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Sex On A Tour Bus


'Hey Kitty-Kat,' Gerard greeted as a lazy, sexy smile spread across his boyish face. 'Help me knick this magazine rack.' He continued grabbing my waist and dragging me over to a large rack in Wal-Mart.

'Are you wasted again?' I asked cautiously.

'Nope. You?'

'Okay so why do you need to knick a magazine rack?' I asked as he started removing magazines and piling them up on the floor.

'For my dungeons and dragons books,' I raised my eyebrows at him and he rolled his perfect hazel eyes, 'So I can organise them properly, duh.'

'Are you ever gonna grow up?' I giggled seeing the body of a man with the mind of a child, refusing to grow up and I love it.

'What is the fascination of me "growing up" I'm fine just the way I am. Now are you gonna help me or not?'

'Fine,' I sighed, 'But if we get caught...'

'Don't worry I'll take the fall but if you hurry your motherfucking arse up we won't.' Gerard laughed handing me the last huge stack of magazines picking up the rack and casually walking towards the doors gaining a few side glances.

Great he's left me holding the magazines and oh shit the security guards are heading my way...

Stepping out of the shower, towelling dry in the bunk area of My Chemical Romance's tour bus after spending seven and a half hours in a cramped, mucky cell with thirteen other women all thanks to Gerard, it's a good job they didn't have a show to do until tomorrow night. I had to phone Brian my brother-in-law and the bands manager so he could post my bail, it was so humiliating I'm so gonna make Gerard pay for that little stunt...

'Hey Kat, ave a good time in prison?' Frankie smirked leaning up against his bunk, his eyes slowly roaming over my light tanned skin.

'Yeah it was so much fun. Me and the other thirteen women sat around gossiping and braiding each others hair.' I replied sarcastically, throwing him a vengeful glance before getting some clean clothes out of my duffle bag.

'Aww don't be like that Kat,' He said from right behind me, stopping me from what I was doing. 'You know I wouldn't have left you all alone.' Frankie continued in a murmur pressing himself against me lightly.

'What are you doing?' I hissed as he pressed up against me more firmly, pushing me lightly up against the bunks.

'I've always liked you Kat and I think you've always liked me.' I gasped as a charge went from my stomach to my thighs, 'Just our ages keeping us from doing this.' He whispered in my ear as his beautiful tattooed hands cupped my ample breasts rubbing them through the towel my nipples getting hard and erect under his touch. Pressing his lips hungrily to my neck loosening the towel letting it fall in a crumpled mess to the floor and in one quick movement he spun me around to face him, my fully naked body on display and his eyes devoured every inch.

Bending his head down Frankie took one nipple into his mouth. I gasped again as he sucked and rolled the nipple into his mouth, gently teasing with his teeth, releasing it before licking it with his rough tongue. Feeling the wetness between my thighs and my knees trying to buckle as they seem to not want to support me any longer, sensing my instability Frankie grabbed my arse pulling me close to him as he turned his attention to my other nipple.

Moaning loudly, the feeling of his lips and tongue on my nipple is exquisite combined with his hands grinding me against the hardness of his erection. He shifted slightly freeing his hand tracing up the inside of my thigh to my wet pussy. His expert guitar strumming fingers moving excruciatingly slow starting at the top of my clit moving far to slow down becoming familiar with my pussy slipping one finger inside. I'm so wet and my legs are so weak, and so close to orgasm I can feel the tension building inside me as he moved his hand in the slow teasing cycle, gradually increasing the pressure all the time continuing his assault on my nipples.

My breathing started to falter as my climax was fast approaching, panting as he fingers finally start to press harder and harder and moving in their long rhythm faster and faster. I exploded in a great spasm, crying out and collapsing against Frankie with the intensity of the orgasm. Over and over I rocked and moaned as my whole body tingled and vibrated with the explosion.

Before I knew what was happening I was now lying on the floor of the bunk area, Frankie standing above me still fully clothed unzipping his pants. I lay there exhausted feeling how wet my pussy is, still throbbing from the recent orgasm watching him releasing his rock hard cock from his pants stroking it watching me. The excitement building inside me at the thought of him pounding me but he just continued to stand there, stroking it. Not sure on what to do I started rubbing my clit feeling the arousal still so easy to bring back. Frankie kneeled on the floor as I started to sit up wanting to take his cock in my mouth.

He leaned forward and pushed me gently by my shoulders back to the floor, trailing hungry kisses from my neck over my breasts and down my stomach until he reached my pussy. Long, slow strokes hooking his tongue up high using it to unfold my lips and then plunging it deep inside me, rotating my hips in time with his rhythm as another orgasm started building I began to move faster, straining towards him to try to get him to increase the speed and pressure but he still continued his painfully, teasingly slow rhythm. Feeling the wetness come out of me in waves, never have I've been so wet. Filling the whole tour bus with my moans Frankie's tongue lapping faster at my pussy, gyrating my hips to his movements, plunging his tongue as far as it would go moving in and out of me fast as I lost myself in the experience of his tongue inside me, arching my back moaning even louder as my orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave, the spasms leaving me gasping for air.

Frankie released his throbbing cock and took my head in both his hands, gently stroking my face and short black hair. Loving the way his hands were gently caressing my face and hair. Darting my tongue out and running it up the full length of his cock, swirling around the satiny tip before moving back down again making sure every inch of his cock was well lubricated before taking his full cock right to his balls in my hot wet mouth.

'Fuck Kat.' Frankie groaned as the head of his cock went down the back of my throat.

Sucking and twisting my head slightly maximising the sensation of my tongue and the roof of my mouth on it. As I withdrew I flicked my tongue over the head again, his breathing now growing heavy.

'Hey Frankie...holy shit Kitty Kat?' Gerard exclaimed in a question from the doorway behind me.

Still pissed at him for this afternoon I plunged Frankie's cock all the way in again moving my head back and forth, sucking and twisting my head slightly over and over. Aware that Gerard is still watching as Frankie firmly increased the pressure on my head, I faltered slightly as I felt Gerard's cold fingers run the length of my soaking wet pussy, a muffled moan escaped from around Frankie's cock as Gerard's hands rubbed my clit and stroked my ass.

Frankie withdrew his cock from my mouth and pulled me on top of him instantly impaling me on his cock thrusting his tongue hungrily down my throat. Thrusting deep inside me both of us moaning as I met his deep thrusts with a new found hunger to try and get him as deep as I could, to get him to fuck me harder and faster. Gerard's hand on my back pushing my forward until I was lying on top of Frankie with my ass in the air, Frankie's thrusts never faltering as Gerard spread my ass cheeks wider positioning the tip of his huge rock hard cock at my back hole.

'Come on Kitty Kat, relax and let me in sugar.' Gerard breathed in my ear before sucking my lobe in between his teeth and I moaned loudly, sinking further onto Frankie as Gerard slowly inch by inch slid inside me, wriggled around a little making room for himself before matching Frankie's hard deep thrusts.

Feeling my hot, tight back hole opening and clasping with this unfamiliar arousal getting hotter and hotter almost feverish and my soaking pussy clamping around Frankie's cock as my third orgasm ripped through my body like a tornado on speed, bucking and rocking my hips over and over. Whimpering with the delicious spasms as Gerard and Frankie became more urgent in their thrusts before spurting their loads deep inside both holes.

Gerard rolled off of me and I rolled off of Frankie, all three of us laid there panting and dripping with sweat absolutely exhausted...

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