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Sex in the Wild


Nicole was lost. She knew it; she hadn't seen another human being in over an hour. When she signed up for this tour of the lost woods of Nepal, she never thought she would lose the other tourists. Her husband Mike was probably frantic looking for her.

The wind blew over her body making her shiver in her jeans and t-shirt. Even though it was middle of summer, she had been told that it still got cold at night and the sun was fading from view, it seemed at a rapid rate.

She was tired. Her long black hair was tangled in its ponytail. Her soft brown eyes wanted to close with exhaustion. She forced herself to continue walking until she came to a break in the trees. There was a clearing, with a log sitting in the middle of it.

She stumbled towards the log, letting her full figured body fall down over it. She breathed heavily as she closed her eyes. "Just a little nap, then I will find the others." She murmured as she drifted off.

She came awake with a start. At first she was disoriented. She had no idea where she was or why her bed felt so hard. Then she remembered the tour. Mike had brought her to Nepal to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

She had always wanted to visit here, so when he got his 2 week vacation from work, he had planned this trip.

They had been in this country for two days when she saw the advertisement for tours of the lost woods. It sounded intriguing so they had signed up. Now she was lost in the middle of the lost woods, wondering if she would ever find her way out.

She pushed herself to a sitting position then gasped. Standing not 5 feet in front of her was a beautiful white unicorn. Its horn shimmered in the darkness. Its white coat gleamed. It had blue eyes that she felt could look right into her soul. "Am I still dreaming?" She asked softly. Unicorns didn't exist, did they?

The unicorn continued to watch her for a minute, then it slowly moved towards her. Its hooves making no sound in the soft grass. It stopped not a foot from her and lowered its horn.

She flinched at first, then sighed as she felt a warmth move over her body. When the horn left her, she gasped as she realized she was suddenly sitting on the log completely naked. "What...?" She asked as the unicorn nudged her legs apart.

She sat there motionless as it lowered its head between her legs. She breathed heavily as she saw its mouth move towards her tender flesh.

Her eyes widened when it dipped out its tongue, then lowered in passion as the unicorn touched his tongue to her pussy lips. "Oh..." She breathed closing her eyes.

The unicorn licked at her outer lips, then slid his tongue between them until he was touching her clit. "Oh god." She moaned spreading her lower lips open to give him better access to her body.

Nicole's breath came out in pants as the unicorn brought her body to full arousal with his tongue. When he dipped his tongue into her slit, she whimpered, bucking her hips towards him. "Oh eat me." She cried as he moved his tongue in and out of her like a small cock.

The unicorn just stood there, his horn resting against her stomach as he tonguefucked her fast and hard. He could feel her body tightening around him. His cock slithered from his sheath until it rested against the ground.

Nicole's body was shaking as streams of desire slid through her. "Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum." She screamed holding her pussy lips open to the unicorns probing tongue even as her upper body fell back until she was resting her head against the ground with just her ass resting on the log.

The unicorn continued to love her with his mouth. His tongue flew inside her, he would pull it out just enough to tantalize her clit before pushing far inside her again. When she came, he licked at her insides, drinking up all her luscious juices before he pulled his muzzle away.

Nicole let her sated body fall from the log until she was lying on the ground with her legs spread before her. She watched through half closed eyes as the unicorn stepped over the log, his cock dragging on the ground beneath him. Her eyes widened when she saw his length, but then she just licked her lips. She wanted to feel him inside her.

She pushed herself to her feet, looking for a place where the unicorn could mount her. He was at least 20 hands high and she knew the log she had been laying on wouldn't be high enough.

She looked around the clearing, her pussy tingling with the thought of him reaming her snatch with his shaft. She watched in wonder, as the unicorn walked over to a tree and touched it with its horn. The tree bent down almost in half, leaving a perfect bed like area for her to lean across. The unicorn turned his head, looking into her eyes. She licked her lips, and then walked over to the tree.

She lay down on her stomach across it, wrapping her arms around the log. She gasped when she felt the lower part of the tree, lifting her up until her ass was sticking far up in the air. She looked behind her to see the unicorn watching her again, and then suddenly she felt his front hooves touch her back as he brought his cock to her entrance.

"Oh my." She breathed as she watched him probing at her. When he slid smoothly into her depths, she cried out.

"FUCK!" She screamed as she felt him fill her. He was twice as long as her husband and at least 3 times as round. She felt her pussy being stretched further then it had ever been stretched before. She whimpered in pain as he shoved himself deep inside her.

When she felt his horn against her back, she held herself still even as he began to pump his hips, pulling him from her body only to return to her depths once more.

She felt a tingling sensation all over her body as he fucked her. "Fuck me." She cried pushing back against his thrusts. The unicorn kept his strokes long but slow. She could feel him pushing deep into her, even as what felt like a finger, lifted from the log beneath her to play with her clit. "Oh my god." She cried feeling her orgasm rising. "Fuck me."

The hooves pressed into her back but there was no pain, just a bit of pressure as she was pressed tighter against the log. She felt like hands came up beneath her, cupping and caressing her breasts even as the unicorn thrust faster into her eager hole. "Oh god...I'm cummminnnggg." She screamed as her body shook with release.

The unicorn just kept thrusting into her body like she hadn't just orgasmed around him. He pushed her higher and higher until she was screaming in pleasure as her body was constantly rocked with orgasm.

"FUCK!!!" She screamed as she went flying for the tenth time in a row. Her body was streaming with need but the unicorn showed no sign of stopping.

"I...I can't take it." She whimpered as the hands continued to pull at her breasts and clit while the cock probing her depths shook her violently. "Oh god. I'm cumming again." Her cry filled the silent woods as once again she was pushed into ecstasy. She could feel him still pushing into her, she felt her pussy getting raw from all the times she had cum.

She cried out when suddenly her pussy was enjoying the sensations once again as he touched his horn to her back. "Fuck meeee...Oh god...I don't know what's happening to me, but fuck me." She cried slamming her body hard back against him.

Benji the unicorn watched the human female beneath him as he continued to slam into her body. He loved fucking the human women who wandered into his forest. He could fuck them for days, bringing their body to life over and over again until they were sure they would die from the pleasure.

This one was hotter then the rest, he had never had a human female coat him so often so quickly. He actually felt his control slipping as he continued to drive into her. He would take her as his own. He would make her his personal sex slave. She would love his cock with her body as often as he wished.

Once again she cried out in orgasm but he just continued to thrust into her, she was whimpering with need as he forced her to cum again and again. "Please." She begged as her body once again flew over the edge.

Nicole's body was on fire. She was sure that by now, her pussy would be raw but it wasn't. Instead it was coating the unicorns unstopping cock repeatedly. She closed her eyes falling asleep even as he continued to drive himself into her.

When she awoke, she knew that something was different. She was lying on a bed of soft fur, on her stomach with her ass thrust far into the air. The unicorn was once again, forcing himself into her depths. "OH...Fuck...me..." She whimpered weakly as she felt her orgasm wash over her for the 100th time.

She never saw the smile cross the unicorns face as he used her body for his own pleasure. But somehow she knew that she was his now, he would use her body constantly until she couldn't stand it, then force her to endure more of his sexual pleasures.

She closed her eyes thinking of her husband, wondering if she was dead or alive. But as Benji made her cum once again, she knew it didn't matter. This unicorn would never let her go.

She would be his sexual slave for all eternity. He would constantly keep her on a sexual high until she went insane from the pleasures he brought to her body. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The End

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