tagBDSMSex Filled Vacation

Sex Filled Vacation


Stepping off of the plane, the bright sun reflected off of everything and right into my eyes. What a beautiful sight! The brightness of the day added to the incredible feeling inside me. I was here, in Florida, at Master Paul's request. I would be here for 3 or 4 days, to serve Him. A car was waiting with instructions to take me to the hotel. The driver handed me a note and opened the door for me to get in the back seat. I carefully opened the note and sat back to read as the car pulled out of the busy airport.

"Good morning, slut,

This driver is a friend of my brother's. Sit back against the left door of the car, raise your skirt, put your right leg up on the seat of the car and expose your cunt to him. He will watch as you masturbate during this ride to your hotel room. You may cum at will. Allow the silky cream to drip over your cunt and thighs."

I sat back and exposed myself, my fingers moving against my cunt. I pulled that the rings in my labia and spread myself then slowly began caressing my clit and cunt as I finished Master's note.

"Once you are at the hotel, he will carry your bags to the room. As soon as he places your bags on the floor, you will kneel before him and suck his cock. He may cum on your face and breasts, or in your mouth, it is his choice. You will then thank him and ask him to call me when he leaves you.

Make me proud, slut. I will see you at lunchtime, in your room.

Master Paul


I folded the paper neatly, put it into my bag and sat back on the seat. Closing my eyes, I fell into a relaxed state of sexual enjoyment. My fingers gently moved over my clit, rubbing it softly. I kept myself spread wide to be certain he would see every detail as I moved one, and then two fingers into my cunt. Slowly, seductively, I pushed them into my wet hole then pulled them out just as slowly. I could feel the wetness covering my fingers, dripping onto my hand. As my lust began to build, I could feel the orgasm building inside me. My fingers began to thrust in and out of my cunt, increasing in speed and urgency. I could hear myself moaning and could feel the heat building inside me. My eyes opened slowly and as he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, I began to cum. He parked the car, his own eyes glued to the mirror, watching as I gushed and flowed all over my hands, my thighs and the seat of his car. His breathing was a bit shallow as he licked his lips, took a deep breath and got out of the car. He gave me a minute to adjust my clothing, then opened the door and extended his hand to help me out. Carrying my bags, he followed me into the lobby where I was given my key and then we went into the elevator.

Up we rode, not a word spoken between us. Up to the 5th floor and into room 519. How appropriate, I thought as he unlocked the door and held it open for me. As he placed my bags on the floor, I buckled the leather collar into place. Master Paul's slave had arrived.

As he turned around, I went to my knees before him and reached for the buckle of his belt. The belt, the button, the zipper all undone and his cock was free. My lips parted and I enveloped him in the warmth of my mouth. As I gently licked and sucked his cock, his hands went to my hair he twisted his fingers in my auburn locks and gently pulled me to him. As he held me in place he began to push forward, thrusting his cock into my mouth. I wanted to slow him down. I wanted to show him how very much I appreciated his thoughtfulness for picking me up and transporting me to the hotel. I wanted to make very certain that he would enjoy every minute of being in Master Paul's slut's mouth. I didn't have to worry. His thrusting became faster, almost urgent and it was very clear he was enjoying what he was doing. I cupped his balls and gently massaged him, feeling them get hard under my touch. His cock began to throb and he fed me! His sweet, hot cum filled my mouth and dripped from my lips as I tried to swallow every drop. He continued to thrust into my mouth and throat until every drop was spent. When he was finished, he backed away. I remained on my knees with my head down. He handed me an envelope addressed to Master Paul, pulled his trousers back on. I reminded him to call Master Paul and left me.

After the driver had gone, I stood up and went to the small desk in the room. There was another note from Master Paul. I placed the envelope the driver had left, on the desk, and read Master's next instructions.

"Take a shower, put on a light robe, open my bag and place my tools out and ready for me. Lie down and take a nap. I will call to wake you when I am on my way.



The hot water of the shower was wonderful! Very relaxing! I put the robe on and went to Master's bag. Opening it, I began my assignment and soon Master paddles, crops, floggers, and whips were out. His dildos vibrators plugs and clamps quickly followed. The rope was placed on the dresser along with the sucker fish and the restraints. The last item I place out was the gag.

I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. Within minutes I was asleep.

I slept peacefully for 2 hours and woke up to the telephone ringing. Answering it, I heard Master's voice and felt the heat of His presence.

"Good afternoon, slave,

I trust you are well rested. Please prepare a snack for me, I will be there in 15 minutes"

He hung up before I could answer.

I went into the kitchenette and opened the refrigerator. There was everything I had requested when I booked the suite. I took out the cheese and pepperoni, opened the cabinet and took out some crackers and a plate and prepared Master's snack. I started a pot of coffee and then waited for His arrival. I poured His coffee as He opened the door and took my position, holding it out for Him to take. He placed the coffee on the desk and walked behind me. His arms wrapped around me and His right hand fell onto my breast. His lips were on my neck, kissing, biting, and sucking hard. A chill ran through me as my lust for Him began to grow. His nails scratched at my breasts leaving deep red claw marks. My nipples became erect as I waited silently for His next instructions.

"Kneel," He said as He took the envelope off of the desk and sat down at the table.

I remained at His feet, my head resting on His thigh as He read the note the driver had left.

"He was impressed with your service and has requested permission to use you again, and for a longer period of time. I think I might allow that before you leave."

His hand stroked my hair, His fingers tangling in the curls that feel and framed my face.

"Now listen closely, slave. My brother will be joining me for dinner this evening and then we will come back here. I will introduce you to him and you will serve him as you serve me. You will only speak when given permission or if asked a question. You will be disciplined and if you are noisy, you will be gagged. I would prefer to have your mouth available at all times, but make no mistake if you cry out, I will put a tight gag on you and you will not be allowed to suck either of us. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand"

"Good girl" He said. He took His cock out of His shorts and fed me. Standing up He thrust deep into my mouth, fucking my throat aggressively. His fingers pulled at my nipples; stretching and twisting them. His fingers dug into the tender skin of my breasts. I concentrated on His cock and the way it felt inside my mouth. The heat was amazing! His hands pushed my head back and His cock went even deeper into my throat. Holding it deep, He was challenging me. I gagged once, then adjusted my position, relaxed my throat and pulled Him in even deeper! I felt Him throb and heard Him sigh... Master was relaxed and enjoying the comfort and warmth of His slave.

After Master had cum, He had His snack and coffee and then lay down and took a nap. I cleaned up in the kitchenette and then prepared His clothes and lay down on the floor at the foot of the bed. I heard Him wake up and went to prepare His shower. Master came into the bathroom, ordered me into the shower and then emptied His bladder over my face and breasts. When He was finished, He allowed me to wash Him with the special bath gloves I have for His pleasure. I assisted Him until He was dry and then, as He dressed, I made Him some coffee. Master had me kneel by His chair again. He applied tight clamps to my nipples and then 4 ounces of weight to each clamp. As He finished His coffee, He gave me my instructions.

"Shower, shave, take a cleansing enema and put your black silk robe on. Have the coffee pot ready and I will send room service up with a tray for an evening snack. You may read, or watch some television while you wait for us to return. The moment you hear the door opening, turn the coffee pot on and kneel by the sofa."

With a quick kiss, He was gone and I began to prepare for the evening.

The shower was wonderful and relaxing. I inserted the enema nozzle into my rectum and, as I washed my hair, I released the clip and let the warm water fill me. The pressure began to build, but I knew I had to hold it for a while in order to be completely clean for Master and His brother. I continued to wash my hair and remembered to breathe slowly, holding 2 quarts of water inside me. Leaving the nozzle inside me, I dried off and then went to the toilet to release. Removing the "plug" and releasing the water I was enveloped by an incredible feeling of pleasure. Knowing that I would be completely clean and ready to be used was a very satisfying feeling. Once I was finished, I put the robe on and sat down to read.

Several hours passed and finally I heard the door. I moved to the coffee pot, turned the switch and then went back to kneel by the sofa. Master came in and sat down. His brother came in behind Him and sat down also.

"Serve our coffee" Master instructed me. I rose up off of my knees, bowed to Master and His brother and backed out of the room. As I prepared the tray with coffee there was a knock at the door. Master opened the door and allowed room service to enter. The young man brought a tray of fruit and pastries in and placed it on the table. Master tipped him, and then whispered something to him. The young man asked, "Are you sure?" and Master nodded His head. "Thank you, sir. I will see you when I am finished working".

I brought the coffee to the table and poured a cup for each man, then went back to kneel at Master's side. The conversation was light, mostly talk about the next days tee time. Master very nonchalantly massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. I could feel my cunt begin to throb as I became aroused by His touch.

The coffee was finished and I was instructed to crawl to Master's brother. He had removed His shorts and was stroking his cock. Kneeling before him, I took his cock in my hands. I was shocked at the size! Master had told me that His brother was well endowed, but I had no idea just how big he was! Taking his semi erect cock in my hands, I gently stroked it as I licked the head lightly.

"Ummmm" he moaned, "you weren't exaggerating. She is very good at this". He leaned back in the chair and allowed me to service him. His hips moved just a little as he thrust slowly into my mouth. I opened as wide as possible and took him deep into my throat. My tongue ran up and down the shaft of his cock as I licked and sucked him. I could feel my lust growing. My own desire to be used by Master and his brother was overwhelming.

His fingers tangled in my hair, "You're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?" His hand went under my chin and he raised my face up to look into my eyes. "My brother tells me that you NEED a cock in your mouth all the time. Is that right, slut?"

I felt a chill run down my back as the heat of a blush in my cheeks as I answered him "yes, Sir. That is correct". He pushed my head down and thrust into my mouth again.

"Well, we will just have to see if we can keep you filled for the rest of the week" he said.

"That's not all she needs" Master said. "She needs her cunt and ass filled too. She needs to be used in every way possible. There is nothing that she does not enjoy." Master came up behind me. "Raise your ass, slave". I repositioned myself on my hands and knees but never took the cock out of my mouth. Master's hand came down on my buttocks. I groaned as He made contact again and again with my soft skin. Never missing a stroke, I continued to suck his brothers cock and my lust began to envelop me. When my skin had warmed up, Master took out the braided flogger. Swish, swish, swish, it came down again and again. Tiny welts began to form where the knots hit my skin. Every few strokes Master would stop and trace the welts with his fingers. His touch brought a soft moan of desire and I sucked more vigorously as his brother began to throb in my mouth. Master switched to the thick black leather flogger and beat my buttocks and shoulders aggressively. It was very clear that his brother was enjoying the sight before him. His cock was rock hard and throbbing ferociously. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it. I was moaning softly, pleading to have it back in my mouth. They laughed at my desperation.

Master switched to the crop and with a very quick figure eight swing soon had my back, shoulders and buttocks crimson red and welted. Tears began to fall from my eyes. Master grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to look at His brother. He whispered in my ear "Tell him what you want, slut". My tears were falling freely and my breath was very shallow as I spoke "More, please, Sir. Give me more"

He thrust his cock deep into my mouth and, standing up began to fuck my mouth and throat. At the same time, Master Paul slammed His cock into my cunt and began matching his brother's rhythm, stroke for stroke. They continued to pound into me. One in my mouth and one in my cunt, my body was on fire. Master began spanking me, His hands landing on my tender skin. His brother twisted his fingers in my hair and held me still as he raped my mouth. "Cum for us, slut" Master said. My cunt began to throb and the muscles contracted and pulled Master in deeper. I began to cum and my entire body began to shake. Master pulled His cock out of my cunt and a flood of cum sprayed all over His torso. His cock was glistening, covered in the silky fluid that poured out of me.

He slammed back into my cunt and power fucked me! His cock pounded into my cunt as His brother did the same to my mouth. I felt them begin to throb again, both at the same time. As Master began to fill my cunt, His brother began to feed me. Each man poured a load of hot cum into me. It dripped from my mouth and my cunt. Before they finished, they each pulled out and covered my face and ass in the remainder of their hot, silky cream.

Master sat back on the couch and His brother sat back in his chair. "Clean us off, gently". I crawled forward and gently licked His brother's cock and groin, then each of his thighs until he was completely clean. I crawled to Master and did the same, very gently licking His cock, balls, thighs and torso, tasting my own cum as it merged with His.

They both rested for a few minutes once I had finished, then Master instructed me to kneel before Him. He placed the black alligator clamps on my nipples and tightened them about half way. "Stand up" He said. I stood in front of Him and He snapped 4 ounces of weight to each labia ring. Ordering me to stand by the table, He had me bend at the waist and place my hands on the edge of the table. My breasts were hanging, the clamps making my nipples swell. My ass and cunt were completely exposed, the weight hanging and swinging freely. Master's brother came over to touch the weights. He lifted them in his hand and held them for a few minutes, then dropped them. The weights pulled on the rings and stretched my labia. They were swinging back and forth, pulling on my cunt lips, making them hang longer and begin to swell.

Standing in the middle of the room, Master's brother took a cane into his hand. He laid it across my ass, gently tapping my skin. Without warning he raised his arm and struck! I sucked in all the air I could take into my lungs, "eew" a muffled grunt as I tried to remain on my feet. More soft tapping and then, "whack" another blow. This time, a slow exhale of air as I began to feel "light". My eyes began to flutter and the chill went through my shoulders. I was beginning to "float", where was Master Paul? In a moment of panic I raised my right hand, reaching into the air. My hand was grasping the air, nothing there to hold.

"Open your mouth" Master whispered. I did and He fed me His cock. His brother went back to caning my ass and I gently sucked Master's cock and felt the pleasant painful joy that comes from a good discipline. I was floating. The cane continued to kiss my skin. It was beginning to feel like the kiss of the wind on a cool spring morning. Master took His cock out of my mouth and asked, "What do you want, slave?"

With a soft smile, I answered Him "More, please, Master. Give me more."

Master took the crop and placed it before me. "Open your mouth." He placed the crop in my mouth and said, "Hold this and don't let it drop". My teeth clenched around the crop and I closed my eyes. Master moved behind me. His fingers moved to my cunt. Finding me very wet, He laughed and told His brother to touch me. They were both amused to find me dripping wet, excited and aroused by the caning that I had received. Master moved to the refrigerator. He opened the door and removed something, then came to stand behind me. His fingers once again went to my cunt and spread me. I felt something cold pressing against me. He pushed and pushed and, finally He opened me up. A thick cucumber was pushed into my cunt. He pushed and pulled it in and out of my wet cunt, fucking me aggressively as His brother stood stroking his cock and watching carefully. Master took a small cucumber and pushed it into my ass. Now both holes were being filled. The cold vegetables stretched me wide and left me feeling very vulnerable.

Master's brother stood in front of me, his cock pressed to my lips. I opened my mouth and he fed me. I sucked and licked him gently as Master continued to fuck me with the cucumbers. There was a knock at the door. Master stopped His movement and instructed me to stand, facing the door. His brother removed his cock from my mouth and went to sit on the couch.

My nipples were still clamped. The weights had stretched my labia several inches and were swinging between my thighs. Master removed the cucumber from my ass, but left the one in my cunt. He went to the door and looked out the peephole. Opening the door, He invited His new guest to enter. Master closed the door and came to stand by my side.

He pulled at the nipple clamps causing them to tighten and the alligator teeth to bite into my swollen nipples. I winced in pain but remained quiet. Master reached down and removed the cucumber from my cunt. It made a "popping" noise as he pulled it out. My cunt was wide open and ready to be filled again.

"Slave, do you remember the young man who delivered the tray early?" Master asked me.

"I only caught a glimpse of him, Master" I replied.

"You may look at him now. His name is Gary and he has been very good to me, and my brother, since the day we arrived. Tonight he is going to enjoy himself as I have decided to allow him to use you." Master seemed very excited about this as He introduced me to the young man. "Assume your position over the table, slut" Master instructed me.

As Gary was removing his clothing, Master told him that he could use me in any way he desired. My mouth, ass, and cunt were all open and ready to be filled.

Slowly he walked toward me. He leaned over and asked, "Are you sure about this?" I raised me eyes and looked at him. He was a young man, maybe 24 or 25 years old. He looked cautious and a bit concerned. "Yes" I smiled, "I am very sure about this". I reached my hand out and took hold of his cock. Gently, slowly I stroked until he was becoming aroused. I licked my lips, my lust was building and I wanted to take him into my mouth, but this was for his enjoyment so I didn't move. He glanced back at Master, "I can do anything I want to her?" Master nodded and Gary finally touched me.

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