Sex Off I-95


While traveling back from North Carolina, the long, boring drive up I-95 was getting to me and my wife. We started talking about sex and getting each other horny when I asked her to start playing with my cock. She readily agreed and unzipped my pants and took out my throbbing cock. The feel of her soft hand had me going strong.

After a few minutes of giving me a handjob, I asked her to show me her tit's. Now normally I would of gotten resistance from her, but after feeling my cock for a while, she was pretty horny herself. She unbuttoned her blouse and took her bra off and let her nice tit's hit the open air. I was surprised at how quick she did it, with no hesitation. She then shocked me further by pulling her shorts to the side and revealing her pussy. It was soaked! She then asked if I wanted to watch her play with herself. I could not believe what I was hearing, but I didn't hesitate to say yes! She started by sticking in three fingers at once! She was moaning and wriggling all over the seat. It was then I noticed a truck coming up on her side. Now if I didn't tell her about it, she would have a fit. Knowing that my little sex show was going to end, I told her about the truck. This is when I got my biggest surprise yet.

She looked at me and asked if it would be ok to give the trucker a little show. My cock, which I thought could not get any harder than it was, now started pulsing and throbbing from the thought of her showing herself to this stranger!! I immediately told her yes, yes, yes!!!

The truck was about 50 yards away and getting close. I tried adjusting my speed so that when it got beside us we would be going the same speed. My wife was getting wetter at the thought of showing herself for the first time. I told her to pull the shorts completely off. She did this in a heartbeat, along with her blouse and bra. She was now completely naked and spread her legs as far apart as possible.

The truck was now coming up along side of us when the driver looked over. I thought he was going to lose control and wreck his truck. The look on his face was one I will never forget. He stared at my wife and smiled from ear to ear. My wife was fingering her swollen pussy and pinching her nipples. She then turned and faced the truck and spread her legs wide open. The trucker got a wide open view of my wife's pussy, fingers inside and all.

After a few minutes of her teasing the shit out of this guy, he rolled down his window and commented on my wife's body and how much he would love to eat her pussy. She went right along and said she would love to suck his cock!! Now I never heard my wife act like this, but I was as horny and thrilled as can be. I have always had fantasies of my wife having sex with a stranger, but never, ever thought they would even come close to coming true.

I noticed a sign saying a rest stop was coming up in 1 mile, I asked my wife if she would like to do what she said and suck this guys cock. I told her about the rest stop coming up. I thought she would surely tell me I was crazy, when with this shy little slutty look, asked if I would mind. I said I was up for anything right now, only condition was that I had to stay and watch. With that my wife started coming and coming. She was soaked!!

We pulled ahead of the truck and got into his lane. He probably figured the show was over, but when we approached the next sign saying the rest stop was 1/2 a mile away, my wife wildly pointed at the sign from out her window and made a motion to pull off. The trucker must of understood because he flashed his headlights.

Well, I put on my right turn signal about 500 ft before the turn off to make sure he knew our intentions. He also turned on his signal and it was then that my cock started twitching at the events about to unfold.

We pulled into the rest stop and pulled to the far end of the parking lot, away from all the traffic going to the bathrooms and such. I watched in my rear view mirror as the truck pulled in and was approaching where we were parked. I turned to my wife and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She asked if I was ok with it and I responded with a resounding YES! She then turned towards me and showed my the wettest pussy I ever saw. She asked if that answered my question.

The truck pulled up along side us and was slightly turned so that no one would be able to see our car. After a few minutes of getting his truck in order, the engine went silent and his door opened. The driver stepped down from his truck and I got a good look at him. He was in his mid thirties it seemed and built really good. He was a good looking guy and I know my wife was pleased.

He walked over to the passenger side, looked at me and asked if I was ok with this, I nodded and he looked at my wife and commented on how good she looked. He reached out and started rubbing her tits, which made her give out a long, low moan. He then unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was about 7 inches and hard as a rock.

My wife gave me a quick look and then turned to him and grabbed his cock. She then opened the door enough to let him step closer and then took his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock like a woman possessed!! I then took out my own cock and started pumping it up and down.

After a few minutes of sucking the truckers cock, she laid back with her head in my lap and told the stranger to eat her. He did not hesitate and got down and licked and sucked my wife's pussy for all it was worth. She was moaning and coming over and over again. She then turned over and took my cock in her mouth. She looked up at me and seemed to be in total bliss!! I then told the trucker to fuck my wife. He smiled and then took his cock which had a nice spot of pre cum on it and buried it in my wife. Seeing another man fucking my wife while she was sucking me off was too much. My hips started shaking and I blew the biggest load of my life in my wife's mouth!! She swallowed as much as she could with the excess dripping out the sides of her mouth and down her chin.

The trucker was pounding my wife's pussy when he started groaning and I knew he was close to cumming. My wife said she wanted to swallow his cum also. He pulled out and blew load after load of cum, first in her mouth, than on her face and also on her tits. She swallowed all she could then ran her fingers over her cum covered tits and licked them clean. My wife looked like such a slut. It got me hard all over again. I told my wife to suck me off again and that I wanted to cum all over her also.

The trucker thanked us and said he would let me enjoy my blow job. I thanked him for stopping and my wife took my cock out of her mouth long enough to kiss the truckers cock and give it a little squeeze and thank him for stopping also.

Well, my wife got back to taking care of my cock and well, you can figure out the rest!!

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