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Sex Mob

byDJ LaSexy©

My girlfriend and I were surprised when the application form required an essay. Usually, we have a standing invitation to this sort of thing.

My name is Amanda. I have red hair, green eyes, freckles. My girlfriend is Katy – brunette, big boobs, thick. So it goes without saying that when someone throws a sex party, we’re the first on every one’s list.

This party was different apparently. We had to fill out a questionnaire, send pictures, and write a short “essay” about how we could personally enhance the evening. I guess the promoters were going for a sophisticated type of sleaze. Anyway, once they saw our pics, the essay was a moot point. No one turns down a hot lesbian couple willing to have wild sex with a group of strangers.

The party started at midnight. It was in a huge loft out in the meat packing district. The door was guarded by two huge men, and we had to whisper the password to get inside. The loft itself was expansive and maze-like. There seemed to be hidden nook or velvet couch in every shadow. The whole place was lit only with candles, save for the giant disco ball glimmering above the dance floor.

This party’s them was “Boxers and Panties” – as in, that’s all you were allowed to wear. We shed our trench coats by the front door and made our way to the bar. It had cost us $100 each to get in, but drinks were included. The bar was crowded and we had to squeeze in to get close enough to order. Katy was wearing matching lace panties and bra – black, silky, and mostly see through. I was wearing a white lacy cotton ensemble that highlighted the freckles sprinkled over my body. As Katy leaned in to order drinks, a young guy with a perfect hairless body leaned into her from behind. I could see the bulge in his briefs as he pressed it against her ass. I could tell she felt it by the smile on her face as she turned to see who it belonged to. Katy got six shots – two for each of us – and then the three of us made for the dance floor. Katy wedged herself between me and the young guy and we did a sultry bump n grind in time to the throbbing music. Katy pressed her boobs into mine and nibbled at my ear. Our young stud rubbed his boner against Katy’s ass crack.

The dance floor was packed tight and I could feel nude flesh rubbing against me from all sides. I closed my eyes as I felt hands caress my ass and thighs. My outstretched hands came into contact with a naked breast and a strong, hairy chest. Katy reached behind me and unhooked my bra, as the guy behind her did the same to her. Our nipples rubbed together as we danced. Katy wedged her thigh between my legs and began to hump against me, rubbing her mound up and down my leg. Likewise, my pussy was pressed firmly against her thigh.

I broke away to get more drinks from the bar, leaving Katy and the stud dancing with two other extremely hot young guys. I ordered a shot for myself and the guy next to me. He had a silly grin on his face, and it took me a moment to realize that another, older man was on his knees beneath the bar sucking this guy’s cock. We did our shots and he said to me, “I’d love to suck your tits.” I guided his head to my chest and let out a sigh as he gently nibbled. Suddenly, I felt my panties jerked down. The man who had been sucking my new friend’s dick slid over and began to lick fervently at my slit. I thought I felt his hands reach around for my ass, but as I looked over my shoulder I realized yet another young stud had joined the older man on the floor and was licking my anus at the same time.

The young swimmer-looking guy on my tits suggested we find a place to lie down. I told them to meet me at a large pile of oversized pillows I had seen in a cove behind the bar. Then I went to find Katy.

She was on the dance floor, completely naked. She was sandwiched in between two lithe blonde girls, twins from the looks of it, who were themselves sandwiched in between two beefy guys. The blonde in front of Katy had replaced my thigh with her own, and they were humping each others legs with ecstatic looks on their faces. I whispered to Katy to bring her friends over to the pillow area, and then I pulled her and the blonde in for a wet, three way tongue kiss. I could feel both of their lips and tongues slithering over my own.

Katy, the twins, and the weight lifters followed me in an impromptu conga line over to the pillows. I found the older gentleman who had been licking my pussy laid back against a pile of pillows. Between his legs, the two young guys were tag-teaming his cock. One would suck hungrily up and down the shaft, while the other licked his balls. I crouched down over the older guy, shoving my wet pussy in his face. He buried his nose in the light red fuzz above my mound and began to lap at my clit.

Katy laid herself down with a big pillow under ass and spread her legs wide. She’s very flexible (thanks to hours of yoga), and I think the blonde twins were surprised to see how wide she could open herself up. They each took up a position on either side of her and began to lap at her asshole and cunt. This is, of course, right next to the two young guys double teaming the guys cock as he ate my pussy. Katy beckoned the two beefy guys to her mouth, and she began rubbing the heads of their cocks together as she alternately licked their shafts.

This was hard to keep up, and soon the older man came in a fountain of hot cum. The young guys licked it up from his cock and each others lips. Then they turned their attention on me. As the older gentleman excused himself, the young guys pounced on me. One of them pulled me on top of him. His friend grabbed his cock before he could stick in my waiting cunt, and used it to stroke through my wet pussy lips. I couldn’t handle it. “Fuck me now,“ I screamed, “I won’t both your cocks in me! Fuck me!” The guys behind me took his hand off his friend’s cock and it slid all the way into my vagina. I pressed myself against him as he grabbed my ass and fucked my slowly. I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and then I felt the head of his friend’s cock at my asshole. We slowed our fucking down while he pushed his cock into my tight butthole. When both their cocks were inside me, the three of us began to rock back and forth, fucking my pussy and ass at the same time.

Next to us, one of the blonde girls was on Katy’s face. Katy’s tongue was moving in and out of her shaved, wet pussy. One of the beefy guys was fucking Katy in the missionary position. The other guy was behind him with his cock buried in his friend’s ass. I could barely see the other blonde twin, but it looked like she was helping Katy to eat her sister’s pussy. I saw their two tongues touch as they met in the folds of the other blonde’s snatch.

“Oh yeah lick her pussy Katy, I said, tell me how her cunt tastes baby!”

The guy fucking my ass said, “Oh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot cum!”

Then it was like a chain reaction. Every one started to come. I felt my pussy fill up with hot sperm, while the other guys cum dripped out of my anus and down my crack, where it trickled onto his friends cock as he pulled out of my cum filled pussy. I told the guy fucking Katy that it was my turn to come and that he should stick his cock, covered with Katy’s pussy juice, into my wet, cum filled cunt. He pulled out of Katy’s vagina, and the blonde dove in and began lapping at her cunt.

I could hear the squishing sounds the other guy’s cum made as the beefy guy fucked my pussy. He started to groan and I felt myself come just as he added his load to my already well fucked pussy.

To Be Continued...if you want.

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