tagHumor & SatireSex Kittens Ch. 02

Sex Kittens Ch. 02


This story is mainly set in a fantasy world in which our laws of sex and biology are different. It's over the top in some ways, so don't take it too seriously. It's just a bit of fun.


The Story So Far: A woman called Sue has been taken to a parallel universe by Dominique, a pervert "sex kitten" who is half-human, half-cat. Dominique's world is pornocratic and is full of non-stop sex of all kinds.

Now in a world full of sex, transformed into a sex kitten, a hermaphrodite, and seemingly able to transform hirself into chocolate at will (a particular fetish on hir own part), Sue has agreed to stay for at least one week in Dominique's world.

It is now approaching afternoon on Sue's first day, and shi has already had sex with Dominique, an experience which has its merits. We join Sue as she is preparing to go outside.


Having decided that going out in clothes covered in chocolate and semen was a bad idea, Sue, who was now naked in hir normal flesh state, looked through the kinky wardrobe Dominique had provided for hir to see what else would be suitable.

Sue was trying to find something that was not too kinky that shi could carry off. However, hir attention was distracted when shi felt something leathery come across hir shoulders. Shi glanced down and saw Dominique's paws.

"Having trouble deciding?" Dominique asked.

"Yeah," said Sue, "I just can't find anything I like."

"Well, don't despair. I've got you an extra little gift which might make things easier."

"A gift?" Sue said in a state of pleased surprise, "That's thoughtful. What is it?"

Dominique pointed a claw to a small box on Sue's rubber bed. Sue opened it to find a big, brown leather collar with hir name studded in diamonds on it and a smaller brown leather cuff with a big jingle bell on the end, which Sue assumed correctly was for hir tail.

Sue did not know what at first to make of it. While hir first thought was that the whole thing was a little pervy, shi then looked at it from point of view of Dominique and the other sex kittens. This sort of thing had to be flattering. After all, if your society is based around sex and kinkiness, then giving someone a personalised collar or cuff must show you really liked them. "Oh," shi said eventually, "that's kinda sweet."

"Why thank you," said Dominique, who hoped for a bigger reaction, but having met several other humans and given then the same gift to them previously, shi knew from past form that the reaction was never wholly ecstatic. "I normally go with black leather, but with your love of chocolate, I thought brown would be more appropriate. Let me put them on for you," shi said.

Dominique picked up the collar, which was quite think and bulky. Shi fastened it securely around Sue's neck, not too slack but not too tight either, with hir name facing the front. Dominique then took the cuff and fastened it near the end of Sue's tail. A sweet jingle could be heard as Sue's tail swung in the air.

Sue looked at hirself in the mirrored ceiling of hir bedroom. Shi was getting rather attached to the gifts. "Yes, very nice indeed. I like the shininess."

"All sex kittens like things which are shiny."

"Still doesn't solve the rest of wardrobe problem though."

"You could always go naked," Dominique suggested, "Many sex kittens like to go without clothes so that they are ready to pounce when they get the chance."

"No, I'd rather have something on."

Dominique purred as an idea formed in hir head. "Well, I suggest a compromise. Wear some clothes, but expose the goods."

Sue decided that as Dominique was the expert there would be no point in arguing. "Alright, what do you suggest?"

"Chaps," said Dominique, "and make them brown leather to match with the collar. No underpants."

Sue found the chaps Dominique was referring to. They were beautifully made, there was not denying that, and they did feel comfortable as shi put them on, but Sue was still slightly uncomfortable about going around in public with hir new male genitalia, hir vagina and hir arsehole fully exposed for all to see.

As shi put them on, Dominique was looking for something else and in wardrobe. Eventually shi found what was looking for and told Sue to put it on. It was a brown leather jacket with a sort of fleece outline. The jacket had no buttons, zips or fasteners of any kind, which was mainly down to the fact that the jacket did not cover hir breasts. The jacket just stopped short of them, leaving them in full public view. It also stopped half-way down hir torso and thus exposed hir midriff.

Sue then found a pair of dark glasses which shi thought would help hir look more anonymous. Shi quickly put them on as Dominique then gave hir another item. "Oh yeah, they look good. Actually, that gives an idea. Just put those boots on, and I'll be right back."

Sue put on the boots, which were again brown leather. They had six inch heels and went all the way up to hir knees. Dominique returned with a brown leather peaked cap, which put Sue in mind of some sort of gay motorbiker. It had a small silver chain going across the front and some strange embalm. If Sue had known anything of the BDSM lifestyle back home, shi would have known it was a triskelion, a symbol of the fetish community. The symbol was standing in front of a criss-cross display featuring a pair of handcuffs and a riding crop. Sue put it on, lay on top of the bed and looked at the finished article.

Sue pondered for a while before giving an opinion: "Actually, this is rather good. Rather dominant looking."

"That's what I like to hear," said Dominique. Shi giggled a bit, "I'll have to call you 'Sue the Slut' from now on I think."

Sue laughed a bit as well at the suggestion, before getting off the bed and saying, "I'll have to see if I'm slutty enough to live here first."

"I think you will," said Dominique, who then gave Sue a quick kiss on the lips, one on each of Sue's nipples and one on hir long cock. Sue felt it getting ever so slightly harder. "Come on, let's go."

As Dominique was putting on a rather large black leather trench coat, Sue put hir paw up: "Oh, hang on, I forgot. One last question before we go out."

"Go on," Dominique pressed.

"Well, I was wondering, what with cocks as big as this," said Sue, pointing at hir own member, "how on Earth do carry out oral sex? I mean, it must be so long that you can't, what's the phrase, err... deep throat someone because it would cut off your air intake."

"Simple," said Dominique, "sex kittens windpipes are more separate from their oesophagus than those of humans. In humans, the windpipe connects to the oesophagus quite low down the body. In sex kittens, the windpipe is located behind the oesophagus."

"I don't get it."

Dominique sighed: "Look, I'll open my mouth. Tell me if you see anything different to a human mouth."

Dominique opened up and Sue looked in. Apart from a set of rather pointy teeth, shi could not see any major difference. Then shi spotted it. "Oh I see," shi said, "there is one hole leading down to your throat, and another at the back of the mouth, connecting to the windpipe."

"Yes," Dominique replied, relaxing hir jaw, "we call it the 'voice valve'. Whenever the mouth opens, the valve opens so you can talk and breathe through your mouth. When the mouth closes, so does the valve, but you can still breathe through the windpipe because it is connected to your nose. Because of this, one of the first things that young sex kittens are taught is not to eat with their mouth open, because there is a danger of swallowing something down your windpipe when the voice valve is open and thus you can choke to death."

"So you can still deep throat someone?"

"Provided the receiver tilts their head back like a sword swallower, yes, but it is still risky. No so much the receiver, but for the person sticking the cock into the mouth. Not only are there lots of sharp teeth to deal with, but if your cock goes too far, there is a risk of it being harmed by stomach juices."

"Oh my God," Sue said worryingly.

"Indeed. That's happened to me on more than one occasion. Thank goodness for DNA altering machines that's all I can say. Now, can we get going?"

"Yeah, sorry about that. Let's get cracking."

So, having dealt with the complicated issues surrounding sex kitten oral technique, Sue took hir first steps outside of the flat. The corridor shi and Dominique were in was nothing much. Shi noticed that the floors were covered in laminate flooring; presumably to clean up anything that might be discharged from a couple making love before they reached their room.

As they walked to the lift, they did indeed see a couple making love in the corridor. One sex kitten was giving hard anal sex to another, who seemed to be licking up hir own cum which shi ejaculated. Sue tried hir best not too look too closely.

They made their way into the lift, in which Sue noted two things. One was that shi lived on the 134th floor. The other was that there was another six sex kittens already in the lift, five of whom were masturbating over the sixth, who was sitting in the middle and was seemingly drenched in semen.

Sue was not sure how to tackle this, but luckily for hir Dominique knew the answer: "Come on Sue, get wanking!"

"Really?" shi said absently.

"Of course, it would be rude not too."

Dominique had now opened up hir catsuit, taking out both hir awesome knockers as well as hir throbbing dick, which shi was pumping like fury. Not wanting to offend anyone, with the possible except of hirself, Sue started stimulating hir own cock. The two of them got themselves into a good position as some of the others fired their loads. All that came from the sex kitten in the middle was the odd word of thanks. For the rest of the time shi was either licking, gulping or sucking. Sue also noticed that many of the other sex kittens were looking at Dominique with a sense of trepidation.

Sue saw some of sex kittens leaving soon after their came, and then being quickly replaced as more boarded onto the lift. Shi noticed that the sex kitten in the middle was wearing a white collar with a tag on it. Underneath all the spooge dripping from it shi could see it was a logo that formed the letters "CD".

The sex kitten in the middle then took hold of Sue's cock. Shi jerked Sue's member up and down with both paws while Sue massaged hir testicles. Dominique, who was standing next to Sue, soon groaned and fired hir spunk into the cum-drenched sex kitten's ear. Sue then also came, but shi instead fired hot milk chocolate into hir face.

Everyone else in the lift looked at Sue, who just looked backed at them and said, "DNA altering machine."

The lift passengers all nodded in acknowledgement as the lift reached the bottom. The sex kitten thanked Sue for the special "dessert". The lift doors opened and Sue and Dominique stepped out, although the cum-covered sex kitten stayed inside and continued to wank several other demi-felines in the lift, as it shut its doors and went on its way.

"Wonder why shi is here?" Dominique asked.

"I spotted shi had some logo on hir collar. Do the letters 'CD' mean anything?"

"CD?" said Dominique, zipping hir catsuit back up, "Oh yes! Cum Dumpster, the bukkake club, yes. Shi is probably promoting the place. They tend to get one of the staff out and about and do their stuff in a different location each day."

"What's a bukkake exactly?" Sue asked.

"It's a sexual practice that in your world comes from some place called Japan. It involves lots of people masturbating over someone and the person in the middle being covered in cum. You could be covered in piss too if you like. There is something similar to it called 'gokkun' which involves drinking sperm. They're supposedly some of the healthiest sexual acts you can do because sperm is full of protein. I know the sex kitten that runs Cum Dumpster; I could take you to hir if you like."

"That maybe be something for later," said Sue.

The pair made their way through the main lobby of the flats, which was mainly filled with sex kittens of various dress (and sometimes no dress at all) taking part in various different forms of sex while they waited for luggage to arrive or for the manager to come (come to meet that is, although it is probably likely that shi was having sex as well).

Eventually they arrived outside. While Sue had already experienced a bit of a taster from the safe position of hir bedroom window, the full impact of this new world was now for hir to inspect. There were quite a few sex kittens having sex. Shi spotted four couples, two threesomes, a foursome, a mass orgy in a park over the road, and several other catpeople masturbating on their own, either standing or on the move. Some were clothed, some were naked. Those that were clothed tended to be dressed mainly in rubber and leather.

Dominique led Sue to what appeared to be a limousine. Sue clearly noticed that Dominique was someone with quite a bit of influence. The two quickly hopped on board, with Dominique saying to the driver, "take us home will you."

The driver nodded in acknowledgement and drove on. Sue noticed that the seats in the cab were covered in plastic. "My God," shi thought to hirself, "they even have to cover car seats with protective sheets."

It was not a long drive, but Sue did manage to see a bit more of the city shi was in. She noticed that there still many kinds of businesses that still went on in hir own world, but that they all had sexual kinks to them. Clothes shops displayed manikins in revealing rubber fetish wear; supermarkets featured adverts of sex kittens playing with their food in all kinds of rude ways; DVD shops had sales on classic porn films; a photocopying shop displayed photocopied pictures of naked bottoms in its window; and there was a pet shop with pet animals in the window which Sue decided not to look at for too long. Open minded as shi was, shi did not feel ready for bestiality yet.

There were also quite a lot of shops selling wool. This was partly due to the playful nature of the catpeople, and it also appeared to be used as a kind of rope for bondage play.

There were several other businesses that were new to Sue. Amongst them, there was a shop called "Prissy Sissy" which "Guaranties to make you more effeminate in less than an hour" and that seemed to be painted entirely in pink. There was an anti-cleaning shop which advocated to wet and messy play. Then shi spotted something shi had been told about -- a DNA altering service. It looked very glitzy, and offered to turn you into the sex kitten of your dreams.

The limo pulled up near to Min Tower and Dominique told the driver to park the limo in the usual place. The driver made hirs way down the road. The tower appeared to be the tallest building in the city. It rose into the sky and must have been over 250 storeys high. The two approached a small alley next to the tower, from which Sue overheard what sounded like someone having sex from what appeared to be a skip.

"Oh, that will be Rose," said Dominique, "shi lives in the skip and makes money from having sex with anyone who passes by. Everyone around here knows hir. There is a little slit in the skip so you can see what is going on if you like."

Sue's curiosity got the better of hir. However, now that shi was half-cat, she wondered if it might be more dangerous to be curious. The thought soon left hir mind as shi walked over to the skip and peeped through the slit, where shi saw two sex kittens fucking Rose, one in the vagina, one in hir arsehole. Rose had a cardboard box next to hir which had a load of plastic. Sue asked what it was. "That's our version of money," Dominique told hir, "or rather cash. We have to use plastic because paper money doesn't really work here. It gets a bit stained, if you get my meaning."

Rose clearly made enough money to make hir job worthwhile. The two sex kittens neared their climax, but withdrew and made their way to hir face. "Open your eyes" said one of them, wanking hirself.

Rose opened them wide, and soon found a spray of cum landing in both eyes. Sue found it to be rather nasty. It must have stung like hell. Rose seemed grateful though, thanking them and asking them to put their money in the box. So, the two picked up the box, put some money in it, and then climbed out of the skip... taking the box with them and running off.

Sue had now discovered that although this world was a sexual utopia, it still had problems with crime. "Stop! Thief!" she shouted.

"I'll handle this," said Dominique.

Dominique rummaged in hir coat and pulled out two long whips. She cracked them, and the whips curled around a foot of both the criminals, making them land flat on their faces. All that Sue could do was say, "Bloody hell!"

Dominique pulled tighter on the whips as shi made hir way to the crooks. Sue ran passed and picked up the stolen money. As Dominique came closer, Sue noticed that the criminals also seemed to recognise Dominique. They also seemed to be terrified of hir. Dominique stood over them and grinned menacingly at them, "Sue," shi said, "you are about to learn a very important lesson, which is this: never commit a crime near to where the former chief torturer for the police lives!"

Dominique knelt down in front of them and took hold of two glowing green collars. Fastening them around the necks of the criminals, the collars seemed to cut off part of their brains to their bodies, meaning they could not walk or talk.

Sue then bucked up the courage to ask, "You used to torture people for the police?"

"Yes," Dominique said, calm as a cucumber that had been used as a dildo, "but now it is more of a hobby. If I catch anyone doing some illegal, I'm straight in there. You'd better return that money and catch me up. I'll take these two to my place on the top floor."

"Where on the top floor?"

"Well, I own the entire floor, so all of it really," said Dominique, as shi slowly dragged the two felons away, holding onto one of their arms each, and making hir way into the tower via a nearby fire exit.

Sue ran over to the skip, where shi saw Rose clearing hir eyes of semen. They were bright red, but Rose did not seem to mind. Shi must have been used to it. "Thank you officer," said Rose.

"Officer?" Sue questioned.

"Well, I presume you are. You are wearing the police cap after all."

Sue remembered the hat shi was wearing. The emblem must have been the symbol for the local police force. "Oh yes!" Sue lied, "Yes, I've just started."

"Well, is there anything I could do for you by way of thanks?"

"Oh no. All I need to know is that I've done my duty and helped a fellow... sex kitten."

"Well, in case you change your mind, I'll still be here," said Rose.

"I'll bare that in mind. I'd better be off. Got to see to those two crooks."

"OK then. See you later," and Rose lay down at the bottom of the skip, slowly stroking hir vagina.

Sue made hir way to the fire exit that Dominique entered. Shi went into the building and noticed a lift nearby. Shi pressed the button and waited for the lift to come down. While shi waited, shi wondered if this was strictly speaking right. After all, torturing people, or sex kittens, had to be wrong. Then again, shi did not know how far Dominique would go, and they were guilty after all.

The lift doors opened, this time with no-one inside. Sue stepped in and hit the highest number shi could find, which was 269. The doors shut and the lift shot up the shaft at a phenomenal speed. The doors opened into a corridor. In front of the lift was a sign saying: "PRIVATE: No-one may enter this floor without permission. To do so is trespassing and punishable by whatever way I see fit." Dominique's signature was at the bottom.

Dominique walked around the corridor which shi noticed had quite a few security cameras dotted around. Eventually shi came to what must have been the front door of Dominique's flat. Shi spotted one of those doorbells with a speaker and microphone attached. Sue pressed the buzzer. A second later Dominique's voice could be heard: "Yes?"

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