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Delilah, her husband Peter and their online friend Rick would be meeting for the second time this coming Friday. Instead of dinner this time, they'd be getting together in a hotel room that had a Jacuzzi. Rick would be driving down from city fifty-five miles away. They were all anxious for a wild sexy fuck filed night.

Delilah and her husband Peter arrive early and start setting the scene for a hot rendezvous. On the dresser are a Sony Digital camera and a Polaroid. He is as kinky as her and they loved to take hot sexy pictures of everyone. On the bedside table lays her 8 inch vibrator. Good for teasing parts of her not occupied by a cock or mouth. Near it are some lube, a few condoms and a gel that warms the body when blown on.

She started by changing into a hot sexy cobalt blue lacy short nightie. That flimsy outfit was guaranteed to make any cock stand at attention. He would be wearing red silk boxers.

They all understand that she will be the center of attention. She seductively purred, "Oh my god, my clit is throbbing already wondering who will do what first. I love being this naughty.

Peter then places some romantic fuck her type music in the CD player. Then sets some candles around the room and dimmed the lights. When he was finished, he looked around and said, "Oh yeah, this room is just right for fucking." He pulls her into his arms and kisses her hard.

He rubs her leg with his dick and tells her he wants a little action before Rick gets there. "UH uh, sugar. I want to have my way with Rick first."

He hung his head and pouted until she reminded him he could take nude pictures. He salivated and said, "Oh, Delilah, I love you so much. You can do whatever you want first baby. I'll take some pictures, then I plan to join Rick in driving that body of yours crazy."

They look at the clock and know it's near the time when Rick is to arrive. Then both jump when they hear a tap on the door. He tells her, "Answer the door; I can't wait to watch you fuck this guy!" He swears he can see her cunt juice is running down her thighs as she walked.

When she answers the door, fuck, it looks like Rick's eyes are going to pop out of their sockets when he sees what she's wearing. She leaned over and laid a kiss on him that will make any males toes curl.

As she held him close, she can feel his swollen cock brushing my thigh, and knows he is more then ready. She first turned and introduced him to Peter.

Peter is smiling devilishly and panting like an eager beaver. "Let's get these balls rolling."

Rick nodded in agreement. "My dick and balls have wanted to fuck Delilah all day long!"

The two then strip and sit on the edge of the bed and began watching her. She slowly stripped bumping to the music as she removed everything. She then climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide. She ran her finger through her hot cunt and then licked her finger.

The two men gazed with there mouths gapping open and dicks in hand. They almost passed out when she licked her lips seductively said, "Boys, I'm primed and ready for fucking!"

Her mouth drooled as she observed the differences in their dicks. Rick's dick was as long as Peter's, but it was more slender. Peter's was thick with a big mushroom head.

Rick climbed onto the bed next to her. He kissed her hard as his fingers caress her every vivacious curve. He then rolled her nipples between his thumb and index fingers, making her moan with desire. Then he reaches for her cunt. Sliding his finger deep inside her and then brings it to his lips and sucks it.

Peter picked up the camera and began snapping photos. Close up ones too with her fingers fondling Rick's cock. When she goes into a dive to suck him, Peter grabs the video camera. He wanted to get every sexy detail of his sex kitten giving another man a blowjob. Oh fuck, that turned him on some much and felt his precum oozing all over his dick.

As Peter watched, she broke the kiss long enough to tell Rick to lie down. She then began kissing him from his lips downward making sure she sucked and nibbled on his nipples. He knew she could not wait until she tasted his dick.

Rick stopped her and told her to straddle his face as he wants to eat her cunt as she deep throats his dick.

Peter took a few more pictures and could not stand it any longer. "Hot Damn sugar, I'm joining you'll. Daddy needs some of your candy."

She knows he wanted her to suck Rick's dick as he ate her. "Rick please let's moves around. I want my sweet daddy to eat me as I suck you pole. Is that alright with you?"

Rick replied, "Fuck yes; anything you do is ok with me." He then watched as Peter knelt down and sucked her luscious big tits. He remembered that one of her e-mail's told him she loved a titty man. He drooled and couldn't wait to suck and bite them. He moved up to her head now with his dripping shaft inches from her hot lips. As Peter ate her, he rammed his cock into her mouth until he felt his balls slap her chin.

There was a blur of cocks and cunts, as they began fucking and sucking as if there was no tomorrow.

She reached down and rubbed her clit hard as Peter rimmed her tight ass. She stopped sucking his dick long and bellowed, "Ooooooooh, yessssss, fuck, tongue fuck my ass daddy." Then she went back to sucking Rick's dick.

The excitement was more the Rick could take her shouted, "OH FUCK, I AM CUMMING!" Climaxing so hard him nearly lost his balance.

Peter watched as she licked Rick's dick clean. Oh fuck he loved it. He then told her to get on all fours he was fucking doggie style. She moved and he grabbed her hips and plunged his rod into her hot love tunnel.

Rick dives under her and began eating her cunt like a puppy lapping a bowl of milk. They both realize there hot actions will make her blow like a volcano.

Peter tells her to get the toy and lube off the table near the bed. She handed it to him and he looked down at Rick. When he got his attention he said, "You know Rick, she loves this in her pussy and even ass. I'm going to fuck the little ladies ass in a minute, why don't you use it on her cunt as you eat her."

Rick reached for her toy and before she could say anything held it against her clit. As Peter lubes his dick and slowly worked it into her asshole.

She trembled as a climax was beginning to surge through her body and screamed, "Ooooh god, I love it! Fuck her ass baby!"

Peter grabbed her hips and rammed his dick into her ass clean to his balls, fucking her like a wild animal.

She closed her eyes and trembled hard and began bucking her hips wildly as the climax overtook her.

Rick eagerly swallowed every drop of her sweet nectar. He then looked at his cock. "Oh fuck, Delilah look at my dick! It's all hard and ready to fuck again. Can I fuck your pussy with it as he does your ass?

She giggled and said, "You'd better, or I might use this toy on your ass!"

Peter stopped fucking her ass for the time being and Rick lay on his back so she could straddle him. Rick grabbed her hips and slammed her cunt all the way down on his throbbing prick.

Then Peter positioned himself to resume fucking her hot asshole. While he was pounding her ass, they began fucking her in rhythm.

Rick reached up as grabbed one her swaying tits and started sucking and biting her hard nipples. He then felt her cunt contracting around his dick.

Her climax seems unstoppable. She threw back her head and yelled, "Fuck baby, I am cumming!"

Peter pulls his dick out of her ass and shouted, "Oooooh fuck here it cums baby! " Cumming all over the two mounds of her ass. He then tells Rick to keep fucking her cunt as his is going to be taking more pictures.

The camera starts clicking as she resumes fucking Rick. "These pictures today are the best we have taken in a long time baby. I think I will post them on Literotica next week."

She purrs and said, "Oh honey, I cannot wait to see them."

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