Sex on the High Seas


His cock was everything it had promised to be when she had seen the outline under his trousers. It was awesomely sturdy and respectably long. Neither Samuel nor Bernard was particularly well endowed, certainly not to the girth of Richard. In fact, only one of Amanda's lovers, the prize-fighter, Jeb Stones, who it was rumoured had mixed blood and was what society in London called a half-caste, had been.

'And boy had he?' Amanda often thought reminiscing about the amazing feeling of being stretched to what seemed tearing point; of being filled to overflowing and of having something so long that it felt as if it would rupture something.

She also thought, deep down, that once a woman has experienced being 'fully stuffed,' as she had with Jeb several times, it was something that she would just have to repeat, or at least yearn for during the rest of her sexually active life. Looking at Richard's splendid manhood, although not quite of the size of Jeb's, she realised that her yearning was about to be satisfied.

He moved closer so that his cock was level with her face and his balls were hanging down beneath her chin. He edged forward further until it was just inches from her eyes and she could see the smaller as well as the larger pulsating veins and sinews. Her breath caught in her throat as his hands found her head and his fingers went into the lush mass of chestnut hair.

In response, her hands found his slender hips, her fingernails digging into the softer flesh of his taught, pert buttocks.

She looked up into his eyes. He smiled. She smiled back.

Still curtsying in front of the ship's captain, she watched as he slowly thrust his hips forward until the warm, smooth hardness of his erection pressed right against her cheeks, her mouth, and her face.

She reached up, took it in her hands, pulled it so it was nearly horizontal and with a growl, she opened her lips and licke up the length of his cock.

It seemed the most natural thing to do. Amanda didn't even consider that Richard might find it a bit forward. It didn't enter her mind that he would not want it. It didn't occur to her for one moment that he wouldn't want her to suck his cock. So she did and found out very quickly that it was precisely what he did want. He adored oral, but in the rather closeted world of his betrothed, his young mistress and the few passengers he seduced it was not that common; it was though in Amanda's world.

She didn't make him cum, that wasn't the idea, well not yet. But she did everything else that her time mixing with actors and other creative people had taught her. She licked his length. She ran the tip of her tongue round his foreskin, wetting the purple head and easing the foreskin back. She ran her tongue from the tip, right down the back of it onto, round and then under his balls. She licked them, she took one, then the other and then both into her mouth and gently sucked them.

Now kneeling with Richard bending forward so he could get to her, she pulled his cock almost parallel to the ground. She licked it again and then, looking into his eyes she slowly sank his cock right into her mouth.

Richard simply adored being fellated. Unfortunately, most women he met either did not do it, or if they did, they were too rough. Amanda was perfect. By an enormous margin, it was the best fellatio he had ever received. He toyed with simply grabbing her head pulling it towards him and then vigorously fucking her mouth. But he didn't, he left her in control and, instead, reached down and found her glorious, naked breasts.

"I think you had best stop now, madam," he eventually gasped, the tide of arousal dangerously gathering in his balls.

"And pray sir, why is that?" she teasingly asked.

"Because you sexy, horny, little bitch you'll make me cum if you don't"

"And, my Captain," she said with a twinkle in her eyes "Pray what harm would there be in that?"

"No harm," he grunted, helping her stand up, pulling her naked breasts against his hairy chest and pressing his hard cock firmly against her belly. "But madam, your captain needs and wants to fuck you first."

"Mmmm, but may I enquire my Captain what you mean by first?" Amanda smiled, kissing him and running her fingertips up and down his cock, bringing more sighs and moans from the aroused man who replied.

"Madam, you will see and you will not be disappointed I promise you that."

She walked over to the high bed with the feather mattress, climbed up onto it and laid in the middle knowing the moment was nigh when her celibacy was to end. Her frustration was enormous, her need for sex was extreme as Richard joined her on the bed and lay beside her.

The feeling then, as his cock slid into her was amazing. It was like finding sex for the first time. She had forgotten just how wonderful a sensation it was to have a man push himself deeply inside her, filling her, seemingly consuming her and, yes, stuffing her to overflowing.

Amanda quickly found that Richard was a good lover. He was energetic, considerate and creative. He combined using his hands and fingers with his mouth and tongue and, of course, his gorgeous cock. As a consequence, when he fucked Amanda that first, and wonderfully every, time she was pleasantly surprised to have so many parts of her body being stimulated at the same time.

She opened her legs so he could snuggle down between them, his cock resting firmly on her pubic mound. Due to its angle it bent round a bit so that the broad base, near where it became his scrotum, was pressed right against her clitoris, sending lovely feelings through her.

Occasionally breaking the kiss to lick or suck the other's lips, Amanda's entire mouth was being stimulated. Richard had one hand on her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and pinching the firm rubberyness of her bloated nipples, sending more and more sensations through her. Once he had slid his cock into her and allowed her insides to accustom themselves to its bulky visitor, her entire stomach seemed to explode with sensations.

And then he fucked her!

He didn't restrict his ministrations to those things, but slithered his other hand underneath her, down her back and slipped his finger into the crease of her bottom, pressing right on her anus. "Oh God," she groaned recalling how partial Sir Bernard was to anal sex of all descriptions.

It took little time for him to give her the first orgasm. That surprised Richard, for he assumed a woman as sexually sophisticated as Amanda would have had much longer staying powers. Yet within only a few moments, her body was shaking, her head was rolling from side to side and she was moaning and grunting. Her fingers dug into his back and her legs came up and wrapped themselves round his hips, gripping him tightly.

"Oh God, oh my God, yes, yes, yes" Amanda moaned as those marvellous feeling roared through her.

"Yes Amanda, yes, cum for me," he encouraged, his arousal increased by the way she almost lost herself in her rising orgasm. He held his cock rigid inside her, forcing it as deeply into her as possible and letting her ride that through the tempestuous few moments of her first, of what he knew would be many, climaxes.

She finished as quickly as she had begun.

"Oh that was amazing," she murmured, pulling him into a deep kiss before staring into his eyes once more. Her fingers ran up and down his back and into his hair.

He ran his hand across her face pushing the locks of lustrous, deep brown hair away for her green eyes.

"I love watching a woman cum."

Amanda felt embarrassed. It was unlike her to cum so quickly, but then she had never gone so long without full sex before.

"It's been some time," she smiled to Richard, kissing him. "Thank you, it was wonderful."

"Good," he replied, slowly starting to move inside her. "Ready for another?"

"Mmmmm, yessss," Amanda replied, quickly picking up his rhythm and matching him thrust for thrust.

This time she didn't cum quickly or too soon. This time he fucked her for at least twenty minutes. All right she came again mid-way through, as well as with him at the end.

This time he not only attended to all those places he had before, but also moved their position. From being on top of her between her spread legs, to rolling onto their sides, then having her on top of him to then being on their other sides. Then back to him on top, her with her legs closed, opened wide, wrapped round his waist and then lifted up by him and put over his shoulders.

For a first fuck it was magnificent. It set a standard for the rest of the voyage. A standard they maintained with joy and enthusiasm for its duration.


It took forty-two days for the Western Spirit to cross the North Atlantic.

After that first momentous evening when she and Richard had made love nearly all night, Amanda had changed her onboard clothing quite considerably. Recognising that her fellow passengers were extremely boring, and then discovering that Richard's two officers were sleeping together, she spent a great deal of her time in her own cabin and on its balcony.

She would, generally, breakfast with the other passengers, dressing formally but without the hoop cage and wearing a simpler, straighter dress. In London, that was so very out of fashion it would have been unthinkable for her to be seen by anyone without her hoops, but here on the ship, that sort of fashion demand did not seem important. Often, with just her chemise, one petticoat and pantaloons under it, she would sometimes also dispense with her corset.

At other times she would wear the corset without the chemise, thus having the feel of that against her bare skin. For most women that would have been an unknown sensation, but again the London scene had been experimental with that and Amanda had become accustomed to the feel of the harsh materials of her corset on her skin and breasts.

After breakfast, when the weather was clement, she would stroll the upper deck at the rear of the ship where a visit by the crew required an officer's permission. Perhaps doing a little needlepoint or reading, she would mostly write her, as she termed it, 'red blooded Jane Austen.' Occasionally, during the mornings she would complete her diary or write letters for mailing when they reached America.

Retiring to her room before lunch, Amanda tended to remove her dress and lay for an hour or so in her underwear. Knowing that following lunch she would most likely have sex with Richard, she prepared herself for his visit. Sometimes wearing just her chemise and stockings, others just her corset and pantaloons, Amanda became increasingly adventurous. As they approached the Eastern Seaboard of America and the end of their journey, she wore her most daring outfits. Just a corset, then just her pantelettes and then on the last wonderful afternoon she went naked under her silk dress.

It all felt so liberating and outrageously sexy! But deeper down she was very aware that this was a 'last fling' before the restrictions of the deep south's conservative social scene would be upon her.

Apart from two days when inclement weather meant that Richard had more important things to attend to, they had sex daily. It was usually an afternoon quickie and then, depending on his watch, an evening or an all night session, like that first time. Amanda was as sexually satisfied as she'd ever been.

That made her arrival in Norfolk all the more difficult to cope with. She toyed with the idea of taking another ship down to Savannah, but was advised by the owner of the hotel where she relaxed for a few days, that the new railroad which ran through Raleigh and Charleston on its way to Savannah and then onto New Orleans, was faster and more interesting.

She cabled her brother, Adam, who had returned to the plantation a few weeks earlier, advising him of her changed plans and suggesting that they meet in Savannah.

'Maybe our last chance of some 'civilisation' for some time!' she'd added.

His quick reply agreeing with both that and meeting her there, cheered her up immensely. Since landing in Norfolk and bidding farewell to Richard, the prospect of the dank humidity of Georgia and the loneliness of life on the plantation was seriously depressing her. With the surrealism of the ocean crossing, she had been able to put the future out of her mind. She'd had other things to occupy her, largely Captain Jarvis and his gorgeous cock. God, she already missed him and that so much.

Several times as she lay in Richard's arms after their always wonderful sex, he had warned her about the troubled times that lie ahead for cotton plantations and the whole South. "Prices are bound to drop so be careful," he had cautioned.

Before leaving London, Amanda had read about the talk of secession, particularly by South Carolina, but hadn't realised just how serious it was for now, several States including Georgia were near to leaving the Union. The Union envoy to London, who she and Samuel had got to know well had told them about a relatively unknown lawyer in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, who was tipped to become the becoming the Republican Party candidate for the presidential elections in 1860, He was violently anti-slavery. So events were combining to create some worrying circumstances.

On the train journey to Savannah, Amanda was amazed at the topics of conversation and the intensity of feelings regarding the progress that certain events had made. It seemed that secession by several was inevitable and that some form of retaliation against the South was becoming an inevitability.

On several occasions she even heard the dreaded, almost unthinkable term 'civil war' mentioned.

Although she'd been dreading the four-day train journey, Amanda was pleasantly surprised. It did get warmer the further south they travelled, but, being early November, the humidity had gone. In Norfolk, she'd stocked up on clothing, particularly buying cotton underwear, chemises, pantaloons and petticoats. The European fashion and most of the time the weather, dictated that flannel, wool and muslin were the more popular materials for ladies underwear, but they were far too warm for the heat and humidity of Georgia. Fortunately the increasing trade with far away countries such as China was introducing, newer, lighter, thinner and cooler materials including silk that was being used for both outer and welcomingly, under garments as well.

The climate and the often dreadful smell from the river Thames were the only aspects of London that Amanda had found distasteful. Most of the year, apart from July and August she, along with most women, would wear a number of petticoats under the hoop, for warmth. It was a pleasure and a freedom, therefore, on the train journey south to be able to cut back to just one petticoat as she had on the Western Spirit.

She arrived in Savannah fifty-three days after catching the Great Western train from the newly opened Paddington Station in London. It had been a long, eventful and, she freely admitted, a highly pleasurable journey.

As the train pulled into the recently completed Savannah railway station, the thought of Captain Richard Jarvis's cock came into her mind for some reason and she felt a surge of wetness between her legs. She wondered ruefully as she luxuriated in that pleasant sensation, when she would next have the chance to enjoy a man as much as she had enjoyed the Captain.

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