Sex Object


Authors Note: The following story is mostly fantasy although some of it is based on my personal experience. I'd like to thank Rach357113 for reading both my first and second drafts and providing appropriate corrections and invaluable suggestions for story development.


The night before, I mentioned to Trish, "Let's go out to breakfast for a change?" She responded, "Where do you want to go?" I suggested one of the big hotels where we could order and be served as opposed to going to some fast food restaurant. She said, "That sounds like a very nice way to start our day!" I was surging with excitement thinking about what I had in mind to tell her after breakfast.

That morning I got up, shaved, showered and while getting dressed, proposed that we dress 'Resort Casual', terms that we picked up on a cruise. I suggested that she wear a nice skirt and blouse and leave her stockings at home.

After checking several possible combinations, she picked a beige skirt, somewhat fuller than tight cut about 3 inches above the knee, a metallic looking belt and a white scooped neck T-shirt decorated with blue and yellow flowers around the neck area. I love her in that skirt and the way it hugs her ass. Erotic thoughts quickly surfaced and I considered asking her to take everything off! However, holding such thoughts in abeyance, I had to conclude that she looked very nice and certainly appropriate for hotel dining.

After being seated by the hostess and perusing the menu, Trish asked me what I was going to order. I said that I wanted coffee, orange juice and eggs Benedict. She said that sounds good but that she was considering the blueberry waffles along with the coffee and orange juice. When the waitress arrived to take our orders, she mentioned that Mimosas and Bloody Mary's were also available. Trish suggested, "Let's have Mimosas?" I agreed and the waitress departed stating that she would place our orders and be right back with our coffee and Mimosas. As we ate, I was getting more excited thinking about what was to come.

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we lingered over our coffee and I told Trish that I had a proposal to speak to her about. She lifted her head and looked directly at me with an inquisitive expression and said, "What do you have in mind?" I said, "I'm going to tell you, but please hold your comments until I have explained in detail what I would like to try?" I wanted to get it all out at one time just as I had practiced it in my mind. She nodded her agreement and teasingly said, "Well now, you have me interested!"

I said, "I would like you to be my 'sex object' for today!" As these words left my mouth, I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. I had said it; it was out now and no turning back. Oh God, please let her say yes!

"As you might suspect, sex will be predominant, where there will be things that I will ask you to do, other things that I might do to you and others still that we will do together. There are of course certain rules: First, I will do nothing that would hurt you, neither physically nor emotionally. Second, I will not ask you to do anything you would be unwilling to undertake. Third, if you decide that something I propose would be unacceptable, then you merely have to tell me "NO!" and I will comply. Do you have any questions about what I propose?"

She paused, seemingly with a fearful but excited glint in her eye. She responded with anxiety in her voice, "Will you want me to do anything of a sexual nature in public?" "Not really." I responded, being purposely vague "However, if something I suggest might seem a bit too risky, all you have to say is ....... No! I hope that you have enough trust in me to be confident that I will not ask or do anything that you'd object to?" She replied, "No, I trust you."

She asked, "Am I supposed to say whether or not I agree to be your 'Sex Object' now?"

I thought, "Oh shit!" what if she says no? "No." I said, "I want you to take as much time as you need to think this over. When you are ready to give me your answer, here is what I'd like you to do. Go to the Ladies Room and if you decide 'Yes', then please remove your panties, bring them back and hand them to me. Otherwise, I'll have your unspoken answer."

Finishing her coffee, Trish got up from the table, placed the purse over her shoulder and headed for the Ladies Room. It seemed like it must have been an eternity, but it was probably less than ten minutes. In any case, I was apprehensive about her potential answer.

She finally reappeared and headed directly for our table with no visual indication of her decision. My heart was pounding with every step she took. Sitting down once again, she removed her purse, placed it in her lap and asked if she could have another Mimosa? I got the waitress's attention and ordered two more Mimosas, as I held my breath. When the waitress went after the drinks, Trish opened her purse, reached across the table and handed me a crumpled silky object that clearly was one of those intimate feminine lingerie objects. As I discreetly put the delicate item in my pocket, I detected a distinct dampness and caught a brief scent of Trish's arousal. These clues caused a surge in my crotch. Her expression revealed that she was clearly excited about the prospects that lay ahead.

I called for the check, paid the bill as we finished our drinks and got up to leave. I placed my arm around Trish's waist and gave her a brief hug, then held the door for her.

Crossing the parking lot to our car, I told Trish that I didn't want her to sit on her skirt, that I wanted her to sit bare assed on the car seat. I wanted her to feel the sensation of her naked flesh on contact with the cool leather of the car seat. She looked up at me and protested, "You said that you wouldn't ask me to do something sexual in public?"

I responded, "Only we will know that you aren't wearing any panties under your skirt and your skirt will still cover the rest of your legs as you sit. There will be no public embarrassment." I replied. As I held the car door open, she glanced nervously about to be sure there were no potential viewers, and then lifted her skirt up in back, briefly exposing her derriere to me and then quickly sat down, giving me no opportunity to touch and caress her tender flesh.

I leaned over, kissed her and said, "I love you very much!" "I love you too!" she replied with a smile showing she appreciated my kiss and loving words, but also part apprehension about what was to come.

After starting the car, I looked over at her noticing how the seat belt so clearly defined and separated her breasts. I said, "Trish, you are a very sexy woman and I couldn't love you more! I want you to thoroughly enjoy our day and what you will do and what we will do together! I intend this to be the most erotic and sensual experience that we have ever enjoyed! I hope that you will approach the day with an attitude of anxiously looking forward to all that happens!"

Trish said, "I am very excited and I'll try to be a total and thoroughly willing participant with you!"

As I drove ahead, I asked Trish to raise her skirt to show me her beautiful legs? Seeing the silky smoothness of the skin on her legs has always affected me on a primal level. She looked at me quizzically and then reached down with both hands and lifted the hem of her skirt upward exposing most of her legs, but not as far as to fully reveal her panty-less thighs and femininity.

I smiled and said in an almost begging tone, "Please show me more?" She looked to her right checking for anyone being too close, and then lifted her skirt higher where her crotch was almost visible.

I said, "Today, I want us to use slang terms, especially those of a sexual nature instead of those that would be publically acceptable. For example, instead of referring to 'making love', let's just say 'fuck'!" I could both hear and see her breath catch as I said the word. "Between us there shouldn't be any terms that aren't suitable! Do you have any problem with that?"

"No, I guess not." She responded.

"Well then, what would you prefer for us to use ....... 'pussy' or 'cunt'?"

After a shocked and questioning look, she responded, "Apparently you're serious ..... then I guess I'd prefer 'pussy'."

"OK, ..... then I want to see your pussy!" Saying such a publicly considered 'dirty' word triggered a surge of desire in my groin.

She replied, "Do you mean now ...... here in public?" Her look of panic only stimulated my desire and I hoped that it would not be too much for her.

"We aren't in public. We are in our car and nobody can see in our windows."

After looking around to be sure there weren't any trucks or other higher seated drivers nearby, she spread her legs and raised her skirt up to her chin. That vision immediately caused a swelling in my member. "Oh yes! One of my favorite Trish parts ......... both to see, touch, taste and fuck!"

There was a rather shocked breath intake and then she said," Can I count on those things happening today?" As shocked as she sounded, I sensed that she was pleased with those words even though she was reluctant to repeat them.

"Yes!" I responded with emphasis. "Please don't lower your skirt. I want to reach over and touch you!"

Again she checked for potential viewers. I reached over without waiting for her response and touched the small tuft of pubic hair that she always leaves after shaving her pussy. As I slid my finger down to touch her pussy lips, I heard a gasp of pleasure that urged me forward. Her pussy was already wet as my finger slipped between her lips letting me know that she was enjoying it. Her eyes drifted closed as she moaned as my finger grazed across her clit. I continued to gently stroke and enter her opening, when she said breathlessly, "I hope you are concentrating on your driving and not be distracted by what you are doing to me!"

"You are right of course, My Dear ...... because you are certainly causing my mind to wander and think about what I want to do to you ...... real soon!" I said with emphasis. "Reach over and place your hand on my crotch to see the effect this is having on me!"

Both her moans of pleasure and the pressure of her tight cunt around my finger did indeed cause my mind to wander. I was thinking ahead to that same tight pressure around my cock, which by this time was rock hard.

With a quick glance around to see if there was still a degree of privacy, she reached across the car and placed her hand on my crotch. She stroked the outline of my cock, first with her fingers, then her finger nails. God! I wanted to pull over to the side of the road right then and have her! But, I wanted this experience to last, so with a reluctant groan I said, "That's enough for now!"and she withdrew her hand.

Her cheeks flushed with excitement, Trish said eagerly, "What do you want to do next?"

"I don't want to get ahead of myself" I replied, "You'll find out soon enough."

I stopped fingering her pussy and placed both hands on the steering wheel. "We should be home in a few minutes. Meanwhile, do you have any pantyhose of any color that have a seam in the crotch or do all of them have that cotton sort of gusset or patch that covers your pussy?"

She replied, "I'll have to check, but I probably have both. Why?"

Smiling, I said, "You'll find out in due course." She pouted at being kept in the dark but said nothing.

A few minutes later, I pulled into our driveway at the back of our home, stopped and pushed the button that opened the garage door. I told her, "Please remove that skirt. If anyone suddenly appears, unlikely as that would be at this time of day, I will pull into the garage." I added. "You can turn around in your seat and keep a lookout, but remove that skirt first." I insisted.

Trish reluctantly raised her butt, eased her skirt off and handed it to me. "Is this what you want?" she asked.

"So far." I replied. "Now take off that blouse followed by the bra."

Looking around carefully, she pulled her knitted top over her head and removed the bra as she scrunched down in the seat. Both her uncomfortable expression and her sexy naked body fueled my arousal. Being unable to control my hungry hands I reached across and gently smacked her beautiful ass and tweaked her nipple.

"Please get into the garage before someone drives by or walks past down the alley?" she pleaded!

I drove in, turned off the motor, picked up her clothes and got out of the car.

Trish said, "What am I supposed to do next?"

I told her to get out of the car, come into the house and close the garage door on the way. Very cautious, but remaining alert, Trish got out of the car and rushed inside pushing the garage door closing button on the way.

I awaited her in the living room still holding her clothes that I brought in from the car. I heard the door slam and knew she was back inside.

Still naked, she stormed into the room and spoke in an agitated manner, "I don't know whether to scream or throw something at you!"

I grinned back at her and asked, "Are you really that upset?" Not sure if an affirmative answer would arouse me more than a negative one.

"Yes I am! You coerced me into being in a position where I could be easily embarrassed!" she exclaimed.

"Yes!" I replied, "there was some risk that you might have been discovered in a questionable state of dress ....... but the risk was minimal. When you calm down a bit, I think you will agree. In any case, you are home now with your reputation, modesty and dignity intact. Oh yes", I added, "It is quite evident that you are very beautiful when you are angry ...... and also naked! I usually only get to see the flush of your cheeks when you are angry, but now I know you feel it with your entire body." I quickly glanced at her more squeezable cheeks and sure enough they were flushed too, but I also caught a glimpse of a glistening on her pussy lips which confirmed that I wouldn't be in too much trouble.

In an apparent calmer state, she said, "That was a very nervous experience, but in reflection, that was probably the most erotic, sensual and exciting moments of our life together! Did you want someone to see me?" she asked.

With a slight smile on her lips, I knew that she wasn't that angry anymore. I crossed the room and hugged her naked body against my clothed arousal and gave her a gentle probing kiss.

"No, I don't want to share you with anyone! I felt that the anticipation of being discovered in a nude or nearly nude state would bring on a stimulating state of mind. Would you agree?" I asked.

"Well," Trish said, "it certainly placed me in a heightened state of anxiety! Jay, the fact that you were the major part of that experience certainly added to my present level of sexual interest and desire!"

Trish added, "Now that you have me back home in a naked and sexually aroused condition, what do you intend?"

(To be continued)

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