her sound echoing in my ears, "if the others had any doubts before about what we might be doing, they are now dispelled."

"Fuck them," she rasps.

I swirl my tongue around her rigid clit. Pulling back the hood to completely expose it, I pull on it with my lips. Dede moves her mons up toward my face as hoarse gasps escape her lips.

Her lips have spread showing the deep pink of her interior. Her interior lips are now hanging down. I take each one by turn in my mouth and pull on them. Next, I kiss and softly bite her outer lips. Dede is muttering a series of "yes, yes" and squirming.

I place her legs over my shoulder and they fall onto my back, further lifting her butt. I run my tongue from her moisture-rich pussy to her little pink anus. I rim it with my tongue and she again cries out.

I lick back up and bury my tongue inside her vagina. She is bucking hard against my face. I slip one, then two fingers deep inside, feeling the walls of her vagina clinch around them. I search and then find the magic spot. I massage with my fingers and take her clit between my teeth. Holding it still, I use my tongue to abuse its tip as my fingers ply her G-spot.

Dede is bucking hard and then gives in to her orgasm. She cries out, and her body jerks for several seconds. I can feel her orgasm around my fingers trapped deep inside her.

She is still breathing hard as I retract my fingers and sensing a stream of her essence easing out. I move up on my knees, rest her legs straight up on my shoulders. Tossing the pillows aside, I place my tip at her still spread hole.

"Do you want me to use a condom?"

"No, fuck me hard, now."

I push in with one continuous motion.

"Oh, God," she says.

Giving her no time for adjustment, I start long hard strokes.

"If you want to fuck," I think, "then let's fuck."

Dede is riding with me on every stroke. She is pulling her nipples and pushing her pubis against mine. She is becoming more vocal.

"Dede, you're going to raise the roof."

She grins and then pulls a pillow over her mouth.

I can sense her intensity increase and pound harder. She bucks one last time and I feel her contract around my dick. She screams into the pillow and I feel a wet stream running down my balls.

I have not cum yet. I pull out and flip her onto her stomach. Pulling her hips up I look with wonder and lust at her dripping pussy and pink rosebud.

I grab her hips and slam my dick back into her. She screams.

I am now pounding her, my balls slapping her pussy hard with every thrust. He pussy is oozing all over. I run my thumb along the bottom of her pussy and coat it with her juices. Remembering how she massaged my prostate, I place my thumb at her opening.

She cries out in a raspy voice, "No. I can't take it."

I plunge my dick deep inside and push my thumb past the first ring of resistance of her ass.

Dede just says, "Ohhh."

I can feel my orgasm rising quickly. I am going at a fast pace, pounding and pounding. My thumb is up to its limit and I am moving it back and forth.

"I am close, Dede. Where..."

"Cum inside me. Do it now. I'm cumming."

I stroke a few more times and now my balls are tight and ready to explode. I push as deep as I can with my dick and thumb and the waves of pleasure overtake me. I keep shooting inside Dede and she is screeching into the pillow. I feel her spasm as her body shakes and then collapses flat on the bed. I am still inside, but begin to soften.

Reluctantly I pull my dick and thumb out. Pulling her on her side I spoon her from behind.

"As good as it looked?"

"You bastard," she says, pulling my hand to her breast. "I have never been fucked like that."

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