tagMatureSex in a British Travelodge

Sex in a British Travelodge


Life throws up opportunities for pleasure when you least expect them, such was the case when Tim stopped off at a motorway services in Wiltshire, England, for a coffee early on a weekday morning. The place was very quiet at that time of day and he was relieved to find it wasn't overrun with the usual coach-parties or harassed businessmen shouting into their mobile phones. Just as well too because if it hadn't been so quiet he may not have spotted the woman at the counter in the process of paying for her coffee.

Well, in all honesty it was her heels he spotted first. Tim had known for most of his adult life that he had a thing for women's legs and his sensors were finely tuned to picking up on a lovely pair of nicely presented feminine legs. He loved all the aspects of leg attire such as hosiery, heels, and painted toenails, but he especially loved this time of year when the weather was warm and many women went bare-legged.

The woman paying for her coffee was wearing an attractive summery floral dress, but it was her maroon sling-backs and her bare legs that caught his eye. At the ripe old age of 53 Tim had learned the art of sizing up people fairly quickly and within just a few moments he found himself quite struck by her natural loveliness. He judged her to be in her mid-40's, around 5'5'' in her heels and he liked her shoulder length fair curly hair. Her figure was just as he loved, curvy in all the right places but not at all fat, just nicely full. He sometimes felt bad about sizing up and categorising women so quickly, he just hoped he wasn't too blatant about it. Still, he couldn't help feeling she was his type, the lovely mature 'lady-next-door' with a strong awareness of sex (and an appetite to match) just beneath the surface – he was ever hopeful. He also noticed that the woman under his scrutiny was at ease in chatting naturally to the girl behind the counter and he was struck by how her cheerful persona came across even at 20 feet away. She was clearly someone who could lift the spirits of anyone.

Not that Tim was gloomy, quite the reverse. He was enjoying life in his middle age, his two grown-up children had left home and he and his wife were enjoying the 26th year of their happy marriage getting used to an empty nest. Being a dirty sod he especially relished the fact that this allowed opportunities for sex anytime and anywhere in the home, and Tim and his wife had made plenty of them. Despite this, he found that since turning 50 his appetite for sex had increased beyond his wife's, as had his desire to experiment. In an ideal world this would have been exclusively with his wife but a difficult menopause and her natural reluctance to move much beyond missionary position lovemaking meant that he had turned to places outside his marriage in which to experiment. Guilty at first, he had slowly got his head around it and had decided to go with his instincts in seeking out sexual pleasure.

Over the past 3-4 years he had undertaken an eye-opening journey, moving well beyond his previous vanilla status. He hadn't ventured into any extreme kink such as BDSM or watersports, but he had discovered his bisexuality and had especially enjoyed playing with men and women together. He had also enjoyed sex with several members of the transgendered community. He had been able to enact a number of fantasies and had recently started writing erotica based on his experiences. More satisfying than anything to him was his new-found ability to open his mind, to not be surprised by people and to enjoy talking and meeting with likeminded folks and give free rein to the imagination. A woman he had met at the start of his journey had told him that the brain is the biggest sexual organ and he had come to realise the wisdom of her words many times over the recent past.

Of all the delightful things he had enjoyed with some lovely people, he had come to identify one of his favourite sexual activities to be chatting and flirting with a mature woman, pleasuring her in bed and exchanging experiences and fantasies while making love. He found his ideal type of woman was the older 'yummy mummy' who looked natural and 'everyday' in public but who became very dirty in private. Although he favoured personality over looks, he liked woman to be feminine and yes, ideally with lovely legs. More than anything though, he looked for his bed partner to be communicative and forthcoming when it came to sexual pleasure.

It was with this background that Tim was observing the natural loveliness of the woman now leaving the coffee counter. In the time it took him to get served with his own coffee he had come to the realisation that he was attracted to her and that he wanted to strike up conversation with her. His dilemma was how to do this in an almost empty motorway coffee-shop without seeming predatory. He hated the reputation that some of his counterparts had tarnished the male sex with, of preying on women and treating them badly. As far as he was concerned women were to be respected by their men and to be loved, nurtured and looked after properly. In the bedroom, if circumstances were appropriate, he could confess to enjoying 'using' a woman hard and taking charge sexually, but in the nicest way possible and always with her consent. Sexist maybe, but he liked to think of himself as a gentleman .... albeit filthy in the bedroom.

In the event his coffee-shop dilemma was solved easily. He left the counter with his coffee and made his way towards the easy seating where the woman was relaxing into a sofa and thankfully facing towards him. As he approached her he realised she was looking at him and making eye contact. As he got nearer her face lit up and gave him a lovely smile. Instinctively he smiled back and said "how's the coffee here, was it worth me breaking my journey for?"

"Well, it's not brilliant but better than the stuff in the Travelodge" and she gestured to the hotel across the carpark.

"That doesn't say much" Tim replied, "but at least you can indulge in some people-watching over here".

She giggled naturally and asked him if that's what he liked to do in motorway services too.

"Yes, it's always entertaining." He paused, then asked her semi-jokingly if he could join her so they could people-watch together.

"Oh yes please" she said enthusiastically. She gestured for Tim to sit next to her on the sofa. "So we can compare notes" she added.

From the moment Tim joined her on the sofa he found her utterly delightful to be with. Sitting next to her he was blown away by how attractive she was and they quickly struck up easy and relaxed conversation. Her lovely hazel eyes and her smiling face captivated him and he loved the subtle makeup she was wearing. As they chatted they introduced themselves and he learned that she was Sharon, a 40-something mum, married with teenaged children and working temporarily in the area.

Tim guessed that explained why she was staying at the Travelodge nearby. Sharon told him she had scheduled the morning to work on a presentation in her room but instead had finished it the previous evening by working late into the night. She anticipated Tim's next thought by telling him that she was at a loose end for the morning and was glad to pass the time with someone nice. Tim could feel himself blushing at the unexpected compliment and reassured her that he had no commitments and was more than happy to just kick back and relax with her. He found himself telling Sharon that it was a rare pleasure to meet someone so natural and to strike up conversation so easily. He got an even warmer feeling about her when she snuggled up a bit closer and squeezed his arm reassuringly with her hand.

All the time they had been conversing Tim had increasingly found it hard not to glance down at Sharon's lovely cleavage. It was even more difficult to keep his eyes off her soft bare legs and her sexy shoes. He was thrilled to see her beautifully painted toes and even more to see a pretty anklet on her right foot. He noticed that Sharon would sometimes reach down and play with it, seemingly oblivious to the effect this was having on him. He found feminine feet as much a turn-on as a lovely pair of legs and he couldn't help wondering if her ankle chain was a deliberate temptation to a potential lover. He knew that in some situations, especially in the swinging lifestyle that he had dabbled with recently, an anklet on the right foot could imply an invitation. It was a hard call to judge whether his lovely coffee partner was in this situation or not but he found her ankle chain a delightful adornment and tried again not to stare.

Sharon however had already spotted Tim looking at her feet and decided to pursue his obvious weakness. She had woken earlier that morning in her hotel room feeling very horny and a good workout with her new wand vibrator had only served to increase her need still further. Hotel rooms always intensified her desire and she had taken the decision that if at all possible she would try and pick up a man in the motorway services and take him back to her room for sex. It had to be someone nice, she had standards and certainly did not regard herself as a tart, just a mature woman in need of good sex. Since turning 40 a few years earlier she too had moved from having a vanilla sex-life to exploring more interesting forms of recreational sex, both with and without her husband. They had started swinging and enjoyed it, but her needs were more intense that her hubby's and she found she needed extra cock whenever circumstances allowed. Her recent sexual exploration had given her back her self-confidence after raising her children and being confined to life as a housewife. She had to pinch herself that she now had the ability and the desire to pick up suitable men and get them to fuck her brains out when she needed it.

She had spotted Tim as soon as he had entered the coffee shop and decided he was the one she wanted. She too had her weaknesses, one of them being for older men who she knew invariably had the experience and the self-assurance to pleasure her fully and service her raw needs.

She crossed her legs and reached down to stroke her anklet in Tim's full gaze.

"Do you like my anklet Tim? I noticed you looking at it"

"I do" he replied, "I think they look so pretty, well, downright sexy in fact".

He decided to push the boundaries a bit and asked "can I ask what made you choose to put it on your right ankle?"

"Why do you ask?" teased Sharon, with a smile on her face to signal that she knew the game he was playing with her.

"Well, in some circles, it can signal that the woman is, hmm, available, especially if she already has a partner" said Tim hesitantly.

Sharon stroked his leg with her fingertips and looked directly into Tim's eyes. "Have you come across that previously then?" she murmured softly.

"Hmm, I've played with some swinging couples in the past year or so and came across wives who wore them for that reason". Tim couldn't quite believe he was saying this to a woman he had only met 10 minutes earlier, but he was now confident he had judged Sharon and her intentions correctly.

They held each other's gaze, not speaking for a few moments, but allowing themselves to hold hands and enjoy the moment of truth. Sharon could feel her pussy getting wet and she knew to seize the initiative.

"You naughty clever man, that is why I'm wearing it, I'm a swinger too" she confessed in a low barely audible voice. "I'm married, we swing together but when I'm on my own I have my hubby's permission to play. He loves reclaiming me when I get home but right now I want to have sex with you and focus all my sexual energy on you alone. I want to take you back to my room so we can make love, you can be as dirty as you like with me and I want us to pleasure each other senseless. Are you OK with that Tim?"

By now Tim could start to detect the unmistakeable scent of her arousal. In response to her question he reached for her, placed his hand softly to the side of her face and drew her mouth to his.

"Yes, I'm very OK with it" he whispered, and pressed his lips to hers, nibbling gently at her lower lip. In seconds their mouths were open to each other and their tongues were responding to their combined need, making their first exchange of body fluid. Tim could feel pre-cum leaking in his briefs and imagined they would soon be swapping other forms of body fluid, he loved the natural messiness of sex so much.

His next comment reassured her that she had chosen well "Travelodges are perfect for recreational sex, they're anonymous and the beds are firm enough to enable a good hard pounding" he said laughingly.

"And just the right height for doggy style in comfort" giggled Sharon.

As they rose from the sofa hand in hand to leave the coffee shop they noticed the young couple on the nearest table looking at them in disbelief and realised that their last comments had not been whispered and so would have been overheard.

As they left for the hotel, Tim put his arm around Sharon, kissed the top of her head and said "youngsters have so much to learn, I'm glad we're old enough to know how to enjoy ourselves properly!"

Tim slipped his arm around Sharon's waist as they made their way out of the restaurant complex. As they left the building he noticed several businessmen looking at Sharon and taking in her loveliness. He realised she had deliberately popped a button on her light summer dress and was showing even more tanned cleavage as she leaned into him. Tim felt a mix of smugness and pride that such an attractive woman had picked him to take to bed and fuck with, and he imagined what the onlookers were thinking as the couple made their way towards the Travelodge. Once in the carpark Sharon stopped and drew Tim into her for a deep wet snog while they held their close embrace for a minute or so. Breaking the kiss she looked into his eyes and said "I'm so horny and I want people watching us to guess what we're about to do in that hotel".

Linking her arm into his she led the way into the Travelodge, past the guy on reception with such confidence that Tim guessed she had done this before. Tim couldn't take his eyes off her as she went up the stairs in front of him. Her legs looked amazing, lightly tanned, smooth and nicely muscled, their shape enhanced by her 3-inch heels. Her bottom was gorgeously full without being over-generous, her thin dress hinting at the pleasures beneath. Once in the room and with the 'do not disturb' tag hanging on the door, Sharon turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, stifling any further conversation with a long, deep French kiss.

As they kissed they started to tear each other's clothes off. Sharon was braless, her firm breasts not needing any support, and she reached down and slipped off her heels, her dress bunched around her middle as she feel back onto the big bed. Tim stripped off the rest of his clothes and full of lust and desire wrapped her into his arms immediately he joined her. He couldn't recall such a passionate and efficient seduction, only 30 minutes previously they had been strangers and now he was holding her, smothering her in soft kisses and pressing his burgeoning erection into her soft belly. As his hand reached down to explore between her legs he realised she had not been wearing panties and was sopping wet.

He drew back to look at her and take in her natural loveliness. As he started to peel off her dress from around her middle Sharon squeezed his hand and looked pleadingly at him with the words "I'd rather keep it on, my tummy isn't my best feature, 3 children have taken their toll".

For Tim, this was a huge turn-on. He loved the changes that a woman's body undergoes after giving birth and as she ages; for him a tummy roll and a few stretchmarks were evidence of an interesting life, natural and genuine, not false, and thereby made a woman even more attractive in his eyes. He realised that some women needed to be convinced about this and often suffered a loss of confidence and self-worth from what they regarded as unattractive features. Sharon confided that she had indeed been in this position and was self-conscious about her tummy. Tim explained his love of full-figured women and reassured her he was turned-on by normal bodies. As he cuddled her, stroked her tummy and held her close, Sharon's reluctance evaporated and she allowed Tim to peel off her dress and drink in her soft curves. "God she's gorgeous" he thought. Her lovely belly made her a normal mum and one he badly wanted to fuck, his perfect MILF. They held each other tightly and snogged deeply, allowing their mutual passion to grow naturally.

Sharon, having been reassured of his genuine desire for her, was putty in his hands and completely at ease in her nakedness with him. She asked outright if she could start their lovemaking by taking the initiative and Tim just groaned his agreement. Normally the one to lead, he was happy to let this wonderful woman take him however she wished. Although they had only just met, they each felt a rapidly developing bond of trust and a feeling of being completely in tune with each other.

Sharon moved down his body, planting light kisses on her journey south and stopping to examine his erection in detail. She now realised for the first time just how thick his penis was and how much she was looking forward to feeling him inside her. Having had children, she appreciated a thicker cock and loved the feel of being stretched inside. Tim loved hearing her voice her enthusiasm for his girth, she told him that she preferred thickness to length but that he had both, and she was amazed by his thickness at the root of his cock. They discussed how this might influence their lovemaking and both of them accepted that anal sex might be too much at this stage.

She lowered her mouth onto him and fellated him wetly and incredibly softly. Tim had never been that turned on by blow jobs but Sharon's technique was superb, better than any he'd experienced before. Being bisexual he generally found men gave better oral than women but Sharon was already proving to be the best female cocksucker he'd ever experienced. Gentleness was the key to her technique he realised, she was adept at running the tip of her tongue around his helmet, then using lots of saliva to coat his penis as she slowly sheathed him with her warm mouth. The sight of her fellating him was such a turn-on and she kept it going far longer than anything than anything he'd experienced before. Conscious of his rising sap, he reluctantly had to encourage her to stop before he came.

Knowing exactly what he wanted next, Tim disengaged and encouraged Sharon to perch her bottom on the edge of the bed. Placing a pillow under her bum, and guiding her legs apart, he knelt on the floor and commenced his detailed intimate examination of her. Sharon had the sort of vagina that Tim adored, fleshy, with large labia, perfectly shaved around her opening and with a just a small patch of trimmed hair on her mound. It was very open and extremely wet, she was so ready to be explored and pleasured. Tim couldn't resist running his tongue into her pussy, she immediately became even more liquid and moaned loudly as he treated her vagina to some intense cunnilingus. Sharon responded in a way that aroused her lover so much, pushing her cunt into him, leaking her copious juices all over his face and sobbing with pleasure. Having got her so wet and gaping it was natural to insert two fingers and massage her G-spot, using just his tongue to stimulate her clit. Sharon started a series of mini climaxes, each one building and causing her to leak even more.

At a well-chosen moment Tim gently slid a very wet finger into her anus, his other fingers still in her cunt and he began tonguing her hard to bring her to full climax. Using his hand to pump her firmly in both holes she soon tensed and cried loudly to an intense orgasm. Unable to speak she gestured for Tim to stop and to hold her close as her body shook with the aftershocks of her climax. Their sweat mingled and Sharon took delight in licking her pussy residue off Tim's face as he held her. As she calmed down she told him how much she adored being pleasured that way, but that she urgently needed his cock inside her.

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